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Crap BBC     [ full reason + cause of our contempt for the BBC & MSM is at foot of this page ]

Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 17:59:26 +0100
Subject: BBC obfuscation, again

Just heard a mini-debate (so-called) on the Afghanistan War-on-Terror.  All speakers did the solemn bit about `our boys' etc, but all, even the anti-war campaigner, steered clear of mentioning the _real_ reasons for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars - OIL!

If our - UK & US - rulers weren't determined to encircle and grab Iran's OIL, we wouldn't even _be_ in Afghanistan.
Click on map - Iran and neighbours
Saudi, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan, all occupied or "in alliance" with Nato/US/UK, just happen to surround IRAN - which has OIL

Check the lies and deceit from US & UK politicos - to `justify' an invasion of Iran (and theft of Iran's OIL).

Check the (more) recently discovered big-bankers collusion in a NWO plot.

Check the past record of corrupt & murderous UK rulers in collusion with BP (the oil company).

Any "terrorism" in those places is being created by our greedy `rulers', so we can expect it to get worse.  And to come home to roost.


[Much later update - UK Court found: "BBC complicit in terrorism" - Youtube title is "Tony Rooke at the Magistrates' Court - BBC TV license" - just in case it gets "lost" by Google/Youtube]

Afterwards : regular listeners will have heard the BBC's ranting propaganda attempting to stir up unrest & hatred over the Iranian election; which was a fairer election than the UK has ever had*.  Compare with the last week or two of cowardly BBC reticence about the hundreds of complaints of a blatantly `rigged' election in Afghanistan.  Maybe check latest news on it:
Wednesday, 20 January 2010
"It was less corrupt under the Taliban, say Afghans"

UPDATE 15 Feb 2011 -
Tunisia has revolted, N Africa & the Mid-East is in turmoil and now, just three days after the Egyptian protests got rid of Hosni Mubarak, with some signs of unrest even in Iran, the Western PTBs are desperately trying to quieten things down!  Why the change of heart about `unrest' in Iran?

Well, if all those despotic gov'ts are overthrown there could be an outbreak of democracy, first in the Mid-East and then throughout the rest of the world.

Democracy is definitely _not_ wanted by Western `powers-that-be' - especially not in USA & UK - (no free vote, rigged elections, corrupt media, corrupt taxes, corrupt courts);

check demrace-bbc.html &/or truechurch.html#pub1 &/or taxone.html#liar &/or pyramid-scam.txt &/or safety.html

Today's 2012 situation is a result of 100 or more years of Western oppression, invasions and coups:
Persia/Iran was a prosperous democracy until USA/UK installed non-elected tyrant Shah + cruel secret-police;
Iraq had a thriving and peaceful pastoral population - until Churchill began a genocidal and pervert extermination campaign of bombing and fire-bombing of hundreds of thousands of innocent families.
Both those international atrocities were for profit, mostly of the Anglo/Persian Oil Company, later re-named `British Petroleum' - `BP'.
Details of (UK/USA) Oil Genocides at truechurch.html

That has been followed, in recent times by genocidal slaughter (ethnic-cleansing) of many thousands of unarmed Bosnian (Muslim) men and boys and the rape/murder of thousands of Bosnian (Muslim) women and children in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia, all with the initial covert complicity of UK's Gov't (and maybe the USA's also).
Details of duplicity at answers033.html#tru

Considering today's media-antagonisms seem to be almost entirely racist, it's ironic that most of many thousands of victims of the western oil-genocides and anti-Muslim provocations have been our own cousins.  I.e. Persians / Iranians, Iraqi Kurds and Croatian, Bosnian and Serbian Muslims are all Indo-Europeans - Caucasians.
From personal experience in Borneo/Sarawak, Malaysia and the Gulf, know that earlier almost all Muslims were moderate and relaxed, capable of being good friends with visiting foreigners. 

At one time the teenage daughter of one of Malaysia's state rulers (Sultans) could stroll alone around town (though there was probably a `minder' at discrete distance), dressed in jeans and T-shirt, freely chatting to anybody, even to young Brit soldiers - who were quite impressed.  And around the Gulf, respectable young Persian women could wear bikinis at the beach or pool to admiration - not criticism.

The root cause of the change - a fearful reaction towards `fundamentalism' - has been provoked by corrupt western ruling elites wanting to create an `enemy' - to distract public attention from corruption and to justify further massive embezzlement of public funds.
[Research shows `fundamentalism', in religion or politics, tends to be composed of the ignorant and fearful, ruled by bullying patriarchal male psychos - mostly perverts.]

"Journalistic Integrity"

During the Miners Strike of the early '80s the BBC would routinely screen film-clips of protests `back-to-front'.

That is, they would show the miners' reactions to police provocation first, then the earlier police actions - chanting insults & curses, shield bashing, horseback charges - as if those had happened later rather than what they were - preplanned provocation.
[The cover-up, of pre-planned criminal violence by police and complicity by the BBC, lasted until 2015 - see latest article.  There's also reason to think the BBC has covered-up other criminal activity [pedo-homo] in collusion with Met Police & MI-5 - see BBC pedo-updates]

Later in the '80s -
I fortuitously got an account from an honest policeman who'd been at Stonehenge demos (met him while working in Wales).  He and other rural copper-mates had been drafted to Stonehenge.

Swearing and shouting obscenities, policemen (mostly from English city forces) threw earth, stones and dogshit at the children of travelers coming to celebrate the Solstice.

Those disgusting police actions were designed to provoke a strong reaction from the kids' parents.

Why?  So that the corrupt BBC could show the film clips in reverse - apparently `justifying' subsequent police brutality.

