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3 - Animals' Choices

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Misunderstanding the phrase "survival of the fittest", neo-Darwinists fail to pursue the logic of evolution - for when bigger, stronger types monopolize habitats, smaller or weaker types must adapt.

The privileged group therefore remains at its primitive level, while the non-privileged group evolves intellectually and physically. 31

If neo-Darwinists were logical - not chauvinist - they would say "Stagnation of the strongest, Evolution of the weakest".  A look at both fossil and living evidence indicates that this always applies to catastrophic and non-catastrophic 32 & 33  evolutionary divergence.

Fresh findings:-

In the 1930's
zoologists became aware of a new type of chimpanzee living in central-west Africa, in areas where it has been pushed by the older and larger chimpanzees and gorillas.

The older chimpanzee, Pan troglodytes, was previously thought to be our most recent (c. 6 million years) nearest DNA relative, being closer to humans than the gorilla.  We are said to have diverged from the other apes up to around 10 million years ago. 33A & 33B

[Although the most recent research 33C now points to an earlier split between us and chimps - at least 7 or 8 million years ago and maybe up to 13 million years ago; with the gorillas losing touch from about 8 million years ago to maybe as much as 19 million years ago.]

DNA testing shows that this `younger' chimpanzee - Pan paniscus - split away from the older chimpanzees less than 2 million years ago, perhaps as little as 1 million years.

The new chimpanzee, the Bonobo, is smaller, slighter and more intelligent than its older cousin.

The females, with greater equality and a stronger socializing influence, help create a more peaceful and sharing33C  community, for there is less communal or sexual 34  violence in this new species.

Significantly they have been driven into the least attractive food habitat and excluded from territory dominated by bigger, stronger, more primitive chimpanzees and gorillas.

UPDATE Aug 2011
"Bonobos more intelligent than chimpanzees" [text version]

Pan Paniscus is a smaller, weaker, less aggressive, more intelligent chimpanzee.  It is dominated and deprived of food by its larger more aggressive "old chimpanzee" cousins.

Pan paniscus could never have evolved - if crude Darwinian 'survival of the fittest' were true. 37

These facts indicate the "Altruist Survivor" principle is operating in our closest relatives.

UPDATE - 07 Jan. 2010:  "Heroic behaviour among animals is far more common than previously thought"

UPDATE - 10 Jan. 2013:  "Duke study finds bonobos prefer sharing food with strangers"

UPDATE - 15 Jan. 2013:  Chimp experiments trace the "evolutionary roots of human ethical behaviour"

UPDATE - 26 Apr. 2013:  "animals display altruism and empathy ... We are not unique"


"Sexual Differences"

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