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Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 17:12:48 -0500 Subject: Re: concerns about Michael Shermer's trashing of Stanton Friedman on Larry King

To Lyle Michel [below] and anyone else fretting over Michael Shermer's trashing of Stanton Friedman, Jesse Marcel, Fyfe Symington, et. al., on the Larry King Show of Sept. 2:

Relax.  The ball is solidly in our "court" now.  I'm sure you all noticed that Shermer kept interrupting everyone by snapping, "Show me the probe! Show me the probe!" which he did with a devious smile each time, like a teenage boy perusing skin magazines for the first time.  He did that, of course, to keep the audience's attention focused on one of the seamier aspects of alien abduction, the dreaded anal probe reported by so many male victims.

Well, Michael, we actually do have some proof we'll be able to shove down your throat, or up your butt, wherever you might prefer it (I don't know your orientation), in the form of the Starchild skull.  I know many on this list have heard about the Starchild skull ( if you haven't), but I doubt if many of you realize that it is now virtually certain to establish alien reality beyond any shadow of scientific doubt.

Understand this: in 2003 we used DNA testing to establish that the Starchild's mother was human but its father was not human.  What was he? With only human primers available for recovery, we had no way to establish that.  However, now there is a new recovery technique created by 454 Life Sciences in Branford, Connecticut, which permits recovery of entire genomes.  This technique is now, in fact, being applied to recover a Neanderthal's genome.

Eventually, in another year or so, we will be able to afford to have the Starchild tested by this new technology.  When we do, its entire genome will be recovered, its complete chromosomal package.  This will show, beyond doubt, precisely how far away from "normal" was both the Starchild, a human-alien hybrid, and its father, a 100% alien.

When this happens, it will make history as big as history can be made.  We will be on Larry King with it, and on every other show any of us can name.  And there will be Michael Shermer, sitting somewhere, watching, glowering, and tucking into yet another healthy helping of crow.  So don't worry, please.  This one is finally in the bag, I flatly guarantee it.  All we have to do is wait until out turn comes with the 454 Life Sciences technology, and the "hard proof" that is required will be firmly in our hands.

Then we will be able to say, without fear of contradiction, to Michael Shermer and the rest of the world's doubters: WE TOLD YOU SO!!!

Lloyd Pye

Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2007 12:05:04 -0700 Subject: Decoy, Destruction, Trash, CourtRoomEvidence, and Need To Know! Government Cover Ups and how they Work!

I would like to encourage those of you who really want to understand the extraterrestrial phenomena to place these words in a prominent location and think about them.  When you apply them as a vehicle for understanding you will find that the ability to be deceived by others will be seriously effected.

Last night Larry King did a special on UFO's (2 September 2007).  Stanton Friedman was on there and other witnesses to the extraterrestrial phenomena but the stand out on the program was Michael Shermer the publisher of Skeptic Magazine.  I found him interesting not for what he knew or even had the ability to make sense out of but for what he didn't seem to understand.

In the mind of Michael Shermer if you can't touch it, feel it, see it and reproduce it then it is not real.  His position is relevant only if you ignore all the court room testimony of the many people who have physically been with the extraterrestrials, taken pictures of their vehicles of transportation and the expert witnesses such as Stanton Friedman who have dedicated much of their life to becoming experts in the field.

Remember many of our best witnesses are experts who have been on the government payroll in the programs which in the public forum the government officially states do not exist.  They have testified to being in facilities where their were beings from other planets, and vehicles from other planets.

I think Michael Shermer is an excellent disinformation person and did an excellent job in presenting the principals of decoy, destruction and trash in order to disinformation the general public on the subject of extraterrestrials coming to earth from other planets..  He totally ignored all court room type evidence to arrive at his position.  In order to arrive at the truth in a court room the accused would have to reenact the crime in order to be convicted by Michael Shermer.

As an addendum to my above comments I would simply like to add that it is enormously important for those of you who wish to understand the disinformation game to understand that most if not all the members of the House of Representatives, the United States Senate and even the President do not have an in-depth understanding of what is in our black budget programs.  This is accomplished by purposely obstructing the flow of information to themselves by the principles of Need To Know!  Although all Americans have a right to inform their elected officials on any issue, the elected official will be able to successfully remain ignorant on what you inform them of by preventing any other government department including black operations from confirming the truths which you or anyone else may tell them.

It is a beautiful system and it works remarkably well!

Now you know the truth!

I hope you will find a use for it!

Lyle Michel

Readers might want to check evidence to-date
Ray D

Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 13:04:57 -0400

A message from Italy to the worldwide UFO community

Why does this magnificent Italian Renaissance masterpiece have an object in it that looks like a space satellite?

Italian art piece

No-one knows, but there it is.  And there's a problem, which is why we are contacting you and other like-minded persons throughout the world known to be interested in the UFOs.  We are the organization `Save San Pietro' of the village Montalcino in Tuscany, Italy.  The ancient church which houses the `Salimbeni Sputnik' - as the painting is sometimes known - is our church.  But the church is falling down, and the painting is deteriorating.  Nor can the painting be removed; it is fused to the very wall of the church.

That is the problem, and it is urgent.

A Renaissance painting with an inexplicable technological object in it, a 400-year old Italian art treasure - which appears to be evidence of a hidden history of man's contact with advanced extraterrestrial races - and it is deteriorating in a collapsing church in an Italian village.

We need your help restore and preserve the painting.  That is why we are contacting you.

`Save San Pietro' has produced 1000 full color prints of the painting which look just like the reproduction in this email.  In exchange for a donation to the restoration of the church and the painting, we will send you one of these gorgeous prints.  See below for more details about the print, but first let us tell you more about the painting.

