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Long-term, Medium-Term, & Short-Term Climate Shifts

Long-term Earth Temps 65 Million Years temp changes

5 Million Years temp changes

Very long Ice-Ages       Glacials and Inter-glacials       Short Inter-glacials - Mild Climate
450,000 years of temp. changes                           short-term temp changes

"A New Ice-Age Is Coming" - What The Scientists Said In 1975
More 70's media Ice-Age Stories - (Text and URLs)

1,000 years ago - Vineyards Cultivated In Yorkshire - [text version]                           1,000+ years ago - Norway Glaciers Smaller Than Now - [text version]
7,000 years ago - Swiss Glaciers Much Smaller Than Now - [text version]
November 2009 - Science Scandal - Data Consistently Faked, Then Illegally Hidden  (article)
October 2012 - Grand Solar Minimum caused fast cooling 2,800 years ago  (see graph)
October 2012 - Greenland Lake returning to temperatures of 3,000 years ago
August 2012 - `Ice core shows Antarctic Peninsula warming is nothing unusual'  (graph)
June 2012 - `Arctic/Antarctic were warm+steamy several times in last 3m years'
May 2012 - Studies say - Solar Minimums drive cold-climate extremes - see `Homeric Minimum'
March 2012 Confirmation - `Medieval Warm Period' was a GLOBAL EVENT - w/world temps hotter than now  (article)
Feb. 2014 - Research - `Antarctic warmed just as speedily, 8,000 yrs ago (article)
Feb. 2014 - NASA Images - Great Lakes are now "more frozen-over than for forty years"  (article)
Feb. 2014 - Snow reports - `More snow in Scottish hills than in 69 years' (article)
Mar. 2014 - 150 years of `warming'? - "Improved Agriculture - Aided Economies"  (article)
Jun. 2014 - Great Lakes: Coldest on record! - "Lake Superior finally free of ice"  (article)
June 2014 - Science Villains [IPCC] Still Faking Data - Lying to UN (and to us)  (article)
July 2014 - Warmists silent re: Antarctic Ice Increase - US Gov't `Rigging' Long-Term Temperature Records  (article)
July 2014 - French scientists report:  `Record Cold In Antarctica' - Despite more sunshine  (article)

Ancient Past - `CO2 was 2000% higher than present-day levels' - see graph above

Patrick Moore - "No reason to believe that a warmer climate would be anything but beneficial for humans and the majority of other species." (Text version)
Dr. Patrick Moore Testimony in US Senate Subcommittee (Video version)

Thousands of American Scientists; on `Why CO2 Doesn't Correlate with `Warming' OR `Human Activities' [summary] - Scientific Background (authors & reviews etc)

Our Opinion?

Clearly the Earth hasn't fully recovered from the `Little Ice Age', you can see it's still much colder than most of the last 10,000 years
short-term temp changes
From LongeRangeWeather
And if the `Ice Age Sequences' continue, the next significant temperature move will be steeply downwards

NEWS Update - Nov. 2012 - "We are probably entering a new ice age right now"   University of Gothenburg - [Abstract - Press version]

NEWS Update - Aug. 2013 - Varying Sunshine (insolation) is ultimate cause of Ice Ages and Inter-glacials, w/Feedback - [Report & text version]

NEWS Update - Jan. 2014 - Why is the sun going quiet?  Variations in solar activity have been linked to Maunder Minimum (Little Ice Age) - [Report & text version]

Our Opinion?

Future Likelihoods

UPDATE - C.E.R.N GAGGING ORDER - 2011: Svensmark's Cosmic Ray Correlations - [link]

1100 years of temp. changes
"The CLOUD experiment builds on earlier experiments by Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark, who demonstrated that cosmic rays provide a seed for clouds. Tiny changes in the earth's cloud cover could account for variations in temperature of several degrees. The amount of Ultra Fine Condensation Nuclei (UFCN) material depends on the quantity of the background drizzle of rays, which varies depending on the strength of the sun's magnetic field and the strength of the Earth's magnetic field."

Measurements of Past Solar Activity's Effects on Earth's Temperature

Sunspot Counts   [click for Wiki graph]                                                                           Temperature Effects   [click for Wiki graph]
400 years record of Sunspots                 Solar Irradiance over 1100 Years

Mystery? - Early Temperatures and Origins of Corals

Follow-up - `Corals teaching' - Not true!

Mystery 2 - `Long-lived Sea-grass' - Contradictory

2011 - `Arctic Ice Has Always Varied Widely - No Present Danger'

2012 - `Polar Bears Have Seen Many Warmer Periods' - in previous 600,000 years - See Chart

2012 - IPCC - `No "Warming" Weather Extremes - Not Storms, Tornados or even Floods' - (despite BBC Propaganda?)


02 Sept. 2013:- `CONSENSUS' DEBUNKED - POLITICIANS FOOLED INTO `WARMING SCARE'   [pdf version]   [text version]

08 Sept. 2013:- `WORLD IS NOW COOLING' - LEAKED IPCC REPORT RE-JIGGED    [text version]

23 May 2016:- Exposure of the Statistical Lie    [text version]

07 June 2017:- LATEST:- Top MIT Scientist: Global Warming Science Is `Propaganda'    [text version]

Ice-Age Threat

Solar Weather - Reports & Predictions

Conspiracy Theories?

"The global temperature of the Earth would be below the freezing point of water if not for the greenhouse effect.  It keeps the oceans liquid and life possible."

Carl Sagan - `Cosmos'

Background + Controversies


Ice-Ages - Inter-Glacials - Snowball Earth - from Wiki

20th Cent.


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