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Why is Real Thought so Rare?


Around two and a half thousand years ago something strange happened.  All over the world people began thinking.

Carl Sagan noticed that, all at once -

-  the Ionians in the Aegean started measuring, calculating and theorizing correctly;

-  the Egyptian pharaoh Necho caused Africa to be circumnavigated;

-  Zoroaster, in Persia, founded his school of science, morality and philosophy;

-  Confucius and Lao-tsu taught in China;

-  Jewish prophets spoke from Egypt to Babylon in mid-East;

-  and Gautama Buddha reappraised reality in India.

Sagan mused - "It is hard to think these activities altogether unrelated" (p. 206 - `Cosmos')

Enforced Ignorance

But soon, within a generation or so, the establishment's `thought-police' cracked down - power-pervs like Socrates (as Pythagoras already had) were demanding that the early scientists' and thinkers' books should be burnt, calling them `heretical'.

Coincidentally, more organized book-burning subsequently happened in China. ref-1

So, as a result of succeeding ignorant and intolerant `elites', half the world-mind was dulled for over a thousand years of greed and slaughter by rulers or would-be rulers.

[`Half the world' because the Persian / Arabic empires preserved and translated Greek records, and their very able scientists ref-2  pursued further research, while China retained ref-2a  most of its high technology, only hampered by occasional small-minded rulers.]


Then a brief re-awakening - Copernicus, Galileo and then Leibniz tried to approach the reality of the physical universe - and Leibniz almost grasped the fact that all `things' in the Universe are inter-linked and inter-dependent!

Enforced Ignorance

Again there was a near-immediate slam-down:  the elite suddenly adopted Newton's theory of "absolute time and absolute space" - probably because the idea of a `clockwork universe' was wanted by those who were stealing and murdering and hoping to get away with it.

But Newton was wrong!  About as wrong as anyone can be. ref-3

However, authority refused to allow anything else be taught, for many generations.


Zoom forward. There was another brief awakening in the mid nineteenth century (1800's) when Buckle and Wallace, followed by Lang and Fort, ref-4  began impartially examining the data - and didn't care who they might be offending.

Enforced Ignorance

The slam-down was again fast (indeed, pre-emptive for Lang and Fort), all four were oppressed in various ways by establishments - as all who're suspected of endangering vested interests are oppressed.

Instead, Darwin's `mechanical' (and wrong) theory was chosen as the way to keep people blindfolded and hoodwinked. ref-5

Where are we now?

The power-pervs want us to believe that `mechanical Darwinism' - crude so-called survival of the fittest - confines and restricts our future.

It doesn't!  Even Darwin realized that, before his end. ref-6

And the establishment wants us deluded about - and blind to - the universe.  They pretend that the `Relativity' of Einstein ref-7 - still an absolutist and atomist p.o.v. - is physical reality.

It's not!  Even Einstein realized that - before his own personal finish. ref-8

We ask - is the enforced ignorance demanded by corrupt and pervert elites dooming us to yet another crash of civilizations?  ref-9

Are we all going suffer - because greedy thugs ref-10 have political power, and ignorant `thought-police' can limit free knowledge of science and restrict educational policies around the World?  ref-11

New Enlightenment?

Has all this happened before?  ref-12

There are series of cataclysms, extending back in time, shown by different records -

- ice-cores from the Arctic and Antarctic;
- tree-rings' `trauma' indicating extremely low growth years;
- and ordinary archeology, showing gruesome events in civilization's far past.

All three reviewed here - ref-13 

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