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Magic or Mass

masses aligning

`Masses Aligning'

"An examination of most of the data of vision would reveal no examples of what could be accurately called `correct' perception"
`Light and Vision'

"As our vague and uncertain knowledge seems to suggest,
we may be tempted to conjecture that our minds are in contact with reality through other than purely physical means"

Sir James Jeans


"...this is a complex phenomenon, we don't understand it.  It is real and the solution is not to worship it or to blindly follow anybody who pretends to have an answer.  Let's step back and look at what it's doing to us"

Dr Jacques Vallée


From Roberts and Gilbertson **:

"The numerous phenomena manifest just outside any knowledge-framework of the receivers, and yet they seem to have `natural laws' and formal interconnections of their own"

"If the whole thing is a cosmic conspiracy of sorts, then all humanity have been pawns in the game of these `dark gods' for millennia.  It only follows that these same forces have directed human history"
ref 3

Anthony Roberts and Geoff Gilbertson `The Dark gods: Do they Haunt Us Still?'
Rider/Hutchinson London 1980. repr, Panther Books, Granada Pub 1985 ISBN 0-586-0623305


"But I am not so naive.  I knew the power of the dogma, the strength of the will-not-to-believe, the stubbornness of the experts".

Dr. Olavo T. Fontes `REPORT FROM BRAZIL'


"An unwillingness to admit the possibility that mankind can have any rivals in intellectual power occurs as much amongst intellectual people as amongst others; they have more to lose".

Alan Turing - 1948


Professor Arthur J. Ellison - [I.C.E.M's eulogy] - was a professor of electrical engineering (and a practising psychiatrist) who sometimes conducted perceptions experiments during his lectures on electricity.  Once he pre-arranged for an ordinary-looking bowl of flowers on the table in front of him to be raised electro-magnetically so it floated upwards, hovered a while, then descended.

The Professor carried on talking, ignoring the event but watching the audience for any reaction.  Not until the end of question time did a member timidly ask "Did anyone notice something strange happen to that bowl of flowers during the talk?"

Suddenly reassured, others said they'd seen "a wobble" or even "lifting by spirit hands".  They were mocked by some in the audience who said "Nothing happened - we would have seen it".

But it did - and they didn't.

1 -  some members couldn't see a physical event that was unexpected or `anomalous'  ref 6 & ref 7 & ref 8 & ref 9

2 -  of those who could, some saw less or more than physically happened

Similarly South Sea Islanders, experienced and wise in their own ways but knowing only mobiles like `canoe' or `big fish' or `bird' - couldn't `see' their first Ship  (Captain Cook's).  Those that perceived anything saw a "giant sea-bird" - and were only able to change that image after going aboard the Ship.

2007 - Recent research confirms Prof. Ellison's earlier experiments -   i.e. that `dogmatics / skeptics tend to be blind to unexpected phenomena';  (abstract + text).

2008 - Similarly, `nervous people tend to be more dogmatic'  (ie.  less perceiving);  (abstract + text).  Here's a later group-chat summary.

2010 - Later confirmation: `People who feel anxious, helpless turn to religion & extremism', (abstract + text).; and `Smarter people more inclined to non-traditional values', (abstract + text).

Dec. 2010 - A media-inspired probe also seems to confirm that `conformists tend to primitive emotions - free-thinkers tend towards learning/deciding'.  Headline -`Brain shape of conservatives is different to liberals', (abstract pending + text).  [confirmed below ]

Apr. 2011 - `Political Views Are Reflected in Brain Structure', (abstract + text).

`Perceptions' note:
Journalists' lack of knowledge (or integrity) apparently allows the use of misleading and scientifically meaningless political labels.
Please ignore tags like LIBERAL / CONSERVATIVE etc. in those articles.  Instead look for listings of specific attributes.


"The outstanding question ... 2000 or more enzymes are crucial across a wide spectrum of [Earth] life ... the chance of obtaining the necessary total of 2000 enzymes by randomly assembling amino acid chains is ... p to 1 against, with p minimally an enormous superastrononomical number equal to 10 40,000
(1 followed by 40,000 zeros).
The odds ... are only for enzymes ... if all other relevant molecules for life are also taken account of in our calculation the situation for conventional biology becomes ... intrinsically insuperable.

The alternative to assembly of life by random, mindless processes is assembly through the intervention of some type of cosmic intelligence.  The ultimate cosmic intelligence built from ... more robust structures [than our own] could well be thought to persist for exceedingly long timescales, even for an eternity
A cosmic intelligence could be envisioned on a much more ambitious scale than the capacity of our own brains"

Prof. Sir Fred Hoyle & Prof. Chandra Wickramasinghe `Cosmic Life-Force'

note - it seems there've been attempts by establishment science to suppress this concept, and, more significantly, pressure from at least one gov't agency.  See the comment or read the complete interview with Prof. Chandra Wickramasinghe

Discussed in a different setting here


"We must therefore admit the possibility that, if we are not the highest intelligences in the universe, some higher intelligence may have directed the process by which the human race was developed, by means of more subtle agencies than we are acquainted with."

Alfred Russel Wallace "real Evolutioneer"


"Some day I shall publish data that lead me to suspect that many appearances upon this earth that were once upon a time interpreted by theologians and demonologists, but are now supposed to be the subject-matter of psychic research, were beings and objects that visited this earth, not from a spiritual existence, but from outer space."

"We are too busy to take up alarmism, but, ... extra-mundane vandals may often have swooped down upon this earth, and they may swoop again; and it may be a comfort to us, some day, to mention in our last gasp that we told about this."

"I think we're property . . . That once upon a time this Earth was No-Mans Land, that other worlds explored and colonized here, and fought amongst themselves for possession, but now it's owned by something, all others warned off" ref 10 & ref 11 & ref 12 & ref 13

Charles Hoy Fort - collector of "damned data"

"I think we're going to find out first of all we're not the first `humanity' there's been on this planet, [that] there have been quite a number of others that have come unstuck or been wiped-out;  secondly, that `Man' is not just the product of the workings-out of blind evolution, [that] he's that plus something else;  in other words we are the result of some very superior engineering, by somebody, somewhere."

"And I think that, opposed to those forces - the creative powers (of the cosmos) - there are others you could describe as the opposition.  I expect there's a very great struggle going on for control of us."

Gordon Creighton - verbatim: from `An Interview with Gordon Creighton' (video 11mins)


"Some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality ... that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age"

H.P. Lovecraft

Seems very diverse, and maybe haven't got all the disparate
`facts' - still, feel there are clues that might help
unpick a perceptual knot around
UFOs, faerie legend &

From previous & separately derived conclusions at fertility
01 and time, 02 speculate that conditions in the
Solar System, alignments of mass within &
maybe without, 03 can twist human
mentality 04 over periods
of time

Which could be a basis for the mythic 05 properties
ascribed to the Great Zodiacal

Title Image : © David A. Hardy/

Green Man
Green Man of Bamberg

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We'll try to trace events, more ancient than blinkered experts admit to, which may still be influencing human civilizations.

We may have to look back 13,000 years - or more than 26,000 years.



"Dualism or Dichotomy"


"Westward Ho!"

"Great Cycle?"

and maybe even

"Psyche Storms"

and its evidence file



Turing, Russell, Gödel - `Blind Science's Paradoxes


"Philosophy is written in that vast book which stands forever open before our eyes"


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