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From: "Kartar Badsha"
To: editor
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The first, of the many public trials of the "Most Corrupt British Judges" a book by Dr A Adoko, a barrister and a Papal Knight of St. Gregory the Great, took place in the High Court on 02/08/2001 (The case number is HQ 0100743).

Given the excess of the numbers of people who attended the hearing at London's High Court, which left many interested spectators annoyed at having to stand in the crowded courtroom, the Judge agreed to an immediate formal request from Dr Adoko to adjourn the hearing, given the considerable importance of the case, and in the public interest. This was granted, and the hearing adjourned to Thursday, August 16th, 2001, in order that a more appropriate sized, open courtroom could be allocated for the forthcoming hearing.

The book accuses 8 judges of the offences of perverting the course of justice.

The 8 judges are former Chief Justice Bingham, Justice Morrison, Mr Justice Wright, Mr Justice Kay, Judge Mitchell, Chairman Donnelly and Chairman Booth. It also accuses the Law Society and the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal of the worst form of fraud.

Before instituting in the High Court, a number of cases based on the content of the book, Dr Adoko made a formal complaint to both the Lord Chancellor and the Commissioner of Metropolitan Police.

He demanded necessary investigations of his accusations.

Besides, he implored the authorities, in case any of his accusation is found to be false, to prosecute him for contempt of court by publishing a book that scandalises the administration of justice.

Further, in order to make it easy to prosecute him, he swore an affidavit, which he lodged in court stating that his accusations are true.

He accordingly challenged the authorities to prosecute him for perjury!

He argued that since Lord Archer and Jonathan Aitken and Oscar Wilde have been prosecuted for perjury for allegations, which compared to his are mere peccadillo, it follows that he could not be allowed to escape scot-free.

The Lord Chancellor at first agreed to carry out the necessary investigations.

But when Dr Adoko laid down the requirements of the rule of natural justice that should govern the enquiry, the Lord Chancellor refused investigations!

Nor did he accept the offer to prosecute Dr Adoko for scandalising justice! Yet ordinary people are prosecuted for scandalising justice even over a small complaint about judges!

For his part, the Commissioner of Police appointed a senior officer to investigate the complaints.

Months passed without investigation being commenced.

Dr Adoko was thus obliged to withdraw his demand for investigation.

We now have on authority that Lord Chancellor's Department has laid down “strict guidelines that prevent police from undertaking enquiries in matters of this nature” He instituted a number of claims in the High Court against the public officials concerned.

The officials resorted by sustained efforts to prevent a public hearing and above all, to prevent a jury trial!

But Dr Adoko who holds that, apart from some corrupt judges, the English system of justice is the best in the world, believes that the system will ultimately weed out the corrupt judges from the bench.

For over 10 years the battle continues unabated.

Certainly, the surreptitious response of the judges to the book by Dr Adoko is a cause for concern.  None of them dared bring a libel case against Dr Adoko! Yet, the papers had reported that the Lord Chancellor had promised judges legal aid for libel!

None of them dared demand a criminal prosecution to be brought against Dr Adoko.

Instead they resorted to sabotage the sale and publicity of the book by secret means! They secretly threatened DIRCON Internet server with a libel suit if it did not disconnect Dr Adoko's Internet site! It was promptly disconnected.

They also threatened Bookware House in Holborn, London, with a libel suit if it continued to sell Dr Adoko's books!

It was obliged to discontinue the sale.

Yet, the books were sold out.

The case against the Law Society and the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, will now be on the 16/08/2001 – for anyone interested, see Chapters 2 to 7 and in Chapter 17 of the book, the Most Corrupt British Judges.

The Environmental Law Centre, which represented Dr Adoko in his complaint to the Lord Chancellor, invites all, in the public interest, to attend the hearing, as this case affects the administration of justices in the UK.

The court is the fountain of justice.

We have a duty to ensure that is not muddied.

Dr Kartar Badsha
dated : 6th August 2001
Hollibury House
PO Box 267, Southport, PR8 1WD
[t]l : +44 1704 547418
[f] : +44 1704 549091

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