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Some harsh findings about Ethics and `Religions'

Most world religions are conclusions reached by analysis of outcomes of unselfish versus selfish behavior.

These conform to `Altruist Survivor' evidence and are referred to in those pages as moral religions.

They are ethical, usually founded by rebels against primitive authority cults.

However, we see that when the `State' finally adopts such a religion, it does so in word only, failing to practice its moral tenets.

The religion is then used as "authority" for immoral acts - personal, political and national - by elites: the rich and powerful.

There are also other types of "religion" which are merely ancient apartheid laws, oppressive legal codes etc: remnants of crude attempts to freeze societies under the rule of various racial / priestly / academic / warrior elites.

The `Altruist Survivor' can't define them as moral religions, since they have no ethics.

History says that dualist religions were always formed when a "State" - a tribal elite or rulership - needed to create fear or hatred for an enemy-group in the minds of its citizens.

Example - before the Persian Empire there was no dualist religion in the area.  When an "empire" was created then Zoroastrianism soon evolved its characteristic dualism (maybe world's first?) - the separating of things (and people) into "good" or "bad" groups.

This gave the rulers their needed authority ever the minds of `subjects' and also `justification' for imposing evils:  unfair taxation, cruel and abusive punishment and for the unnecessary miseries of war.

Yet even today, nomadic and egalitarian peoples (i.e. desert `Bushmen') do not have any theology to divide the world into good" and "bad".  They are aware of a more basic truth - that the whole Earth is totally interdependent.

The Universe as a whole might also be totally interdependent, certainly our world is.

Falsely imposed classifications of `good' and `bad' groups or nations are merely thought-control.

They don't reflect reality;  in the long-term they are suicidal, for a person, a nation, even a species.

Evidence file for Altruist Survivor / Strange Shapings / Consciousness / Fake Causes and maybe other linked pages.

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