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2 - Academic Fools

"Do as We say - Not as We do!"greedy rulers

World-wide, rulers claimed that
Darwin really meant

"selfishness wins"

Foolish rulers, and tame academics motivated by greed, ignore the evidence, even now.

Evidence says:

"Dominance is Lethal"
"Adaptability is Paramount"
"Adaptability is lost by Privilege"


"True Intelligence chooses equal Co-existence"

Which enables continued evolution.



Early - 300 - 400 million yrs ago
Huge armored fish ruled the Devonian Period.

Specialized:- getting larger (this one grew to 30 feet or more), more efficient, eating everything that moved.

huge dinosaur

Later - 200 million yrs ago
Giant dinosaur predators ruled the land in the Jurassic and later (Tyrannosaurus came after this Allosaur).

Specialized:- getting larger, more efficient, eating everything that moved.

huge sabretooth tiiger

Still later - 1 million yrs ago
Terrible cat-like predators stalked the Pliocene Epoch and later, until last few tens of thousands of years.

Specialized:- getting larger, more efficient, eating everything that moved.

All these `dominators' are now extinct

ancient sharks, dinosaurs & giant-tigers
were survived by beings who
didn't dominate others

Evidence  -  Differential Extinctions / Differential Survivals

When a group of species experiences eco-changes (called `horizons' by paleontologists), the most frequently observed result is that a `predator' species goes extinct, while the `prey' species adapts and survives.
p. 20 `Fossils - A Study in Evolution' by J.O.I Spoczynska

Mar. 2011 - `Richard Lenski and colleagues show that more adaptable bacteria (oriented toward long-term improvement) prevailed over competitors that held a short-term advantage.'
`Second-Order Selection for Evolvability in a Large Escherichia coli Population'

Feb. 2012 - Research debunks `aggression/competition' - shows "biological basis for co-operative and empathetic behaviour"
`New research on higher animals from primates and elephants to mice'

Jan. 2013 - Animal experiments "illustrates the evolutionary roots of human ethical behaviour""
`Sharing: Chimp study reveals origins of human fair play'

Aug 2013 - Human-based neuro-science experiments identify brain areas for `generosity' and `sharing'
The Human Brain is `Hard-Wired for Giving'

Jul. 2016 - The mathematics of `altruistic yeast' could solve/reform human banking crises
"Altruism has more of an evolutionary advantage than selfishness"

Even now, our rulers lack the real intelligence which allows the rest of humanity to co-exist peacefully.

Foolish elites practise corruption 20  usury 20A; theft, slavery and genocide, 21  ignorantly asserting, against all logic, that Darwin's `Theory' of competing species could be applied to human individuals within a single species.

Motivated by selfishness and fear, they deviously claim this to be Social Darwinism or Neo-Darwinism. 22

Sad and cowardly media pundits, academics and even scientists 23 - all depending on ruling elites for pay, prestige, and tenure - pretend that "Survival Of The Fittest" could be compatible with a privileged elite who exclude themselves from evolution. 24

Example - "The Selfish Gene" by Richard Dawkins 25

Ironically, corrupt establishments claim to represent Law / Justice but, in most countries, rulers fear and hate honest or just laws. 26

All history proves the cowardice and stupidity of the elites' academics.

Here are just a few examples:-

Around 900 BCE runaway slaves and outlaws founded an egalitarian republic of Rome, which grew into an Empire.  But eventually its inbred 27 & 28 and effete aristocracy of estate-owners and `senators', perverted by usury and privilege, became so incompetent that they were eventually ruled by incoming Celts, Teutons and Semites: their own former slaves. * note

Similarly the British Empire was won and run by Welsh, Scottish, Irish and native English (all sort-of Celts 200): former slaves, first of the Norman-French then of the Hanoverians.  [UK has been 'ruled' by the House of Hanover and their increasingly incompetent descendants, under various names - since 1714. 201]

The next putative `Holy Roman Empire' - a world hegemony hoped-for by the USA's white elite - would actually be maintained, then eventually ruled by descendants of African-Americans:  a folk only recently enslaved, and still oppressed in North America and Europe, especially in England. 202

All living humans are descendants of landless refugees and slaves.
Anyone claiming racial purity or ancestral real estate is a fool,
or a lying politician. 203 & 204

* Calpurnia, wife of Julius Caesar, was daughter to consul Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesonius - a descendant of the Celtic Insubres from Cisalpine Gaul (Northern Italy).

"The love of liberty is the love of others;
the love of power is the love of ourselves"

Wm Hazlitt 1778 - 1830


"Animals' Choices"

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