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Law or Justice?

Greedy rulers  Are corrupt / pervert males being appointed as judges, 
 magistrates and police-chiefs? 

 The evidence says so 

 "Is the UK still governed by the rule of law?  Things are bad;  I fear they will become worse" 
 Anthony Julius 
Abusers in POWER

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Now -

In Britain, non-rich folk are often jailed - for the offense of poverty: non-payment of unfair ref-00 bureaucratic fines.

These are non-crimes: actions without harmful consequences or victims.  No decent person would imprison fellow humans for such 'offenses' - but UK magistrates and judges do.

While VIPs are rarely jailed - even after committing ref-01 multiple crimes: lying in court, frauds, sexual abuse, pedophile, and worse. ref-02

[We hear that many VIPs' trials - for tax-theft, fraud and sex abuse offences - are now being held in virtual secrecy (see below), to prevent public awareness.]

So police-chiefs, magistrates and judges ref-03 are corrupt ref-04 and perverse - in routinely imprisoning poor people for no compelling reason.  And complicit, in giving authoritarian licence to elite fraud and criminal perverts.

UPDATE - Nov 2010 - Review of UK's Waste & Injustice of Tax-Swindles and `Charges'

UPDATE - Sep 2011 - `UK Taxes are Unfair, Regressive, Totally Corrupt' - Delayed I.F.S Report

UPDATE - Nov 2011 - Reason for Political & Bureaucratic Corruption


Drugs and 'Class'

The "Law" ? - A working-classs lad was prosecuted and convicted of `drug-taking' solely on his own confession and long afterwards.

It was "Boy George" - who was then definitely `working-class'.  But Susan Blackmore, who has also admitted to taking drugs, has never been convicted or even questioned about her admitted `offences'.  Because she was definitely `upper-middle class'.




DRUGS - Race and Class Prejudice

Corrupt Police Chiefs - Corrupt Judges

Mon. 17 May 1999:- [re Royal Family - Thomas Parker Bowles's "cocaine habit" - Prince Charles' godson]

Quote - "Today, Mr Parker Bowles's employer, Dennis Davidson, of PR company Dennis Davidson Associates, stood by him, claiming drug taking was "part of our life in general".

No jail (or even prosecution).

Prince Charles and Mr Parker Bowles are not working-class

see beeb2.html#Inward

Corrupt Police Chiefs - Corrupt Judges

Monday September 6, 1999

"Princess Michael of Kent yesterday publicly supported her 20-year-old son, Lord Frederick Windsor, after he admitted taking cocaine.  The Queen's cousin confessed he snorted the drug from a glossy magazine at a party in Fulham, west London, three months ago."

"He told them: "I admit it is true.  It is very difficult to avoid getting into this sort of thing when you move in these circles, but I don't blame anyone else for the incident."

Home Office research says "those who tended to use drugs most are the very rich"

No jail (or even prosecution).

Lord Frederick Windsor is not working-class.

see beeb2.html#Inward

Corrupt Police Chiefs - Corrupt Judges

Monday September 27, 1999 The Guardian

"From newspaper reports after the first day of the case against the Earl of Hardwicke it looked as though the aristocrat was bound to go to jail.  He and his friend, Stefan Thwaites, had arranged for cocaine to be delivered to a hotel.  Hardwicke was heard to say: "Come on, bring on the charlie.  I want a big fat line.  He was then videoed snorting the drug."

"The Earl of Hardwicke snorted cocaine, was videoed and still walked free."

judge = Timothy Pontius

No jail.

The Earl of Hardwicke is not working-class.

Legal note :- "Entrapment is no defence in English criminal law" (Regina v Shannon)

see beeb2.html#Inward

Corrupt Police Chiefs - Corrupt Judges

Wed. September 15, 2004 Ananova

"Princess Diana's former lover James Hewitt has been let off with a caution for possession of a Class A drug."

"Hewitt, 46, was arrested on suspicion of being in possession of cocaine in July outside a west London wine bar.  He was detained along with girlfriend, freelance broadcaster Alison Bell"

"Following consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service, he received a caution for the offence of possession of a Class A drug ... and will be subject to no further action by police."

No prosecution.  No jail.

James Hewitt is not working-class.

Corrupt Police Chiefs - Corrupt Judges

Tues. 23 Feb. 1999

55 year old grandfather, Eric Mann, of Pembroke Dock, South Wales used cannabis twice, to relieve pain from chronic arthritis.

He was today sentenced to 1 year's imprisonment.

judge = Wyn Rees

Mr Mann is working class.

Corrupt Police Chiefs - Corrupt Judges


"The Guardian" May 5, 2000 "The number of people convicted for cannabis possession has more than doubled in the past six years to over 40,000 a year, according to new Home Office figures which deal a bodyblow to the idea that the police are taking a more lenient approach to soft drugs."

Covered-up ...

UPDATE - Sep '03 - Less Risk of Cannabis

UPDATE - March '07 - Media Dis-information on Cannabis

UPDATE - July '13 - Gov't bans Khat, which like cannabis, is deemed `safe' by UK's science panel

Since then, evidence says:-

corrupt rich & privileged haven't stopped drug-taking;

corrupt police and judges haven't stopped covering-up


corrupt Press have stopped reporting!


paraphrased from:- "The Pursuit of Oblivion - A History of Narcotics 1500-2000" - Weidenfeld, by Richard Davenport-Hines

2016 Update - "War on Drugs was faked, to target anti-war activists & blacks" - Confession [text version]

English media: liars
English media routinely fulminate against "drug users"

"The SUN" / "The MIRROR" / "The MAIL" / "The EXPRESS" / "The TELEGRAPH" / "The INDEPENDENT" / "The GUARDIAN" / "The TIMES"

Secretly the Press & BBC lied, for class, race & political reasons - above

Now we can see (from list above) that the Press, BBC & 'establishment elite' use more hard drugs than anyone else!

See `Perceptions' knowledge of media (BBC) using 'banned substances' while broadcasting hypocritical diatribes against relatively harmless herbs

See Press & BBC lies - at bbccoke

Late in 19th Cent., upper-class London used a 'nasal decongestant' - recently revealed as 99.9% pure cocaine

Police-chiefs know 'elites are highest per capita users of hard drugs' - - at bbccoke

Yet UK police spend their time giving hassle to working people, black people and young people, often for minor usage of 'soft' or non-addictive substances, non payment of fines, or even more often for refusing to kowtow to arrogant, corrupt bullying and pervert policemen, magistrates or judges.  See last generations & real & unholy & inevidence

From the examples shown above and below it can be seen that :-

UK police-chiefs, judges and legislators use law corruptly

More criminals inside UK police forces than in the general population

Reason for corrupt Attitudes?

Increasing indications of some police involved in hard-drug trade and vice (inc. pedophile).  Possible cause of police / gangsters dislike of cannabis - it does not lead to physical dependency, therefore cannot be used to compel hard-drug buying and cannot be used as compulsion to enter vice trade (inc pedophile).  This dislike / enmity to cannabis maybe percolates upwards to elite (police, politicians etc) who, as seen above, are often secretly hard-drug users.

Unless - and here we allow strong speculation - elite's attitude comes from financial / physical motivation.  Ie. that political / social / police elite more deeply implicated in vice, inc. pedophile, and hard-drug trade.

Cover-up - Lesser risks of cannabis
Analyses: "Abusers common among police, judges etc"

Goverment Double-Talk?

"The government continually uses the the very real dangers of crack cocaine in its propaganda, to keep us alarmed and enthusiastic about its drug wars, but it actually spends 85% of its anti-drug budget fighting the relatively harmless and often medicinal marijuana".

