Drugs turf war is linked to Telford hangings

Drugs in Britain: special report
Race issues in the UK: special report

Nick Hopkins, Crime correspondent
Friday April 28, 2000
The Guardian

Errol McGowan, one of two black men found hanged in mysterious circumstances in Telford, Shropshire, may have been unwittingly caught up in a turf war between rival drug gangs shortly before he died.

Detectives investigating his death initially concentrated on the theory that the 34-year-old might have been the target of racists who had subjected him to two years of abuse, including death threats.

They now believe the circumstances surrounding his death on July 2 last year were far more complicated and are investigating whether there is a link between his death and a turf war between white and Asian gangs vying for control of the council estates in the Wellington area of the town.

Mr McGowan, a father of three, was known to be fiercely anti-drugs and there is no suggestion that he was personally involved in drug dealing.

There is also no doubt that he had suffered severe racial abuse, including death threats, in the months ...

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