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Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 15:52:23 +0100
Subject: Linkages -- Amazons to Sheela-na-gigs

`Herodotus + Diodorus Siculus and "Amazons" and "Gorgons"' [below - w/links] re: The Great Goddess (new page)

That thread re: Amazons wasn't really complete.  Ian Wilson gave a much fuller account of the movement of the `Goddess' folk;  they also occupied the Med and parts of southern Europe, then (sailed?) way up the western side, building their `megalithic' temples / observatories in the Med, Spain, France, SW England, Ireland and as far as Orkney.

And the [Irish] `Tuatha Dé Danann' [the Goddess seemed to be called Dana - hence the naming of the major rivers of the Northern Black Sea - the Dnieper and Dniester and of course the Danube],   told the incoming Picts that they would allow inter-marriage (the first Picts seemed to have few women) only under their matrilinear rules, as did the Welsh until recent times.

That ties-in with the Irish-Welsh connection with Egypt (which, along with Nubia, was also purely matrilinear in most ancient times, [later] corrupted by the Dynastic periods), and the `Amazonian' matrilinear Berbers / Tuaregs - see thread
"Irish/Welsh are Ancient Egyptians" NOT QUITE (tell the `EU Times') [w/links]

And when the (much later) patriarchal Greeks arrived in the Aegean they remarked on the fact that the resident peoples, especially in the eastern islands and on the Anatolian mainland, also had a strict matrilinear citizenship code, most likely in direct descent from the early civilization epitomized at Çatalhöyük, Turkey (c. 9,500 years old at lowest levels).

That is shown by a host of `unlikely co-incidences', from the Etruscans (kin of the Anatolians and probably speaking the same basic language as both them and the `Amazons' - who at one time conquered much of western Turkey, naming their cities after their female Generals) using `Gorgon' reliefs on their chariots (to scare the enemy) Typical Etruscan chariot decoration - `Gorgon' flanked by lions which are clearly based on the Çatalhöyük "Goddess' in her Warrior form
(the other two forms were `Mother' and `Maiden' - the three Goddess forms most always flanked by lions / leopards).

The persisting strength of that `religion' or civilization base is seen, about seven thousand years later, Goddess flanked by lions at Dura-Europos by the early AD carving of Dura-Europos (eastern Syria, south of Anatolia) featuring a scene of the Maiden Goddess, flanked by lions, with a background of a bull sacrifice, exactly as in early Turkey,

(photo from `Before the Flood' - Ian Wilson)
[added here Jan. 2011]

and featured much later, as a `justifier', by the pantheonic Greeks and even by the emerging monotheists - first as Kybele or equivalents, then as `Mother of the Gods' (identical representation + symbols) and even `Mother of God'.

Note: if you Google for `flanked by lions' you should see many of those images - including several "obscene" Etruscan `Gorgon' chariot decorations etc - which you might think resemble the later `Sheela-na-gig' (a fear-figure for later patriarchal religionists) which can be seen in churches in Ireland, Wales and even some parts of England.


PS - the Etruscans seemed to have retained the flanking lions even in their most `fearful Gorgon' Goddess images, can't find any lions with Sheela-na-gigs though

Update 18 Sept 2010
Using that search for < "flanked by lions" OR "flanked by leopards" > - have just found photo of a small `seal' from Mohenjo-Daro (Indus Valley) Goddess flanked by lions which is clearly an icon for the `Goddess as Maiden' - flanked by lions.

So it looks like the "Great Goddess" folk / faith had spread from Anatolia (Çatalhöyük and the Black Sea, Danube - Azov) - eastward at least as far as India, as well as throughout the Aegean + Med - Crete, Malta, Sicily & Italy (Etruscans?), and westward to Morocco and the Canaries and also northward through Iberia, France, England (Stonehenge), Ireland, Wales & Scotland, as far as the Orkneys.
Note: for those interested in deciphering unknown scripts, i.e. the controversial Indus Valley script, that little seal-image might be invaluable - it probably bears the name of the Goddess.
Ray  [from major river-names of the Black Sea and name of original inhabitants of Ireland:  Daana or Daanu were roots of Her name]
Again flanked by lionsAnd flanked by lions
Update - Aug. 2012 - Found two more similar Indus seals

Update - Wed 19 Sep. 2012 - Anatolia - check "First Ever Etruscan Pyramids Found in Italy"
Update - Mon 23 Aug. 2012 - Anatolia - check "A Turkish origin for Indo-European languages"
Update Nov. 2010 - `Anatolian, Near East origins' - "Ancient DNA Indicates Farmers Spread West" (text)
UPDATE Mar. 2011 - Just found historical record - The Venerable Bede (672 - 735 CE) relates that "the ancient peoples of Angli began the year on the 25th of December, and the very night was called in their tongue Modranecht, that is 'Mother's Night'".
Dec. 2011 - A reminder of more modern fakery - "... having successfully stolen the Pagan [the Great Goddess culture's?] festival 800 years earlier, the Vatican certainly didn't want to give it back!"