It is huge, 240x360 cent. (120x180 in.), in oil, on silk, on a wooden board framed in a golden arch.  It was painted in the year 1600 by the Renaissance Italian artist Ventura Salimbeni.  It is a world-recognized masterpiece, catalogued in many books.  Look closely at the upper portion of the painting.  The two robed figures represent God and Christ, but what is that strange object between them?  Is it not a shiny metallic sphere?  What are those two rods attached to the sphere?  Do they not look like antennae?  And what is the small round protrusion at the bottom left of the sphere?  Can you almost see, if not sense, the presence of a lens?  Is it a telescope?  A telecamera?

Recall the sputnik satellite launched by Russia in 1956? The metallic sphere in the painting is uncannily similar to the Russian sputnik. Did Ventura Salimbeni see something in the sky above Tuscany? What on earth, or in space, prompted him to depict a sputnik among the Holy Trinity? We believe the painting has significance beyond the confines of Italy and Italian art.

Does the "Salimbeni Sputnik" have a message for the entire world?  We think it might, we hope you agree, and we hope you will help us save it.

Let me tell you who we are and how we are working to save this magnificent painting.  Our organization is called `Save San Pietro' because the painting is in the Church of San Pietro.  We are a municipal organization of the village of Montalcino, Tuscany, and we citizens have banded together to save our historic church and Salimbeni's masterpiece.

The greatest immediate problem is the church itself.  The roof is in a bad state of repair and rain water has soaked into the walls and the altar where Salimbeni's work sits.  It is not a free standing work.  The painting is literally built into the marble and plaster altar.  Art restoration experts from Siena, Italy have presented their report.  The church can be saved, and the painting can be returned to its former glory, but we must act now!  If the church roof collapses and we cannot save the church, that will mean disaster for the painting.  Both the church and the painting must be saved and we need your help to do it!

Save San Pietro has produced 1000 full colour, Limited Edition, Numbered prints on high quality paper measuring 66x84 cent. (33x82 in.) of the Salimbeni Sputnik.  For a donation of US $270.00 you will receive one of only 1000 of these Limited Edition prints, Numbered and Authenticated.  This is a real collector's piece!  If getting the print is not right for you at this time, Save San Pietro would be extremely grateful for contributions in any amount.

Please visit our website for more information about Salimbeni, the painting, the Church of San Pietro, the village of Montalcino and our organization, Save San Pietro.  Then click at the bottom of the page for the order form and details of how to make your donation.  You can help us save this 400 year old piece of art and become the owner of one of only 1000 of these numbered prints depicting historical evidence of human contact with advanced extraterrestrial races.

As well, when our project is completed your name will be inscribed on a plaque permanently mounted next to the beautifully restored Salimbeni painting.  Because we know you care, we will also send you periodic email reports keeping you informed about the progress of the restoration of the church and the painting.

Visit our website!  Read the expert opinions about this famous painting, and on the web you'll find plenty by searching Montalcino Sputnik, Explorer in Paradise or Satellite in Montalcino.

Guided by our President, Save San Pietro is a group of volunteers drawn from the village of Montalcino.  We have taken on the work of raising the money to restore the church and the inexplicable work of Salimbeni.  We operate under legal Articles governing non-profit organizations set down by the Comune of Montalcino.  Under these Articles our transactions are monitored and controlled by the President, Alessandro Faneschi, and the Office of the Mayor, and every dollar that goes in or out of our account is transparently visible.

In our village, over the last three years, the people of Montalcino from their own pockets have raised US $48,000 towards our goal, but the church and the painting are threatened with every season that passes.  Our immediate goal is to raise US$270,000 through distribution of the valuable Limited Edition prints of the painting.  When that amount is reached, the Italian Bank of Monte Paschi di Siena has agreed to give us another US$ 110,000.  That will bring us to a grand total of US$428,000.  The most urgent repairs to the roof will then be carried out, and the precious Salimbeni painting will be in the expert hands of professional art restorers.

I encourage you to take another look at the painting.

Think of its historical and cultural importance, and think of what it may tell us about the hidden history of humankind.  I hope you will feel as I do that we simply cannot allow Salimbeni's mysterious and provocative masterpiece to fall into ruin.  Save San Pietro looks forward to receiving your donation and to sending you your print in a protective tube by priority mail.  Please contact me with any questions.

A pił presto ... Isabella Best Dusi, President, Non-Profit Volunteer Committee of the citizens of the Tuscan village of Montalcino.
Write to me at

PS  Come to Italy and see the Salimbeni sputnik!  We will welcome you at any time to visit Tuscany and Montalcino and see your name beside Salimbeni's masterpiece in the church of San Pietro.

Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 04:31:26 +0100

Interview with a Witch: The Donna Reynolds Story
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter
Edited by Shannon 'Ms. Macabre' McCabe

I waited in an area that had a picnic bench with a clump of trees for my interview with a real witch.  The area was somewhat remote and I looked around and saw nothing around me.  Then I heard some birds chirping and from a clearing at this park, a mysterious woman in black appeared out of nowhere and started walking towards me.

She said..."Hi, I'm Donna, I'm your witch."  I looked at Donna and said.."Step in my office and let's do this interview, have a seat". As I pointed at the park bench table.  Donna relates to me that she has been interested in the Wiccan culture since the time she was in high school.  Her screen name is a Gaelic name, it's Badb. Badb is named after the Celtic goddess Badb Catha, she may take on the name of Badb as her permanent craft name, but hasn't decided yet.  The circle she belongs to is Sacred Fire Circle, which is having it's Sacramento Mabon Celebration 2007, it will be an open circle and everyone is invited.  They will conduct a leaf burning ceremony, to release negativity into the atmosphere.  Each member and guest will receive an acorn, which represents future harvests.

Donna's Encounter with the Thor: The Norse God of Thunder:
Donna tells me that she became a practicing witch in 2003, she has extensively studied the Wiccan culture and embraced it full heartedly.  She will never forget the time, that she was with a group of Wiccans and they were singing chant songs to the God Thor.  The Lady of the Circle named Belisama Fire lead the group into chant. The more they chanted, the night became stormy.  The presence of Thor was felt and all of a sudden, it started to rain in buckets, the heavy winds blew wildly and the tarp that gave them shelter blew to the ground. When the chanting resided, everything went back to normal. They later learned that there was no other storm anywhere else, the storm only hit the location of where the Circle was at.