`Everything is Under Control' R.A. Wilson & M. J. Hill, 1998 NY. ISBN 0-330-38994-7

From "1984" to "2004" - `War on drugs' - Hypocrisy

2016 Update - "War on Drugs was faked, to target anti-war activists & blacks" - Confession [text version]


(try "illicit drugs" para)




There are some disturbing resemblances to cover-ups/cases, even in recent years

NEWS 09/09/01 bentcops13

NEWS January 2003 avoiders

NEWS September 2003 bad cops

Only 13% of women jailed have actually committed a violent offense - English magistrates & judges jail 8 (eight) times more than necessary

from polrape & polsexism (and also Seema1 check HTML go "view" "page source")



Mar. 2003 - Female prisoners sexually abused
"Women at Broadmoor used as guinea pigs for male sex offenders"


June 2005 - Gov't OK's gang rape of woman
"Rape victim demands her 'freedom"

[if down go]

Jan. 2000 - "The Times" Internet January 8 edition "This week it was decided - [for no compelling reason] - to deprive a young mother of her newborn child, her first.  [She was only jailed for a minor shoplifting offense] The new-born baby will be taken away by the State"

"Until that decision is taken - probably within the next few days - the mother will be held at the North London jail and the baby taken into care."

[It has been admitted - Jan 2000 - that children taken from their parents are often physically / sexually abused in English State institutions.  It is also admitted that physical and sexual abuse of children in English State institutions continues today - BBC R4. warning 1 & warning 2]

Jan 2004 - UK - Record number of women commit suicide in prison

Both main English political parties, when in power, have a policy of separating working-class mothers from their children.

The present 'Labour' government seems to be implementing this policy, with its so-called 'welfare laws', even harder than its predecessors.

[LATER INTERRUPT - 07 Feb '01 We're told "New Labour" has mitigated its efforts in this direction - come back for UPDATES]

There may be a "culturally hidden" reason for this behavior on the part of the English political elite - devices & confirm5 & psychotix

Pervert abuse of women in Court

"Young rape victim commits suicide - after being repeatedly forced to hold up her knickers before the rapist - and the Court" - Report 01 August 2002

Lindsay Armstrong - victim
Lindsay Armstrong - innocent victim who suffered more abuse in court

You might say only a brute or a pervert would inflict such harm on rape victims.
Male `lawyer' (the rapist's) and male `judge' obviously thought it was `necessary' or "desirable".
The brute / pervert lawyer is John Carruthers - a Scottish solicitor; the brute / pervert Judge, at the Glasgow High Court, is "Lord McEwan".

Our strange `legal system' - long dominated by elite homo-pedo woman haters - gave a young female victim no protection from pervert cruelty, humiliation and abuse - in Court.

See - 01 August 2002 Victim's suicide = Was it "murder" by brutal or pervert Courts, Laws & Lawyers?

UPDATE 2018 - Similar case of court abuse by pervert lawyer & judge!

UPDATE - Dec. '06
Abuse continues - "devastating court ordeal"
"The Observer" 19 Dec. 2006

Why do women get such a lousy deal in English Courts?

Why are majority of rapes never prosecuted and even those prosecuted are nearly all `let-off' by a corrupt system?

Simple answer - police-chiefs, magistrates and judges are corrupt and pervert.

Later - another `Lindsey' writes in to tell her experience.

the only successful committee - why?

Some humans evolve into justice earlier than others note.  The Norselanders developed a formal jury system centuries, perhaps millennia before other countries.  Their jury all had to know the accused and be his/her social equals.  Ie. 'a jury of one's peers'.
In civil disputes six jurists knew one of the disputants, six knew the other.

Extract from `The Icelandic Sagas'

Then Flosi said  "Now I will name my daysmen*:  First I name Hall, my father-in-law;  Auzur from Broadwater;  Surt Asbjorn's son of Kirkby;  Modolf Kettle's son" - he dwelt then at Asar;  "Hafr the Wise;  and Runolf of the Dale  . . . "

. . . and then Njal stood up, and said  "First of these I name, Asgrim Ellidagrim's son;  and Hjallti Skeggi's son;  Gizur the White;  Einar of Thvera;  Snorri the Priest;  and Gudmund the Powerful"

. . . After that Njal and Flosi . . . shook hands . . . that they would hold to what those twelve men doomed.

from "The Story of Burnt Njal" translated by Sir George Webbe Dasent

*daysman = a juror
"neither is there any daysman betwixt us" Job. 9:33

Maybe save/print - A Jury's Right to Nullify Corrupt or Unfair Use of Law - Wiki

Maybe save/print - A Jury's Right to Nullify Corrupt or Unfair Use of Law - in USA / Canada

From the Viking 'Danelaw' (virtually all of England north of the Thames valley) the Norsemen's jury passed into earliest English Law as one of our "Rights Immemorial".

Despite later becoming corrupted to favour Britain's ruling Norman-German elites, in 1785 a practitioner of Scottish & English law would write:- (James Boswell, in his `Life of Samuel Johnson' - the italics are his) -
"The juries of England are judges of law as well as of fact in many civil and in all criminal trials. ...

I should be the last man in the world to encourage juries to contradict rashly, wantonly, or perversely, the opinion of the judges.  On the contrary I would have them listen respectfully to the advice they receive from the bench, by which they may often be well directed in forming their own opinion; which, 'and not another's,' is the opinion they are to return upon their oaths.

But where, after due attention to all that the judge has said, they are decidedly of a different opinion from him, they not only have a power and a right, but they are bound in conscience to bring in a verdict accordingly."


[Example: the hanging of children by pervert English judges.]

Maybe save/print - A Jury's Right to Nullify Corrupt or Unfair Use of Law - Wiki

Maybe save/print - A Jury's Right to Nullify Corrupt or Unfair Use of Law - in USA / Canada

"Every jury in the land is tampered with note 1 & note 2 and falsely instructed by the judge when it is told that it must accept as the law that which has been given to them, or that they can decide only the facts in the case."

Lord Denham - O'Connell v. Rex (1884)

and in the U.S.A by :-

"The jury has the power to bring in a verdict in the teeth of both the law and the facts."

Justice Holmes - Homing v. District of Columbia 138 (1920)


"If the jury feels the law is unjust we recognize the undisputed power of the jury to acquit, even if its verdict is contrary to the law as given by the judge and contrary to the evidence."

4 TH Circuit Court of Appeals, U.S. v. Moylan (1969)


"In 1672, a jury refused to convict William Penn of preaching a religion not that of the Anglican Church, a serious `crime' in those days"

"In 1734, a New York jury refused to convict Peter Zenger of an equally odious `crime', of which he was guilty - printing criticism of the government"

UPDATE 25 Feb. 2011 - "Corrupt `Feds' arrest man for telling truth about Juries' Right To Nullify Laws"

Maybe save/print - A Jury's Right to Nullify Corrupt or Unfair Use of Law - Wiki

Maybe save/print - A Jury's Right to Nullify Corrupt or Unfair Use of Law - in USA / Canada


"The Guardian" Alan Travis, Friday January 14, 2000

"clash with Jack Straw about plans to scrap the right to jury trial for some defendants"

Explanation:- Recently, for a generation or so, English lawyers - pocketing tax-payers money - have been corruptly advising criminal clients to:-

1) initially plead "Not Guilty" - to obtain delay;

2) "go for jury trial" - to extend delay:

3) then plead "Guilty" hoping for a reduced sentence.

This does not actually help most criminal clients but it does give lots of taxpayer's money to the lawyers (who later become judges, appointed in a manner which can only be described as corrupt - see corrupt2 & corruptlaw).

Jack Straw, the 'Home Secretary' (and a lawyer, like most English politicians - including the Prime Minister), has decided not to take action against the corrupt lawyers.

Instead he illegally attacks our "Rights Immemorial" - our right to fair jury trial.

In a country where all "official judgement" is heavily polluted by greedy, corrupt perverts in authority.

UK law is now corrupt in practice, ensuring that 'justice', or indeed protection from justice, is only given to the rich; and to judges themselves of course (see bentjudge).  Institutionally corrupt English judges routinely and falsely try to convict working-class folk, but juries don't.

