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Corrupt English senior civil servants, luxuriating in ill-gotten tax-wealth,

have been cheating the fishermen of the UK - just as they cheated the Welsh miners

Just as they cheat all working people in Britain


For some years `Perceptions' editor lived and worked in

Scottish fishing communities, from Mallaig - in

the West, up and around Shetland - to the North, and out

to Aberdeen in the East. Most time was spent with

the folk of Buchan. in the N-East. We (ed. & partner)

were welcomed and made happy in their company

Some might mistake hard-looking trawlermen for

grim or unsociable people - Wrong! They are grand friends we're

always glad to meet over a meal and a glass. The Boddam men and women

welcomed us many times for food and drink, good company

and great music. One Skipper (exRNVR) with a dour

and hardbitten exterior, was secretly as musical

as any Welsh miner or bard.

And his singing of "The Flower o' Scotland" - wild

and gentle - forced a lump in the throat - and sore eyes - for

even the tough ex-whalerman.

They were good friends, not letting us pass their

ever-open doors, so there were many good evenings,

in Peterhead, and in Boddam, Buchan.

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