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revenants passing by
  A mortal bows as revenants pass by - Early 19th Cent.

  "Whatever else, indeed, a "ghost" may be, it is probably one of the most complex phenomena in nature" - F.W.H. Myers

  "If anyone craves for adventure, he will find it in psychic work." - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

  "We all have some psi powers - We just don't realise it" - Dr Karlis Osis



AMHERST MYSTERY 1878 - 1879, Amherst, Nova Scotia

`Poltergeist' activities, in daylight, including loud, violent noises, moving furniture, flying objects, writing on walls, throwing of projectiles, many witnesses.

Possibly centered around young servant-girl Esther Cox, who'd recently been victim of attempted rape by Bob McNeal in August 1878.

Witnesses of the poltergeist activity included many neighbours, two clergymen, other professional folk; one, also a neighbour, later wrote definitive book `The Great Amherst Mystery', 1879.


BARBADOS MOVING COFFINS 1812 - 1820, Christ Church, Barbados

A noted `moving coffins case' - because all six lead coffins - of the Chase family - were sealed in a vault cut in the rock.  Yet they were found disturbed at least five times.  Finally Lord Combermere made sure the vault was extra-strongly sealed and the positions of all the coffins carefully noted.

But, when in April 1820, sounds were heard from the vault and it was hurriedly unsealed, all the coffins were higgledy piggledy, some even stood on their heads.  At this Lord Combermere decided the coffins should be buried, separately - and deep.


THE BELL WITCH, 1817 - 1820 , Robertson County, Tennessee USA

`Poltergeist' activities, in daylight, involving strange animal figures on farm, movement of bedclothes, pinching and smacking of the eight Bell children.

Eventually a`voice' was heard claiming to be "Old Kate Bell's Witch" promising to haunt Jack Bell until he died, which he almost immediatedly did, in 1820.

Fully documented in `The Bell Witch: A Mysterious Spirit'  1934, by a descendant of the family - Charles Bailey Bell.


BOUNDARY HAUNTS 20th Cent. Dorset, UK

In survey of Dorset road-haunts, 54% occured at old parish `bounds' (borders).
"Boundaries are no longer common knowledge.  I doubt if the bus driver who stopped on Wool Bridge to let the phantom coach go by, or the motorist who saw a white car skid off Dancing Hill (Sherbourne) and vanish knew that they were on the edge of medieval parishes."
Jeremy Harte - `Haunted Roads' - (The Ley Hunter No. 121 1994)

Ed's note - Landowners or `squires' would have their thugs (bailiffs) transport sick workers into the next parish to save expense.  The thugs, of either parish, would often murder the poor serfs and/or their children, burying the bodies on the boundary.
Feudal slavery or `serfdom' persisted much longer in England than the text-books admit - as late as 19th Cent., though some say its effects lasted longer (See `The Village Labourer 1760 - 1832' for details of that `legal-slavery').

Many evil deeds were committed by authority `at the edge' - which may account for that statistical hauntings anomaly of 54%.  (Otherwise the correlation's about as unlikely as throwing a dart 100 times, blindfolded, and scoring 54 `bullseyes'!)


CIDEVILLE HAUNTING 1850, Normandy, France

In 1850 Felix Thorel sued his local priest Father Tinel for defamation, as the priest had called Thorel a witch.

The priest was blaming Thorel for the `haunting' of his home, the parsonage of Cideville, which was being plagued by "every category of poltergeist phenomenon".  There were about 34 witnesses to knockings, rappings of tunes, furniture moving, knives thrown, desks rising and falling, winds rushing, bedclothes snatched away.

Despite intensive investigation the case remains unexplained.  Recorded by Sacheverel Sitwell in `Poltergeists' (1940).


ELEMENTALS - worldwide

Non-human entities or `elementals' are - around the world - said to be resident or invading `spirits' rather than `ghosts' of dead humans.

Mainly reported as moving, glowing lights or strange animal figures (mostly small) and sometimes humanoid shapes.