Now UK juries are not allowed to know the accused;

now juries are often chosen from the 'upper' or 'middle class' to disadvantage minority, black or working-class defendants.

Now our "Rights Immemorial" are subverted by judges illegally acting for a ruling elite.

Now judges tamper with juries, falsely instruct juries (see above), and even illegally overrule a jury's decision.

[ See fairly recent case: High Court Judge, Donald Farquharson, illegally refused to accept the jury's Not Guilty' verdict (repeated three times), and then illegally sentenced the defendant to two years' imprisonment (although he did have the part-decency to suspend the sentence, maybe from shame or guilt). ]

News - 18 Sept '00 The BBC , always ready to do dirty propaganda work for a corrupt elite, broadcast "anti-jury" selection of snips taken from interviews with a handful of ex-jurors [Radio 4 "You and yours" 1245]

Why should we suspect this was rigged ?

Not mentioned by the BBC script:- a national survey covering 8,000 cases, with responses from at least 10 jurors per case, resulting in an overwhelmingly positive "pro-jury" outcome

STOP PRESS 27 Sept '00


We suspect there's a long-term secret agenda, Europe-wide, to cover-up fraud among politicians, bankers, lawyers and other members of the elite (and, even more secretly, to hide pedophile crime in the elite).

CHECK - Judges aim to excuse / cover-up pedophiles, in UK and all over Europe

CHECK - Judges aim to excuse / cover-up fraud, in UK and Europe

[ Largest part of fraud in Europe originates in UK - we suspect that is due to UK's incompetent (& corrupt?) senior civil service, police and judiciary.  Ditto for pedophile crime? ]

Check - Jury Law in a Real Democracy

mathematical outcomes

If 'n' individuals each decides right 40% of the time, the group will decide wrong 100% of the time!

committees and cabinets - members of self-selecting ELITES - are historically incompetent & opt for

If 'n' individuals each decides right 80% of the time, the group will decide right 100% of the time!

Juries - cross-section of WORKING POPULATION - are historically competent & regularly opt for

back up to




A UK "Parliament" once expressed the will of the people, when approving the Criminal Justice Act 1991.

Two offenders who committed an offense should receive different financial penalties if they had different disposable weekly incomes.  This was to make the severity of the fine equally burdensome for rich and poor. ["Fair Fines Act" - 1991]

But the elite - in covert control of English judges and many magistrates - would not accept equal justice.

There was a conspiracy to force its cancellation, with judges and magistrates refusing to comply with the Act, claiming it was "too difficult"

[though the Tax Departments (Inland Revenue / I.R.S) do it every day, easily]

Meanwhile the UK press - owned by the elite see review and the BBC - controlled by the elite see below & unholy synchronized a media campaign against Fair Fines.

It is possible that this judicial conspiracy was criminal - that the English elite lawyers and judges illegally connived against the UK Constitution.  If so - then all judicial decisions since that date have been unconstitutional.

A weak and corrupt see perv3 Parliament capitulated.  The Fair Fines Act was repealed [cancelled] in the Criminal Justice Act 1993 s.65.


Unfair results soon followed.  See the case of Regina v UK Steel PLC [1995] ICR 586

[" UK Steel ":- a multibillion dollar company - believe it's now called "Corus" ]

where the defendant [ UK Steel ] was convicted of violating section 3 of the 'Health and Safety at Work Act 1974' after one of its platforms had collapsed and killed a workman.

The trial judge fined the company £100. [That's about a hundred and sixty dollars for taking a (working-class) man's life.]



And we can also bet :-

the trial judge would eagerly (and vindictively) comply.

PROOF - From "The Independent" - an English broadsheet "Jail for driver who killed man" By Cahal Milmo 15 February 2001 A lorry driver was jailed for five years yesterday for killing a man ... Paul Browning, 36 ...admitted causing death by dangerous driving.

from ""Cruel & Unjust Taxes"" quote

You don't believe CPS & judges are corrupt, biased and pervert?

Overpaid, corrupt civil-servants linkTA01 & company directors linkTA02 kill - by greed & incompetence - hundreds of people ["RailTrack" linkTA03 & certain English Ferry Co's] -

or thousands of people ["UK Gas" - their explosive North-Sea gas conversions have murdered more than the population of an entire UK town since the 60's]


they get millionaire's incomes and even bonuses, linkTA04 taken from their victims' taxes by the murderers' accomplices, our venal linkTA05 lying linkTA06 politicians.

Overworked, overtired truck-driver accidentally kills somebody - he gets 6 years in jail!

04 June 2001

LATEST "only the poor go to prison"

pooronly - privileged exemptions - murdering rich

News Aug 2002

UK's government introduces "on the spot fines" of £40, £80, £100+? for offenses like drunkenness or rowdy behaviour. The offense and the fine to be decided solely by a policeman.


[ Just after plan was first mooted (few years ago) the PM's own son committed several such offenses - drunk and incapable, giving false name and address to police, etc

Needless to say he wasn't punished as a working-class, or black youngster would have been

And even if he had been fined "on the spot" the fine would have been perhaps a few seconds-worth of his parents income, perhaps 1/1000th of their `wallet cash ]

IF a working class boy is fined any fixed amount it could represent more than all his (or parents') available cash, demanding 'scrimping' or even going hungry

Ironically, our government of barristers seems unable to see the injustice of punishing the working poor a thousand times more cruelly than a favoured elite

This fosters resentment and justified anger among the poor

Worse, it encourages arrogance in the elite, breeding rich hooligans & criminal perverts among them.

News - "Disgusting vandalism by rich going unpunished" - Radio5Live 8 Aug 2000

"You can't stop me - my father's a barrister"

An interviewer asked Paul Tyler, the MP for North Cornwall - "are you saying the rich kids are noticeably worse than other teenagers?"

he replied, going on to report that gangs of rich youths, when remonstrated with for urinating and vomiting in people's gardens, would respond with - "you can't touch me - my father's a barrister"

[With such upbringing it is little wonder that perverts are dominant among barristers, judges, and other prestige branches of the establishment!]

The English parliament is mainly made up of lawyers and other parasitic, untruthful trades; there are few representatives from productive, honest or creative professions.

Government does need to address problems of the systemic corruption of Britain's police and of legal and "upper" classes, as shown by rich perpetrators going unpunished, while corrupt police chiefs and judges persecute ordinary folk.

It does not need to oppress ordinary young people with unjust, regressive fines applied by vindictive or self-seeking policemen.



The elite of all nations (and their bully-boys - some policemen and secret-policemen) are more racist linkR-00 & linkR01 and sexist than the normal population, because class bias is merely another form of racism linkR02

From the notes above we have seen how UK police-chiefs and judges pervertedly and corruptly oppress most females and the working class.  Their actions against ethnic minority groups are even more contemptible

"The Times" (Net edition) 2 March 2000 "Blacks 'suffer as Jews did'"

BY ROBIN YOUNG "The father of Stephen Lawrence, the teenager murdered in a racist attack in 1993, yesterday compared the position of black people in Britain to that of Jews under the Nazis" linkR02A


Sunday January 30, 2000 "The Observer" QUOTE - "A farcical trial and 13 years of racist abuse in jail - the story of Satpal Ram"

Story - A biased police arrest and prosecution - for murder - when he acted in self-defence; a racist / corrupt / or incompetent defense lawyer; a racist / corrupt / or incompetent judge.

All these meant that his skin color placed Satpal Ram at the mercy of the corrupt and perverted UK "justice" system linkR03

"At the trial, a whole series of Asian witnesses, who could have supported Satpal's version of events, were never called.  The evidence of the one who did take the stand was dismissed because his broken English could not readily be understood.  No translator was employed.  At one point the judge told the jury he would translate, even though he did not speak Bengali"

Satpal Ram - wrongly convicted - has been abused in all the jails in which he has been held -

a) because his skin was was a different color

b) because he maintains his innocence.  In these cases pervert English prison governors (from pervperps) routinely allow similarly perverted prison wardens to indulge in physical / sexual tortures to 'break' the prisoner's dignity and morale.

