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Conditioning devices

abusers in power

Experiments have shown that higher animals can be forced into a state of quasi-hypnosis by the application of stimuli which might be expected to provoke fear / escape responses.

Experiments of this sort have been performed on dogs, cats, rats, chickens, monkeys, lambs - and on young humans

The `animal hypnosis' trance is actually a form of paralysis, in which the animal (or human) will permit harsh or abrupt handling.

In addition the animal (or human) will maintain any position in which it is placed, even attitudes which are strained or unnatural.

This 'animal hypnosis' is said to act as a 'conditioning' process for the animal (or human).

There were said to be 'ideal' conditions for this 'animal hypnosis' to be induced.  The animal (or human) was -

1) young, taken away from its mother (therefore deprived of its mother's protection)

2) helpless - perceiving a hopeless situation

3) convinced - by harsh treatment - of impending death [in human terms - treated very cruelly]

Quotes:- (see references at foot of page)

"Svorad found it was the young ones in whom the state of inertia and unresponsiveness could most easily be induced"

". . . the docility [of human subjects] is reminiscent of the compliant maintenance of some imposed posture by animals"

"Young lambs or monkeys, fed and exercised in hygienic quarters, but lacking maternal care, neither thrive as youngsters, nor grow into normal adults"

"Helpless in the face of an overwhelming situation the reaction again was one of quiet inertia"

`Perceptions' hypothesis:-

a) That, long ago, high status groups becoming aware of these reactions, of child conditioning or brainwashing, have incorporated them into their traditions - to be harshly used on the children of subject people, servants, employees, peasants etc, and practised in a milder form with their own children.

b) And that this has become a cultural 'norm' for these high status groups and their emulators in certain (mainly anglo-saxon?) countries.

c) And that white 'middle and upper' classes who've now claimed `hereditary' political rule in Britain and Europe (and the USA?) have been brought up believing that these long established devices:-

- of early-removal of children from their mothers, to force compliance ref 01 and tractability;

- of early segregation from family - forcing abnormal stress and maladjustment; ref 02

- of being continually told they are `superior' (or `inferior', for workers' children), and that other folk and all other ethnic groups - are sub-human;

are powerful devices ref 03 to create divided, disturbed and therefore easily controlled citizenry.

2002 social confirmation?

2005 medical confirmation

2005 care confirmation

2006 stressed-care confirmation

that western ruling elites decided that pedophiles were the next best thing to castrati or eunuchs (then still used by Oriental rulers), as bureaucrats, diplomats, generals and courtiers.

Why?  See below -

Two degrees of conditioning:

Origin of the `english disease' - noticed in 17th - 18th Cent.

1. Traditional rulers, kings and czars etc. have for many generations caused the creation of 'suppressed' pedophiles - for security purposes.

In medieval times their conditioning began when talented male children were taken from their mothers by priests - to be educated ref 04  to serve the Church ref 04a  and the Crown. ref 05

The fate of the children, taken before puberty, in an all-male environment ruled by adult clerics, where necessary perceived `females' are younger boys, could now be seen as almost inevitable.

The resulting pedophiles were at that time suppressed, because the crime was anathema to the people - perpetrators could expect immediate death.

However the suppressed pedophiles were (and are?) valued by the Church and the Crown (the gov't / State) for use as royal messengers, couriers and ambassadors -

i) being repressed, they seemed unaffected by sexual temptation so were/are thought to be `safe' around royal daughters and similarly were considered to be `safe' from honey-trap subversion in foreign courts;

ii) with all `family' bonding and affection transferred to educational establishment (firstly private single-sex `preparatory' school - then `Ivy League' / `Oxbridge' - then Church or Crown (State) employment), they're rigidly `conservative' and apparently `loyal'.

It seems that some groups in society follow that conditioning ref 06  even now.  This probably explains the powerful hidden hierarchy ref 07  of pedophiles ref 08  in England, Europe and the USA.