Goddess flanked by lions 03 May 2013 - Found on oldest Egyptian `painted tomb': picture of the `Goddess with Two Lions'
"The tomb is thought to date to the Naqada II c period from 3500 BC until 3200 BC. The decoration shows presumed religious scenes and images that include figures that will appear in Egyptian culture for three thousand years - a funerary cortege of barques, possibly a goddess standing between two upright lionesses, a wheel of various horned quadrupeds, several examples of a staff that became associated with the deity of the earliest cattle culture and one being help up by a heavy-breasted goddess, asses or zebras, ibex, ostriches, lionesses, impala, gazelles, and cattle."

Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2010 16:35:45 +0100
Subject: Herodotus + Diodorus Siculus and "Amazons" and "Gorgons"

Re: The Great Goddess (new page)
Been delving into Ian Wilson's `Before the Flood' research again, especially concerning the `diaspora' of [pre-Indo-Europeans? or proto-Semites? c. 5,700 BCE] first outlined by William Ryan in `Noah's Flood' but much added-to by Wilson and his many helpers.

After centuries / millenia of narrow-minded abuse and ridicule, it looks like both Herodotus _and_ Diodorus Siculus *ref were not only the best researchers of their days, but their material turns out to be the most accurate!

That is, Wilson shows there _was_ a `tribe' or tribes of "Amazons" - which lasted for centuries, maybe millennia. The most ancient records indicate they went westwards out of the Med, turned left and set up shop in several places, remnants being in the Berbers / Tuaregs, the Canary Islands etc.  Those, along with a similar or offshoot group who the early Greeks called "Gorgons" were involved in major (and until recently `legendary') battles with expanding patriarchal groups - those records eventually being written by the early Greeks and hence the bad press given to both `Warrior Queens' groups.

Those records got conflated with the much later accounts, by classical Greeks, of the _other_ Amazons, possibly another off-shoot which had remained in central Europe, living along the southern shore of the Black Sea - notably recorded in the saga of `Jason and the Argonauts' [story + map] and other explorers' tales.

In addition, Diodorus' stories of major geographical changes, long derided, now turn out to be literal accounts of the very large sea-level rises after 5,800 BCE (the end of the 400 yr long mini Ice-Age which is called the "8200 BP Cooling"), which included the loss of much of the North African coast and of the `legendary' Lake Tritonis (much of northern Tunisia then), which was home to several tribes, including one of "Amazons".

Likewise Herodotus' much-ridiculed accounts turn out to be straight re-tellings of what was earlier recorded by the Egyptians and others.  Particularly liked his dead-pan considerations of the circumnavigation of Africa (called Libya then), where the `unbelievable' movement of the Sun to the North is now seen as inevitable, and his rather sceptical thoughts on the Source of the Nile Flow - although he faithfully recorded the accounts which he disbelieved.

Diodorus' Universal History
Herodotus on Egypt
Herodotus `The History' [Inquiries]

[love it when the text-books get things so wrong]

Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 11:42:17 +0100
Subject: That "Are we a computer program?" question is maybe not so new.

Karl Popper, recounting conclusions on theory and biology - in `Unended Quest' p. 153 - says:

But the problem - "Which comes first, the problem or the theory?" is not so easily solved. In fact I found it unexpectedly fruitful and difficult.

For practical problems arise because something has gone wrong, because of some unexpected event.  But this means that the organism, whether man or amoeba, has previously adjusted itself (perhaps ineptly) to its environment, by evolving some expectation, or some other structure (say an organ).  Yet such an adjustment is the preconscious form of developing a theory;  and since any practial problem arises relative to some adjustment of this kind, practical problems are, essentially, imbued with theories.