From the `Occult Review' of December 1962, by Elliot O'Donnell:
"There are, at the present moment, houses in England haunted by phantasms in the form of black cats, of so sinister and hostile an appearance that one can only assume that unless they are the actual spirits of cats, earthbound through cruel and vicious propensities, they must be vice-elementals, i.e. spirits that have never inhabitied any material body, and which have either been generated by vicious thoughts, or else have been attracted elsewhere to a spot by some crime or vicious act once perpetrated there.  Vice-elemental is merely the modern name for fiend or demon."


ENDOR'S WITCH, pre-Rome? East Mediterranean

In region of Shunem - Gilboa.  Full account at Bible [ O.T. ] First book of Samuel, chapter 28, verses 7 - 25.

"A woman ... called up the ghost of the prophet Samuel"


FALLS, FLOWS & OOZES - ongoing - worldwide

Most common poltergeist activity, any time of day, many witnesses.  Most often involves "selected" human victim(s) but also liable to transfer its attentions to other(s) at any time.  The falling objects seem to materialize and fall or travel `slowly' (ie. non-ballistically - see below), and some have been noticeably `clean' & `warm' or even `hot'.

`Falls' are most commonly of stones, gravel, even of buckshot, but liquids are reported, some exotic (paraffin & other fuel oils), and a sub-genre of (generally smallish) fish, amphibians, insects etc. (often alive and unharmed by fall) is second only to stones in world-wide occurrence.

`Falls' remain totally unexplained - despite many, many investigations.

Stenay, northern France, is famed for its unexplained falls of frogs (find "frogs" in this reference page).  Curiously, c.600, it was capital of Meringovian kingdom - whose coat-of-arms bears a frog emblem.

Classic case (from Fort) in Birmingham, UK
Ongoing cases in Africa
Some American falls.
Small media round-up.
Arizona Mystery Realm (with `falls of stones')


FIRE SPOOK 1921 - 1922, Caledonia Mills, Nova Scotia

The MacDonalds, husband & wife and three children, were scared when strange lights were seen about their farmhouse at night.  Then fires "ignited and burnt themselves out" in parts of the building, sometimes accompanied by strange pounding noises.

The family departed the farmhouse and investigators moved in.  They also experienced the fires, the lights and the noises and came to the opinion that - "neither the fire nor the other strange happenings were the work of human hands."

R.S. Lambert gives the account in `Exploring the Supernatural' 1955 and concludes that the case was never satisfactorily solved.

Co-incidence - a McDonald family of Baldoon, Southern Ontario, suffered a similar `haunting' from 1829 to 1831, reported in `The Baldoon Mysteries' 1871 by Neil McDonald (a family member).

2003 / 2004: - "Sicilian town battles `demonic' blazes" - 2007: - "Aliens caused Sicily fires, say officials" - 2014: - "unnatural forces ... were responsible."
REPORTS SO FAR (July 2015)


GREMLINS 1940's & onwards

`Gremlins' were first seen by WWII aircrews - "misty, goblin-like figures lurking in their aircraft" - but generally assumed to be more or less friendly, rather than otherwise.

Interestingly, the war also saw the pestering and buzzing of war-planes of both sides by `foo fighters' - small metallic discs &/or fireballs.  Commanders of both sides thought `foo fighters' were secret weapons of the opposition.  Again, pilots tended to think they were merely mischevious or curious rather than antagonistic.  And there are no instances of any aircraft being damaged by them.

After that war the aircrews' name for troublesome imps persisted, especially in factories, mines and other places where (rotating) machinery is constantly running.

Note on Gremlins - (from a non-pilot?)
Some US pilots' sightings


HAUNTS, historic, world-wide, on-going

Many types of place are said to `haunted', differing slightly with the cultural histories of the peoples concerned.
Here's a small list -
World Haunted Cams - (mostly Europe & USA?)
Haunted Battlefields & Soldiers' Ghosts - UK - 3 pages
Haunted USA Battlefields
Advice on Haunts?
More - from Google
Star `Sting' and Trudie saw ghosts of woman and child
Haunt reports from a ghosthunter correspondent.


