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Teaching Bias

"You are a member of the conspiracy if you allow a child to sit in a classroom for one extra day with an unconcerned teacher"
Jawanza Kunfuju - "Countering."

Research 1 Teacher Personality Class Bias Deselection
Research 2 Method Selection -

Initial and Basic Bias - Class / Race

An intelligent friend, of a younger generation, tells us that class and race discrimination still rules the educational establishment.

On her first eager day at junior school, her hand-me-down uniform meant she was told to "sit at the back" as - coincidentally - were all the working class and black children of the village.

They watched as the teacher then welcomed the well-dressed children of the white upper-class elite - the doctors,' lawyers,' and councillors' children, who were told to "sit at the front and pay attention".

Grown-up and working now, she remembers her feeling then - the sick sensation of 'wrong-ness' - which, even today, is being felt by millions of black and working class children.

The system remains unfair, institutionally corrupt.
UK - Black Caribbean children held back by institutional racism in school
UK - Schools are still failing the poor
US - Problem of Racial Bias

Personal note from Ed. - before our final school examinations, our teachers were intensively coaching ten or twelve upper-class kids in the main school hall.

But we working-class kids were left for several weeks in a class-room without teachers or supervision - a noisy hell where no work could be done for our final exams.

That was happening in the '60s.

Nov 2005 UPDATE - That practice continues - Norwich school-girl offers to "pay" for tuition, because her teachers are leaving her class unattended in order to coach their chosen few for the final exams.

The situation of ordinary working-class kids in the UK doesn't seem to have changed much - except by a matter of degree - from the 19th Cent.

Then, under the Church of England rules, ordinary children (i.e. of non `gentle-folk') were not allowed to learn to write or to learn any mathematics.

The UK Gov't - speaking through the Church of England - was quite frank, and brutal, about its reasons - to prevent ordinary people "thinking above their station".

That is, to make sure they were stuck as slave labor.

Bias in Selection by Schools

"Selection" is still happening in many areas of Britain.

If a school becomes selective, the "input knowledge base" available to other non-selective schools in the catchment area [and hence their potential exam results] immediately drops by maybe 50%.

[Due to corrupt UK tax-reliefs and government finances, the cash spent per pupil at the non-selective school also falls, relative to that of the selective school, which gets extra unfair tax and grant income - see below]
UPDATE Dec. 2011 - Corruption is ongoing - "Michael Gove accused of seeking selection in state schools"

WARNING - to well-off parents.
A statistical analysis shows that selective schools will appear to get more passes, due to league-table presentation.

However, the analysis shows that is due to selection's culling.  In fact, individual pupils do not achieve the personal improvements, both academic and social, they would get in comparable non-selective schools. * 1

That analysis, produced by `Perceptions' editor, was given to the Examination Boards, the teaching Associations & Unions and the Department of Education more than ten (now twenty) years ago;  well before League Tables - against which the analysis also warned, precisely because they're so deceptive in that [present] form - were implemented.

Due to political and personal self-interest (greed) of the various parties, that analysis has been totally suppresed, despite the fact that its various recommendations and conclusions were clearly accurate, true, and in the best interests of all students and pupils.

Which shows that the structures of our Gov't departments and even Associations and Trades Unions do not motivate them to seek the best interests of their `clients' - the pupils and students.

Extreme Bias - Corrupt Exclusion of Working-Class Girls - by Official Establishment Cheats

Official cheating has now been admitted: - For many years examination papers submitted by working-class girls automatically had marks subtracted from their scores.

(Selection was at 10 or 11 years - subsequent education either good or abysmal)

Reason? :-  "To maintain equal gender ratio in the 'good' class' of schools".

In other words: to allow dull males of the elite to pass the examination, millions of intelligent working class girls were secretly marked down and doomed to a much inferior education.

Those girls, now women, are beginning to realize that they were disempowered and indeed disenfranchised for life, by a corrupt, class-based system.

Further, because even now anonymity is not preserved or ensured, and because we know that English judgmental decisions remain subject to extreme race / class-prejudice - See laworjustice#News - there is a near certainty that selection examination results are still "unreliable" - to put it mildly!

In addition, an analysis of recent higher qualification examination results - the most important in a British child's school life - shows that official, organized cheating takes place there also, again class-based, on a national scale. See examination bias

Biased Teaching and Examination Methods.

Present emphasis is not on teaching - which requires talent - but on 'learning enabling': a bureaucratic form-filling process - which repels talent.

Whenever pupils are tested we find that the establishment is apt to use corrupt "royal castle" techniques to advantage the upper-class.

Detail - when racist and class-conscious attitudes were overtly in charge everywhere in Britain, important exams had questions like this classic:-

Question: here is a list of five castles and their locations in Britain - Read the list and chose the odd one out.

