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Our professional friends

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When this page was first opened several years ago, the `professions' in the UK hid most information from public and media - their message was:

"Everything is fine"

Was it the truth?

Since our analyses began we have cataloged exposure of incompetence, arrogance and corruption.  ref 1 & ref 2 & ref 3

Politics, medicine, law, policing, media, bureaucracy etc. are all `self-regulating' professions.  Coincidentally all these 'trades' tend, more or less, to control their own incomes at the top levels.  Ie. the fat cats decide their own.
 ref 4



We know that our professional friends - doctors, lawyers, politicians, accountants etc. always claim to be 'serving humanity'.


Let's have a look.  From historical & modern documentary evidence it becomes apparent that -

a) many / most doctors were charlatans or butchers;

b) many / most accountants were accomplices to regular fraud of some kind or other;

c) many / most lawyers [see Pepys' Diary] were accessories to thieving from poor people; claiming inheritances from the uneducated, and most importantly, from the poor - (they can't afford a lawyer).  They did this by intervening in legal disposal of people's Wills or Testaments and by `claiming' the property of those who died intestate - without making a Will.

Fraud UK

Today we can look at up-to-date evidence.  Ad-hoc surveys conducted during the late eighties/ early nineties - i.e. last two decades - show that many British doctors employed by the State and paid a high guaranteed salary were not at at work when checked.  They were on the golf course, in a motel, or attending to 'private patients'.

Private patients - most often with medical insurance and tax deals designed for the rich - can 'pay' much more than the State, although the cash is really taken from poorer folks' taxes.

So these unscrupulous doctors take the guaranteed money for State work but don't do the work.  Instead they are coining the dirty money that comes from so-called 'private practice'.  In real life the process is called theft, or fraud.

The most recent survey was summarized in the [UK radio] "You and Yours" BBC R4 - 3/31/1999.  One headline was- "State employed doctor left a poor (NHS) patient to die on the operating table while he left to treat the rich".  That was illegal but he will never be found guilty by a British judge - after all, he's a fellow professional.  ref 5

In Britain only working people and the poor  ref 6 actually pay for the education, the training and the high salaries of the 'professionals'.  ref 7

But the real services of those professionals are too often reserved for the elite of the 'establishment'.

Two well known British doctors (now following more public careers) gave the low-down on doctors' prejudices :- "If you want to survive a heart-attack in England you'd best be wearing an expensive suit".

Check the facts:-

`Surgeons killing for profit - women at risk' 8 Feb. 2001

"Dentists are bad for your teeth" 16 April 2000

"Doctors are bad for your health" 01 Sept. 2003

"Increased risk of medical murder?" 05 Sept. 2003

"Most medicines do not work on most people" 08 Dec.2003

"NHS dentistry is no longer worth its name" 22 May 2007

Fraud 2

2010 - `Researcher Finds Medical Studies to be Largely Wrong or Fraudulent'
"I'm not sure that more than a very small percentage of medical research is ever likely to lead to major improvements in clinical outcomes and quality of life." - Dr J. Ioannidis

2012 - `The scientific literature is riddled with false findings and erroneous conclusions'
"`Published' and `true' are not synonyms," said Brian Nosek, a psychology professor at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and a member of the initiative's advisory board.
Last year, Bayer Healthcare reported that its scientists could not reproduce some 75 percent of published findings in cardiovascular disease, cancer and women's health.

1982 - "Betrayers of The Truth" William Broad and Nicholas Wade
Century Publishing - 1982 ISBN 0-7126-0243-7

A spot check on thirty seven (37) papers actually published in psychology journals found that only four (4) had supporting data or were even quoting correct statistics.

[Psychology Dept.- Iowa State University 1962 ] Leroy Wolins; "Responsibility for Raw Data" American Psychologist, 17, 657-658, 1962

When spot checked, of fifty-three (53) scientists who published their papers in psychology journals in a given month only twenty (20) were able to find data, or even a summary analysis.
James R. Craig, Sandra C. Reese - "Retention of Raw Data - A problem revisited" American Psychologist, 28, 723 1973

I.B.T. (Industrial Bio-Test):-

" tested more than 600 chemicals, drugs and food additives for both safety and effectiveness. Substances approved on the basis of IBT-conducted tests are found in consumer products ranging from garden pesticides to ice-cream dyes to jellies, fruit drinks, contact lenses and household bleaches. Most of these tests were probably invalid. An audit by EPA has showed that 100% of IBT's long-term rat studies and a majority of most other tests cannot be relied upon."

