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8 - "Which region?"

You're looking for a region where behavior, especially mating, is observable and where outcomes are also observable

You can immediately rule out many areas where humans lived during pre-history

icy polar areas woods / forests

Icy conditions demanded communal life - and communal sleeping - so parentage was never certain.  Similarly temperate or tropical forests concealed both mating and social behavior.  No consistent conclusions could be drawn by observers in these regions

We see that humans whose cultural and social evolution took place in such places never achieved a clear view of that evolution, their beliefs were simple expressions of FEAR

primitive fear

However there were regions where :-

open desert lands

a)  humans had to cooperate and live in family groups, where clandestine mating was almost impossible so that lineage was identifiable and could be recorded

b)  human groups were clearly visible and known by physical and social behavior to all other humans in the region so that inherited traits were identifiable and could be recorded

c)  human long-term extinctions or survivals were visible, known and assigned to moral causes, so identifying and recording successful codes of conduct.

These circumstances could explain the nearly simultaneous arrival of both writing and moral beliefs in the near-deserts of EuroAsia and the Middle East.

The indications are that our moral beliefs were practically based on observations recorded in writing.

This fact, that writing and the moral religions probably originated in the same place and time, is significant.

It says they were both initially used for the same purpose, warning of suicidal ref-71  results of greed and violence.  This is why our original moral beliefs coincided with the actions of the Altruist Survivor.

Outcome:  Over time, the results of this ancient and probably much-repeated research became `set in stone', due to subsequent losses of science ref-72 and social fragmentations.

When societies collapse, superstition takes the place of science - therefore long-term non-survival behavior became branded as SINS.

It is likely that earlier science recognized that aberrant behaviour - later coming to be known by the superstitious name of `sin' - is unfailingly `punished' by the mechanisms / outcomes of evolution.

Therefore such behaviour cannot be `forgiven' or `redeemed' as later corrupt priestly classes would claim (in exchange for bribes). ref-73

Real `sins' inevitably result in extinction from the future of the human race - which again came to be called by the superstitious `damnation'.
ref-74 & ref-75

Ironically -

a twist of logic argues that Altruist Survivors evolved fastest where no moral religion existed - that is, where humans did not know the likely consequences of their actions,  and therefore acts of unconscious altruism are more significant.


Sadly, although it seems "Religions" came from recording and recognizing truth, it is part of that truth that religious organizations or "Churches" become centers of power and are quickly taken over ref-76  by power-seekers - those least able to see the truths implicit in moral Religions.

"Such evil deeds could religion prompt"

and Romans II
"And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God?"

That 'judgment' is real enough.

The A.S. principle says that such people face extinction, exclusion from the future of the human race as we continue to evolve away from the greedy and the power-hungry who're motivated to dominate hierarchies.



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