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5 - "Passing Evils"

`Morality' actually means `conduct tending to long-term survival' of an individual or group of living organisms.  For Earth organisms like us humans, that `long-term' is a loaded concept, because optimally it would demand ensuring the survival of all Earth life, since, as A R Wallace reminded us, there is "dependence of each upon all".

[ All other uses of the term `morality' (or `criminality') - e.g. by rulers, judiciary & religiouse etc. - are merely power-pervs' excuses for bullying / abuse / murder, and the suppression of truth / freedom. ]

We can see that many `passing evils' - like abuse, murder, rape, incest & pedophile - are anti-survival, since they come under the heading of "inbreeding & reduction of the gene pool".

Attributes more noticeable in human females - intelligence, compassion and forbearance - seem necessary if humans are to have a long-term future.

But male-dominated science can still be foolish, considering only gross results of actions.

You know the sort of thing - "A man's genes will allow him to rescue his brother from a river because they have 50% of their genes in common but will not allow saving a cousin because they share only 12.5% of their genes".

(I.e. - `Selfish Gene' arguments 50)

This crude and false approach completely fails to consider the effects of society's views of actions, for we humans are social and co-operative.  Heroic and self-sacrificing actions are most often performed because heroes are respected and admired.

See latest (2011) review of neuroscience's discovery:  the human brain appreciates beauty and altruism equally, and with the same `circuitry'.

The altruist hero, male or female, comes in for an increased number of mating opportunities, sometimes clandestine.  And because society and the altruist both benefit, there is continuing positive feedback in favor of altruism.  Hence, in part, the genetic advantage of unselfishness.
Conversely, selfish / greedy actions hurt all communities - modern and primitive alike.  We turn against selfish people: a man who will let your children starve is not your friend.  He is also seen as likely to get pleasure or profit from pain inflicted on others.

For such complex reasons the selfish do not get genuine mating invitations and the resulting negative feedback decreases greed and violence.  Hence, in part, the genetic disadvantage of selfishness.

- - -

All above were merely logical deductions: confirmation came later:-

2010 Research Update - `Altruism .. part of our genetic make-up'

2012 Research Update - `Selfishness = Slower Evolution'

2013 Research Update - "Selflessness is Sexy ..."

2014 Research Update - `Distrust Mean People'.

Nature wins out eventually.  Today we don't see the direct descendants of Khans or Caesars or numberless petty kings still ruling us; even a few generations of privilege have a sad effect.

Before long an elite family seems cold, ugly, greedy and pervy, when compared to normal evolving humanity.  Which means that all dynasties die out.

Nb: all over the world ruling elites - even today - behave 51  in ways that normal humans think of as disgustingly cold, brutal and inhuman. 52 & 53 & 54 & 55 & 56

[ An indicated side effect of the cold emotional environment of privileged breeding - prearranged marriages to preserve wealth and power - is the offspring becoming alienated and/or misogynist, often unable to mate 54  normally* see Note below ]

At times these transformations happen spectacularly in the next few generations.  Most of us can name rulers, political or otherwise, who have produced grotesquely selfish or stupid offspring.  And these effects are multiplied when further privileged breeding takes place. 517

Note :   The `English Disease' (sometimes conflated with the linked `vice anglais') of three or more centuries ago was the name given by Europeans to the inbred English aristocrats' preference for sexual abuse 59  of children, usually of young boys.  So the rich English elite were 58  despised in Europe, where they took their `Grand Tours'.

Many elites descend into that perversion.  Exploitation of the helpless, 54  which is the mind-set of the bully, power-freak or tyrant, is the same as the mind-set of the pedophile.


And all societies suffer from this passing evil. see below*
In Britain and Western Europe, where more data are available, we see that organised pederasts are predominantly from the professional elites 59  - senior judges, attorneys, police and security officials (secret police), politicians, diplomats, academics and churchmen. 507A

This explains the evidence of continuing sexual abuse of children and young people in Britain, Europe and the US.  In all State and Church organisations criminal perverts are found in positions of power, 59  because perverts have the strongest motivation to achieve that power. 500

Third World's oppressive regimes and poverty means their children are easy victims of Western elites' child-abusers whose wealth and position give them power over children, first in Africa and now in the Far East. 501

Rape & pedophilia are 'passing evils'.
From Elaine Morgan's work 502 and other analyses 503
we can conclude they were impossible at earlier times and will again be impossible in the future.

I.e. in our ancient past, both sexual desire and all sexual activity were ruled by estrus and rut - both tightly bound to the Full Moon.

It is clear that power elites and establishments are more primitive than the main population, treating people [and animals] with cruelty, bullying, abuse, degradation and slaughter.  See: - mutilation and murder of "gladiators" in Roman arenas;  medieval racist pogroms;  English judges hanging starving children for minor food-theft (only stopped, eventually, by juries 506);  "bare-knuckle" fighting for the enjoyment of Regency bucks - (succeeded by professional boxing);  16/17th  Cent. slaughter of "witches" 507;  upper-class abuse of animals (fox hunting, Chipperfield cruelty case 1999, intensive farm abuse of animals);  State organised kidnap and abuse/murder of aboriginal children in USA and Australia;  US Tuskegee syphilis experiments (30's) 508;  UK, US & European elites' support for Hitler's slaughter of jews, gays, gypsies and humanists, and their families 509 & 510 & 511;  recent kidnap and deportation of children of the poor in 20th  Cent. England 512;  the Churches' and Establishment's sexual abuse of poor children in England and Ireland up to & including present day;  gov't starvation of children for 20th Cent. slavery of Welsh miners 513;  US syphilis /STD experiments in Guatemala (40's) 514current medical "murder by experiment" 515  of working-class children (see Bristol, England 1998; Stoke, England '99, and later allegations of poor children butchered for body parts for the rich ('99 Mid-East, '08/'09 India-China);  medical murder of the old/poor in English hospitals - to Nov. '99 516;  doctors' abuse (sexual?) of unconscious patients 2001 517; Spain's doctors & nurses stealing babies to sell to adopters 2011 518; UK's hospital managers and doctors intentionally killing thousands of elderly patients by starvation and thirst - long-term to 2013 519 & 520 & 521

Where love rules, there is no will to power;
and where power predominates, there love is lacking.

C. G. Jung


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