[ Science News - July 4, 1981 p11 - Lynda Garmon - "Since the Giant Fell" ]

1978 - When UK's New Scientist polled its readers a massive 92% of replies said they knew "directly or indirectly of cases of cheating in science."

1980 A poll of chemical engineers showed that only 42% claimed they would refuse to "doctor" or otherwise compromise results if ordered to.

R.V. Hughson and P.M. Cohn, "Ethics," Chemical Engineering September 22, 1980

LATE UPDATE (and confirming) - how major Drug Corps use fake evidence.  ref 8


There are many more cases - some even more scandalous, more political and more recent - of fraud (or blatant incompetence in high places) in the book - see above.

Quote - "Bad ideas get accepted because their proponents are members of the elite.  More seriously, good ideas may be ignored  ref 9 because their advocates may have poor standing in the social structure of science" - and there's more public evidence  ref 10 of dishonesty in UK science recently.

Dr Drug Pusher

and drug profits

Britain has a State run National Health Service (N.H.S.) under which most people belong to a General Practice, run by G.Ps - doctors - who supposedly serve the best medical interests of all patients equally and fairly.  That's the theory.

Here's what happens to British women in the '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, 90's, and even now!

Mainly male doctors, self-selected from an abusive elite,  ref 11 don't seem to have time or inclination or knowledge to understand / treat `female problems'ref 12

At the same time drug manufactures were (as now) touting a bunch of addictive sedatives and tranquilizers - for `depression', `nerves' and suchlike nebulous diagnoses.

Because the manufacturers could rip-off a huge profit on these cheap-to-make addictive drugs they were able to offer inducements - foreign holidays disguised as "conferences" (even now still available), free goods, equipment and even paper that was worth lots of cash - to our 'noble, impartial' doctors.

Our medical men greedily took the bait and began a twenty-year program of addiction of women naive enough to trust their doctor.

Researchers recently found women suffering initially from cystitis, thrush, menopausal problems etc,. whose doctors had immediately put them on a regime of tranquilizers or sedatives.  No treatment was given for their medical condition; it was quicker, and much more profitable to push addictive drugs onto the women.

Those women were trusting.  Results shown and heard recently (in 1999) on TV, and broadcast by BBC radio, were hundreds of thousands perhaps even millions of women being forced to become addicts - many to remain as addicts - of personality destroying drugs.

Some women were traced whose doctors were still keeping them addicted after 16 (yes, sixteen) years.  These doctors were ruthlessly forcing long term medical and psychological damage on those women.

LATER ITEM - The abuse continues even now.  ref 13 Since our publication of the a/m facts the "Panorama" team have investigated, a little too kindly in our opinion, Britain's drug-pushing and abusive medical profession.

How do we know?

The doctors and the drug manufacturers knew from the outset that the drugs were dangerous and damaging if used for periods of more than a week or so.  The written records show that the absolute maximum period of recommended use was three weeks or less.

But greedy doctors - actually drug dealers - pushed women into personality destruction for years.  Many women did not survive the results of their doctor's greed, which affected two generations of women.

UPDATE 29 Dec 2011 - "Doctors sued for creating Valium addicts"

UPDATE 11 Feb 2004 - "Too little - Too late"

More patients die when doctors are working.
Results of a doctors' strike

Additionally - all drugs have harmful side-effects.

So any unnecessary drug is a toxin - a poison.

2003 revelation - doctors have been poisoning many / most patients, knowing the drugs wouldn't help their problem.  ref 14

Was it at the (paid) behest of drug companies?

Our future

"Worse to come?"

We are shaped to find most of our happiness in reward for hard physical exertion and other natural functions.  Hence the 'buzz' we get from exercise, dancing, jogging etc.