In fact, we arrive at a result which has unexpectedly interesting consequences:  the first theories - that is, the first tentative solutions of problems - and the first problems must somehow have arisen together.

But this has some further consequences:
Organic structures and problems arise together.  Or, in other words,  organic structures are theory-incorporating as well as problem-solving structures.

Now that might seem surprising, maybe because we don't normally think about such things.  Yet a meta-question could be inferred from those conclusions:  "Were organic structures - i.e. Earth life-forms - actually built (or coded) in order to incorporate theories and solve problems?"


PS - Karl seems to've been busy around that time.  In 1950 he left England to visit the USA, primarily to give some seminar lectures at Harvard.  He also gave a lecture at Princeton (on Quantum and Classical physics effects) which Einstein and Bohr attended.  Later he conferred with Schrödinger and Gödel, among others.

Nb.  Schrödinger and Karl seemed to have had a maybe disputatious though friendly relationship - unlike Karl's apparent effect on Wittgenstein - ie, the famous poker incident, which Karl downplays in the book:  "Don't believe the more lurid accounts" (paraphrased).  In the book Karl admits to a habit of `provoking argument / discussion', which Wittgenstein maybe didn't appreciate.

That question then got examined by `UFO Updates'

Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2010 09:15:07 -0700 (PDT) Subject: [SSE] FWD - Re: Re: New Scientist - "Top 10: Controversial pieces of evidence for extraterrestrial life"

georg*** wrote:
> Ray, I'm surprised that this NEW SCIENTIST article makes no mention of the "red rains" which fell upon the Indian sub-continent around a half-dozen years ago and which Indian scientists claimed contained organic material which did not originate on this planet.

Right George,
posted that article without comment, although I thought it was a rather typical MSM `turning a blind-eye' to the subject. Here's a quick list of my own (other folk will have their different choices):-

Re: `Red rain of Kerala'

ET / UFO Evidence photographic - beginning in 1883
José Árbol y Bonilla - EARLIEST PHOTOGRAPHS OF UFOs - Zacatecas Observatory, Mexico

and onwards to
Vatican City 1954

Trevor Constable - to - NASA films (also see below (8 mins)
Albany NY (7 mins)
a list of cases From Dr Richard F. Haines's examination of airliner cockpit recordings - to Bob Pratt's record of the Iranian "Classic Case"

after that, maybe scroll down to Bob Jacobs' case, which is also featured in `Out of The Blue' at 29 mins 23 secs approx
[BTW - if that time-addition to the URL doesn't work (didn't for me) you can force it to begin wherever you want by clicking on the time-track underneath]
Martyn Stubbs' in-depth examination of NASA films.

Ray D


Date: Fri, 28 May 2010 16:31:18 +0100

If folk talk about prediction `by the stars' that's maybe interesting, but if it's by alignments of nearby medium masses (Sun + planets - go Solar System Alignments ) or some distant large masses (go Seyfert galaxies), than that's scientifically interesting - Ray

George at and "Good Moon/Bad Moon"

"Crawford ( about $250/yr ) has been writing a financial newsletter for about 32 years...

Crawford's work is .. an astrologically based report - although other cycles are considered, too ...

Just as the predictive linguistics work is pointing to big market moves starting as early as late Sunday (Monday in Asian trading time) Crawford's work shows there's a rough patch there.

But more worrisome is his take on the mid-2010 period. "It's about the worst we've ever seen," he told me.

How bad is bad?

"Well, when something is worse than the Revolutionary War, World War I, the Great Depression, and World War II, that's bad - it's the worst I've seen the charts in over 200-years." ---

Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 23:11:49 +0100 Subject: Another UFO `Fleet' Report [and `debunking' lies from police]

Have collected `fleet' / `armada' reports, starting with Bonilla's mass two-day Mexico sighting in 1883, then the `fleet' filmed over Utah by a Navy officer (1952 see Youtube and `Robertson Panel'), then some `waves' of them which have appeared over Mexico from the early '90's onwards (Youtube again - Maussan), and finally the many (but unknown total) `armadas' filmed by Russian and NASA astronauts (oddly enough, think one film was taken as the spacecraft _and_ the UFOs below them were passing over Mexico - again!).  Some of those films are on Youtube in several places - Ray
The Farmington UFO Armada
Date March 17, 1950 Location
Farmington, New Mexico, United States

Summary: "Fully half of this town's population still is certain today that it saw space ships or some strange aircraft -- hundreds of them zooming through the skies yesterday.  Estimates of the number ranged from & quotes several to more that 500.  The objects appeared to play tag high in the air.  At times they streaked away at almost unbelievable speeds."