The Parole Board will ensure that the prisoner will never be allowed to complain -

if he complains - he doesn't get parole! linkR04   Simple, isn't it ?

But the parole board linkR05 and the governors have always lied - covered-up!

QUOTE - "There's people in this prison, where I've been seven times, who have been responsible for torturing me and now they're all smiles as if nothing ever happened.  If there's any kickback from speaking out in this article, I'll deal with it when it happens" - Satpal Ram

From - ~

UPDATE 19June '02 Satpal Ram released under EU ruling
"Politicians should not have powers to extend sentences - to prevent political, class-biased or racial use / abuse of "Justice System"

See violence

and offliars

and prison2 - disturbing (but too prevalent) abuse / tortures permitted to jailers.

Late News. CPS & DPP. Perverse decisions (taken by perverts?) to allow torture and murder in prisons.

see perverseCPS

[NOTE When the newspaper coyly says 'he refused to squat for a strip-search' it means he refused to allow himself to be placed naked and kneeling on the floor to be assaulted by several prison officers. For that natural and normal refusal he was killed.

NOTE 2 Anthropologists know of these old, primitive (sexual?) forms of torture / abasement / indignity inflicted on captive or beaten men.]

From pervperps and bentcps

LATE "bentgovs"

LATE NEWS 03 Sep. 2003 - Police still bent

LATE NEWS 08 Sep. 2003 - "Another lone black man murdered - by 8 policemen?"


"The Observer" Sunday April 2, 2000 "Asian teenager . . . killed in cell" by Tony Thompson, Crime Correspondent

"Zahid Mabarek, 19, from Walthamstow, was less than 12 hours from being released from the Feltham Young Offenders Institution in Middlesex when he was `found in his cell' suffering from severe head injuries in the early hours of 23 March."

No impartial observer attended the death-scene, so it will never be known what assaults he suffered before being silenced - by being murdered "in Her Majesty's custody".

Zahid was arrested and jailed [ by a pervert linkR05 system ] for a 'non-offense' (see above). He had not committed any harmful action against any person.  Zahid was sentenced to 90 days for the crime of 'going equipped'.

21 August 2000 "The Independent" :- "Prison service admits it is 'institutionally racist'" - also, same date - "Police given warning over deaths in custody"

24 Dec.'00 see prisons' corruption

24 Jan '01 see prisons' racism

06 Feb '01 see prisons' criminal brutality "a betrayal of the most base kind of our duty..."

25 July '01 see UK's racist corruption Amnesty International - "reports of ill treatment by police, to deaths in custody"

17 Sep '01 see uncontrolled prisons' crime, smug governors cover-up authorities' crimes

23 July '02 see CPS pretence shield racists - in uniform - see CPS in Index (and Edit-Find in this page)

Rigged Trials

More and more obvious :- the ploys used by bent judges RT01 senior civil servants, politicians RT03 or senior police RT04 to ensure their corrupt, pervert, or murderous friends walk free after committing murder, sex-crimes or blatant frauds. RT05

A basic tenet of criminal justice says if a crime (say, rape or murder) is committed by two or more people, then all the accused must face the same jury at the same trial - to prevent confusion of different juries with cross-accusations of blame and cross-claims for 'benefit of the doubt'

In a single trial this should not happen

But corrupt officials have been arranging split trials for race-murderers, pedophile pornographers, rapists and sex-murderers.

At each trial the bent judges and/or senior policemen arrange that the jury is instructed to give the "benefit of doubt" to a known perpetrator, who claims "the others did it"

The known perpetrators are separately all found "not guilty" and yet another person has been raped or murdered without the known perpetrators receiving punishment. This is becoming noticeable. Rich and pervert judges, civil servants and policemen have multiplied during the greedy eighties RT05 and nineties RT06

Evidence:- many trials of organized pedophiles RT01 where VIPs are involved;
many rape trials where VIPs (and sons of VIPs) were involved;

`Perceptions' editor received testimony from a victim (an attractive, intelligent and hard-working young woman), where magistrates RT07 accepted split evidence from a rapist gang of sons of local elites, who were all found `not guilty' by those corrupt magistrates. RT08

As in many such cases, the magistrates were friends of the rapists' parents, so the working class girl had to endure further unjust abuse in court and justice was denied, due to corrupt & pervert RT09 class-biased local magistrates.

[ Those particular rapists for the moment are unpunished and free to rape again.  As are many pervert judges, churchmen, magistrates, senior civil servants and senior-police sex-offenders who, in recent years RT06, have avoided prosecution RT10 ]

More recently:-

the murderers of Stephen Lawrence - still free

and another UK race-murder trial RT11

All 'officers of the court' have a legal duty to victims of crime

That is: Any known perpetrator must be brought to justice and must receive due punishment under the law

Therefore: the bent police, lawyers, judges or officials are culpable, and should be brought to justice themselves

In this reference we say - "We believe an audit of these cases will show that the agent who directly or indirectly caused these split trials is at the center of corruption in local law, policing, finance, bureaucracy, politics etc.

Both cases are recent and the responsible agents will be clearly visible, but the local 'authorities' will not be eager to find the guilty parties.

Coroner's Courts

A look at last few decades of English coroner's court outcomes shows persistent malfeasance and corruption

Bent lawyers / doctors acting as coroners continually deny justice to victims of incompetent or corrupt companies, policemen cor01 or local authorities. cor02

How can a local lawyer or doctor (the coroner) be impartial when his long term financial interests are `owned' and controlled by politicians, bureaucrats, industrialists, big landowners, media-bosses and any others with local or national power?

In the Telford case cor03 first off, an all white jury was selected - and pressurized? - to let police off the hook.  The reality might be more serious cor04 than mere `neglecting' or even `ignoring pleas for help'.

NEWS - Telford case finally gets an honest inquest, giving an `open verdict' - i.e. - possible murder.

London police `table-leg shooting'. - A `murder for convenience' by police?
Followed by police lies, corrupt coroners and bent High Court rulings.

LATE - another injustice?

LATE NEWS 08 Sep. 2003 - "Another lone black man murdered - by 8 policemen?"

EXTERNAL - List of dubious coroner's decisions - Probable murders by UK Gov't Agents?
`Did 22 SDI Researchers really ALL Commit Suicide?'
And by US Gov't Agents?
`Dead Scientists And Microbiologists - Master List'
later (Oct. '09)
`Microbiologists' Deaths Under The Microscope'
& follow `Unexplained death of Dr David Kelly'

Are our coroners courts covering-up State murders?

Earlier probable Gov't murders were crudely disguised as "heart-attack" or "accident".
It's now a more common ploy to arrange deaths as:  i) drugs OD;  ii) solo-sexual (plastic bag etc);  iii) psycho-experiment i.e. `hanged' in closet);  iv) suicide - `balance of mind disturbed'.
Because embarrassment / distaste will usually keep the relatives quiet and also distract the public and so make the back-story ignorable / forgettable.

Pedos and Murderers in Gov't .
Emerging facts point to a ring of elite pedophile murderers at the highest level of UK politics, from 70's onwards (i.e. under Prime Ministers Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair & Gordon Brown, David Cameron, and now Theresa May.).

In chronological order:-

Along with his high-level pedophile politico friends (mostly homosexual pedos:  buggerers - and murderers - of young boys), BBC man Clifford Luton (also a journalist on the Daily Mail), was protected by corrupt police during the 70's.  As a result the pedophile group(s) seemingly operated with impunity.

It can now be seen that London's Metropolitian Police *note1 and MI-5 were/are complicit with those criminal pedophile activities *note1A (the Special Branch & MI-5 shadow and protect all politicians), just as they were/are complicit with organized drug-dealing, people-trafficking and prostitution.  (A similar conclusion of complicity must be drawn for coroners / medics involved.)