- there were always two or more feasible options, by reason of locality or history - but these would be declared to be "wrong".

Answer: a castle that is owned, or named for, or lived in by the `English' royal family!

Why? Because the education establishment knew that upper-class families -

a) discussed "royal affairs";

b) owned books, magazines detailing "royal" gossip;

c) expected their (male) children to retain "royal" facts & figures.

The 'establishment' also knew that working-class or immigrant children were much less likely to have such "royal" information in their home environment.

Paper "castles" making for social exclusion - just like those old stone castles did!

UPDATE Sept 2007
Admission that Gov't is still cheating by giving unfair tax-advantages to private schools, and that `Universities still cheat to favor the elite'.

UPDATE Dec 2007
"The government's failure to improve standards ... has hit the poorest hardest."

UPDATE Nov 2008
`Nearly half of Cambridge University students cheat, according to a survey'

Why Bias? - Teacher Personality

From the research (below) we hypothesize that insecure, even neurotic students opt to become teachers (sometimes for unhealthy `power' reasons), becoming neurotic teachers and Heads, who in turn prefer neurotic teachers, who prefer neurotic students, who then choose teaching as a profession - thus completing the circle

This research shows that many present teachers fit that mind-set, shaped by conformist class-consciousness, racism and sexism. Those teachers are supremely un-suited to motivational or cognitive teaching.

From "Educational Research in Britain " Volume 3.

Edited by H Butcher and HB Pont. - University of London Press Ltd 1973

"Personality and Academic Attainment" NJ Entwhistle (Prof, Dept of Educational Research, Uni Lancaster)

Summary of research :-"it seems probable that there will be an interaction between the teacher's personality and the performance of children of differing personality types."

"stable extroverts tend to be successful in primary schools, while introverts, and possibly even neurotic introverts, predominate among outstanding students."

(student = secondary and tertiary)

From this we can see that primary school teachers seem to prefer stable, extrovert children (easy-going types), while secondary and tertiary school teachers seen to have a preference for neurotic introverts ( possibly seen as middle-class and therefore more attractive by teachers of similar character and background )

[also from unequal & slaves9]

This is likely the reason, taken with results below, for the racism, sexism, and class / race prejudice shown in British educational outcomes.

"Teacher Education" Donald Lomax (Lecturer Educational Psychology, Dept of Education, Uni Manchester).

Summary of research :-
3 From Corruble (1971)
- "teaching was chosen as a career because it was seen a safe and sheltered profession, and that the urge to look after the young was often tied to a search for security that was not entirely healthy. The investigator suggests that it is legitimate to enquire into the psychological processes which underlie the liking for authority over young people"
See hierarch.txt & devices

In teacher-training

4 From Shipman (1967)
- "reported discrepancies between supervisors and students on teaching methods"

5 From Sorenson (1967)
- "discovered that student[teacher]s and supervisors had markedly different views of what constituted effective teaching behaviour"

From Start (1968)
- "teachers with personality profiles very similar to, or very different from that of the Headteacher usually received higher ratings for social competence and teaching ability. The teachers who received the lowest rating for teaching had a tougher, self confident unconventionality which tended to make them more independent of the Headteacher"
[from text - tougher = more stable extrovert]

UPDATE Apr 2000
They claim they didn't realize this until now?

"Cost of being taught by bad teachers identified by new research"


junking 33% of the curriculum - so removing misinformation and ending 'curriculum rush';

reintroducing valuable non-classroom subjects - music, sport, PE, drama, swimming, private reading / private study etc - to the school week;

scrapping homework completely - to prevent damaging class-bias and discrimination;

would substantially improve characters and academic outcomes!


Why do UK politicians seem always to choose, initially anyway, the most harmful and inefficient methods and systems?

By 2006  - UK's intensive multiple exam system has had the effect of making `valuable' - so far as selfish teachers and heads are concerned - only those students pretty well guaranteed to achieve good passes in certain `academic' subjects.

At all stages the others are deemed `worthless' - by selfish teachers and heads - because the league tables are biased toward pre-selection.

So, at all stages they tend to be abandoned - by selfish teachers and heads - whilst in reality they are most important students of all.  They are our future - both as work-force and voters! * - **

I suspect politicians purposely make those `erroneous' choices because they are hand-in-glove with a civil-service ruled by greedy dishonest elitists, and need to preserve privilege and corruption for their own advantage.
Which is why we see this faked `incompetence' in all matters:-  of local & nat'l infrastructure, education, taxation, law, policing and of the electoral system itself. ***

"Can we truly expect that those who aim to exploit us can be trusted to educate us?"

Eric Schaub

Slave Education

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