Donna Joins HPI:
Donna has recently joined H.P.I. (Haunted and Paranormal Investigations) of Northern California, as a Paranormal Investigator and went on their 2007 Haunted Placerville Tour (haunting investigation).   When going on this tour, Donna was surprised to feel a wall of energy at one of the locations she visited on this tour.  But, this is not the first time Donna has dealt with the paranormal, she has been plagued by the paranormal since the age of 16.  When Donna first contacted me, to write her story (an occurrence that happened in the Fall of 1972 in Niceville, Florida), she sent me this in her own words:

"I lived in a double-wide mobile home for four years with my parents in a mobile home park on Eglin Air Force Base near the Gulf Coast of Florida when I was in high school.  At that time, if the military member was sent overseas for a short tour, the family had to move off-base until the member's return.
When my father received orders for a one-year stint in Thailand in the early 1970's, we moved the mobile home to Niceville, a small town near the base. My parents bought an unimproved lot and had trees taken down, electricity put in, a septic tank installed, and whatever else needed to improve this piece of property. Within a very few weeks, my father was off to Thailand and my mother and I lived in the mobile home alone.

I was in Georgia on a high school band trip when my parents made the actual move.  I got home around 10:00 PM a couple of days later.  My room was not set up yet, so my mother got me a pillow and blanket and set me up on the couch in the living room.  That night, my first night in this home, my sleep was disturbed my multiple noises - mostly knocking on the wall and the sound of footsteps.  I'd been in a similar situation when I was very young, and for some reason did not feel afraid.  I just said out loud, "Please let me go to sleep!" and the noises stopped.

The next day I was in the backyard exploring.  I have always loved nature and became interested in a line of ants traveling across the yard.  I found their nest and squatted on my haunches to look at them.  I suddenly felt a hand on my back and was pushed forward to the point where I had to put my hands out in front of me to catch myself from falling on my face.  I told my parents about it and they just laughed at me.  Nothing else happened for several weeks, except once when I was pushed again, this time in my bedroom while my father was putting some shelves together for me.  When I was pushed, I nearly fell on top of him.

For the year and a half that my mother and I lived in the home, there were many incidents where we heard knocking on the walls, footsteps, sobbing (from my room), bad smells like something had died, light fixtures coming on by themselves when they weren't plugged in, a fire-ant invasion in my mother's toilet, shadows in the window, a blob of gray mist hanging beneath the ceiling, the sound of water dripping (the drops sounded like they were falling from a height not possible where the sound was coming from), light switch sounds but no lights going on or off, my name being called, cold spots, a feeling of not being alone - and even a full-figure apparition on one occasion of a very petite or young female with a long dress and lots of hair piled up on her head - much like the ladies wore in the Civil War era.  These events became more and more frequent as time went on.   We also had other family members that visited during this time and they, too, had experiences.  The interesting fact about all of this, is that none of them, including my father, shared their experiences with my mother or me for fear of scaring us.  My uncle and my grandfather visited together once, and didn't share their experiences with either of us or each other.  It was only years later that my family, including my father shared their experiences with my mother and I.  We were all in awe of the fact that we had all had separate experiences that were collaborated years after the fact.

We eventually sold the place because my father received orders for Travis AFB near Fairfield, CA.   We had no idea about any problems at the site since then.  We know that the mobile home we put there is gone and there is another in its place. That's the extent of my knowledge of these experiences at the time of this writing.

The only information I have to offer right now is that Niceville, FL, was at one time a very small fishing village.  The lot we lived on was very near the water. We can only surmise that at one time there either was a settlement of some sort or maybe a homestead on or near the property my parents bought."

Below are added comments from Donna, as she relates to experiences she had in her present home in Rancho Cordova:

"Once, while I was home alone I was sitting in the den watching TV when I heard my name called.  I was sitting on a couch that was in front of a large window, and the voice sounded like it came from outside, through the window behind me. I couldn't tell if it was male or female because it was almost a whisper, but not quite.  It just said, "Donna".

Another time, my mother, a family friend name Eunice, her two teenage children, Sue and Jim, my friend from next door, Debbie, and I were all sitting outside in the backyard having a good time. Sue, Debbie, and I decided to go next door to Debbie's house for a while.  Debbie and I walked around the back end of the house, through the front yard, out the gate at the front (hitch) end and to the road.  At the road we had to double back the other direction as Debbie's house was next to the back end of mine, causing us to travel the length of the front of my house toward hers.  In the meantime, Sue went inside through the back door near the end of the house to use the bathroom.  I go into such detail to illustrate the time it took for us to make the trip was the time it took Sue to reach the bathroom.  It was starting to get dark and the lights were on in the living room and the curtains were drawn.  When Debbie and I reached the road we both, for some reason, looked toward the house and we both saw a shadow of a male figure in the curtains of the living room window.  As we watched, the figure moved out of the window, in the direction of the back of the house where the back door and bathroom were.  We both ran to her house and told her mother what we had just witnessed.  As we were finishing our story, Sue came in looking very white.  She said that while she was in the bathroom, she heard footsteps coming from the living room area of the house and walking toward the back.  Time-wise, it was exactly at the same time that Debbie and I saw the shadow.

Once, coincidentally while I was living at that home, my boyfriend and I had just returned from a date and were standing in the driveway when we both saw what we thought was a UFO.  It was a reddish light that just stood very still in the night sky and finally just vanished after a few minutes.  Also, one dark, moonless night my mother and I were driving south on Sunrise Blvd. here in Rancho, somewhere between the American River and Folsom Blvd. when we saw some kind of ship fly toward us from our right.  It made a large sweep over us and turned back in the direction from which it came, and flew off.  It was huge and the lights were in an elongated triangle pattern.  It did have blinking lights but was either too large or too close to be an airplane - it was too dark to tell.  If I were to hold my hands out at arms length to describe how much windshield space it took up, I would have to hold my hands about three feet apart!"

