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Nazi UK - (21st Cent)

"Until the National Socialists came to power few Kripo [Kriminalpolizei] detectives carried weapons.  But, several years ago, when then Interior Minister Göring had expanded the many police forces in the country, he'd ordered every policeman to carry a weapon and ... to use them liberally.
He'd actually issued an edict saying that a policeman would be reprimanded for failing to shoot a suspect, but not for shooting someone who turned out to be innocent."

p. 107 `Garden of Beasts' - Jeffrey Deaver

You and me - in hindsight - can spot where the `rule of law' broke down, to be replaced by state thuggery and murder.  It happened when police, who in a real democracy only enforce the law: i.e. the will of the people, suddenly were allowed to maim or kill citizens, without having just cause, and without facing punishment.

In every organization there are bullies & perverts waiting for opportunities like that:

"MI-5 - Pedophiles Rule In Secret"
"Corrupt coroners excuse/hide police-murders"
"Authority Makes Automatic Psychos"
`False-flag' recent history & prognosis

Totalitarian state apparatus - arrest and imprisonment without `cause' - the use of `secret evidence' not seen by the accused - paid and/or anonymous witnesses - the `disappearing' of people - longer detention without trial - and/or use of concentration camps, are going to be inevitable consequences.

Sadly, that is actually happening to UK (and the West?) today.  Eerily following the same route chosen by Goering and Himmler for Germany in the 1930's.

"Centuries of open justice threatened by secret courts" - 20 October 2011
"Police chiefs 'authorised undercover police officers to give false evidence in court'" - 20 Oct 2011
"`Agent provocateur' (Animal Rights) lied in court /spied on defence lawyers/ recruited `victims'" - 22 Oct 2011

Later note:
non-UK folk might be confused by picture-book images of `policeman in blue' or the phrase `boys in blue' used for the police.  Well, UK police _did_ once have blue uniforms but over the years they've migrated to "SS" style black-and-silver, especially their senior officers, who now wouldn't look out of place in a 1930's/40's Reichstag parade saluting Hitler.

Students of psychology know full well the reasons for agents of authority opting to wear black;  it is seen by the wearers themselves, whether `hanging judges', `crooked lawyers' or suchlike, as an `aggressive' / `powerful' / `fear-inducing' color.  That's the psychology.

Which might explain why there's a statistically anomalous preponderance of abusers - mental, physical and sexual (especially pedophile) - among senior judges, senior police, prison governors, magistrates, local gov't officials, politicians and diplomats etc.

Check this video - on unspeakable subjects - on the aftermath of Holocaust and the West's continuing collusion with Nazi leaders past and present.  It's called "Vatican Rat-Line" and keeps getting `lost' by Youtube / Google -
if it gets `lost' again search for "vatican" + "ratline" and maybe have to choose.
`Operation Gladio - State-Sponsored Terrorism in Europe'
(never re-shown by BBC despite promises)

Also maybe try [WORKING HERE - LINKS + TITLES (hopefully) LATER]
(UK police murderers)

(murder and state corruption hand-in-hand)
`Ministers' inciting race-hate with religion-lies

cover-ups + secret lies

Nazi refs
1922 - Joined Nazi Party
1928 - Made Reichstag deputy
1932 - Reichstag president
1933 (Jan) - Minister without Portfolio & Prussian Minister of the Interior
A. Development of the Gestapo and the SD.
(1) Development of the GESTAPO.  The Geheime Staatspolizei, or GESTAPO, was first established in Prussia on 26 April 1933 by Goering, with the mission of carrying out the duties of political police with or in place of the ordinary police authorities.  The GESTAPO chief was given the rank of a higher police authority and was subordinated only to the Minister of the Interior, to whom was delegated the responsibility of determining its functional and territorial jurisdiction (2104-PS).  Pursuant to this law, and on the same date, the Minister of the Interior issued a decree on the reorganization of the police which established a State Police Bureau in each government district of Prussia subordinate to the Secret State Police Bureau in Berlin. (2371-PS)

On 30 November 1933 Goering issued a decree for the Prussian State Ministry and for the Reichs Chancellor which acknowledged the valuable services which the GESTAPO was able to render to the State and which placed the GESTAPO under his direct supervision as Chief.  The GESTAPO was thereby established as an independent branch of the Administration of the Interior, responsible directly to Goering as Prussian Prime Minister.  This decree gave the GESTAPO jurisdiction over the political police matters of the general and interior administration and provided that the district, county, and local police authorities were subject to the directives of the GESTAPO (2105-PS).  By a decree of 8 March 1934 the regional State Police offices were separated from their organizational connection with the district government and established as independent authorities of the GESTAPO. (2113-PS)

On 10 February 1936 the basic law for the GESTAPO was promulgated by Goering as Prussian Prime Minister.  This law provided that the Secret State Police had the duty to investigate and to combat in the entire territory of the State all tendencies inimical to the State, and declared that orders in matters of the Secret State Police were not subject to the review of the administrative courts (2107-PS).

`Perceptions' publish date 15 Oct '06

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