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Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2000 09:44:15 +0000

Subject: "in line with fairness and accountability policy"

1 - In recent years the then Margaret Thatcher, Cecil Parkinson and John Major each made untrue claims that UK taxes were 'fair'.
At the same time each of the a/m trio directly implied they were paying 'fair' UK taxes themselves. That is also untrue.
Details are at

2 - Payment of fair taxes is the duty of a loyal citizen.
Therefore those who contrive at the shirking of that duty by themselves or others are not loyal citizens and should be treated accordingly.

3 - This message is in line with our policy of fairness and accountability. The a/m trio do not make their email addresses available. However, it is expected that an addressee will forward this message.

4 - Don't despair, you can be proud to be British. The physics discovery of the millennium was recently made in Britain and the evolutionary discovery of the millennium was also recently made in Britain.

Both were made by a British citizen who nevertheless will not be figuring in any English 'honors lists.' Apart from his aversion to such things, truth is not appreciated by the greedy and the powerful who control the English establishment, academia, the Press and the BBC.

patriotic (Brit/Welsh) regards
Ray Dickenson

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