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A Future

where are mental & somatic evolution and science revolution taking us?

In the near future we'll need to tap direct sunlight in huge quantities.
[We're probably at that point now - the politicians just don't tell us]

Our dwindling fuel reserves - going short of gas, plastics, fertilizers - and the loss of arable land to pollution and desertification caused by our own leaders' greed and stupidity, will force us to get sunlight away from the Earth!

We won't be able to risk losing any more arable land - we've left it too late - and will have to go outside:  to build huge reflectors to capture sunlight and beam the energy back to us.

With that virtually unlimited energy we could repair damage already inflicted on Earth's eco-system by human greed and the stupidity of our "leaders".

The ever-increasing deserts could instead be irrigated and gradually induced to bloom, at the same time we could preserve rain-forests, coral-reefs and all the other marine and continental "lungs and vitals" which pollution and over-exploitation are destroying - a prolonged "suicide-by-greed" for us Earth-dwelling humans.

That sun-energy is not merely wanted - it's vitally necessary!

Where will the energy-collectors have to be positioned?

They can't be put inside Earth's orbit - since any accident could cause a worse-than-nuclear-winter which would destroy scarce crops and infrastructure, if say a reflector slipped between Sun and Earth for any length of time.

That means they've got to go in near-Mars orbit, at Legrange points leading and lagging Mars itself.

[Outside of Mars orbit things get a bit hairy, lots of debris fighting the destructive pull of Jupiter]

The capture of all a star's energy is the sure sign of a certain stage of civilization.

We expect many stars are invisible to us because they are completely surrounded by energy-shields.

And if a star is noticed to be becoming shielded - without demonstrating the wobbles that indicate extra planetary masses - a distant observer can conclude that star-system is hosting beings at that stage of civilization.

planets' orbits
credit -

This is probably the real reason for present-day Mars missions, and the real reason why our "leaders" want to sterilize Mars (by xenocide if necessary).

Mars will be prime building site ('cos it's a lot cheaper to build on Mars and ship a short distance), and also the nearest (cheapest) strategic maintainance site


We'll have to get ourselves organized, as a planet, before then.
The sun-energy will be beamed back here, via focussing devices in Earth orbit or on the Moon.

Those devices will be also be the most powerful laser-guns ever seen in the solar system.

Whoever controls them will, effectively, dominate the Earth.

Would you want any single "country" - prone to change of "leader" and change of mood - to have sole control of those giant lasers?

UPDATE - Oct 2007

11 October 2007
"Pentagon backs plan to beam solar power from space"


All Earth's politicians know that as soon as an elite has a viable enclave on Mars it will be more likely to commit genocide here on Earth, without much care for the consequences for ordinary people anywhere on Earth's surface.

How do Earth's politicians know that?

Because they would do the same!  All politicians are megalomaniacs and likely to commit genocide and world-wide destruction - if they think they can get away with it.

Humans could be close

to use of primary energy

Nb - Primary energy causes


and gives gyroscopes

& pendula their mysterious powers


far from any 'Sun'

primary energy

is strongest

For primary energy is that

which binds matter

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