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Fatima - ongoing Review

The final `FATIMA SIGHTING / APPARITION, witnessed by c. 60,000 people, was on 13 October 1917, in a rural spot used by the three shepherd children, near their homes at Fatima, Portugal.

Note:- there was another  SIGHTING / APPARITION SERIES at GARABANDAL,  Spain in 1961-1965

13 October 1917 - Fatima, Portugal - see contemporary photos below

For reports of this event there are many sources:  Press reporters & photographers and priests were present, meteorological events were witnessed over area of several miles, and massive inquiries were subsequently made by religious `authorities'.

Up to 100,000 (but most estimates say about 60,000) people from all over Portugal had assembled, many walking barefoot through a night of torrential rain, to witness an expected `miracle' at Fatima, north of Lisbon, Portugal.  It was still raining heavily just before the event.

At the height of their excitement a `large silver-gray disk' was seen to descend erratically from the heavy clouds, revolving, becoming multi-hued, brighter, `flashing different colors' until the crowd thought they would be crushed by its descent.

However the disk stopped above them, hovered, then climbed away and disappeared behind the (clearing) clouds.  Lasting `no more than 15 minutes' the event had other physical effects.

During the `flashing colors' period the crowd felt pulses of great heat coming from the craft, so much so that the ground all around - and nearby tracks - and even their sodden clothing, were all dry and warm `within about ten minutes'.

The children of Fatima             Torrential Rainstorm at Fatima             Light and Heat at Fatima             Crowd watching distant Fatima Miracle'

Note - photographs were taken by the attending journalists (and some skeptical clerics).  Some are available at Wiki and others are on the Internet - try search for < Fatima October 13 1917 >

When Lucia (the main visionary child) reached the oak tree, in which she reportedly* `saw the Virgin' - Monsignor John Quareman observed:  "To my surprise, I saw clearly and distinctly a globe of light advancing from East to West, gliding slowly and majestically through the air".
[* - reported by the Jesuits?]

Investigator / author D. Scott Rogo wrote:  "Most writers on Fatima claim that the disc _was_ the sun.  But judging by the descriptions we have ... the disc was at the wrong elevation and azimuth to have actually been the sun" - (`Miracles' - 1982).

A Media Report of Fatima Event

The Vatican launched an intensive inquiry which lasted about 13 years (Vatican reports here).  They concluded that, as there were witnesses of the meteorological events - the craft, the lights, the heat etc. - from several miles away and outside of the crowd, the actual sighting could not be dismissed as `mass hysteria' (whatever that term might mean).

note re `mass hysteria' - we cannot find any evidence that has ever been admitted or accepted by scientists, of a human brain influencing another human brain at any distance.  Therefore there are no grounds for saying that simultaneous and identical `hallucinations' can be caused by any science cop-out called `mass hysteria'.

In fact the term is a science cheat - like `instinct', which is another example of circular reasoning:  in effect replacing one mystery with another.

More faulty assumptions at Blind Science page.

UPDATE July 2005 - Portuguese historians Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d'Armada seem to share our opinion of the events at Fatima: their new book `Heavenly Lights' (EcceNova Editions; July 2, 2005), tells the story of the apparition of Fatima.

`Heavenly Lights: The Apparition of Fatima and the UFO Phenomenon'

Press release: "The first history of Fatima to be written by Portuguese historians based on the original documents, Heavenly Lights is the result of a 25-year odyssey by the authors in search of the actual facts of the Fatima case. Fernandes and d'Armada began their investigation in 1978, when they were given access to secret archives held at the Sanctuary of Fatima."

Source - mail from authors.

Below is a summary of Fatima apparition descriptions (from Page 18 of `Heavenly Lights, The Apparition of Fatima and the UFO Phenomenon' by Dr. Joaquim Fernandes and Fina D'Armada.

She was an apparently feminine and very beautiful figure.  She was wrapped in a light "that blinded."

She measured approximately 3 1/2 feet tall.

She appeared to be between 12 and 15 years old.

She wore a skirt, a coat, and maybe a cape, which were white.

Her skirt and robe had a checkered pattern of gold thread.

She had two or three cords at her waist.

She wore something on her head that covered her ears and hair.

She had black eyes.

She had a strand of beads resembling a rosary, some type of hoop earrings at her neck, and a luminous ball at her waist.

She came from above and disappeared, little by little, back up into the sky.

She made no facial movements and did not move her legs.

She spoke without moving her lips.

She moved only her hands, once in a while.

She turned her back to the children when she rose up in the sky.

The Being of Fatima, Portugal, in the 1917 oak tree apparition, as interpreted by the authors, according to the first description provided by Lucia to the Parochial Inquiry.

Source: `Heavenly Lights: The Apparition of Fatima and the UFO Phenomenon' © 2005 by Joaquim Fernandes, Ph.D. and Fina D'Armada.



Note: contributors' speculations seem to have been overtaken by events:  `words' are now routinely induced into the heads of selected volunteers (or victims), by experimenters (or CIA, MI-5) using various electro-magnetic radiation.

UPDATE June 2006 - Portuguese historians, Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d'Armada have now gone further.

Their new book `Celestial Secrets' apparently "reveals Fatima cover-up" and describes how "Jesuits conspired to conceal the original text of the Fatima Secret during the famed 1917 apparitions."

