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9 - Hierarchies

Organizations, like Organisms,
cycle through
birth, growth, decline, death


Organizations are born from a perceived need:-

curiosity >> science | orphans >> orphanage | communication >> media | poverty >> charity | fairness >> juries | organization >> government | superstition >> church | anti-oppression >> libertarianism.

This always happens against the will of the establishment 70 & 72 &73 & 74

Why?  The 'establishment' has all power and privilege, therefore it cannot want any change.  Constructive change is always opposed by establishments.

"Fear of change perplexes monarchs."
John Milton

"No great reform, either legislative or executive, has been originated in any country by its rulers."
Henry Thomas Buckle

Working against the odds, themselves oppressed and deprived, members of the organization struggle to serve their perceived purpose -

i.e.  the orphans, poverty, moral belief, liberty etc.


1 - The organization becomes visible to the community and attracts other dedicated, altruistic citizens.

2 - It begins to be seen as a `good thing' and its members seen as worthwhile people.  This gives them prestige.

3 - The establishment eventually - in one way or another - incorporates the organization into the machinery of the State, granting powers and privileges (financial and physical) to the members.


1 - Prestige, privilege and, above all, power, attracts people who are not dedicated to the need.

2 - So bullies, thieves 75  and perverts 75A will aim to get power 76  within the organization.  Those with strongest, most corrupt motives tend to achieve most power.

3 - Therefore any hierarchy's real boss - if not a reformer - is an abuser of some sort.


People - first at the grass roots, then generally - see abuses practiced by members of the organization.

The organization often reacts by adopting measures directly opposing 78  the original need. 75 & 79

Travelling upwards - as all real social phenomena travel* - the new perceptions are:-

police 700  become known as 'pigs' and murderers (despite there being many honest police);

school 78  or orphanage staff become known as class-biased &/or pedophile (despite there being many honest teachers).  Priests 701  and Churches 702 & 703  likewise;

charities become tax scams for the rich, 704 doubling the routes to stealing from the poor: first through corrupt tax system, 705  then by ruthlessly 706 deceiving and exploiting the altruism 707  of the poor;

bureaucrats 708  become known as bullies and legalized thieves (despite there being some honest civil-servants);

politicians, 709 lawyers and media-men 710  become known as liars, tyrants and legalized thieves 73  (despite there being one or two honest ones - maybe);

researchers in science and academia become class-biased 711  and politicised, eventually serving only the interests of monopolies or self-interested gov'ts. 712 & 713

*Abusive types are generally cowardly and initially restrict their oppression to those seen as helpless:- the people at the bottom of the social structure who have no voice.

*Which is why abusers make use of our primitive class-bias, 714 sexism & racism, 715 and why their abuse, if unchecked, goes from bullying and legalized theft - to pedophile abuse 716  - to rape - to murder - to genocide.

"At the back of every great social evil will be found a great political wrong"
Alfred Russel Wallace

Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoi

"In order to get power and retain it, it is necessary to love power;
but love of power is not connected with goodness but with qualities that are the opposite of goodness,
such as pride, cunning and cruelty."

I.e. - if not fighters for justice,
most seekers-of-power have tended to be pervert.

"We wish only to remind all governments and societies of our modern world that where the prosperity and well-being of a few privileged individuals are set above the human well-being of the mass of ordinary people, then we are still on the road to the death camps" - Bruedelmann

"The Salamander Tree" by Robert Lipscombe
Hamish Hamilton Ltd 1990 ISBN 0-241-12795-5

The Book of Common Prayer
Concerning the Service of the Church

"there was never any thing by the wit of man so well devised, or so sure established,

which in continuance of time hath not been corrupted"



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