HELPIDUS' TEASED c. 530, Old Germany

The `Monumenta Germaniae Historica' records that Deacon Helpidus - advisor to King Theodoric (second Ostrogothic monarch) - suffered from "diabolic infestation" c. 530. CE

He claimed that invisible forces showered him with stones (see falls) inside his own house.

After a `holy man' blessed the house with`holy water' the trouble was said to have ceased.


IFRIT (or afrit) - traditional - Arabia

An angry ghost - seeking vengeance for the oppression or murder that ended its life.

It is said an ifrit can be immobilized by driving a new nail into the ground where the murder was committed (see similarities).


INVISIBLE KNIVES / ASSAILANTS - historical & ongoing

These are not friendly ghosts.  They're responsible for all sorts of wounds inflicted on humans by invisible assailants, most resulting in severe, slashing cuts.  Some "mass reports" - eg. Nanking (1876), Paris (1623), while there are many more of individuals attacked.

In a drastic reported case a woman was killed, almost instantly, by multiple slicings (and gougings) while walking with a group of others, at Ventimiglia, N. Italy in 1761.

Whatever happened was fast.  A cry - her friends turned - her body fell to the ground, cut to pieces! Her clothes and shoes were shredded around her but, despite her literal dissection, there was no sign of blood - or of the missing gobbets of flesh and organs.  (Annual Register - French Academy of Sciences 1761).

More recently, in December 1931, the captain of the German steamer Brechsee saw a man receive a four-inch gash in his head - `from nowhere' - which knocked him unconscious to the deck.  See New York Times 8 Dec. 1931 and Fort's account. [scroll up a line or ten]

A more recent Pravda compendium of attacks (perhaps inspired by this page?).

Discussed by John Michell and Robert J.M. Rickard in `Phenomena' - 1977

`Abdul Al-Hazred', alleged author of "Al Azif" c. 730 allegedly met such a fate, in broad daylight (in the year 738?) - "he ... came apart in bloody fragments, as if devoured by an invisible monster, in the market-place of Damascus." -
`EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL - Conspiracies, Cults, and Cover-ups' 1998 - Robert Anton Wilson ISBN 0-330-38994-7

Some sources - ref 1, ref 2, ref 3, but denied in ref 4


LITHOBOLIA c. 1690, New Hampshire, USA

A pamphlet called `Lithobolia or The Stone Throwing Devil' was published by Richard Chamberlain who had been secretary for the province of New Hampshire.

He told how stones, bricks and domestic utensils were hurled about by an invisible `demon' in the Great Island house of George Walton while he was there; the episode lasting about three months.

He was `prevented from publishing' until he returned to England (1698).

Note - about ten years later the `Witch Trials' erupted in Salem, Mass. (about ten miles away).


NELLY BUTLER'S GHOST 1800 - 1801, Machias, Maine, USA

Said to be 1st `fully authenticated' American haunting.  A disembodied voice told the Blaisdel family that they were to be haunted, giving a month's warning.  On time, the ghost of Nelly Butler appeared in the house.

During the following months the ghost was also out and about around Machias, seen by so many that even skeptics recanted.  Some said she "seemed to have a shining halo around her head" and answered (accurately) all questions.

Next spring she vanished.


PERFUME GHOSTS 1670 - ongoing?

Some researchers hold that certain ghosts are sensed only as `phantom scents'.

An entry in the 1696 edition of John Aubrey's `Miscellanies' reads :- "Anno 1670, not far from Cirencester, was an apparition.  Being demanded whether a good spirit or bad, it returned no answer, but disappeared with a curious Perfume and most melodious Twang."


Pithecanthropus 1919 - 1922 initially Poland

Franeck Kluski was a quiet character who had been skeptical about `seances' and investigated by holding sessions of his own.  Remarkably he began getting exceptional results, before many independent witnesses.

