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Greedy rulers Arrogant Decrees

we're not allowed to know about
Abusers in POWER

`Perceptions' ed. was in the local public library and wanted to quickly look at `Perceptions' front page

This is what happened - just a year or two ago

The online PC available for the paying public was used by someone in a project. So ed@perc asked a librarian to pull up the page on one of the catalogue PC's scattered around - they are permanently online anyway

When the librarian saw the page was `Perceptions' s/he balked, saying the county authority - Shropshire, UK - was now recordingall URL's accessed on PC's

S/he said that `Perceptions' was probably "forbidden"

But it seems the County Council "authority" of Shropshire is not just telling people what they can think about

Shropshire County Council also decrees what people can know

We hear a farmer came to the library recently to trace the blight or virus infecting his pasture land.  He was trying to look up diseases affecting Gramineae.

Neither he - nor we - knew that the green stuff on pasture-land is called gramineae, but we do now!

You see, he didn't speak Latin.  He thoughtlessly used his own language - English.

He painfully typed in a search query online - but was interrupted cut-off and refused by the Shropshire County authority's interception software.


His query contained the word "grass".


"Shire Counties" - Slave Counties

Some English counties' feudal habits were not overturned by medieval plagues

These are still contaminated by corrupt elections, unfairly high taxation of the working majority and the poor, and wrongful allocation of tax revenues to the friends and 'clients' of rich councillors, etc, etc

Brits recognize "shire counties" not as tautology but as regions differing from equally rural but more working-class - democratic - counties in the South-West, the North and Wales

Shropshire and Wiltshire are the two outside of the "home" counties around London that've had long-term corruption in their bureaucrats, even in their senior police, magistrates and judges


Shropshire County Council suits recently decided to reclassify libraries, to call them "leisure facilities" in line with their plans to convert public 'rights' into "consumer products" and to put them out of reach of those who are actually forced to pay all net taxes

But these 'products' will be easily affordable to the rich - the friends and clients of the County Council suits - who are net takers from the system because they pay low - or even zero - taxes.

So Shropshire's 'services' have been subject to increasing charges to discourage use by ordinary people, who pay the real costs of taxation.

Later News!

`Perceptions' campaign for freedom of information seems to be paying off - for some citizens at least.

Oswestry folk have just been `granted' library Internet access for the first time (27 May '02).

But Shropshire County Council argued long and hard to keep access to information as the preserve of the rich - and the bureaucrats of course.

Even now they're not making library access widely known to ordinary folk - it wouldn't do for poor people to know about it - would it?

Note: the withdrawal of 'legal aid' and collapse of the 'no win no fee' system (due to greedy and corrupt lawyers and barristers), added to the failures of public education, are sending England back to feudal times.

Working people are to be 'kept down' - firstly refused information, then if still complaining, denied a route to justice.

Just as we were suppressed and oppressed by previous corrupt & pervert abuse of law in earlier - but recent - Hanoverian days.

In fact the overt corruption lasted into the 1900's and we suspect it's still there, only kept secret

If those suits have their way Shropshire would be first place in modern UK where unemployed person (or young mother or pensioner or youngster 'in care' / orphan) is routinely denied information which should be available by local government provision.

We recently surveyed a cross-section of local friends and other ordinary folk like us.

Result? About 80% have little knowledge of computers or of Internet research capabilities! Even among younger people - those who most need IT knowledge and skills.

This is happening even though those disadvantaged groups necessarily pay the highest - corrupt & regressive - rates of local 'property' tax !

Indeed anybody living in a small house or in rented accommodation pays the local 'council tax' (property tax) at very high rates, while the rich friends of County Council suits pay less than 1%.

Yes - the very rich pay a thousand times lower taxes than us ordinary folk.

Another fact we are not allowed to know!

Most civilizations accept the 'rule of law'.

But that leaves a civilized populace in a sad position when corruption and greed seizes makers and enforcers of law.

The papyrus of Ourmai tells of a sad period in the history of Egypt - long a peaceful country - where a law-abiding people suddenly find themselves at the mercy of a corrupt hierarchy:-

"...defenceless before the mighty wrongdoers..."

However we have shown that - as in Egypt and elsewhere - corrupt hierarchies are always headed for extinction

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