`Celestial Secrets: The Hidden History of the Fatima Cover-Up' - July 2006 EcceNova Editions.

Source - 2nd mail from authors

UPDATE Feb 2011 - In the third of the trilogy - `Fatima Revisited' "an international panel of top scholars subjects the legendary apparitions of Fátima to the scrutiny of modern scientific analysis; ... the result of a transdisciplinary study by the Multicultural Apparitions Research International Academic Network (Project MARIAN) at the University Fernando Pessoa in Porto, Portugal."

`Fatima Revisited: The Apparition Phenomenon in Ufology, Psychology, and Science' - Anomalist Books ISBN: 1933665238

Reviews Page

Source - 3nd mail from author(s)



UPDATE May 2008 - Joaquim Fernandes et al have gone even further.

Quote:  Now, in a newly published book entitled `Fatima Revisited: The Apparition Phenomenon In Ufology, Psychology And Science' - Anomalist Books, 2008 - an international panel of leading scholars subjects the legendary apparitions to the scrutiny of modern scientific analysis; explores the connections between contact with apparitions, angels, and aliens; and proposes a new paradigm for such unexplained phenomena.

Publisher's note:-
This is the third volume of the acclaimed Fatima Trilogy, which includes the definitive histories of the Fatima case entitled `Heavenly Lights' - Anomalist Books, 2007, and `Celestial Secrets' - Anomalist Books, 2007.  The Fatima Trilogy grew from an exchange of emails between a Portuguese researcher and an American journalist into a multi-disciplinary collaboration involving 35 individuals from 10 countries.

Andrew D. Basiago, who led efforts in the U.S. to bring the trilogy into English, observed:  "In The Fatima Trilogy, the Fatima Incident of 1917 is forever redefined, from the most famous religious event of the 20th century to its first major close encounter case."

The papers gathered in this volume have appeared in both peer- reviewed journals and original works inspired by the intense and productive process of brainstorming about the visionary phenomena of Fatima in 1917 that has taken place under the aegis of the Multicultural Apparitions Research International Academic Network - Project MARIAN - which is coordinated by the Center for Transdisciplinary Studies in Consciousness (CTEC) at the University Fernando Pessoa, in Porto, Portugal.  This international project seeks to create a forum in which the great mysteries of human existence might be solved.

This groundbreaking anthology was compiled by Portuguese researchers Fernando Fernandes, Joaquim Fernandes and Raul Berenguel, and edited and translated by American writers Andrew D. Basiago and Eva M. Thompson.

Contributors include anthropologist Scott Atran, psychologist Irene Blinston, psychotherapist Janet Elizabeth Colli, anthropologist Ryan J. Cook, physicist Eric Davis, historian David M. Jacobs, human consciousness pioneer Stanley Krippner, and astrophysicist Jacques F. Vallée - all from the U.S.; engineer Fernando Fernandes, historian Joaquim Fernandes, psychologist Vitor Rodrigues, psychiatrist Mario Simoes, and researcher Raul Berenguel - all from Portugal; as well as the British neurophysiologist Frank McGillion, the Belgian physicist Auguste Meessen, the Brazilian psychotherapist Gilda Moura, and the Canadian neuroscientist Michael A. Persinger.

Fatima Revisited includes essays by William J. Birnes, the host of UFO Hunters on The History Channel, and Ralph Steiner, the award-winning investigative journalist.  Anomalist Books, with offices in Texas and New York, is the world's leading publisher of books on the unknown.  Our books are availalble through many online bookstores and can be ordered from most bookstores in the U.S. and the U.K.
Fatima Revisited:  The Apparition Phenomenon In Ufology, Psychology And Science

Compiled by Fernando Fernandes, Joaquim Fernandes and Raul Berenguel, Edited and Translated from Portuguese by Andrew D. Basiago and Eva M. Thompson

Foreword by William J. Birnes and Introduction by Ralph Steiner

Anomalist Books, ISBN: 1933665238 224 pages, Trade Paperback, $14.95

For author interviews or additional information contact us at:
Anomalist Books
5150 Broadway #108
San Antonio, TX 78209-5710

Garabandal Marian Apparitions and Phenomena

Here's a religious website for  The GARABANDAL STORY,  of 1961-1965, in Northern Spain

As at Fatima, there were `quasi-solar' phenomena which were apparently witnessed by on-lookers / visitors

QUOTE: from p. 171 `UFO Trek' - by Warren Smith  [statements said to be from a group of 40 or so British visitors to Garabandal:]

Near dusk they knelt to pray in a grove of trees.  Without warning their worship was interrupted by a woman's shout.  "The sun!" she cried.  "The sun is spinning!"

"When the others started shouted I stopped praying and looked up."  reported Francis Johnstone.  "I found I could look at the sun without discomfort.  It was spinning very fast, as if there was one circle inside of a larger one."

"It looked like a flat, whitish disc", said Marita Foley, a London clerk.  "It was spinning in a clockwise motion and pulsating."

Father Alec Barilone, an English priest, was with the group.  He reported the sun rotated rapidly, casting off `all sorts of vivid colors.'  He feels the group witnessed a miracle from the Spanish hillside.

Another witness verified that the white disc in the sky rotated.  "Then, it moved up and down like a yo-yo on a string," he said. "While this was happening a lot of colors were emerging from it. They were yellow, orange, blue and green. This continued for half an hour"  (more ...)

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