On several occasions between 1919 and 1922 he materialized a large friendly-ish ape-like entity of enormous strength which he called `Pithecanthropus'.

Below - Franeck at start of one seance, clasping hands of neighbors while a large shape (`pithecanthropus'?) materializes behind him.

Franeck Kluski and friend

An eye-witness said - "This ape was of such great strength that it could easily move a heavy bookcase, filled with books, through the room, carry a sofa over the heads of sitters, or lift the heaviest persons with their chairs in the air to the height of a tall person."
and -
"Though the ape's behavior sometimes caused fear ... it was never malignant.  Indeed it often expressed goodwill, gentleness, and readiness to obey."


POLTERGEIST, historic from 251 BCE - on-going, world-wide

`Rumbling / Noisy Ghost' - (German) - most commonly reported, witnessed, filmed / photographed supernatural event.  "The poltergeist is too well witnessed, in too many situations, over too long a period of time, for it not to be a true phenomenon" - Hereward Carrington & Nandor Fodor, `The Story of the Poltergeist Down The Centuries', Rider & Co. 1953

Visitations often last for three to six months but shorter or longer ones are reported.  Sourceless noises, some extremely loud, reported & even recorded (Amherst's neighbors could hear, while at Cideville "it was impossible to stay in the room").

So-called poltergeists are said to be responsible for all falls & oozes etc., thrown objects, moving furniture and more.

Reportedly some events have one-person `focus' - adolescents are apocryphal - but many cases feature no young people, or no focus, at all.

`Perceptions' note - most so-called `explanations' for poltergeists seem to be merely circular arguments.  These variously cite `stress', `trauma' or `sexual tension' but completely fail to show how these "causes" can break the laws of physics - as poltergeist (and PK) events continue to do, in front of many witnesses.

Classic and contemporary cases, phenomena witnessed by police, Press, TV, churchmen, ASSAP, SPR & ASPR are detailed and analyzed in:-

`The Story of the Poltergeist Down the Centuries' by H. Carrington, [1953] :  "... it appears incredible that such coincidental happenings could possibly have taken place in all ages and in all parts of the world, had there not been some genuine manifestations behind these reports"

`The Poltergeist Experience' by D. Scott Rogo, [New York. 1979] :  "in ... instances, the poltergeist may be a true psychic invasion"

`Poltergeists' by Alan Gauld & A.D. Cornell, [1979] :  "[T]hey think there is something paranormal at work. ... if they are right, the world must be a much stranger place than we rationalists like to think it is"

`Poltergeist' by Colin Wilson, [Putnam 1981] :  "Poltergeists are, for the most part, spirits of the dead"

`The Poltergeist Phenomenon' by Anne & John Spencer, [London 1997] :  "The fact of poltergeists is proven, but their source is not"

Most witnessed modern UK case - that of the Harper family of Enfield, during 1977 - 1979.  Maurice Grosse (also vouched for by victims as a most able counselor in difficult circumstances), and Guy Lyon Playfair investigated.  They reported phenomena including teleportation & P.K., in `This House is Haunted' 1980.  Some recordings of the Enfield Poltergeist Case.

Charles Hoy Fort collected records of poltergeist and other phenomena - it's up to you what you think of them.

Certain UFO / ET sightings caused several months of poltergeist phenomena. - from `Unearthly Disclosure' p. 43, by Timothy Good
Century 2000 ISBN 0-7126-8465-4

Feb 2005 - Irish priest calls for parapsychologists and exorcists to help.

Some famous cases in Wiki.

below - a Press photo of pots and pans pirouetting in mid-air.

kitchen ware?

June 1955 - at village of St.Jean-de-Maurienne (France/Italy border).

Madame Teresa Costa (and baby) were plagued by a kitchen poltergeist, and so local Press duly arrived.

This Press photographer witness said he saw various pots and cutlery (here a saucepan, pot-lid, scissors and box (of matches?)) "slide from their places, make a semicircle in the air and fall in different locations" - over a prolonged period of time.