Later, private investigator Daniel Morgan, reportedly tracking down "Metropolitan Police corruption at the highest level" (scroll), was ostentatiously assassinated (axe in his head).  Some say he was killed by police officers.

In 1992 Carole Kasir, who had managed the pedophile Elm Guest House was "found dead" in her flat aged 47.  The coroner's inquest concluded that, a diabetic, she had suffered an insulin overdose and had committed suicide.

Then another BBC man (and again a hack-journo), Stephen Milligan, (apparently once `advisor' to Edward Heath and later to Arms Minister Jonathan Aitken) was found dead in womens' undies and plastic bag over head; supposedly "self-asphyxiated" (but really a pedo-silencing?).  At almost the same time journo (ex-MI-5/6?) James Rusbridger died under similar circumstances - to allay suspicions that too was declared `suicide'.

[N.b. - a (respectable) young woman who worked at an elite London club reportedly used by pedophile politicos [and Edward Heath] was mysteriously murdered around that time - no culprit known.]

Then, even more significantly, came the professional assassination (single shot to the head - walk away) of BBC TV crime-presenter Jill Dando;  at a time when the Metropolitan police were covering-up the latest generation of top-level pedophiles. *note1 & *note1A & *note1B & *note2 (scrolldown)

Dando's fellow-media (Press) investigators had been collecting evidence of a pedophile network of `politicians, aristocrats and senior policemen'.  Immediately after her murder, this web-site (`Perceptions') forecast that a Met policeman - probably a marksman - would be found to've been away from duty at that time;  see the HTML-source of Seema1.  Subsequently the pedophile network(s) became an "official secret" - no further news allowed.

The Met. Police arranged a typical but somewhat farcical frame-up of a local odd-ball - B.M George, with the help of corrupt courts / judiciary and a defamatory BBC campaign.

So farcical it was obvious that the Met/BBC & judges were contemptuous of the intelligence of the general public.  From witness statements the prime suspect was `a smartly dressed, "city-gent" type who walked briskly down the street, got into a plush car and drove off' - whereas the frame-up victim (B.M George) - was an ill-kempt dark-haired oddball who didn't own a car (or drive?).

However, the total lack of evidence, the false statements, lies + the supicious `suicide' of prosecution "character-witness" David Dobbins just before he was about to withdraw his - police-dictated - testimony, was all so obvious that the conviction of the unfortunate odd-ball (B.M George) was eventually quashed.  No police or judges or BBC were prosecuted or punished for arranging the frame-up.  That makes two more corpses and again no culprit(s) found.

Immediately following the killing of Dando, her senior boss, Tony Hall, then Head of BBC News, seemingly panicked; making a pre-emptive public announcement that he feared "he would be next".  That seemed to work (or went to plan) - Hall was `safe', and was then made a `Baron'.

Presumably that ploy - a claim of `fear of assassination' may have also saved the skin of the other person with reason to worry and/or talk - Dando's co-presenter Nick Ross - who is now also `safe' and came into a lot of money, via a billionaire connected with M Thatcher *note3 & *note4 & *note5 & *note6 (UK Prime Minister), maybe approved and aided by subsequent (implicated) PMs. *note7

UK's corrupt and complacent media - Press and BBC - failed to report, or conspired to suppress, some relevant facts:  later, Feb. 2013 *note8, we learned that a secret network of elite pedophiles - with the influence and the power to kill anyone who might expose them - had been known to be operating at that time, and most probably still are. *note9 & *note10 & *note11 - scroll

Later evidence - Sept. 2013 - has emerged of a similar `establishment' link with the assassination - in 2001 - of investigative journalist Martin O'Hagan, in Lurgan, County Armagh.  A Northern Irish pedophile elite - of politicians, `mafia' businessmen & MI-5/MI-6 agents *note12 - directly linked to UK MPs and the UK parliament, *note13 - scroll to Note 2 (ii)  still needs to suppress truthful reporting from Ireland. *note14

More recently - 13 Nov. 2013 - the Metropolitan Police and MI-6 have together contrived a case claiming that the young mathematician Gareth Williams had `committed accidental suicide while playing a solo sex-related game'. [text report]

This despite a coroners inquest verdict that Williams' death was "unnatural and likely to have been criminally mediated".  The coroner was "satisfied that on the balance of probabilities that Gareth was killed unlawfully". [Wiki quote]
We note the similarities with earlier deaths arranged to look like weird-sex games and the fact that it happened after Williams, an employee of GCHQ, became involved with MI-6, and that a UK politico - Foreign Secretary, William Hague - ordered the withholding of facts from investigators, courts and media.  Those facts are still `secret'.
Mar. 2016 - For more evidence of William Hagues's complicity with pedophile network(s) - see i/c mail-file.

Since the time of Jack the Ripper *note15 those helping cover-up elite pedo/perv crimes have later been rewarded by the Crown & State - while honest police *note16 (scroll down) & media *note17 & potential witnesses etc., are punished and/or illegally jailed, or assassinated - as was likely with Morgan, Kasir, Milligan, Rusbridger, the anonymous young woman (above), Dando, Dobbins, O'Hagan, Williams and probably (many) other lesser-known victims.

Simple analyses indicate those observed anomalies can only occcur by secret collusion between powerful networks of criminal perverts in senior CPS, Police, MI-5/6, Judiciary, Media (esp. BBC), and, overarchingly, in parliament and Gov't.

Ongoing politicos' cover-ups  &  media cover-ups.
Web-reports: limited (bent) police op. | litany of elite-pedos.
Recent Met Police pedo-coverups text summary
2015 - Update text files
2016 - #1 External Update re: BBC - #2 Update on pedo-elite & BBC


`Perceptions' 1997 WARNING   `Perceptions' 1999 WARNING


A web of silent corruption in elites of English national and local bureaucracy, English media, English police, English church's bishops & priests, English CPS & lawyers / barristers, English magistrates and judges.

All conspiring to cover-up crimes of VIP pedophiles;  inflicting deadly harm on parents & children around the world.

QUESTION - Was he a 'VIP'? A member of the `establishment'?

Update - 12 November 2002
NEWS- Police 'failing to arrest pedophiles'

Update - 21 August 2003
NEWS - CPS Lawyers find excuses for pedophiles

Update - 27 August 2003
NEWS - "Professional" pedophiles get soft treatment

Update - 11 Feb 2004
NEWS - "UK police failing pedophiles' victims"

09 June 2004 - A week's crop
NEWS - "Pedophile - a Judge, a School boss, a Police surgeon"

10 July 2004 - "Serial murderer-of-Virgins"
NEWS - "French Police "protect" serial killer

10 July 2004 - "Child abuse report names Brazil elite"
NEWS - "Governor, judges, priests, mayors, businessmen in rapes of babies and boys"

13 July 2004 - Pedophile crown court judge gets absolution - from another judge
NEWS - "Pedophile judge allowed to pay 55 and walk free."

Bishop Krenn refused to resign over "homosexuality and child-pornography"
NEWS - "40,000 photos and child pornography videos"

June 2007 - Church, politicians, the rich, police and the lawyers conspired to conceal and perpetuate pedophile abuse
NEWS - "the community's majority religion, the richest guys in town, and the conservative machine that controls Idaho," tried to punish the paper"

Nov 2008 - UK police `covered-up' English pedophiles' activities in Albania - allowing them to continue assaulting children in their `care'. - Nov 2008
NEWS - "UK police withheld details of sex abuse at orphanage from Albanian authorities"

No-one has the right to conceal crime.  So, logically, we say -

Bishops (or Cardinals, Archbishops or Popes), who do not immediately report pedophile offences are criminal accomplices and should be prosecuted and jailed.  Likewise, MI-5 agents, CPS officials & lawyers, police chiefs & others in authority, who know of pedophile crimes but do not immediately report / arrest / prosecute the perps are criminal accomplices (or worse) and should themselves be prosecuted and jailed.

