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Lost Cities

mystery statueLt Col. P. H. Fawcett -    Col. Fawcett
"I have in my possession an image about ten inches high, carved from a piece of black basalt.  It represents a figure with a plaque on its chest, inscribed with a number of characters, and about its ankles a band similarly inscribed.   It was given to me by Sir H. Rider Haggard, who obtained it from Brazil, and I firmly believe that it came from one of the lost cities.
There is a peculiar property in this image to be felt by all who hold it in their hands.  It is as though an electric current were flowing up one's arm, and so strong is it that some people have been forced to lay it down.  Why this should be I don't know.
Experts at the British Museum were unable to tell me anything about the idol's origin.  `If not a fake'  I was told , `it's quite beyond our experience!'
Fakes are not made except to sell as antiquities, and what would be the use of making such an article if no one was in a position to form even a false opinion of it?  I am quite sure it is not a fake, for fourteen of the twenty-four characters inscribed on it occur separately on various pieces of ancient Brazilian pottery. ...
At all events, whatever its story may be, I look on it as a possible key to the secret of the Lost City of my quest, and when the search is continued it will accompany me."

He wrote that sometime before 1925, when he led a last expedition; aiming for the Matto Grosso and beyond. They didn't come back.

"I'm not telling exactly where we're going.  Whether we get through, and emerge again, or leave our bones to rot in there, one thing's certain:  The answer to the enigma of ancient South America and perhaps of the prehistoric world may be found when those old cities are located and opened up to scientific research.  That the cities exist, I know."

First quote from pp. 12 & 14 of `Exploration Fawcett' - published in USA as `Lost Trails, Lost Cities: An Explorer's Narrative'.
Second quote is reported as being addressed, by Fawcett, to his younger son Brian.


You might think - as we did - that `it looks vaguely Egyptian'.  So made a search and found similar things in Egypt - like these Horus `cippi'  [a `cippus' is a small pillar or plaque, most often with a statuette;  They're said to have served as protective magic for a person or household, and some maybe carry almanac data.

Horus Cippus                     Horus Cippus 2

Back to the Americas   [18 Sept. 2010]

In issue #8 of The Ancient American, G. Thompson translated a few paragraphs from Mariano Cuevas' 1940 book: `Historia de la Nacion Mexicana', which told of a discovery in Mexico.  The following is a summary of that translation.

In August 1914, Professor M.A. Gonzales was excavating Mayan ruins in the city of Acajutla, in Mexico.  The two illustrated statuettes were uncovered. Egyptian figurines found in Mexico

On the male, the headdress, the beard, and the cartouche are all typically Egyptian in style. The male is thought to represent Osiris, the female Isis.

(Ref: Thompson, Gunnar; "Egyptian Statuettes in Mexico," Ancient American, 2:12, no. 8, 1995.)
Source: `Science Frontiers' item

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