A little knowledge proved to be dangerous:  Thomas Perks, a 23 yr old, got hold of a "book of Magic" and tried to "raise ghosts" by using its spells.  One night, at a lonely crossroads near Bristol, he drew his protective circle and the drama began.

raised spirits

However "the spirits appeared faster than he desired, and in most dismal shapes, hissing at him and attempting to throw spears and balls of fire, which did very much affright him, insomuch that his hair stood upright, and he expected every minute to be torn to pieces."

The account describes how Thomas was trapped inside the circle until daybreak and concluded "he never recovered from the shock, and pined away and died."

Account - `The Supernatural' (1891) by Lionel A Weatherly.

Note: Roads in Mangotsfield run east-West, but recently traces have been found of an old Roman Road (see "1992"), running North-South, which might've formed that cross-road (a cross-road is traditionally associated with spirits / supernatural powers).


This is a controversial brand of ghostliness - so there's no accepted tests.

Here's a Google video search - Ghosts Caught on Tape'

And a site for `Ghost Photographs'

Maybe more of those to come?


REVENANTS - ongoing?
A brand of ghost who return sometimes centuries later.

They're typically said to have died under stress - in wars & suchlike - and are therefore mostly attired in their uniforms or regalia.  Eg - a band of Ojibwa warriors who were killed in battle about a century ago are now recently reported as `stalking' their old battleground - in full war-dress.

CCTV image - Oct '03

Here's CCTV image of unexplained "doorway ghost" at 16th Cent. Hampton Court (home of Henry VIII) caught Oct. 2003.

Report - `several occasions security guards were alerted to an open fire door in an exhibition area of the palace.  After securing the door each time, they returned to their office to view the CCTV footage to see who had opened them ... first occasion the footage showed the doors flying wide open, but no evidence of why they had.
On the second, the guards were stunned when a ghostly figure in period dress suddenly appeared on the screen and closed the doors.  The same thing happened on a third day.  QUOTE "It was incredibly spooky because the face just didn't look human" UNQUOTE
Stranger still was that a visitor had noted in the palace's visitor book that she thought she had seen a ghost in that area.'

Account Ananova - Story filed: 12:48 Friday 19th December 2003.

L.E.M.U.R here has animated footage showing doors flying open - before the figure appears.


[ Perceptions opines that those needing `power' e.g. politicians, mandarins, police-chiefs, judges and even some mediums, are mostly liars, pervs or thieves.]
There are, however, some few mediums who prove themselves honest, even under strict investigation.  Mrs Leonore E. Piper (nee Simonds, 1857 - 1950) of Boston Mas., was checked for c. 15 years by the SPR's most famous ghost-buster Richard Hodgson and found by him to be genuinely "in touch with the dead."

Also there was the celebrated Eusapia Palladino, investigated by Pierre and Marie Curie and a group of fellow scientists (at least three more Nobel winners) over a lengthy period and of whom Pierre Curie wrote " ... those phenomena exist for real, and I can't doubt it any more.  It is unbelievable, but it is thus, and it is impossible to negate it after the séances that we had in conditions of perfect monitoring. ...There is, according to me a completely new domain of facts and physical states of space of which we have no idea." - (14 April 1906, to physicist Georges Gouy)

Here's another possible mediumistic example.

And of course there's D.D. Home, famed for such deeds as causing distant (and locked-up) musical instruments to play (once playing "Home, Sweet Home"), and especially for impromptu levitation and fire-handling.  Almost unique, in that he would work in strange surroundings, in brightly lit rooms or even out of doors and in daylight.