Just now the politicos, the courts and the police are corruptly complicit with fraud, theft and pedophile abuse, because they allow highly-placed abusers to escape justice by `resigning' or even just `retiring' from office.  That is an evil and corrupt system, serving only to protect abusers in power.

Pedophile Mafia - at Highest Levels?


INTERNAL: see `Unholy' page for UK Mafia

English pedophile elite

Investigation report dated 31 October 1999 from "The Times" internet edition

QUOTE "The Times" - 31 October 1999: - from John Harlow, Social Affairs Editor - additional reporting Zoe Brennan and Simon Trump :-

"Paedophile inquiry ... Several public figures ... in a paedophile ring, including leading politicians, aristocrats and senior policemen"
and -
"Such is the sensitivity of the document that the only copy is due to be placed in a strong room at the Cabinet Office"

polpervs, genes5, mediauk, pedosecret

It seems - their activities are to be kept secret.
Why? We suggest two reasons(1) reason(2)
concealed VIP pedophiles' protection by highly-placed friends and colleagues.

Re: `Conspiracy of pedophile barristers / judges'
Lord Williams of Mostyn, the Attorney General, said -
"Suspicions arise.  Sometimes the suspicions are justified"

Late News - Jan '04


Why do England, Europe, Australia & USA
have pedophile councillors, lawyers (barristers), magistrates, judges, senior-police, churchmen, diplomats & politicians?

Search for < paedophile / pedophile rings >

Typical English RESULT: pedophile magistrates & council officers, (& aristos, judges, diplomats etc)

October 2001

Typical USA RESULT: pedophile judges (& US aristos etc)
March 2002

Answer Here.


Hidden roots of Disease

"Prep Schools" - single sex (male only) from age seven or eight - which are claimed to `toughen-up' male children;

leading to:

"Oxbridge" (UK's Ivy League) - which is claimed to train competent scientists or thinkers, lawyers or judges -

but actually provides, for the privileged from private schools, fake qualifications - authorizing incompetent `professionals';

in combination (as Xenophon found with Lacedaemon [Spartan] and other societies have seen since), they tend to produce pedophile-homosexual elites - which dominate church, local & national gov't, law and politics.




Pedophile Mafia - at Highest Levels?

Senior criminal perverts recently caught in Britain see warning were pedophile English High Court judge, pedophile senior English diplomat, pedophile prison governor pervperps and pedophile elite school chaplain. ( see hierarch)

Possible cause of elite perverts

The first two were caught by junior policemen and junior customs officers, in trawl operations out of reach of control by senior officers.

The pedophile High Court judge walked out of court unpunished. - not even held in custody. His crimes were dismissed - by a fellow High Court judge.

We speculate that the creation of the CPS has since protected elite pedophiles from prosecution.

[Crown Prosecution Service staffed by LAWYERS, to oversee and limit police prosecutions]

Do we now see the elite - acting through senior judges - moving to shackle Customs officers - to protect VIP criminal perverts?


9 June 2000 - English judges demand that Customs officers be prevented from prosecuting pedophiles!

`Perceptions' speculates that if the prosecution decision is left to CPS ( Crown Prosecution Service) ie. LAWYERS) - then pervert diplomats and judges will be completely safe again.

[The lawyers' mafia in the CPS does not encourage the prosecution of judges - not even child-molesting judges]

From "The Independent" legal section - 9 June 2000 :-

QUOTE "Yesterday the Attorney General, Lord Williams of Mostyn, ordered a review of the role of Customs and Excise." UNQUOTE]

'Customs' Note :-


Att. the only likely success in catching 'doggo' pedophiles is by way of international liaison & Customs operations.

We believe this explains the ongoing conspiracy in legal, political and (some) media circles to discredit HM Customs and to deprive them of powers of investigation & prosecution.

UPDATE 2001/2 - It seems that prominent barristers & the CPS are (inevitably?) involved in the "pedophile VIP's conspiracy" - several high profile trials on charges brought by HM Customs have mysteriously "collapsed" in court - (see below), thereby allowing judges to give Customs officers a bad name in Gov't circles (although probably the bad decisions were made by lawyers then blamed on Customs officers).

[Gov't and parliament is heavily polluted with barristers and other legal types who, as a group are likeliest to share the pedophile predilections of many (male) judges]

`Perceptions' CPS note :-

Analysis of CPS outcomes shows they choose to limit their sex-prosecutions link11 to `disturbed' working-class offenders who were damaged by pedophile abuse, from "authority": i.e. - by protected VIPs.

Majority of possible prosecutions against primary offenders - elite pedophiles - are suppressed by CPS.

Conclusion:- virulent & powerful pedophile organization is protected & kept alive in Britain by corruption at senior level within Home Office, judiciary & CPS

QUESTION - Was he a 'VIP'? A member of the `establishment'?

Update - 12 November 2002
NEWS- Police 'failing to arrest pedophiles'

Update - 21 August 2003
NEWS - CPS Lawyers find excuses for pedophiles (see corrupt CPS)

Update - 27 August 2003
NEWS - "Professional" pedophiles get soft treatment

Update - 11 Feb 2004
NEWS - "UK police failing pedophiles' victims"

09 June 2004 - A week's crop
NEWS - "Pedophile - a Judge, a School boss, a Police surgeon"

10 July 2004 - "Serial murderer-of-Virgins"
NEWS - "French Police `protect' serial killer

10 July 2004 - "Child abuse report names Brazil elite"
NEWS - "Governor, judges, priests, mayors, businessmen in rapes of babies and boys"

13 July 2004 - Pedophile crown court judge gets absolution - from another judge
NEWS - "Pedophile judge allowed to pay 55 and walk free."

Bishop Krenn refused to resign over "homosexuality and child-pornography"
NEWS - "40,000 photos and child pornography videos"

June 2007 - Church, politicians, the rich, police and the lawyers conspired to conceal and perpetuate pedophile abuse
NEWS - "the community's majority religion, the richest guys in town, and the conservative machine that controls Idaho," tried to punish the paper"

Nov 2008 - UK police `covered-up' English pedophiles' activities in Albania - allowing them to continue assaulting children in their `care'. - Nov 2008
NEWS - "UK police withheld details of sex abuse at orphanage from Albanian authorities"

"Google" Results OUTCOMES

News update: 04 August 2000 The "News of the World" campaign for a "Sarah's Law" -

[ to help save UK children from establishment-protected pedophiles ]

has been dropped after pressure from VIP's and establishment organizations :-

The Association of Chief Police Officers

NACRO ('Rehabilitation of Offenders')

Probation Officers

NSPC ('Protection of Children')

and important political & media personnel, inc. from the BBC.

Any reader who has already seen the references below will realize the significance of those names -

yes - they have all at some time contained establishment pedophiles at high levels of authority,

in addition to judges, diplomats, politicians, priests, top civil servants, aristocrats and important media personnel - [updates to come on this]

INSERT 12 Sept 2000 churchpeds - nothing changes in corrupt establishments

Background from race3 , genes7 , warning, warning2 , genes5 , unholy

Statistically - organised, mainly upper-class pedophiles are typically self assured, even arrogant recidivists (repeat offenders). The vast majority re-offend almost immediately on release. Typically each one is responsible for hundreds of offenses against different children. Most are in positions of power, within - or serving - the elite. see pervert

But police-chiefs, judges and probation officers (organizations themselves having pedophiles in very high ranks), are failing to investigate, hierarch prosecute or convict them, and are also responsible for repeatedly allowing pedophiles to offend again
see warning & bentlaw2

10 August 2000 Latest update and comment:- We see polarization of English media over the anti-pedophile protests ongoing in Britain & Belgium.

[Also in Italy - "Italian murders spark calls to name paedophiles" Tuesday 22 August, '00 - "The Guardian":- "Italian parents demanded that their newspapers follow Britain's News of the World yesterday by identifying paedophiles"].