Donna believes she is an empath and her whole family is a magnet for the supernatural.  From the time she was 16 and up to the age of 17, she lived in a mobile home in Niceville.  She experienced ghostly encounters, as mentioned above in her blurb.  I discuss what she wrote to me about her experiences and ask Donna was there anything else that was unusual.  She said, one day her dad walked into a room and it was filled with smoke.  Her dad thought it was a fire and when he looked again, the smoke was gone.  On another night, family and friends felt an icy cold presence move through the home.  Donna's ex-boyfriend on another night noticed the flashlight dimming on its own, then the lights in the home came on for no apparent reason.  Donna always felt presences at this home and she wonders if the small fishing village that once was on this property had anything to do with the presences of this home.

Donna goes on to tell me that 2/3rds of her life has been experiences of the paranormal.  She has seen ghost animals, a luring ghost cat.  She once saw a ghostly hand move the shower curtain.  She has seen 'shadow people' move about the house.  Once while laying in bed, she felt someone sitting on the bed and it caused an indentation on the bed.  All through her life from her grandmother's home in Pocahontas, Virginia to the Mobile Home in Niceville, Florida to Castle AFB (at this AFB housing community, she witnessed the animal spirits, the entity that sat on her bed and the shadow people) to her present home in Rancho Cordova where there are at times poundings on her walls.  Donna feels that her family attract entities from the other side and her connection to the Wiccan culture goes back as far as to her grandmother, who was known as "Grannie".

Perhaps entities that dwell in the realm of the supernatural are attracted to Earth people known as Wiccans, because Wiccans embrace nature and respect the Earth.  The Earth and nature is filled with energy and the harmonious nature of energy embraces the Wiccan culture and brings on energy entities to watch over them and to protect them.  Donna is a unique young lady and she is filled with stories of her encounters with the supernatural.  So many stories, that it would fill a good size book.  I am honored to write a small piece of her life, because I have met a woman who is one with nature.  As she departed into the surrounding area of trees, I felt a small gentle breeze go with her.

For more on H.P.I. Haunted and Paranormal Investigations of Northern California, go to their website at:

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ghostwriter
Paranormal Cellular Hotline: 916 203 7503 (for comments on this story).
If you have a possible investigation call: 1-888-709-4HPI

Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 10:40:21 +0100

Jim Cairns here,
I listened to James Whale on Talksport this week, there was an Americal, now living in London, who claims he is a prophet from God. Now I normally dont take much heed of this sort of thing but he said somethings I heard al least 9 years ago and this uneased me! It alsp rattled Whale He narmally cuts these people off but not in this case! The prophet claimed that in April 2008 there is going to be the start of what he called the beginning of a 3 year period which ends in cataclysm, the destruction of the UK, USA , China , India etc.

He said it will start will an attack in the USA!

The thing that made we sit up was - he said he would survive until late in these events but he would be killed - however two days later he would be reserected!

Now this sounds like old bull , however something one of my born again charasmtic cult member informers told me about 1997 made me sit up and think!
My cult member who owns a large engineering firm in Ireland and is wealthy, told me that two people would be killed and the world would witness this but the would also be reserected several days later and this would be seen by the world through the internet media! He also said that tyhe world was coming to aan end!

We have all heard of this before but this born againer said this as if he trully believed this! I wonder if you have heard of this prophet who says he is a member of the Seventh Day Adventists cult. He is also giving away free books on the matter. He has a website but I cant find it. I am unable to contact Talksport for some reason!
Jim Cairns

Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 05:31:56 +0100

My name is Dr. J. Lee Choron.  I have just released my most recent book on the paranormal.  This work is a collection of true and documentable accounts of paranormal incidents in Russia (where I have resided for the past 20 years).  This is the only book of its kind which documents and verifies each article with official records, eyewitness accounts and accounts by police, military, medical and other professionals.

I would be very much interested in knowing how to go about obtaining a review or interview in your online site.  Please see below for an information sheet on my latest book.  My credentials are listed below.  Please feel free to verify them at your pleasure.  Also, I am a featured writere in this month's (June) issue of "Paranormal Magazine" there in UK.

Thank You,
Dr. J. Lee Choron

From Zumaya Publishing
TITLE: Footprints in the Snow: Tales of Haunted Russia
AUTHOR: James L. Choron
PUBLISHER: Zumaya Publications LLC
GENRE: Body / Mind / Spirit / Parapsychology / General
FORMAT: Trade paperback, perfect-bound, 260 ppl, 4.99 USD, Trim Size 5 X 8; ebook, .99
ISBN: 978-1-934135-06-8, paperback; 978-1-934135-07-5, ebook
RELEASE DATE: February 2007

She is Mother Russia, the largest nation in the world, and her turbulent history has left her filled with restless spirits.  Footprints in the Snow is a collection of true and documented stories of the paranormal from Russia and Eastern Europe.  Excerpts, in shorter and less detailed form, have been published in numerous Russian and English language publications, primarily through the Illya Resink Library Collection and in various local magazines and newspapers along with such prestigious US and UK publications such as "Fate" and "Phenomenon" Magazines.

Footprints in the Snow: True Stories of Haunted Russia is a reporter's view of documentable paranormal incidents.  The stories are told through the eyes of a professional skeptic, one who does not "see ghosts behind every tree." Statistically, more than 96% of all such stories turn out to be quite natural in origin.  There are exceptions.

The stories in this collection have all been thoroughly investigated and documented.  These are not the high profile cases you hear about all the time.  Most of them are little known outside their immediate area and only by the people immediately involved.  You will not find "Ivan the Terrible" or "the lost Princess Anastasia" in these pages.  Those cases have been treated frequently enough already.  What you will find are some documented and verifiable accounts of paranormal activity in this country that have, so far, defied any rational or normal explanation.  They are interesting and informative reading and entertaining.  These are true reports of actual happenings presented in a way that leaves it to the reader to decide the cause of these "footprints in the snow."