Perhaps another - Ethel Post-Parrish of Pennsylvania, who could materialize an Indian girl spirit called "Silver Belle".  Some of the full set of infra-red snaps taken on the occasion when, before a large audience, she materialized "Silver Belle" may still be available at write-up from "Survival e-books"

seance1   seance2   seance3


Curiously, the phenomenon was maybe foretold by one who disapproved of `seances' as frivolous & sensational.
Andrew Jackson Davis (1826 - 1910), the `Seer of Poughkeepsie' - who, although `uneducated', early became a successful healer and dictated his masterpiece - all before his twenty-first birthday.
[Here's his "Scribe's Intro"]

[His ethos:- "Truth is an eternal principle; and any institution, creed, denomination, or any influence of a sectarian character, that opposes in any way the free and unrestrained investigation of truth, must evidently be founded on ignorance, superstition, and bigotry.  And, moreover, anything which tends to restrict the spirit of inquiry, openly manifests its own error",  is close to that of `Perceptions', they just used more words in those days.]
Subsequently, on Mar 31 1848, he wrote in his diary that he'd `heard a "tender and strong" voice tell him, "Brother, the good work has begun -- behold, a living demonstration is born." - apparently the same time as little Kate Fox challenged a `spirit'.
Hydesville, New York - on the night of March 31, 1848, according to testimony taken afterwards, Margaret, age 13, lying in bed and accustomed to the presence of an unseen knocker who haunted the house, merrily snapped her fingers and called out, "Here Mr. Split-foot, do as I do!"
There was an instant response.  The unseen rapper replied by imitating the number of the little girl's responses.  Then the child raised her thumb and forefinger in silent gestures of communication.  "Oh look, mother," cried the excited child, "it can see as well as hear!"
sources:,, Psychic Investigator, SpiritWritings Library, Uni Michigan, Book of Thoth

Another self-taught `seer' and strangely proficient author was Hudson Tuttle (1836-1910) of Berlin Heights, Ohio.  His writings were quoted by F.C.L. Büchner in `Force and Matter' (1864), and by Charles Darwin in `The Descent of Man' (1871) - neither of whom were aware that Hudson was an `uneducated farm-boy'.

Here's his own account - " ... I was born in what was then a wilderness on the southern shores of Lake Erie (Ohio, USA) and for the early years of my life ... had exceedingly limited social and educational advantages... for I had access to few books.  I was in a farmhouse remote from town, and libraries were not accessible.  I had attended school eleven months in all, six of which were at a district school, and five at a small academy."
- Preface to `Arcana of Spiritualism'


Levitation - here's photos, from slightly different angles, of medium Colin Evans apparently in mid-air at one of his packed seances of the 1930's (in some sort of church-hall - London)

levitation angle1
levitation angle2

i) inner ring of audience (hand-linked) differently affected; some "unconscious", nearest woman repelling, others staring ahead.

ii) Evans' clothing, especially trousers, seem "pushed-up" in loose folds against body - no sign of harness tightness etc.

Photos recently attributed to the Daily Mirror, of 13 June 1938

A famous historical levitator was "St Joseph" of Cupertino, who, when he was an ordinary Franciscan friar, was many times witnessed (once by the High Admiral of Castile) to cry out then rise and fly to high parts of the church (if indoors) or into a tree.
Once he flew high into an olive tree and, according to a witness, "he remained kneeling for half an hour on a branch, which was seen to sway as if [only] a bird had perched on it."

The authorities, highly embarrassed by the publicity, began moving Joseph from one monastery to another until his death (1663).  Only afterwards was he made into a "Saint".


SHIN - traditional - China

Mischevious `spirit' - of many types, each of which is said to appear during its `own' day (of a recurring 60 day cycle).

Believers put out small gifts of food overnight to placate the `shin' (similar precautions seem to be taken where the `little people' are involved).


TABLE TURNING / RAPPING, P.K. (psychokinesis) - ongoing

Movement or `animation' of objects, including heavy tables etc.  Sometimes under laboratory conditions, many events filmed & / or televised.

Toronto, Canada
Toronto Group A research group led by Dr. A.R.G. Owen decided to `invent' a ghost called Philip but the project caused the animation of the table they were using.