The brain gives the reward by 'pleasure receptors' shaped to receive the molecular by-products of the body's activities.  But these receptors can be confused, blocked or damaged by similarly shaped chemical molecules - by definition these are 'drugs'.

If a chemical deforms pleasure-receptors to only function for that drug it is said to be "addictive".  Hence the long-term sadness of an addict who is deprived - sometimes permanently - of natural 'happiness'.

It is likely that fetuses, carried by women whose doctors were drug-pushers, suffered brain receptor damage.

The outcome?  Many people today are sensitized to certain groups of proteins and chemicals.  There has been a huge leap in asthma and allergies  ref 15 (increasing - see update) and a similar huge increase in hyper-activity and types of autism.  ref 16  News references - ref 17 ref 18 ref 19 ref 20

Inter-connected symptoms are shown by many of today's adults and young people, whose brain circuitry was probably damaged in the womb.

Damaged, in the main, by the greed of the medical elite.

What is Gliadorphin?
Gliadorphin (or gluteomorphin) is a peptide derived from the wheat protein gluten. Other related grains such as rye, barley and oats also contain the sequence of amino acids found in gluten.  Gliadorphin is very similar to casomorphin. Gliadorphin has been verified by mass spectrometry techniques to be present in urine samples of children with autism.

Dr. Reichelt in Norway, Dr. Cade at the University of Florida, and others found that urine samples from people with autism, PDD, celiac disease and schizophrenia contained high amounts of the casomorphin peptide in the urine.  We suspect that these peptides may also be elevated in other disorders such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and depression based on anecdotal reports of symptom remission after exclusion of wheat and dairy.

Why are These Peptides Important?
The peptides from gluten and casein are important because they react with opiate receptors in the brain, thus mimicking the effects of opiate drugs like heroin and morphine.  These compounds have been shown to react with areas of the brain such as the temporal lobes, which are involved in speech and auditory integration.



Do we see predictions confirmed?

Huge rise in birth defects
18 March 2002

Children 'face toxic chemical cocktail'
20 Oct. 2003

The allergy epidemic (world-wide)
10 Feb 2004

Chemicals - `silent pandemic of brain damage'

Health fears over big surge in autism
Updated - 08 July 2007

Secretive Court-findings Blame MMR Vaccines For Autism / Seizures / Stomach disorders
Updated - 11 Nov 2013

More 'experts'

12 Jan 2001: We heard that, sometime between 1990 and 1995, government 'experts' were instructing National Health Service health visitors that they should tell young mothers to give their babies peanut butter/oil as a weaning food.

This despite the fact that peanuts contain highly 'active' components, known to provoke complicated disturbances in human systems, especially sensitive ones - like a young baby's.

The outcomes ? If we believe Gov't statistics - a huge increase in allergies to peanut, nut and associated foods, primarily in young people. Many of these allergies are potentially fatal.

If what we have heard is true, then those experts have ruined thousands, perhaps tens of thousands or more, of young lives.

The cost could be counted in millions of pounds for the citizen as taxpayer and billions for the citizen as consumer due to manufacturers' increased costs of decontamination, isolation and extra labelling.

This is not the first time that medical 'experts' prompted by greed, ambition or hubris, have exposed helpless British people to deadly harm

MORE EXPERTS - new GM: Use-of-Force

Further greed (or incompetence) in medical 'experts' has also caused more recent damage.  ref 21

News - apparently gov't and corporate 'experts' have been profiting from dealing out death to babies.  ref 22 Notice senior civil-servants and corporate suits share the same motivation - evasion and cover-up of corruption.  ref 23


16 December 1999

Evidence being brought before Parliament and testimony from nursing staff shows evidence of 'legal' murder by senior doctors and administrators in English hospitals to November 1999.

Nursing staff and junior doctors are apparently routinely instructed to immobilize by drugs the mainly elderly patients who are considered a poor investment for the hospital.  These patients are then starved to death and overdosed - the hospital refuses to give them food or drink but instead gives inappropriately high heroin doses.  This is apparently done to free-up beds for faster-moving, more lucrative patients.