Full Report / Article
Source: Farmington Daily Times, March 18, 1950

Crafts Seen By Hundreds - Speed Estimated at 1000 MPH, Altitude 20,000 feet

For the third consecutive day flying saucers have been reported over Farmington.  And on each of the three days their arrival here was reported between 11 and noon.

Three persons called the Daily Times office to report seeing strange objects in the air just before noon.

Persons along Main Street once again could be seen looking skyward and pointing.

High winds and a dust storm prevented clear vision.

Fully half of this town's population still is certain today that it saw space ships or some strange aircraft - hundreds of them zooming through the skies yesterday.  Estimates of the number ranged from & quotes several to more that 500.  Whatever they were, they caused a major sensation in this community, which lies only 110 air miles northwest of the huge Los Alamos Atomic installation.

The objects appeared to play tag high in the air.  At times they streaked away at almost unbelievable speeds.  One witness did a triangulation sighting on one of the objects and estimated its speed at about 1,000 miles an hour, and estimated its size as approximately twice that of a B-29.

Farmington citizens stood in the streets yesterday watching the first reported mass "flying saucer" flight ever sighted.  Traffic was slowed to avoid hitting sky gazers.  The office of the Farmington Daily Times was deluged with calls from persons who saw the objects.

A Red Leader
Scores described the objects as silvery discs. A number agreed they saw one that was red in color - bigger and faster, and apparently the leader.

Clayton J. Boddy, 32, business manager of Farmington Times and a former Army Engineers captain in Italy, was one of those who saw the startling objects.

Boddy was on roadway when all of a sudden I noticed a few moving objects high in the sky.  "Moments later there appeared what seemed to be about 500 of them," Boddy continued.  He could not estimate their size or speed, but said they appeared to be about 15,000 feet high.

Boddy's account was confirmed by Joseph C. and Francis C. Kelloff, retail grocers from Antonito, Colo., who were in Farmington to inspect the site of a proposed new store, and by Bob Foutz and John Burrell of Farmington.  The Kelloffs said the objects appeared to be flying in formation.

One of the most impressive accounts came from Harold F. Thatcher, head of the Farmington unit of the Soil Conservation service.  Thatcher made a triangulation on one of a number of flying craft,  He said if it had been a B-29 it would have been 2,000 feet high and traveling more than 1000 miles per hour.

Knows Engineering
"I'm not a professional engineer," Thatcher said, "but I have engineers working under me and I know how to work out rough triangulation on an object."

Thatcher emphatically denied an earlier report that the objects could have been small pieces of cotton fuzz floating in the atmosphere.

"It was not cotton," he said, "I saw several pieces of cotton fuzz floating around in the air at the time, but I was not sighting on any cotton."

The "cotton" report was started by State Patrolman Andy Andrews, who quoted several Farmington Residents as asserting it was cotton they saw.  The residents denied Andrew's report.

The first reports of flying saucers were noted a few minutes before 11 a.m. yesterday.  For a full hour thereafter people deluged the Times with reports of the objects.

A second large scale sighting occurred at 3 p.m.  At that time, Mrs. Wilson Jones, 27, and Mr. Roy Hicks, 33, housewives reported seeing objects to the north of Farmington, flying in perfect formation. Others reported the same sight.

Johnny Eaton, 29, a real estate and insurance salesman, and Edward Brooks, 24, an employee of the Perry Smoak garage, were the first to report the red-colored sky object.

Not Airplanes
Brooks, a B-29 tail gunner during the war, said he was positive the objects sighted were not airplanes.  "The very maneuvering of the things couldn't be that of modern aircraft," he said.

John Bloomfield, another employee of Smoak's garage, said the objects he saw traveled at a speed that appeared to him to be about 10 times faster than that of jet planes.  In addition, he said the objects frequently made right-angle turns.

"They appeared to be coming at each other head-on," he related.  "At the last second, one would veer at right angles upward, the other at right angles downward.  One saucer would pass another and immediately the one to the rear would zoom into the lead."

