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Subject: "Democratic" and "Racist" comments or claims
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2001 22:57:10 +0100

To BBC Radio 4's `Sunday Service' - Solving your two little confusions (or deceptions?).

First - 'Democracy'

Andrew really should use his classical education - to correct any fool or rogue who says that a Member of Parliament was 'democratically elected and so speaks for the people'.

1 - In a 'democracy' the people are free to choose, from amongst themselves, potential representatives.

In Britain we do not have that right, due to a corrupt party political system whereby cliques of the powerful select candidates for both main parties. [ In UK a money threshold is also used to prevent free nominations ]

2 - In a 'democracy' the people have a free (secret) vote to elect those representatives.

In Britain we do not have that right, due to a numbered / coded ballot paper system, so that MI5 (or the local MP? or anybody with the power) can secretly check how you voted.

3 - In a 'democracy' each elected representative has an equal voice in the governing of the country.

In Britain we do not have that right, due to that corrupt two-party political system and first-past-the-post elections, which ensure that we are always ruled by a minority dictatorship, occupied by a greedy political class and representing only a rich elite.

As you can see we definitely do not live in a 'democracy' - if curious, the nearest thing to it might be in Holland or Scandinavia.

Second - 'Race'

All three of you should know that a derogatory remark, based on skin color, religion, ethnicity or nationality, and made about any large group, is necessarily a lie.

And that any claim of homogenous 'nationality', 'culture' or ethnicity - "Anglo-Saxon" or otherwise - for any country, at any time in history, is also a lie.

[See genes2.html#aca and causes.html#greed]

In line with our fairness and accountability policy I am willing to name and shame, in print or in public, any educated person who makes such comments or claims - (especially if he is speaking from a legally-protected position).

Such a person is necessarily a lying racist (and a coward).

You'll do better next Sunday - won't you?

best regards

Ray Dickenson


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