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JetLag 2

`Perceptions' note

21 Jan 2001 This subject might be of importance for the general public, although initially we had treated it as a specialized interest.

We've made a quick web trawl for scientific papers on the phenomena discussed at fertility.html#caution onwards, which might give adequate examination of the "west/east" conundrum.

We found that most studies [commissioned and paid for by airlines / air forces ] tended to ignore or even erase evidence of the full extent of "eastward trauma".

However some of the scientists involved in the more 'prestigious' studies have felt compelled to comment on various facts that puzzled them. Extracts from their reports are reproduced below.

[Some taken from .pdf's so apologies for any typos]

NASA Technical Memorandum 88197

Crew Factors in Flight Operation: Effects of 9-Hour Time-Zone Changes.

Philippa H. Gander, Grete Myrhe, R. Curtis Graeber Harald T. Andersen, John K. Lauber.


Average heart rate during sleep was significantly elevated over baseline levels during the first two nights at Moffett (fig 4b, days 22 & 23) and again on the night preceeding the return flight to Andoya (day 26).

This finding would seem to suggest that the westward flight was more disruptive than the east ward flight, in contrast to the trends in the other sleep-quality measures and the rates of adjustment of the circadian rhythms (see below).

Possibly factors unrelated to the time-zone shifts had greater effects on heart-rate during sleep than on the other variables; however, the present data do not not provide resolution of this apparent contradiction.

Neil C. Krey - Transport Canada - CRM (Crew Resource Management)

Other Fatigue Inducers:

There are other [23] factors that can cause or contribute to pilot fatigue

[8] Easterly direction flights traversing several time zones

Battelle Overview Page

The period of adjustment appears to depend on the direction of travel. Adjustment appears to be faster after westward flights than eastward flights (Klein & Wegmann, 1980).

Adjustment following westward flights appears to occur at a rate of about 1.5 hours per day while eastward-flight adjustment occurs at about 1 hour per day. These data also suggest that phase shifts below six hours can have a significant impact (Aschoff et al., 1975).

`Perceptions' notes:

All these data, plus those at jetlag.html and fertility, would seem to confirm increased binding-force on cellular structure and cellular activity during eastward high-speed flights - in line with UEF Theory

We think that this phenomenom is responsible for the trauma which produce sickness / death statistics for long-haul, high-speed flights; remembering [see fertility] that most trauma from UEF imbalance is expected to be caused by high-speed travel in the direction of :- a) night-time east, b) night-time east (+ 'solar' east).

Even the increased heart-rates after westward flight, which so puzzled the authors of the NASA Memorandum, also confirms UEF Theory - which says that high-speed westwards flight permits a slight reduction in the 'natural' imbalance of overall cellular binding force.

[Ie. natural imbalance due to Earth's rotation - see above]

We think this results in density-decrease in human cells, including blood cells (although perhaps minute to the point of undetectability with present-day lab techniques).

[ Deep vein thrombosis is only one of the more obvious symptoms/outcomes of the traumas outlined above]

See also jetlag3.txt for later developments (still pussy-footing around, no open admissions). UPDATES jetlag4.txt & jetlag5

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