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Only three real crimes exist:-

1) Homicide
2) Abuse
3) Theft

In a democracy there's no need for further definitions, since legalistic wordings would always lag behind the opinion of the citizenry, which must be the law in a democracy.

A Jury:  a cross-section of ordinary citizens, would decide guilt or innocence in any case.

The `appeal court' would be national referendum, which is now easy TV or PC technology.

Therefore there's no need for lawyers; indeed the use of `lawyers' (meaning the rich usually win) is alien to natural justice in a real democracy.

Also no need for a "judge" of any kind.  We see that appointed judges most often serve the interests of authority - which is often corrupt or pervert, or of the rich - who are almost always corrupt or pervert.
overview - a recent eg.

I.e. the UK has ongoing scandals of fraud, corruption, pedophile and even murder trials being `abandoned' by judges, who claim it was due to a `technicality' or that the jury `wouldn't understand the complexities of the case'.

An example is at nitwigs.txt (scroll to foot of page)

Whenever you hear those excuses - you're hearing a corrupt judge!

[ Impartial IQ tests show higher intelligence in the general population - ie. in Jurors and Juries - than amongst the `professionals' of Law, Church, Press, Politics and Police. ]

"Democracy" means `real' democracy - `real' because most countries claiming `democracy' are no such thing - i.e. in UK there's NO free choice or nomination of candidates, NO free vote (all ballot papers are serial numbered so vote is not secret) and NO representation of citizens' views - a corrupt `two-party' system always represents the rich.

Note: for those reasons, under the EU's `fair elections' laws, all UK's national elections are illegal.

Try two-face.txt +/or demrace-bbc.html for details of UK's illegal electoral system.

And Psychos page for the reasons:  power-crazed perps in authority.

`Perceptions' note: Oct. 2005

It seems inevitable that lawyers & judges will _increase_ their abuse of the present multitude of corrupt written laws, as a last-ditch defense of the privilege which lawyers and judges think they need (they cannot otherwise claim to be productive, their `work' being abusive and parasitic).

E.g. here's examples of the parasites panicking - at corruptlaw.txt and badlaw3.txt.

However, people around the world are gradually becoming aware of the corruption of courts and of `lawyers', and are realizing that the only justice required in this world is `natural justice' - which can only be given by juries of our equals, free from the coercion of `authority' or of favoritism for the rich:  i.e. of the power-perverts most commonly found in authority.

Again, might try `Psychos' page - don't be shocked.

Evidence file for `LaworJustice' page, which is a controversial footnote to the "Altruist Survivor" series: 12 / 13 pages - which is much hated by corrupt people in authority, especially by UK's lawyers and judges, who conspired with the BBC to threaten `Perceptions' editor with a charge of "Scandalizing the Judiciary".


Ray D (Oct. '05)

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