My apartment building is located just across the street from an elementary school and kindergarten that have served our community for more than seventy years.  Here in Russia, this isn't unusual.  The school was part of Lenin's first Five-Year Plan, and was one of the more successful parts.

Late at night, long after the school is closed and completely empty, we can hear children laughing and playing in the playground.  It lasts for about five minutes-a relatively long time; but when you look out the window you see nothing.  There are no children there.

Everyone in the building is used to this.  It happens several times a year, and it's gone on for decade-at least fifty years - So has what follows.

After about five minutes, there is a high-pitched, screeching sound, followed by an explosion.  Then sound of children playing turns to screams, and then stops.

Welcome to Russia, arguably the most haunted land on earth ...

The stories that you are about to read in "Footprints in the Snow" have all been thoroughly investigated and documented.  These are not the "high profile" cases that you hear about all the time.  Most of them are little known outside their immediate area and by the people immediately involved.  You will not find "Ivan the Terrible" or "The lost Princess Anastasia" in these pages.  Those cases have been treated frequently enough already.  What you will find are some documented and verifiable accounts of paranormal activity in this country that have, so far, defied any "rational" or "normal" explanation.  I trust that you will also find this to be interesting and informative reading.  Hopefully, it will also be entertaining.

Attend a quiet family picnic in the forest where a soldier of the Second World War lies in an in an unmarked grave and ill-repose - and cries out to a little child to find him.  Stand in shock and awe as a tomb is opened after seventy-six years and the horrible cause of a woman's nightmares is found.  Watch as a little girl plays at the feet of her aging parents - half a century after her death and smile at the continuing presence of - in spirit - of "The Countess", a little grey cat that never knew she was a cat.  March stalwartly across the length of Russia - in the heart of winter - with the rag-tag but undefeated soldiers of the "Legion of the Damned", as they try to shepherd their families to safety across the wild Ural Mountains - every winter for more than 175 years.  These accounts are all -- each and every one -- true reports of actual happenings.  It is up to the reader to decide the cause of these "footprints in the snow."

Nineteen years is a long time to spend in any country not one's own.  In that time, Dr. Choron has learned a lot about life and living in Russia, especially about the Paranormal.  In these pages the reader can literally hear the staccato notes played by the "Drummer Boy of Taratovka" as he warns his loved ones of fire - year after year after year.  These pages take you on a visit the office and the home of one of the most blatantly evil men the world has ever seen where his presence is still felt half a century and more after his death and into the bowels of the most notorious prison that the world has ever seen - a place that Alexander Solsinitsyn called the "inner circle of hell." Here, in "Footprints in the Snow" the reader can go along to the barricades during the "August Revolt" of 1991 and stand beside a man who has come there to fight for freedom for the second time in 100 years.  He or she can know that love lasts forever as they walk down a quiet village street, smile and wave at the pretty little girl in the garden who will always and forever be a child or as you hear the story of the little boy who will never - ever - leave his mother and the teenage girl who is known as the "Angel of the Mourning." Stand in a tiny cemetery and watch the little girl that a whole town calls "Our Little Hero" play at the feet of her parents ... alongside her sixty-five year old grave - seen by all but those who love her most ...

Enjoy your stay in paranormal Russia - live in buildings alongside men, women and children that have resided in the same apartment for five generations - and more -- and in some cases for centuries.  Enjoy your stay in a hotel in which room service is provided by a pretty young maid - who was murdered ten years before your arrival and look out the window and see the young woman who has been standing on the platform waiting for the train - since a cold and windy night in the winter of 1972. Ask the neighbors about their daughter's "invisible playmate".

The reader can ride along with a young policeman as he follows a running ten-year-old child down the darkened streets of a small town in a desperate attempt to save an orphanage from fire - for the second time in fifty years.  Visit the teachers of the "world's oldest straight-A student." Go on investigations with Major Maslov, the police prefect who is constantly called on when a case is "just a bit odd." Or -- they can follow along as all of Russia watches on television, reads the papers and listens on the radio about the heroic trek of "the Legion of the Damned" as leave their bloody footprints indelibly imprinted in the snows of the Siberian wastes - year after year -- just as they have for almost two centuries ...

Dr. J. Lee Choron is not a "parapsychologist, nor does his professional degree represent any paranormal pursuit or study.  He is a PhD optical engineer and has spent a lifetime as a photo analyst, reporter and journalist.  He is a "professional skeptic".  He is not a man who "sees ghosts" behind every tree or around every corner.  He does not believe that everything that goes "bump" in the night is from "beyond".  He has investigated and documented these accounts thoroughly.  The stories within the pages of "Footprints in the Snow" are taken from literally hundreds of stories concerning "hauntings" and "sightings" from all over the great land of the Tsars.  They are largely unknown in the west, but they are the best - of the best.  Dr. Choron is a collector of facts.  He makes no judgment and no assumptions as to the causes of these incidents.  The facts are here.  It up to the reader to decide for themselves why there are so many "Footprints in the Snow."

Dr. James L. Choron is a journalist and writer living in Mamontovka, a suburb of Moscow.  He has resided in the Russian Federation for more than sixteen years, and is a former senior executive with the Eastman Kodak Company.  He is a decorated veteran of the United States Military, a Master Mason, an 32* Scottish Rite Mason and the Presiding Bishop of EGnU (Eclesia Gnostica Universialis) for Mowcow and Western Russia.  He is currently owner and Chief Executive Officer of Old Guard Productions, a company dealing in motion picture and television logistics and properties, and American Business Training, a company which deals with sales and customer service training for Russian companies seeking to introduce Western business practices and standards.

Born in Dallas, Texas, and raised in the small East Texas town of Center, he holds a bachelor's degree in history from Stephen F. Austin State University and a masters and PhD from Moscow State University in the same subject as well as a graduate degree in optical engineering.