Marlow Webb, another garage employee, said the objects to the naked eye appeared to be about eight inches in diameter as seen from the ground.  He described them as about the size of a dinner plate."  "They flew sideways, on edge and at every conceivable angle," he said.  "This is what made it easy to determine that they were saucer-shaped."  None of the scores of reports told of any vapor trail or engine noise.  Nor did anyone report any windows or other markings on the craft.

In general Farmington accepted the phenomenon calmly, although it was reported some women employees of a laundry became somewhat panicky.

Case ID: 880

[Recently - 2010 - heard rumour in `Aztec 1948 UFO Crash' video (towards the end), that the Farmington UFO Armada was a show-of-force or in remembrance of the two earlier losses of UFOs at Roswell and then at Aztec, both nearby - RD]

Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 14:41:41 +0100 Subject: Earlier SPIRALS (inc. Russian and Chinese reports

`UFO or missile trace? Mystery spiral lights over Norway'

one day later

`ANOTHER UFO or missile trace over Siberia'

and this guy wryly links Norway, Siberia and an earlier (1988) spiral light seen in China

`spiral light phenomenon at other locations , UFO aliens'

here's separate reports on that China one

and this one
which has interesting comment from a Navy missile-officer, that it's unlike anything he's seen from a missile


UFO Spiral Slips out of Wormhole in Tomsk Russia

This round-up was due to weekend's `Canadian UFO Spiral' (with videos from ground & airborne)

Date: Sat, 8 May 2010 16:38:35 +0100 Subject: Interesting `Alien Planet' speculation

A quasi-documentary (Discovery chn?) about an Earth launched space expedition to nearby Darwin system (6.5 lt yrs away), with lots of expert commentary throughout the well-animated `film'.

Alien Planet [1/10]

One expert's view of possible discovery? - "that our own little backyard is not as isolated and protected as we think it is".

However had to smile at (a much younger) Michio Kaku's claim that "obviously any intelligent life we find will be descended from predators", because `predators have cunning and foward, binocular vision while prey only need all-round vision and speed'.

I think that is a fallacy which should've been revealed by our own history; our eyes are forward-looking and binocular-vision but that's because we descend from tree-living animals (which also needed forward and binocular vision) but which were vegetarian and/or mixed insectivorous (and later, sea-food eaters) - NOT blood-thirsty `predators'.

Think our teeth-plan goes some way to back that up, as does the fact that `red-meat' is very bad for us - therefore we didn't evolve to eat it. note1 & note2 & note3

Only part-way through and it's quite good so far, though fans of sci-fi writers getting their inspiration from Cohen and Stewart might think it's a little narrow-minded / limited in imagination of possible life-forms (Jack&Ian have invented `plasma-forms' and things which are effectual `telepaths', among many others).

Date: Mon, 3 May 2010 04:16:51 +0100 Subject: "Time Travel" (+ Hawking)
"Why is Hawking affirming time travel theory and appearing ignorant of DARPA secret time travel?"
If Hawking is right (but, far as I can see, he's always been wrong so far) - then we're already living in a `goldfish bowl', being observed by thousands if not millions of devices from `the future'.

And I would expect only a tiny minority of the observers to be `humans' or even descendants of humans.

Date: Mon, 3 May 2010 22:52:45 +0100
Subject: Re: "Time Travel" (+ Hawking)

Hi C*****,
Fully agree ...  Personally I don't believe `time travel' is possible for an organic body, due to the structure of the universe and its changing ratios of mass + energy:  that is, a body _might_ be forced back or forward but it would die, and would probably distintegrate while doing so.  [Implosion going back / Explosion going forward maybe? Or vice-versa? (less likely)]

Although, with a huge expenditure of energy around some more durable machine-like entity, you just _might_ be able to send a probe.  Even so, the paradoxes you list would still exist for the particles of a probe being in two places (and `times') at once.  Unless it were made of some _very_ exotic material or a force-field of some sort.

Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 17:43:45 +0100

Tonight is `May Eve' (see below) or, in Germanic countries, Walpurgis Nacht, and tomorrow is May Day or Beltane - all tangled up in `witchcraft' or paranormal traditions - mostly attributed to rituals to do with the seasons but which _might_ also be associated with regular visits from entities or forces operating at those times.

Re: witchcraft - while `real' folk actually relied on the `wise-woman' of the village, authorities always needed to dominate and deprive people of their own resources, hence the demonization of `wise-women' from early Xtian times onwards.
[a later reason for demonization:- "witchcraft"]

Here's a sad tale of witchcraft demonization being used by authority to silence / oppress someone quite recently
"Campaign to pardon the last witch, jailed as a threat to Britain at war" - (from `The Guardian' UK).