UPDATE - 2003 - More elite pedophiles found - in Portugal

Politicians, senior civil servants, celebrities, diplomats implicated.

UPDATE - 2004 - Elite Australian pedophile - diplomat - jailed in Bali

BBC - 12 May 2004 : "William Brown, who retired to live in Bali in 1996, was found guilty of sexually assaulting two boys and sentenced to 13 years in prison."

In UK, larger selling tabloid newspapers are supporting the feelings of the UK's population (middle and working class, black and minority folk - i.e. decent people).

But broadsheet newspapers staffed by, and catering to, the "upper class" - where the pedophile is often in authority - (see hierarch & review) - claim pedophiles have a "right to privacy" (see pedosecret)

The BBC, controlled by the elite, with its 'Radio Four' (aimed at the elite), is following their lead in covering up VIPs' pedophilia (see unholy)

The evidence - from warning & warning2 & promise - says that the English pedophiles hold real power - in the senior ranks of the lawyers (see pedofakes), judges, church, media, police and politicians (see above & hierarch & pervert3)

Pedophile Mafia - at Highest Levels?

Aug. '00 - Ordinary people in Britain, Belgium and Italy rose in protest against governments' (and judges') protection of pedophiles in high places -

2003 - More elite pedophiles found - in Portugal

Politicians, senior civil servants, celebrities, diplomats implicated.

Meanwhile - in the UK, English establishment media, especially the BBC, have been surreptitiously propagandizing sex-offender's " right to privacy" -

- perhaps under orders from proprietors (& friends with secrets), or perverts amongst judges, senior police, churchmen, aristocrats or politicians? -

- even though we know that most pedophiles are arrogant recidivists , responsible for hundreds of assaults on children and secretly determined to attack hundreds more.

from unholy

News October 2000 English Press - the "Sunday Observer" - "Molester walks free"

QUOTE Kamal Ahmed, political editor Sunday October 22, 2000 The Observer

Robin Peverett, the former headmaster of Dulwich College Preparatory School in Kent, was given an 18-month suspended sentence after a deal between the prosecution, defence and the
judge David Griffiths , despite pleading guilty to nine charges of indecent assault against seven pupils between 1969 and 1977.

[From the "Times of India" QUOTE - " A detective said after the trial: ``We'll never know how many were involved. It could be hundreds or even a thousand or more.'']

Peverett, who has an OBE, only agreed to plead guilty because the judge in the case [David Griffiths ] had indicated he would receive a lighter sentence.

The trial of Peverett, aged 67, was one of the highest-profile cases of plea bargaining in Britain. His catalogue of offences against six girls and one boy aged between 10 and 13 were described by the trial judge as 'an appalling abuse of a position of immense trust'.

The offences against one victim only came to light when she saw Peverett on a programme about Sophie Rhys-Jones's marriage to Prince Edward.

Peverett had taught both girls at Dulwich College, a £7,000-a-term feeder school for Eton and Benenden. UNQUOTE

Lord Williams of Mostyn, the Attorney General, said "- suspicions arise. Sometimes the suspicions are justified"

From the "Times of India" QUOTE - Passing sentence, judge David Griffiths said he had taken hundreds of glowing testimonies including one from Sophie Countess of Wessex into account. Normally such offences should carry a custodial sentence, Griffiths said.

"This [pedophile] sort of thing happened all the time in my [elite] school"

note: taking that barrister at his word, that means:-

expect pedophiles to come from elite schools don't expect them to come from State schools

In a bizarre sideshow to the trial, Peverett's barrister defended his client's behaviour, the Daily Mirror reported that barrister Geoffrey Cox said ``This sort of thing happened all the time in my school. It was a different era when headmasters considered themselves Gods, like barristers,'' he added, dismissing the reporter who posed the questions as someone who ``went to a little comp (comprehensive state school) somewhere.'' (DPA)

Who are the hidden perverts in the elite?

devices and late item - laworj

And are they on both sides of the courtroom?

- and both sides of Parliament?


Update - 12 November 2002

NEWS - "Police 'failing to arrest paedophiles'"

We say - "Bishops who do not report pedophile offences are criminal accomplices and should be prosecuted and jailed.  Likewise, CPS officials & lawyers, police chiefs & others in authority, who know of pedophile crimes but do not immediately report / arrest / prosecute them are criminal accomplices (or worse) and should themselves be jailed"

Pedophile Mafia - at Highest Levels?

Behind the Pedophile Agenda?


Corruption in local `Authority'


Note: UK police-chiefs, judges and magistrates are 'appointed' by the establishment - by the elite. Unlike the US, our ordinary folk have no voice in their selection; see real & corruptlaw

Many English judges, senior policemen and politicians have proved to be sexist and racist but some have also been exposed as dangerous pederasts - see promise - organisers of pedophile pornography, sexual assaults on children, even murderers of children: see unholy & genes5l#evil2 & authority2

Late News
UK police-chiefs, judges and politicians do not investigate, prosecute or punish the corrupt elite see unholy#perps & pervperps.

Most significantly they do not prosecute/convict the biggest drug dealers in the elite: see beeb2#smuggled.

Nor do English authorities attempt prosecution of organized criminal perverts in the elite above.

Corruption in local `Authorities' 2
We saw

`Perceptions' analyses of HIDDEN PERVERTS in OFFICE

So? Did the authorities say "thank you"? What happened?

29 July '02

Ed came under illegal pressure - in attempt to close down `Perceptions'.
The illegal pressures came from :-

corrupt MEDIA, lyingPOLITICIANS, perjured OFFICIALS, (some) incompetent or corrupt MAGISTRATES



07 Jan '01 As we hear of another long-term frame -up victim being released we can sum up logical conclusion:-

Sex-murders covered-up by local police who typically frame-up any locally available "backward" young male, working class - no family influence

[ But we know that most sex-murders (especially pedophile) are committed by repressed "dominator" types most commonly found in power hierarchies:- bureaucracy, church, legal, doctors, teachers, police, politics ]

Obscenely long prison terms are served by framed individuals, who are only eventually found "NOT GUILTY" after many unjustly refused appeals.

This allows the guilty VIP to live free, and safely retire from politics / police / judiciary / public life etc.

[see bentcops13 & fitup & frameup3 & offliars]

DANGER Seema1 [read the HTML - go "View" / "Source"]

What do YOU think ? - Another 'backward' working-class male blamed for well organised professional assassination / rub-out of woman suddenly dangerous to elite criminals?
NO DIRECT EVIDENCE against Barry George - only "bad character hype" whipped up by careful Press / Police connivance!

VIP perps can't afford for this one to be corrected - even much later!

So - Do you think there might be a sudden 'death in custody'? - As very quickly happened to BOTH brothers who ran a pedophile brothel in Gloucester, England [stamping ground of English "Royals" & their hangers-on].  The brothel-keepers knew too much!  Did Jill Dando?

21 Aug 2001 - Main bad-character witness "found dead" - details at rubout.  And the chosen method?  An increasingly-used 'closer of police enquiries'.

2006 Update on Dando assassination.

Re: original trial - on 16 Oct 2001 the prosecutor admitted "little or no evidence".

Our conclusions are backed-up by this authoritative review:- It reads - "Uncomfortable truth" .. "actual perps of serious crimes go unpunished" ... due to ... "repulsive arrogance" of unjust / corrupt judges.

11 Nov. 2006 - Duncan Campbell (The Guardian) writes "miscarriages of justice astill occurring and will continue to do so".

2012 Update - more facts re: reason for Dando's assassination (probably by MI5 or 6 or Special Branch) are at Gov't murders section above.


'SEARCH' for
"trial collapsed" / "judge ordered acquittal" / "lack of evidence"

You'll be surprised to find most cases are of `establishment figures' being absolved of guilt - even though known to have committed the crime!