A working journalist for slightly more than thirty-five years, he has columns in numerous publications in both Russia and the United States.  He has numerous hobbies, primarily related to paranormal and historical research, both of which he has been involved for over twenty years.  He has published a number of independent articles on paranormal encounters and activities and on historical topics, and is a staff member on several online publications and forums dealing with history and the paranormal.  Dr. Choron is also a lifelong natural "sensitive" who has, since birth, been aware of the presence of Spirit Entities.


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KEYWORDS: Russia, ghost, ghosts, haunting, spirits, life after death, true ghost stories, James L. Choron, J.L. Choron, history, Russian history, paranormal

You may contact the author, Dr. J. Lee Choron at  Your comments and feedback are always welcome.  Dr Choron is available for both print and electronic media interviews upon request.

Readers' review would be welcome
Ray D

Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 18:44:46 +0100

Understanding the Laws of Nature ...

There Will Always Be ...

Those that effort to perpetuate what is in place,
Those that effort to improve what is in place,
Those that effort to destroy what is in place,
Those in apathy about what is in place,
Those oblivious to what is in place, and
Those that distinguish what is in place will always represent a time, people and purpose past - and effort on the cutting edge of thoroughly new development.

Only the latter perceive the nature of the processes in play - and distinguish activities of the first three kinds as absent value.

Chris George Klemos

Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 14:40:24 -0500


I wanted to let you know that I published a read-only version of my new book on-line at: - (pdf)

and lowered the Acrobat version to make it more accessible to people who don't have the latest version of Adobe's Acrobat reader.

Let me know what you think when you have had a chance to read it.  Many thanks!


Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 21:49:50 -0500
From: K Wilson
Subject: Katharina Wilson's New On-Line Book

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

"I Forgot What I Wasn't Supposed To Remember: An Expanded View Of The Alien Abduction Phenomenon"
By Katharina Wilson

Katharina Wilson's new book,  `I Forgot What I Wasn't Supposed To Remember' is the first time a first edition book about the alien abduction phenomenon has been published on-line and offered free to the public.  It covers twelve years of consciously recalled abduction encounters that Katharina has experienced since she published her journals in The Alien Jigsaw in 1993.

The pieces of the puzzle have continued to fall into place to reveal why these Beings are interacting with specific people on our planet: defacto emissaries between human Beings and alien Beings.

Since The Alien Jigsaw was published, Katharina has continued to experience a high level of interaction with several types of alien intelligences.  Utilizing her well-documented journals and illustrations, she again shares her life experiences as they relate to these incredible Beings.

`I Forgot What I Wasn't Supposed To Remember' is an expanded view of the alien abduction phenomenon and contains details that are certain to be "firsts" regarding the reporting of this phenomenon to the public.  This book involves experiences with several different types of alien Beings including different types of Greys, Hybrids, Blondes, Short 'Pudgy' Beings, Tan 'Wrinkled' Beings, Interdimensional Beings, Super Conscious Beings and incorporeal influences.

The curtain of secrecy obscuring the truth about this phenomenon has been pulled back to reveal conceivable answers to important questions such as:

Has there been an Ultra Secret Team consisting of specialized military, intelligence and scientific personnel involved in the Hybrid Breeding Program all along?

Is it because of this Ultra Secret Team that reports of MILABS or military abductions surfaced as early as the 1980s in relation to alien abduction encounters?

Has the Hybrid Breeding Program reached its culmination and are they already coexisting with us on our planet?

Does a worldwide transition loom on humanity's horizon?

This book will take you to the last place Katharina wanted or thought this phenomenon would lead her.  `I Forgot What I Wasn't Supposed To Remember' is a deeply personal, true account of abduction as told firsthand by a "well-seasoned" alien abductee.

Read it or download it for free.  What do you have to lose except a few hours of "missing time"?

ISBN 0-9639916-4-7
EAN 978-09639916-4-7

First Edition published as an electronic book.
Adobe PDF format, July 2007

Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 22:57:10 +0100

Dear Sir,
We invite those who are interested on global peace harmany, to visit web pages; - - - and our web site

Thanking you,

With kind regards,
T.L. Subash Chandira Bose

Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 11:52:34 +0100

"I SAW THEM" is my contact with aliens.
Anita Sands

"Here's why it took me 25 years to try to do it myself.  I was reminded of Gabe Green when a friend told me there were many alien races here on Earth, visiting.  He said ONE group was psychic.  Not the grays, but Pleiadeans.  That made me remember my 'regression.'  If they're psychic, that means they can hear us.  Hmmmm.  So, I tried to contact these psychic aliens.  And they answered.  Twice.  On the astral plane it's true, but still, it was pretty amazing.  And before you call the squirrel police, I'm going to tell you the details right here but I want to remind you that I was predisposed to believe in aliens."

story continues at

Date: Thu, 28 Jun 2007 20:07:12 +0100

Consciousness - Language - Instinct - Old / New Brains Language
In George Orwell's book, 1984, there was the most brief, almost undetectable, reference made to the effect upon humanity of the ambiguity of language - Paraphrasing: "it could be used as a medium to manipulate - control the masses". It was a while before I understood, deeply, what this meant.

If we could calculate the volume of communication that occurs between human beings in which the words of greatest importance have neither specific referential index nor meaning shared in common by those participating in the communication - and if we could measure, "attention", quantitatively - then, we could discover precisely how much attention (energy) of humanity is lost (wasted) in "communicating".

We speak / write words all the time - with the illusion that understanding is shared among those listening / reading. We hear / read words all the time and imagine we understand the meaning the speaker / author is conveying.

There is a process that goes on within humans that has been called "transderivational search" describing the tendency to find meaning within themselves, likened to using a small dictionary found within limited to their individual experience.

How this relates to instinct is that the human being has such an instinctually rooted compulsion to determine relationship to it's environment that "knowing", however superficial, inaccurate, illogical or corrupt, is better than "not knowing". That "not knowing" seems to produce experience likened to "instinctual" - FEAR!