It seems that authority had succeeded in confusing the ordinary person quite a long time ago, here's a recalled extract from one man's diary, maybe 15th Cent. or later:-
"Tonight being May Eve, I should hang a branch of Rowan and a branch of (other?) over the door to keep out the Old Witch - If the younger ones come they'd be welcome"  (paraphrased - think it was from a folklore compendium by Charlotte Sophia Burne).

[also recall from Charlotte's book: on May Day, if employees, servants, labourers, farm hands caught their employers outdoors, they had the right to `rag' their bosses; say by tossing them up in a blanket, or into the local stream or river, all without punishment or any other repercussions - Ray]

Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 21:46:21 +0100 Subject: George on Mars

George at writes -

"Marsaforming Project?
So if Earth was terraformed (newest read using Self Defining Hebrew - slooow loading) then what would you call it if a bunch of humans figured out that colonizing mars might make (limited) sense now that "NASA: Evidence of life on Mars" is out?

Marsaforming is what I'd call it, although if you don't like it, you could always rate the idea marzipan."

PS - for various reasons i'd long ago posted thoughts that an enclave (at least) on Mars is indeed a priority for the PTB  [a more recent thought was posted below]

Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 16:22:51 +0000 Subject: Yvonne Smith's CERO To Host Jaime Maussan Lecture

Close Encounters Resource Organization (CERO), the "experiencer" support group of Yvonne Smith, certified hypnotherapist, is sponsoring a rare California lecture presentation by Jaime Maussan, Mexican journalist and Mexico's leading ufologist.

Maussan is a multiple media award winner, internationally known Mexico City journalist, author, Telemundo director, investigator and researcher.  His lecture will be on Saturday April 24, 2010 at 7:30pm. at the Grinder Deli, 1 West Los Angeles Avenue, Moorpark, CA.  Non-CERO guests are invited. Space permitting, admission is $10.

Maussan's lecture, which will be supported by video and slides, will include his many years of investigative journalism in Mexico, with emphasis on the most important extraterrestrial events which are now happening abound the world, particularly in Mexico.

His presentation will conclude a 3 day Telemundo television project involving Maussan, Yvonne Smith, Ch.T. and well known Dr. Roger Leir, the surgeon best know for removal of unique, unexplainable, foreign bodily implants, for which he has been the subject of frequent television appearances.

For Yvonne Smith inquiries or to arrange appearances and interviews, contact John Loggins Management:
John F. Loggins, Esq., 2530 Atlantic Avenue, #C, Long Beach, CA 90806 USA
Tel: 562-427-7722
Email: Jloggins
Publicity and Public Relations:
Tel: 310.325.9997

Jaime Maussan was born in Mexico City, and earned a B.A. degree in radio and television from the Miami University in Ohio. He has enjoyed a 40 year career in both print and television media, during which he has received numerous awards and international recognition.  He has produced dozens of commercial videos for "Programas de Investigacion", achieving leadership for an independent production company in Mexico.

He has also produced one of the most popular radio programs in Mexico:  "Jaime Maussan, UFOs and other Mysteries".  With his recognized expertise and knowledge, Maussan has directed many television programs, including being general director and anchorman of "60 Minutes" Mexico

July 1991 marked one of the most important solar eclipses of our century, and in Mexico, the beginning of the most amazing UFO waves in the world! Thousands of people in many places witnessed (and recorded on video tape) these UFO sightings. Maussan has compiled thousands of videos and photos from eyewitnesses and now has one of the largest collections of UFO videos in the world. Within "The UFO Anthology Vol-1" Jaime includes some of the most startling UFO footage, including moving UFO formations, mother ships, UFOs flying near airplanes, clear, sharp video of UFOs in broad daylight, spaceships of light and more!

For Jaime Maussan inquiries, appearances and interviews, contact Maussan at:

Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2010 01:03:44 GMT

an anything else [ref. mailform]......

Interesting to me is Atilla the Hun.

His people deformed the skull at the front.  Sure looks to me that the process stunted the development of the frontal lobe.

Modern research shows that the frontal lobe develops gradually over a 20 year period from birth.  Children have problems if the lobes don't develop in a nice way.  It is in 3 to 5 year olds that we, the most violent of all species, learn to be kind and have empathy for others.  Research has shown that if you do not teach a child not to be violent at this window of time, you cannot undo the damage later.