The table, now called `Philip', became quite active, even appearing with the group on Canadian TV.  It is reported that Philip (the table) `climbed' about unaided - account here.
UK - Psychologist Kenneth Batcheldor with others conducted about 200 `table experiments' which early began producing strong PK events.  Some were witnessed by Guy Lyon Playfair who said he'd `witnessed more PK activity in a single session than I had in ten years of investigating'.  Once a heavy 46 lbs. table was still moving around the room even when all four witnesses were sitting on it.  At that point they stopped the experiment.
Prof. John G Neihardt's research group SORRAT used `seance-mode' to create various PK effects - vibrations, rappings, teleportation & levitation, some filmed.  Successes with objects in glass cases or inside bottles.
P.E.A.R (Princeton) have made intensive consciousness research experiments from which you can draw startling conclusions: - that P-K does exist, and that surroundings and composition of groups have profound effects on the amount of change in the experiment's statistical output, even when attendees do not know an experiment is running.
Russia - Nina Kulagina
Nina Kulagina Described as "one of modern science's greatest puzzles".  An ordinary Russian housewife, she has been observed (and filmed) causing objects to move under glass, using only her mind.  First noted by psychologist L.L. Vasiliev, who made exhaustive tests, many filmed.

In Feb. 1996 some of these films were televized in the UK.  Most spectacular - Nina successfully separated the white and yolk of an egg with mental power.  Monitors showed that Nina lost weight, had changed pulse and decreasing blood-sugar during the experiments.
QUOTE - The Soviet Academy of Sciences determined that her PK ability was genuine.  Sheila Ostrander and Lynn Schroeder discussed the PK feats of Nina Kulagina in their book `Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain'.- UNQUOTE

PK - Metal Bending
See `The Metal Benders' (Amazon) by Prof. John B. Hasted (Wiki entry)
"John B. Hasted  (1921-2002),  Ph.D.,  Physics professor, University of London.  In his book `The Metal Benders', he describes his research of psychokinesis claimants and psychokinesis events he personally witnessed."
Hasted, John B.  (1981). `The Metal Benders'.  London: Routledge and Kegan Paul.
ISBN 0-7100-0597-0.  OCLC 7923491.


VALLEY FORGE GHOST - c. late 1770's

George Washington was said to have been visited by a spirit at Valley Forge.

The (female) spirit warned Washington of what could happen to America if it did not pursue peace and equality.


VAMPIRES - historical & ongoing

Didn't intend to include these but ghost research turned out serendipitous.

Maybe interlocking factors from "psyche storms" and "little people" were coming home to roost (on `Perceptions' desk) when we read of some strange happenings:

- modern, larger than man-sized cases in the USA, with historical links to Native American oral tradition;

- seemingly inter-related historical & modern series mainly in Latin America, many associated with sulfurous smells.

Although various, wildly differing headings could be found for these items, they fit under "vampire-like" reports and sightings.

Classical `Vampires' have a very long world-wide history (in India they are called Virikas).

Here's vampire literature site.

And here's the classic `Nosferatu' (silent movie based on Bram Stoker's `Dracula')


VATICAN GETS WARNED 1917 Fatima, Portugal

After series of visitations by "angels" to three peasant children in Portugal, on October 13, 1917, a huge crowd of c. 60,000 fervent believers, all cold, wet & bedraggled, saw a moving - and hot - daytime apparition.

Of the `three secrets' communicated during this event, the third remains as specially mysterious.  Vatican officials - normally only known to suppress information (see the `Index of Prohibited Books') - spent 13 years checking this case and at least one cardinal (or Pope?) was said to be horrified by the first two messages, foretelling "wars and persecutions of the Church.  The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated."

See Vatican's version of all three secrets.  For third secret (if we're to believe the Vatican is telling the whole truth) go FIND for "flaming".

UFOs over the VaticanWhatever action the Vatican took, it may not have been sufficient, since some folk claim the mass sightings over Rome and the Vatican City in 1954 [some reports here] were a reminder - or a further warning.

Also see - translation of `Consul's Report'.