In other words whenever their own careers or high salaries are in danger it seems our medical and administrative elite will ruthlessly murder the old, the weak and the poor - if they think they can get away with it.

See latest report :- "Sunday Times" 2nd April 2000 by Mark Macaskill and Jon Ungoed-Thomas - Additional reporting: Guy Dennis

<"This man was actually conscious and could hear us," said Pal. "The doctor said, 'We need the bed - stop all his medication'>

and "Sunday Times" 2nd April 2000

<"In one case she was so convinced a dose of diamorphine she had been ordered to give would be fatal that she injected it into the patient's mattress.  When another doctor saw that the patient was alive the next day, he said: "Oh, she is still alive - didn't you start her on diamorphine?".  The patient, suffering from pneumonia, later recovered and left hospital.>

Go to and check the archive (or Google).  For further medical mass-murder updates (long-term to date 2013) maybe check genes5#med-murd

Late note: `Perceptions' has been on-line since the mid '90's, you could draw a conclusion from this Press release:-

"Complaints by patients to GMC increase by 43% By Jeremy Laurance, Health Editor

12 October 2000 "Complaints against doctors to the General Medical Council are running at record levels"

"Total complaints to the General Medical Council (GMC) are predicted to reach 4,300 by the end of the year, up from 3,000 in 1999. Complaints have risen almost threefold since 1995 and the pace of the rise is accelerating. In addition, the proportion of cases referred for a full hearing has risen sharply."

"The traditional role of the GMC as prosecutor and judge of accused doctors would be split, with a separate Hearings Agency responsible for determining cases. That would be part of the GMC, but would have a separate staff, management and legal advisers."

But UK medical men are still in denial.  ref 24 ref 25 ref 26

Doctors' response to criticism?

Sunday September 5, 1999 from "The Observer"
"incompetent GPs are to be fined, suspended or ultimately barred under Government plans to improve primary care, provoking a furious response from the medical profession which branded the scheme a 'Spanish inquisition'."

Well, well.  So - no change expected there.

Maybe check:-
`Surgeons killing for profit - women at risk' 8 Feb. 2001

"Dentists are bad for your teeth" 16 April 2000

"Doctors are bad for your health" 01 Sept. 2003

"Increased risk of medical murder?" 05 Sept. 2003

"Most medicines do not work on most people" 08 Dec.2003

"NHS dentistry is no longer worth its name" 22 May 2007


MORE EXPERTS - new GM Use-of-Force

And see below for instances of abuse of medical ethics.

Date: Mon, 06 Dec 1999 14:13:34 MST Psychologists' ethics questioned

CLEVELAND (AP) - Hundreds of psychologists guilty of serious professional misconduct continue to treat patients because regulatory boards composed of their peers are reluctant to discipline them, The Plain Dealer reported. Boards nationwide have revoked only a handful of licenses, and in most cases impose minor sanctions such as loose supervision, ethics coursework and therapy, the newspaper reported Sunday. Of the 670 psychologists disciplined nationally for sexual misconduct, 131 were only reprimanded or were placed on probation under terms that allowed them to continue practicing, the newspaper reported. The newspaper's survey of the nation's regulatory boards found that from September 1971 through last June, nearly 2,200 of the nation's 75,000 licensed psychologists committed major ethical violations, such as engaging in sexual misconduct with a patient.

Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999 04:32:47 MST Report details medical errors

NEW YORK (AP) - Federal investigators have documented almost 3,000 medical mistakes and mishaps in less than two years at veterans hospitals around the country, and more than 700 patients have died in those cases, The New York Times reported. The Department of Veterans Affairs says the accidents and deaths occurred from June 1997 to Dec. 1998, in the first 19 months of a new policy that requires employees to report medical errors and "adverse events." The problems include medication errors, like prescribing or dispensing the wrong drugs, the failure of medical devices, abuse of patients, errors in blood transfusions and surgery on the wrong body part or the wrong patient, the Times reported Sunday.

There are now several web sites serving victims of abuse by professionals [search for - "professional - abuse"].

Please treat all web sites with caution - but campaigning for reform is always a good thing - and good therapy.




those who abuse power
over helpless people

are perverts, merely
more cowardly terrrorists

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