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reason for hatred

Big, nasty, greedy

Big, nasty and greedy - Lithodes maia - From the Cambridge Natural History

is not only the cause of conscious hatred - it is the unconscious reason for all hatreds.

The spider or crab-monster above seems fearsome because millions of years ago that same shape could stalk and kill and eat us.

An `instinctive' buried memory gives most of us a detestation of that body-shape - such things were most often bigger and faster than our distant ancestors.

"An instinct can evolve as if memory were inherited" - J. B. S. Haldane

And so we learnt to fear - and hate - that which was very different in shape and color to ourselves.  This before we were even remotely mammalian.

Later while still reptilian our ancestor's brains forcibly learnt that even a shape looking similar to us should be viewed with fear - and hated if it was even just a little bit different.


reptile dangers reptiliian proto-mammals

LEFT - Diplovertebron; RIGHT Ophiacodon
painted by F.L.Jaques, drawn by L.I.Price, respectively.

SHAPE - morphology
Because predator shapes like those above left were not unlike the shapes we then inhabited (above right) during the same Carboniferous Age, any small difference noted could be vital for defensive / offensive action.

COLOR - hue of skin / hair
Possible aggression of stranger was also indicated - by color!  Because engorged blood cells of our reptilian ancestors could be either defensive `scare' tactic or an actual sign of imminent attack.
See Percepts page note.

Evolutionary steps are impossible to undo.  Wrapped around as they almost immediately were by reinforcing adaptations, those earliest steps were buried in our deepest psyche - in the `reptile brain'.

See Consciousness page notes.

That was maybe the fatal contingency which led to most human misery.

The result:  although we now know the human race is only one race, we still have a residue of that ancient reptile's fear.

And a capability for primitive hatred of someone - even of our own human race - who is just a little bit different.

This page's findings (and speculations) seem to be confirmed:
`Fearful' memories can be passed down through generations via DNA and epigenetic means
text version]     [`Nature' review]

Those primitive responses are now irretrievably buried in our base brain, the 'lizard' or 'reptile' brain.  We can see the autopsy type cross-section of that brain at conscious.html.

But whenever we find ourself with dislike or distaste for another, without a clearly defined reason - below, we can be sure that we are not in charge of those thoughts.

The reptile brain has taken over and inserted some of its reflexes disguised as our reactions.

Indeed evidence shows that all speedy reaction to others is shaped by the old brain.  They therefore tend to be primitive and unhuman.

NON-reasons: - race, religion, gender, age, social / financial status, excess or lack of education, family, accent, nationality, job

ALL those, and more, are excuses used by the reptile brain for interfering with our thought processes, creating hatred - motivated by FEAR.

For obvious survival reasons `fear' is a dominant and over-riding emotion.

This has made it the tool of the unscrupulous, the criminal and the pervert since our ape ancesters became capable of cunning.

Most humans who still seek dominance are regressive enough to try to rule and manipulate us by `fear'.

Present Examples

Fear of `Gods'
used by liars, thieves and pervs from earliest days of recorded history.

Fear of `Supernatural'
used around the world at various times mostly determined by people's lack of education.

Fear of `Violence'
used in settled communities, where people have lost habits of self-defense.

Fear of `the Alien' (1)
by declaring invasion or attack by `foreigners' - almost always successful in the past because artificial barriers of language, religion and borders prevented real knowledge of neighbours.

Fear of `the Alien' (2)
used now in modern but under-educated societies, `UFO flaps' are efficient at swinging elections towards the `violent', `tough' candidate - i.e. - fascistic.

Fear of `Terrorism'
done by first inflicting injustice so as to build grievance in minorities, then blaming that minority for `unfortunate' raising of taxes, loss of liberties.






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