2005 - `care' stress - confirmation

2005 - `care' damage - confirmation

2006 - `care' abusive - confirmation

2008 - `care' crime/violence - confirmation

Conspiracy - of the rich, lawyers, church, police & politicians.

2. The continuance of early separation of children explains another conspicuous social phenomenon - ruling-class incest.

It's not only the mother-child bond that gets perverted in some leisured classes.

Early separation of sisters / brothers prevents the operation of normal 'sibling recognition' - a response of higher mammals which requires constant familial proximity to operate.

If separated early by `formal' away-from-home schooling, then later, as adolescents or adults these siblings are much likelier to perceive each other as potential mates.

UPDATE - as confirmed by these unfortunates in Germany

`Perceptions' note:-

1) World-wide, normal people - non-emulators of elites - do not wrench young children away from security of a mother's presence.

Those groups that do - martial clans, some western elites, some ultra-religious groups - all seem to share certain psychotic ref 09 behavior ref 10 patterns - ref 11 as seen at confirm5, "laworjustice#main", "war", "causes", "authority", "authority2", "psychotix", verdigris, "laworjustice#lass" and "bent-nazis".

History tells us that `martial' elites, e.g. Dorians - the Lacedemonians or `Spartans', through Roman `equestrian families', through subsequent `empire builders' (i.e compulsive dominators) to the English `ruling class' (now passing to white USA elite families) have all been heavily contaminated by a pedophile (mostly homosexual pedophile) agenda.

We can now see - from references above - the mechanism by which this trait is embedded in a group.  Even today an abnormally high proportion of top-ranking members of the English judiciary, bureaucracy, church, universities and political class are (mostly homosexual) pedophiles.

The `Altruist Survivor' theory says that psychotic `domination' behavior enforces intrinsic and fatal civic instability - see collapses of civilizations - and is ultimately suicidal, in the long-term, for those elites and their family lines.

Every such empire has collapsed - as their elites firstly became cruel and ugly, then pervert and incompetent, and finally `mad' (and unmarriageable).

2) It is noticeable that researchers who tell the truth about these outcomes - (evidence available everywhere ref 08 some published recently) - are immediately criticised or derided by 'establishment' scientists.

Note: the same sort of establishment scientists who were willing to ref 12 say "BSE is no danger to humans", and today will go along with GM & AGW hype and ignorance.

We can see pressure is being exerted on scientists to hoodwink mothers.  But where is the pressure coming from?

And why?


Where? - the only organizations large enough to pressure scientists and universities are multi-nationals and governments.

Why? - a look around today's world shows that governments and multi-nationals are secretly in favour of 'slavery' ref 13 wherever and in whatever form they can get away with -

and we're talking about the biggest governments and mult-nats here.  If even a few top players, like USA & Japan & Europe, decided to ban the overt slavery ongoing right now - it would stop today!

But they don't.

2010 UPDATE -
`UK/EU/US leaders reluctant to ban slavery' [text] - Why?

2011 UPDATE -
`Slavery: A 21st Century Evil - how can 27 million people can be enslaved today?'

It seems that, rather than let a mother look after her own baby - which would the safest, most economical, and most natural way to rear the next generation - the multi-nats and governments would prefer to have her out working all day ref 13 for their ref 14 profit!

2005 - `care' stress - confirmation

2005 - `care' damage - confirmation

2006 - `care' abusive - confirmation

2008 - `care' crime/violence - confirmation

Conspiracy - of the rich, lawyers, church, police & politicians.

UPDATE Mar '07
quote - "babies die, you know, if kept in a sterile atmosphere"
Subject: Melvyn Bragg's In Our Time Newsletter - 08/03/2007
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2007 12:25:17 GMT

Abstracts and quotes from 'Sleep' by Dr. Ian Oswald, Pelican Books 1974


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Where love rules, there is no will to power;
and where power predominates, there love is lacking.

C. G. Jung
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