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E-mails showing cover-ups


Subject: "Why Brits have to work longer for less"

Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 09:42:22 +0100

Hello Nicky Campbell

This is well in time to get on your program but I doubt if you will be allowed to read it out.

Why ? Because the BBC's high income governors and executives pay low taxes while the working middle classes and the working poor in Britain pay very high, very inefficient and very corrupt tax rates averaging 70 to 80% of their real earnings.

But they are not allowed to know this !

And the BBC is forbidden to allow truthful discussion of our corrupt and wasteful tax and wage system.

(Although Charlie Whelan? spilled the beans a few days ago when he said "the very rich DO NOT pay tax" (his stress)

See "Cruel & Unjust Taxes"


[ ed@perc ]

Subject: "Your tax cover-up"

Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 09:33:30 +0100

Hello Nicky

Your program is a red herring.

The question is not whether we pay tax or lose public services.

The questions are:-

1) "Why is half of our tax costs wasted ?"

2) "Why does a working middle-class or working-class person pay between ten and a hundred time higher rates of direct, indirect, and property tax than a multi-millionaire ?" see "Cruel & Unjust Taxes"

3) "Why do many taxes cost three times what the tax brings in ?

4) "Why has every Prime Minister lied about taxes - especially about the National Insurance Tax, which the rich do not pay (They pay a small flat-rate "premium" - as you do Nicky) see "Cruel & Unjust Taxes" above

And those are only the first of many questions we could ask - the one that concerns you is "Why are media people given extra tax allowances and tax perks ?"

Answer - to keep them censoring the debate on taxes - just like the BBC ( and you ?) are doing today.


[ ed@perc ]

If you want information - like why international tax expert say the British Tax System went past the "point of not return" (in inefficiency and corrupt allowances for the rich) fully FORTY REARS AGO - just call [ tel no. ]


[ ed@perc ]


Thinking on politicians and top civil servants that must have been a freudian slip

[ ed@perc ]

Subject: "Another cover-up ?"

Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 15:51:54 +0100


You might have heard the most recent program on the British Tax System - from 9:00 am to 10:30 am, today - 13 July 2000, on Radio 5Live.

Calls (and emails) with factual information were refused.

The presenter, one Nicholas Campbell, did not declare his personal interest in various tax perks (restricted to an 'elite') and therefore the public was not warned of the inbuilt bias in the program.

The presenter wound up at ten thirty with the words "It's the best bad system".

Friendly comment on the program and on the BBC record to date is now available at


[ ed@perc ]

Subject: RE: Another cover-up ?

Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 09:03:42 +0100

Dear [ed@perc],

You are of course welcome to your views about Nicky Campbell, the show and the BBC but since you are so keen on accuracy i'll just point out one or two in your E-Mail.

Calls and E-Mails with factual information were refused you say. ; every day we get ten thousand calls (that's on an average day) of which our phone-in staff can only physically answer between 5 and 6 hundred. Only fifty of them can get on air in theree hours. This leaves on an AVERAGE day 9950 callers disappointed....or "refused" as you'd put it.

I'm also sorry to disappoint you , and many people who think like you, that there is no "inbuilt bias" on the programme and i invite anyone (and have done so several times) to come in and see the show and talk to the team.

It's an insult to ten very hard-working people to suggest they work on a programme of that nature. I receive as many complaints about Nicky being pro-Labour as i get saying he's pro-Tory yet they're all apparently listening to the same show.

Also it is worth pointing out that what Nicky says on the radio isn't necessarily his personal view.


[exec's name ]

Subject: Re: Another cover-up ?

Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 15:25:39 +0100


Thanks for your reply and I understand any feelings you might be expressing.

It is very difficult, some would say impossible, to be totally objective when you are part of an organization with which you _must_ to some extent identify, or when your own family or financial interests seem threatened or criticized.

This is especially true in an era such as this, when the self esteem of most people is compulsorily tied to income and financial worth.

To avoid such partiality is a challenge - see

best wishes

[  ed@perc ]

Subject: A great show

Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 16:19:56 +0100

Hello to the "Sunday Service" three - Glover, Pierce and Whelan (hope the spelling correct - no time to check)

You all sounded a little downbeat today - even so the unique chemistry of you three still works.

If the presumed sequence of events outlined at [changed] was responsible for you getting a 'wigging' (is that the term you used Andrew ?) then it is to be regretted -

by the BBC - not by you nor any truthful commentator.


[ ed@perc ]



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