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UEF Theory
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author of the 'UEF Theory' decided to give his discovery to the world.
It's hoped that the consequences will be benign.  April 29 1999

QUOTE "Simply, UEF theory says the `Forces' are only 'effects'
That nuclear, electromagnetic and inertial /gravitational effects are
caused by the universal compression and expansion of UEF,
enacted at a speed much higher than 'lightspeed' UNQUOTE

Einstein (writing to Heisenberg)

"It is the theory that decides what we can observe"

Max Planck

"The Old Theories only die out when the Old Professors die out"

"Relativity" and "Quantum" paradigms are dead.

Must we wait for today's professors to follow them
before the UEF theory can be considered impartially ?

Q. What difference does UEF Theory make? What does it really mean?
A. Previously contrary micro and macro views of the Universe are now unified.

The so-called `forces' are actually only `effects', created by by a time-asymmetric force - UEF.

Q. So which was right, quantum mechanics or relativity?
A. Neither, but the wishes of Einstein and Schrödinger have come true.

Examples of quantum's inadequacy and the failure of rubber-sheet relativity are among Richard Feynman's admissions ". . . I have pointed out these things because the more you see how strangely Nature behaves, the harder it is to make a model that explains how even the simplest phenomena actually work. So theoretical physics has given up on that."

The resolution of one of his quandaries - "where, when and what is a photon?" - can be seen at radiation.html

NEW experimental proofs for the UEF Theory

"Inertia," "Gravity" and even the "Nuclear Forces" are variable 'effects'

From Richard P Feynman again - in the publication of his "Alix G Mautner Memorial Lectures" - where he made these further admissions on behalf of modern quantum theoreticians "When Einstein and others tried to unify gravitation with electrodynamics, both theories were classical approximations. In other words they were wrong." . . . "The quantum theories of gravity also have infinities . . . So not only have we no experiments with which to check a quantum theory of gravitation, we also have no reasonable theory."


PRECESSION - physical cause at jets page

Outcome of this soon-to-be-verified fact: there can be no "black holes" at this stage of the universe.

[A "black hole" _might_ be possible if _all_ the mass in the universe were to be compressed in a small compass - and if all inertial effects were in perfect symmetry - extending to infinity !]

[That really would be a singularity]

see nblckhls.html & radiation.html#Holes

"Space-time" is merely an area's local UEF intensity - modified by any UEF differential in space* (gravity)*

see "Time" & Time's Arrow

also see radiation and FOOTNOTES#mass

Occam's Razor : 'Pick the simpler of any logically self-consistent theories which fit the facts.

Newton's theory, 'Kinetic' gas theories*, Einstein's theories and Quantum theories have been tortured into crazy complexity. Even so they are not logically self-consistent and do not fit the observed facts.

UEF theory fits the facts - all of them - simply and consistently.

* see FOOTNOTES#gas

also, end of

"Principle of Relativity"

Remember rivalry between "Big Bang", "Steady-State", "Continuous Creation" and "Heat-Death" ?

No-one was really Right

and there was suppression of the truth !


creation of all Matter - WRONG

initiation of Universe - MAYBE WRONG?

ending in Big Crunch - WRONG



Continual Creation
of Matter - MAYBE RIGHT?

Universe - MAYBE RIGHT?

smt - start-of-Universe?

jets / nblckhls - re-distribution of matter?

topology - shapes-in-Universe?

confirm by

The Experiments


Dead-ends versus Reality

REALITY - magic numbers do not rule the universe, in fact they are varying even now, as UEF intensity - and dependent effects that the establishment still think of as 'FORCES' - decrease.

ONE such transient ratio is "c" - Yes, that c, equal to root E/M

AS universal Energy decreases and Matter (but not Mass) increases,

c is changing - even now


attitude of scientific 'establishment' - to discoveries by outsiders :-

". . . the very fact that an idea is 'elegant,' in the scientific sense of being a beautifully simple, clear solution to a problem, makes it acutely uncomfortable to those who have been working in the field" - JOHN W. CAMPBELL, JR

"our experience hitherto justifies us in believing that nature is the realisation of the simplest conceivable mathematical ideas" - EINSTEIN


"The greatest part of mankind has

no other reason

for their opinions

than that they are in fashion"

Samuel 'Doctor' Johnson 1709-1784

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