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Corruption by Greed

greedy rulers

Generations of foolish and / or corrupt politicians and senior-civil-servants have changed the laws and taxes of Britain to serve the interests of the (stupid) rich and greedy.

Those generations, serving only the interests of stupid rich people, changed the British Tax System to its fully corrupt state:  every year taking from poor families more than 50% of their total income and worth -  while demanding less than half of 1% [0.5%] of a rich man's wealth.

See why the gap between rich and poor increases in Britain?  Foolish greedy politicians and senior-civil-servants are in the hands of the equally stupid rich.

Proof: How the Rich & the Gov't Lie

However, some intelligent folk among the rich have seen the dangers of corrupt taxation of the poor.

Thankfully not all the rich of the USA have sunk to the levels of stupidity and greed seen in the so-called 'ruling class' of London.

Future generations of Americans may yet pay respect and thanks for survival to Warren Buffett.  He can still think

Late note: 04 July 2001

Subsequent evidence proves Buffett's thesis -  that "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" do not arise from privilege.

"Is the only challenge in the world to be greed and viciousness?
Is the only satisfying power the power of the ascent over men, the only dream, ambition?
And must the alternative to greed, evil, ambition - be only sluggishness?"

Tanith Lee
'Deliriums's Mistress'

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