Way I see it, looks like Atilla the Hun's frontal lobe development is suspect.  If it was underdeveloped/deformed that would better explain the depravity and cruelness stories.

Works for me


Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 09:44:55 -0000 Subject: Re: George (in Texas) on the "revolution meme

C-K-Y [Malaysia] wrote: [replying to Elle - USA]
> Hi Elle, simply said they are planning on the reduction of "useless eaters" for the coming control when things are settle between heaven and earth.

Hi Both,
have recently had a scary thought: that the [AGW] `global-warming' propaganda seems angled at making us do BIG things to the environment - which is most likely to provoke a sudden slip into an Ice-Age  (big or small - the mechanics are unclear although the probability is almost certain - see ICE-AGE ATTRACTORS [+ maybe Google it for more stuff?]).

Result? - Most folk die-off very quickly, leaving those who already have control of travel / food stocks / arms + ammunition + soldiers / and tropical locations (or bunkers).


[and control of Mars maybe?]

More `conspiracies'.

LATER - June 2010 - More Data
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2010 16:28:21 +0100
Subject: The Sun's cycles + Earth's Milankovitch cycles

Solar cycle

Sunspot Numbers (400 years)

Sunspots 11000 years
Milankovitch cycles

Milankovitch Cycles Graph

420,000 years of ice core data from Vostok, Antarctica research station

Five Myr Climate Change

Insolation Summer Solstice 65N

The `Milankovitch Cycles' theory is strong and astronomical observations seem to be confirming it.

Most indications (see Milankovitch graphs above) seem to say Earth is at a `warm peak' just now, with downward trends expected (in tens of thousands of years);

although the `insolation' (radiation to northern hemisphere) graph seems to say the present state, although decreasing, will remain stable (not triggering a full `ice-age') for about 50,000 years.

Hope so.

Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010 14:34:29 -0000 Subject: ARTICLES FOR A NEW MAGAZINE

Dear colleague,

Just recently I have been asked to edit a new newsstand ufo magazine here in the UK.  Provisionally entitled UFO MATRIX this publication will launch within the next few months.  I will be its Editor and my friend and colleague Malcolm Robinson is the Assistant Editor.  We already have a number of columnists lined up from different parts of the world but we can never have enough material for possible publication.

Our aim in UFO MATRIX is to cover the UFO subject on an international basis.  We would like to feature new UFO sightings; close encounters reports, case investigations both old and new.  In short, we are aiming to cover the UFO subject from just about any angle from anywhere in the world.

I would therefore like to ask you if you would like to submit an article, a UFO report or a case investigation for possible publication in UFO MATRIX.  As part of your submission we would be only too happy to promote anything of yours in return.  A book, a conference or lecture or your own web site perhaps?  The choice is yours.

There has been a gap here in the UK since the sad passing of Graham Birdsall and UFO MAGAZINE and it is our hope to be able to fill this gap and once again bring this important subject to the attention of the public at large via the pages of UFO MATRIX.

I look forward to hearing from you and if you require any further information please do not hesitate to ask.

Philip Mantle.

22 April - Just checked Philip's NewsPage and this _is_ current.

Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2009 12:42:34 +0000 (GMT) From: "Scott L. Felton"


When: Monday 11th January 7.30pm
Where: Midland Red Social Club, Wolverhampton Road South, Birmingham, B32 2AY
(Maps and venue details on BUFOG website at
Price: £2.50 (Members), £3.00 (Non-Members)

The X-Files: Tempus Fugit

It's time to re-live the classic paranormal series with this showing of the stunning double episode, one of the greatest UFO-themed stories of the series.  A mysterious aeroplane crash prompts the FBI to investigate, and it soon becomes apparent to Mulder that the plane may have been brought down by a mid-air collision with a UFO.  If you've never seen this before it's essential viewing, for everyone else it's sure to be a great nostalgic trip...

Lifter Demonstration

See a real life X-File with your own eyes!  For a number of months BUFOG member Larry Potter has been building a "Lifter" - a lightweight model which, through applied electrical current, defies the laws of gravity. Larry will demonstrate his creation, named BUFOG 1, and give a short talk on its construction.  Using physics that some believe may be utilised by genuine extraterrestrial craft, this should be absolutely fascinating.

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