Take, as example, a rumor: you are told the company you work for is being sold and you will be loosing your job soon (and you know that finding another will be extremely difficult) but they are keeping it secret until the last minute when they will hand out pink slips to all employees.

An individual in receipt of such a rumor - will quite possibly have the experience of "not knowing" and evidence behavior that is instinctual in direct proportion to the degree their security is derived from that job. Even if the rumor is absolutely false!

Fear manifesting Fight, Flight, Play Dead - freezing as deer in headlights or depression - but nonetheless the experience of fear. Fear at the instinctual level relates to real and actual loss of life, oneself, one's mate, one's siblings, one's peers. Humanity is the only species conditioned to extend fear way and well beyond its natural boundaries.

Let's take it a little further - and imagine the following ad showed up in a newspaper
"Seeking three educated, intelligent, competent, individuals willing to make a small investment to guarantee themselves a comfortable future. Phone ************"

Makes me want to call!

Only activity within the individual brain would prompt someone to respond to this ad ... a series of searches in which one would define themselves as educated, intelligent, and competent, at the very least, perhaps further defining themselves as possessing a small investment and desiring a comfortable living.

However, there is absolutely no specific definition provided by the author for any of the elements, therefore, this communication contains no meaning whatsoever - only that which is derived by the reader's internal definition.

You may be surprised how much of the spoken and written word is absent content and the degree to which it would have no meaning were it not for that derived by the reader / listener / viewer coupled with their assumption that their understanding based on their definitions is synonomous with that of the author.

Now, Let's take it a little further and say that many people responded to the add -
How many do you think would experience "considerable upset" when they discovered the author's meaning "inconsistent" with that which they derived?

Old Brain / New Brain
Most human beings live, for the most part, in their Old Brain - and that noise in the background of the millions shouting, "Not Me!" does not make it less so. Unfortunately, thinking we do not live there, is what keeps us there.

Those who delve into their New Brain typically do so along very specific veins - quite focused lines- then return to Old Brain when their attention is not focused along those lines. How many artists, poets, musicians, authors, scientists, performers, etc., produce amazing works along specific veins - yet, many other aspects of their lives are a wreck.

It is quite easy to distinguish when an individual is speaking, writing, presenting from a location within Old Brain or a location within New Brain by the structure of language and paradigms of thought in their presentation. Dore-Edinburgh Lectures of Thomas Troward, UK early 1900's, is a text that the reading of would give one many insights.

Every individual would benefit from developing understanding of old brain while developing new brain potentials along a variety of lines - as both may be tremendous assets when applied appropriately. One would not do well having their old brain surgically removed. Our old brain serves us to the degree it is able - and like a good servant - does not look kindly on the thought of the termination of its employ, having reigned as king or queen for so long. Once educated to its highest and best use, it becomes ally rather than enemy of the revolution and new and old work together to expand the experience of life of the individual in all areas of life... imagine life absent "internal conflict" ...

C. G. Klemos

there's some interesting correlation at BigThoughts page

Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2007 20:20:50 +0100

The arena, thoroughly overlooked, that has the greatest impact upon human consciousness is religion - but its impact will go unchallenged because the masses, inducted at birth and deeply indoctrinated well before the age of reason so deeply imprinted as it becomes as much part of them as their skin and not likely to be shaken in their lifetime.

Should one be able to step out of that skin of indoctrination and look upon it objectively, perhaps, they would see all to which they are now blind.

None would think to consider that at the highest level of any religious entity is a small group of individuals who contemplate in a vacuum (often a luxurious vacuum), and control the masses with spin (beliefs they instill in their followers and the masses) so as to guarantee their ability to continue to contemplate in a vacuum - all their expenses paid - all their necessities of life provided, safely, securely insulated and protected from the rest of the world by armies of followers willing to die for ideologies imprinted upon them - and die they are - every day around the globe, in the name of their religion, in the name of their respective God.

The "old brains" and "the religious masses" are the same group of people.

Regardless the numbers in their membership; hundreds, thousands or millions - or the many levels of hierarchy in which they exist - all levels of hierarchy outside the core of a religious entity, as well the masses, exist only to serve the small inner core (esoteric) group.

Such structures represent old brain paradigms of exploring new brain consciousness, obsolete perceptions and illusions that consciousness only develops in a vacuum and "vacuum consciousness" is the epitome of experience, that isolation from mainstream is required for the development of consciousness, that man is divided into two groups; those who would give up everything of ordinary life to join the team and those who would not, the later referred to as "the masses".  Those who join become servants of the small group while attempting to work their way up to the core, and are used as well to influence the masses with "spin" developed to maintain and sustain their obedience and insure their continued provisioning of the organization, especially the core in grand style.

Religions have an insidious crippling impact on humanity and conscious human development, far outweighing any benefits they may be perceived as providing.

What Jesus wanted to awaken in his followers was consciousness -
it was never his intention to give them religion - they already had religion (Judiasm) and all associated with religion, i.e., preachers, books / scrolls, buildings, beliefs, etc. - the same kind of ignorance and corruption that exists today.  Jesus distinguished the "absent of consciousness" and used the religion (Judaism / Monotheism) of the time, place and people as a vehicle, redefining it into a context that allowed for the expansion of consciousness of those in his midst - in a predominately illiterate populous.

What has emanated from his efforts demonstrates the degree to which conscious originations may deviate from their origin in direct proportion to one's distance from the originator.  Only those who walked with Jesus received "Christianity", all subsequent have gotten someone else's, something else.

There have been many individuals besides Jesus (before and since) who have introduced conscious originations - and there are those present today who do so as well.

An individual does not need to exist in a vacuum to develop consciousness.
Consciousness developed in a vacuum cannot be maintained outside the vacuum.
Consciousness developed in a vacuum is neither practical for an individual nor as a vehicle for broad development of human consciousness.
Consciousness developed while in the flow of ordinary life is far more preferable, practical and necessary for the human race to survive and thrive.
It is as dysfunctional to develop new brain at the expense of old brain, as it is to develop old brain at the expense of new brain.