N.b. - There was a wave of southern Europe sightings, beginning in September 1954 in France, and extending into Tuscany in October 1954 - see ufo-florence.txt


WILL O'THE WISP - Jack o'Lantern \ Ignis Fatuus \ Corpse-Candle - Europe?

Dancing, moving lights - foretelling tragedy / death or leading wanderers to doom.

Recent explanations of `ignited marsh gas' fail to account for many reports on dry land or over sea lochs.


`WIZZARDS CLIPP' c. 1794, Shenandoah Valley, Va.

Adam Livingston was a wealthy Protestant farmer from Pennsylvania who brought a house "and seventy acres contiguous thereto" in or near Smithfield, Va. [now called `Middleway']

When a guest or lodger (who was a Catholic) fell ill and, on his death-bed, asked for a priest, Livingston "an intensely bigoted member of the Lutheran church" refused, and thereafter the household was pestered by quite severe poltergeist activity, especially the `clipping' - by invisible shears heard throughout the house - of cloth, leather and the like.

Many witnesses.   A curious visitor apparently suffered `clipping' of her new hat (cap) - even after trying to protect it by wrapping it in a cloth.  See this historical account.

Records say Livingston tried many `exorcists' and clergy and finally (and ironically), in desperation turned to a Catholic priest.  Eventually, when Livingston himself became a Catholic, the clipping activity ceased.

However other, milder activities seem to have persisted - voices, moving stones, the breaking of a mirror are described in this admittedly propagandistic or proselytizing page.


Other Dramatis Personae ~
Djinn, Genie, Jinni, Jinnee - (eastern / desert spirit) pl. "djinn"
Fetch \ Doppelganger - (double seen before death \ tragedy)
Incubus \ Succubus - (sexual debaucher)
Knocker \ Kobbold - (mines' gremlin)
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`The New Revelation'

Arthur Conan Doyle

Notice `the supernatural' is decried by establishments?
Yet evidence says -
`Establishments fear the Supernatural more than most of us'.

Here's a tale of panic and warnings, priests' pleas, politicians' rants and threats - all over a `Magic Stone'.
When and Where?  -  1950's London!

When the `Stone of Destiny' of Irish and Scottish legend and heritage, looted from Scotland by Edward I of England in 1296, was re-taken by Scottish students from Westminster Abbey in 1950, there was a police-dragnet, road-blocks and all the apparatus of a `national state of emergency'.

Even now it seems the establishment is worried about that
`magic stone'.

It seems that supernatural / psychic / mental problems can occur after attempts to contact spirits.  Evidence says mere belief gives wider perceptions, and, from the scenarios above, it seems to enable physical forces and `impossible' phenomena.  Please go careful there.

"There are many ways of opening the doors of perception.  Not all of them enable you to control what comes through the open doors, or to get them shut again" - Guy Lyon Playfair (The Indefinite Boundary, 1976)

1890 - The Society for Psychical Research conducted first Census of Hallucinations.  The team of investigators received 17,000 responses to their questions and a significant number, almost 10%, said they had positive experience of `seeing or being touched by a living being, or by an animated object, or of hearing a voice, which was apparently not due to any external physical cause'.

1948 - Similar census by researcher D J West received 14% positive responses (from 1,519) reporting definite hallucinations of a psychic character.  Many of the reports described `ghosts' which had been seen, repeatedly, for centuries.

2007 - Similar poll in USA says "34% believe in ghosts, 23% have seen one" - full report here.

2000 Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research was a long-running project which had continuous positive results of anomalies.

UPDATE - 10 August 2007 - Seems that establishment facade & censorship is beginning to crack - UK Universities to study Para-normal

Samuel (Dr) Johnson
"All argument is against it, but all belief is for it"

Who says all argument is against it?

some cases / images from "A Dictionary of Ghosts" edited by Peter Haining,
1999 ISBN 0-7090-6532-9
some cases / images from "Unexplained Phenomena - A Rough Guide Special"
2000 ISBN 1-85828-589-5

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