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"The mugs of Europe"


The mugs of Europe

Britons work hardest, explains Jill Insley, yet other nations end up better off ... according to a new survey for The MarketPlace, the independent advisory arm of Bradford & Bingley bank.

It compared the finances of families in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK and found that:

We work the longest hours, but pay the most tax

We spend most on leisure, but at the expense of saving

Our [homes] cost twice as much, and only the Germans pay more for somewhere to live.

Work and income

Britons put in 55.7bn hours of paid work, an average of some 2,000 hours per employee.

The French, with the same size population as ours, put in only 44.3bn hours, or 1,773 per worker.

Italians work 36.7bn hours (1,751 each)

Spanish 26.6bn (1,842).

The Germans ... total per worker - 1,831 hours - is less than the average Briton puts in.

We have the longest average working day - eight hours 42 minutes - compared with seven hours 42 minutes in Italy.

The UK has more workers per family (1.1), compared with Italy (1.04), Germany (1.03) and France (0.98).  Only Spain has more (1.16), but the average Spanish household is unusually big, at 3.1 people, compared with 2.3 in the UK.

The British also have fewer holidays.  We work an average of 240 days a year - two full working weeks more than the Germans, 12 days ahead of the Italians, 13 days in front of the Spanish, and a staggering three weeks more than the French.

The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR), which conducted the survey, says the average British family works 7% more than the larger Spanish household, 22% longer than the average German family, 26% more than an Italian one and 32% more than the French.


The British advantage is whittled away again by higher prices - our money has to go further.  The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development says prices in 2000 were 7% lower in France, 8% lower in Germany, 23% lower in Italy and 26% lower in Spain.

these findings are echoed by the European Commission, which found that 1 would be worth 2p more in Germany, 4p more in France, 19p in Italy and 22p more in Spain.

The Economist Big Mac Index shows that Italians pay 62p less for the burgers than we do, and the William M Mercer cost of living com parison for capital cities rates London as Europe's most expensive, 32 per cent dearer than second-placed Paris.


UK state pensions are by far the lowest.  A 1995 study by the International Monetary Fund found that while French pensioners could expect an average pension worth 60% of their final gross pay, Italians 54% and Germans 52%, in Britain the average was only 18%.

Admittedly these figures are seven years old, but if anything the position for British pensioners has worsened since then.

The Observer, Sunday 9 June 2002 more ... at www.guardian.co.uk/money/2002/jun/09/workandcareers.theobserver

UPDATE - Nov 2010 - Review of UK's Waste & Injustice of Tax-Swindles and `Charges'

UPDATE - Sep 2011 - `UK Taxes are Unfair, Regressive, Totally Corrupt' - Delayed I.F.S Report

UPDATE - Nov 2011 - Reason for Political & Bureaucratic Corruption

Interest Rates

`Perceptions' note


`Do rich usurers own UK's politics & politicians?' or `Why are UK's commercial interest rates double those of Europe and the USA?'

Why are we interested? -  Because, as Buckle first deduced, interest rates tend to be inversely proportional to the amount of political (and geographical) freedom in states.

I.e - the 100% (plus) interest rates inflicted by India's apartheid states makes poor farmers into slaves - ancient but still ongoing; see talltales.html#menu1

Evolutionary data - and ancient laws - show that usurers degenerate over generations because they are parasitic and have no stake in a country or in the welfare of people.  The "Bank of England" is a private organization dedicated to the profits of usurers.

Privileged usurers, along with other rulers & elites, become incompetent, then ugly, then mentally deformed, and finally un-marriagable.

Some details of the taboo at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usury#cite_ref-15 and at subindex.html#usury

Physical deformities - see inbreeding.txt

Moral deformities (i.e. pervs) - see genes5.html, and genes2.html#aca, and evol.html#elite2

Results for the next generation?

Feb 2007 UN report of multiple investigations - the total finding is:-

UK has most child poverty, one of lowest educational standards, lowest childrens' health, most unsafe children (through accidents / traffic), poorer family relations, least amount of `happiness' - of all western countries (and USA is next to bottom).

see - sadukconfirmed - for details of that UN report.

Evidence page for :

`Altruist Survivor' - i.e. - genes1.html or genes6.html

`Deceitful media' - beeb2.html
master-page - crapbbc.html

`Law or Justice?' - laworjustice.html
corrupt judiciary - nitwigs.txt

Fake Charities - fakes.html and scam.txt and scam131.txt
for details of parasitic `aristocrats' and other fake `charities'.

Files :
Re - inefficiency & corruption now existing in Britain:

agro-ind2.txt - for rich thieves
reptiles.txt - for greed-crazed rulers
fueltax.txt - for creepy czars

taxone.html#liar - how (prime) ministers can legally (+ illegally) lie about taxes
index.html#uk-crims (Front Page) - quick review of criminals (pervs and frauds) in UK politics

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