Why, we ask, are judges ordering juries to acquit on technicalities?

As we've seen at "Jury", that's illegal - a `perversion of justice'.

A judge cannot demand a specific decision from a Jury, or even request it!

Conclusion? - English judges have been illegally tampering with Juries in recent years.

And guess which crimes are hidden by the fake acquittals?

Fraud, corruption, pedophile, rape (& 'security' murders)

All common crimes of elites - 'friends' of judges. falink01

Update - 21 August 2003

NEWS - CPS Lawyers find excuses for pedophiles

Update - 27 August 2003

NEWS - "Professional" pedophiles get soft treatment


Later interrupt : 07/Jan/'01

On the day - [Feb. 7 year 2001] - of the Press Complaints Commission's lavish booze-up to celebrate their anniversary:

We ask: Which complaints do the PCC listen to?

Those from ordinary people abused by the Press?

Or VIP criminals, demanding cover-ups?

We see that some jubilant criminals, English Royals, celebrity pedophiles, hard-drug-dealers and tax-fraudsters are attending the PCC anniversary party [07Jan'01].

And we also hear [07 Jan 0750 BBC Radio Four - morning of the party]

[ BBC Radio 4 = once for the inquiring mind - now marketed for the pretentious and complacent ]

that the PCC boss (Lord Wakeham), and Sue Macgregor (voice of R4) agree that the main imperatives for the PCC are:-
a) the prevention of Press examination of the Royal Family;

b) the prevention of Press examination of upper-class drug dealing;

c) the prevention of Press examination of upper-class pedophiles.

And we find that we have reference files on those classes of abusers.

- this page - and

So - no change in policy for the 'free' UK Press? - see mediauk

We continually read of those in power - police, bureaucrats, judiciary, doctors, politicos, bankers - caught red-handed:  guilty of fraud, incompetence, criminal negligence, theft, abuse of patients, corporate manslaughter or even murder.

What happens?
  Some pompous judge, politician or other arbiter says "Lessons will be learned" and "It will never happen again" and then announces that the authority / police force / bank / corporation has been heavily `fined' to punish the organization.

Who pays the `fine'?  You and me!
As tax-payers, share-holders, customers and consumers!  This is deception and corruption - cover-ups by lying judges and politicos.

Companies & organizations are abstract concepts.  Concepts cannot commit crimes!  Only individuals - abusers in authority - can do that!

If a fine is paid from taxes, shareholders or price rises, then the innocent are being punished - that's a perversion of justice!  (wiki-define)

Corrupt judges, politicians and other arbiters are perverting the course of justice.  To keep criminals and abusers in power and authority.


July 2014: Bent judges still awarding `fines' that the public have to pay!

Dec. 2015 - Another corrupt `fine' for incompetence + fraud.

Mar. 2017 - Another corrupt `fine' for negligent pollution + fraud.


Several years ago an aspiring working-class schoolgirl was pressurized by upper class friends into buying some soft drug for them.  The sale was a police set-up - she was "shopped" and incriminated by her so-called 'friends' - who were dishonest.

She was prosecuted and, because she was honest, was harshly found guilty.

Then - because most magistrates & judges seem to be class-biased perverts - she was harshly sentenced to jail.

1998 - Last year the son of Jack Straw - Home Secretary (UK government minister in charge of law, order & police) was caught doing the same thing (actually slightly worse).

He wasn't even prosecuted(evol)

Another family of privileged perverts is born!

See "Mail on Sunday" 1998-08-23 "The Home Secretary's son has redeemed himself after being cautioned by police for selling cannabis - by winning a place at Oxford. William Straw, 17, achieved top grades in his A-levels. After taking a year out, he will start at New College next year."

The Home Secretary has a moral duty to find that girl, who was cruelly and unfairly treated.  Corrupt / pervert politicians, police-chiefs and judges have ruined her life.

He owes her recompense, and help to put her life back together.

But we doubt that he - now a member of a necessarily corrupt elite - is capable of even understanding that obligation.

PROVEN  - All English judgmental decision-making is heavily and institutionally corrupted by class / race prejudice. ed1 & medical & Answers


One day's crop of strange 'justice'

20 Nov. 2000 - On a whim `Perceptions' editor took a look at the day's court cases. The result: We found what we think is corruption. Misuse of taxpayers' money. Government departments were using taxpayer's money to disadvantage the taxpaying public and to deprive the public of their rights.

Case 1 - The Inland Revenue (the tax collectors). The I.R. used public money to stop a liquidator chasing defaulting directors who owed ordinary creditors a lot of money.

(The I.R. and big banks are always "preferred creditors" - getting first claim.)

So, despite the law stating that the court should allow the liquidator to chase defaulting directors if the actions were "just and beneficial" (for the public and for the ordinary creditors), the I.R's expensive barrister (exclusive lawyer) managed to persuade a judge to allow those directors to get away with the money.

Full report - Lewis v Inland Revenue Commissioners, Court of Appeal, Gibson, Mummery LLJ and Kay J. 2 November 2000

judge's excuse No.1 :- the case hinged on whether or not the liquidator could use some assets to chase the directors (in a projected court case) for large sums held back.

The judge ruled the liquidator could only use assets (to get ordinary creditors' money returned) if the (projected) court case were successful.

But - because the liquidator could not possibly know whether the case would be successful or not - he could not use the assets.

Catch 22 for the little creditors - and an easy get-out for the big boys, with the help of bent law - and taxpayer's money being used against the interests of taxpayers.

Case 2 - The Courts themselves (using taxpayer's money) argued for, and then decided in favour of letting "the Courts" try cases away from public sight.

`Perceptions' previous conclusions on this :

1 Secrecy allows unjust persecution of innocent citizens

2 Secrecy allows corrupt privilege for elite offenders pedosecret

Full report - Administrative Court, Buxton LJ and Penry-Davey J, 19 October 2000

Bow County Court (having many cases where rich and powerful offenders appear - and very often escape justice - has chosen to try cases privately, locked away from public view.

judge's excuse No.2 :- they chose a courtroom in an area where the judges also had a room.  They therefore locked the public out - 'only for the security of judges'.

If the first principle of Justice is denied - the rest is meaningless.

Ie. If trials can be held in secret - you don't need a competent judge.

Any hypocrite, thief, pervert or tyrant will do - and has!

[Even recently - all above & unholy & promise]

[As Adam Smith wrote - "Secrecy automatically brings corruption"]

And that corrupt decision to allow secrecy was taken, with barristers (elite lawyers) and all court advisers being paid very expensive fees from taxpayers' money.

That corrupt outcome destroys open justice and denies taxpayers their democratic rights.

These actions - using taxpayers' money (without auditors' independent permission) to disadvantage those same taxpayers - are immoral and should be (& probably are) illegal.

And these were only two examples, taken from one day's court outcomes; what happens on the other 364 days of the year?




 Law Society - M Fowler's reply to the question -

 "one law for the rich, another for the poor?"

 quoted HERE

 FOWLER: "Well - It is, isn't it?  Countrywide"

"There was never any thing by the wit of man so well devised,  or so sure established,  which in continuance of time hath not been corrupted"

The Book of Common Prayer


June 2003 - Plans announced this week to clean-up / democratize the UK legal system, admitted as corrupt, are being contested by :-

the lawyers and `barristers'

the judges

elite's media (BBC especially) - disguised as "comment"

those speaking for big companies, big landowners etc.

those speaking for elites, aristocrats etc.

See the bleats

It is easy to see:-

a - who profits from the present corrupt system

b - who are the enemies of democracy (and honesty).

UPDATE - Nov 2010 - Review of UK's Waste & Injustice of Tax-Swindles and `Charges'

UPDATE - Sep 2011 - `UK Taxes are Unfair, Regressive, Totally Corrupt' - Delayed I.F.S Report

UPDATE - Nov 2011 - Reason for Political & Bureaucratic Corruption

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