Wake Up!
The word God is so distorted, so used to usurp conscious human development making lemmings of those indoctrinated that humanity may be better off without the word.  Yet, be there any meaning whatsoever to the word; that meaning is only found in experience and that experience found in direct proportion to the conscious development of that individual.  (not through indoctrination, books, buildings, histories, traditions, cultures, nationalities, geographies, places, rituals, prayers, mantras, chants, etc - which only serve to cause old brains to, ever so briefly, feel better about themselves)

"Belief is "old brain".  There is far superior experience, potentials and resources available through new brain development and integration.  This is a process far more complex that is conceivable by "old brain" and likely only possible facilitated by someone with mastery of its complexity.

Unless an individual understands, to a far greater degree than they do now, how they function as a human being, the liabilities of old brain function, the potentials of new brain development and the challenges of transitioning, sufficient to invoke their pursuit of conscious development; they can be none other than a victim of their own ignorance, a puppet of the puppeteers and a pawn of esoterics.

For anyone to whom this has come to awareness, there is but one agenda: the raising of one's own consciousness; there is no other agenda; as consciousness expands, understanding previously elusive, becomes increasingly clear.

C. G. Klemos

address provided
From wording this seems to be associated with `Consciousness' page - Ray D

Date: Sat, 5 May 2007 01:48:27 -0400
From: "marvin bishop"

Should people who question the government's version of the events of 9/11 have their heads examined?

Well, the following psychiatrists and psychologists have concluded that the official version of 9/11 is false.  Moreover, many of these mental health experts have concluded that the government's account is so obviously false that people who believe the government's version are in psychological denial:

FWDed by Marvin Bishop

Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2007 21:20:15 +0000
Subject: RE: Thanks for `witchcraft' message

Dear Ray,
I will let you have my whole story for what it is worth.  It is a short summary though.I tend to laugh at it these days, but for 12 years of homelessness, because of that system, almost killed me on every level.  I am posting lots of your links for people to see now.

I was asked to do the journey with no books and then I would find truth inside.  So, knowing it and proving it to people is difficult.  They needed evidence and proof in front of them, so you are a blessing.  Thank you.

I will re read this story and see if I need to elaborate or not on the witch bit.  I might have to fly off tonight you

Nothing like a secret gestapo court in holy Ireland.  Priceless.!!!!!!!!!!!!!  By the way my daughter is a jesebel too.  I am looking for

I am too powerful for a woman and needed to be taught a lesson.

Except, I did not die at all.  It made me stronger and I am going after my property soon.  It is Newgrange, would you believe.!!!  I now know why they wanted me out of it.  Thank you.  That only dawned on me this instant....

Enjoy.!!!!We all survived

Catherine Sara

Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2007 08:44:49 -0700 (PDT) From: Ken McLaughlin

You quoted JFK's "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" and he is right.  I believe we have a way to go before it gets there - revolution - because most people from all nations (speaking to ham operators around the world) still consider this a social phenomenon more than an actual fact.

Those who really believe have faith that we will eventually join a larger community some day.  Those who have had an experience know for sure.  However, combining these two groups still comes short of forcing disclosure.

Let's also take into account that censored documents released by the government protect operatives engaged in other matters of national security.  Governments have a priority to protect national interests from enemies foreign and domestic.  There is a pattern.  When the United Nations demanded that the U.S. share it's nuclear technology during after WWII, our government adopted a "we keep these things to ourselves" atttitude, and will go to great lengths to do so.

If M12 convinced our government to adopt a policy of deniability regarding the extra-terrestrial question, could it have been to protect the public?  After all, can the worlds governments dictate or control alien visitors?  Can insects and animals control how we study them?

I feel that, when the Pope ( I'm not Catholic) or other world leaders put symmetry on this issue for the human race to comprehend the probability that we belong to a larger community, our world is not so much at risk, say by the strong taking advantage of the weak.  And this planet doesn't have signs of hostility as viewed from a satellite.  In time we will be ready.  I'm not sure if I'm ready to meet a Grey or White yet.

The pattern of encounters seems to be consistent regarding what they look like, what they are doing, and how elusive they are.  It does not seem to point to an invasion yet because:
1.  They don't cover their tracks very well.
2.  They don't kill people much.  They do piss off an occasional rancher.
3.  They should have enough information to figure out what our strenths are.
4.  They would have taken control by now if they could.
5.  If they wished they could, then they probably don't have the resources.

If we discovered a Bronze Age civilization on a planet while traveling in a pseudo Star-ship Enterprise, would it be wise to beam down and say "uh... your God is a figment or false, you're not masters of your world, you are (politely) mental midgets, and you smell funny".  That would not go well..  I'm convinced of that.

I think they are a lot like us.  Curious, wise, and real.  Ask the bear who was relocated by the local Wildlife authority.  The bear is curious, amazed at how he survives (wise), and of course he is real.  In a bear's life, occasionally a study (encounter) and intervention may be in the best interest to get him back on track (habitat) rather than allow him to dig through your trash.  That is the only example I could think of.

If our government lost a CD on how to build an atomic bomb, decrypt U.S. radio traffic, and a list of CIA operatives to Al Quada, there would be panic.  It would dwarf to the panic of total disclosure of...
"Yes our government has recovered alien bodies, spacecraft, and technology."

I don't think they know enough about them yet.  If they are in contact with them, I seriously doubt that they have the basis to trust them completely because we can barely trust our close foreign partners.

Thanks for responding to me.  I have really enjoyed this discusson.


Ray D wrote:
Hello Ken,
Thanks for that interesting take on the UFO situation.  It's featured at metamail4.html#ufo

Playing the devil's advocate - you could say "Constructive change is always feared and opposed by establishments" - (maybe try that in - or maybe even "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" - (JFK).

In other words the UFO situation might be like a pressure-cooker rather than - as you've said - a peaceful idyll.  And if pressure-cookers are ignored they tend to explode. What d'you think?

Ray D

BTW - there's details & reports in this series

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