2012 Update - More details of the police lies (aided by BBC), lawyers lies and corrupt magistrates illegal `punishments' - all inflicted on honest working men - during an increasingly corrupt Gov't under a misguided, misinformed (or just `mad') Prime Minister - are at corrupt-magists-cops.txt

Dec 2012 - Honest police confess "corruption / frame-ups / provocation / false-witness / bent lawyers / bent magistrates" - at bent-cops22.txt

Later - check account at hengev.txt
- for review of "Extremely violent and very sickening" thuggery by UK police illegally enforcing the 1985 Stonehenge `exclusion zone'.  The true details were _not_ reported by the BBC.

Maybe check -
"Mystery still clouds Battle of the Beanfield" -,6903,1504681,00.html
same report here
So the BBC has no claim to "journalistic integrity".  From evidence below, I doubt it ever had.

The BBC's modern agenda is covering-up for thieves and pervs in authority, and `justifying' the on-going nazification of UK police - see nazi-uk - whose increasing use of violence (including murder) and deception (including fake evidence and perjury), makes their role more obvious:  an army of occupation, working for the rich.  I.e. -- the corrupt and the pervert.*
See call.html#hamster

BBC Hacks

BTW - if you've been wondering why certain BBC hacks are being paid huge amounts to make crap programs that no-one seems to want to listen to - it's probably because they know where the bodies are buried!

Remember `Haze over Britain'? - He conspired to make a _very_ biased anti-Jury prog - aiming to pave the way for the eventual `removal' (theft) of our only remnant of past democracy and justice - the Jury system.

He knows the details of that conspiracy - which is why he's still being (highly) paid to make crap progs which no-one seems to want to listen to.

Remember Sue McGregor and Jenny Murray? - They've conspired (many times) to mislead the public over financial and taxation matters - to justify the BBC's lying about a corrupt and regressive tax - the UK TV license.

[ Regressive - taking more from the poor than from the rich.  All_ UK's taxes do that.  So every legislature member is a `parasite ... liar, thief and pervert' - see taxone.html#pays ]

They know the details of that conspiracy - which is why they're still being (highly) paid to make crap progs which no-one seems to want to listen to.

Remember Roger Bolton? - He conspired to deceive people over attitudes of Muslims - as part of BBC's decades-long anti-Arab and anti-Muslim propaganda campaign.
[ BTW - that's `anti-semitic activity' - because Arabs are Semites. ]
See bbcmalice.html & propmail.txt

He was ideal replacement for the (sacked) presenter of the previously independent "Feedback" prog.
It's not independent any more - totally controlled by the BBC (with our money).

He knows the details of that conspiracy - which is why he's still being (highly) paid to make crap progs which no-one seems to want to listen to.

If you doubt it - just get Terry Wogan or young(?) Andy Kershaw into a few drinks.
They'll tell you - maybe.

* check BBC's editorial corruption

BBC's racist lies - demrace-bbc.html

BBC's religious lies - propmail.txt

BBC's `ethical' lies - violence7.txt

BBC's economic lies - govprop.txt

BBC's tax lies - taxone.html#liar

BBC's tax libel - manip.html

BBC's censorship 1 - bbccrit.txt

BBC's censorship 2 - shockmedia.txt

Review of BBC `probs' - beebvbeeb.html

BBC's journalistic corruption


And these voices from the past:-

"Like all cultural dictatorships the BBC was more important for what it silenced than for what it achieved"
- quote from A.J.P Taylor (historian) p 139

"It should never be forgotten that George Orwell would base his Ministry of Truth in `Nineteen Eighty-Four' (video version) on the BBC as he saw and experienced it." - p 164 - from `The Climate of Treason' by Andrew Boyle ISBN 0-340-25572-2

You might remember Orwell's `Ministry of Truth' (in `1984') was actually a `Ministry of Lies', dedicated to continually rewriting history to suit changing propaganda needs.

[UPDATE - That `culteral dictatorship' still operatng - see recent Sept. 2011 (reluctant) admission of BBC/Gov't lies about taxation corruption and cover-up.]

2006 and its progaganda wars,

Maybe check

safety.html (bit of humor) nazi-uk.html sadukpervs.txt

and a bit of refreshing truth


carefully _not_ stressed by a corrupt & racist BBC.

2007 - some of the above was written in righteous anger, a calmer look shows the BBC is descending into panic and even lower standards.

Now ruled solely by a social elite: privileged types with little knowledge and zero taste -

[check BBC R4's `Poetry' progs - even the most austere, sparse and clean prose is now read-out with tawdry gasping, emoting and calculated `pausing'; behind the gaspings and emotings you can almost hear their cash-register brains working:  << kerchunk Milk It! kerchunk Ham It Up! kerchunk Milk It! kerchunk Ham It Up! kerchunk >>

You'll also hear, due to that lack of taste & knowledge, that BBC attempts at literary review are usually ridiculous, while music coverage is `poseurish' - saddening for any real music-lover.]

- its `news' is most often limited to propaganda [intrusive mawkishness plus celebs, trivia & presenters' ego-chat], since it cannot report UK's unfair taxation, illegal (racist + class-biased) policing, fraudulent local gov't, corrupt (pervert) judiciary and `thieving' wars.

[BTW - you can always identify propaganda being pushed by the BBC; it's the speaker given the `last word' in discussions, and the closing sentence of any news item.]

From that you can see why the BBC pays millionaires' incomes to incompetent, lying editors / producers -
see subindex.html#Fry

- who take their orders, directly or via the BBC elite, from thieving lying politicians

GM & Corruption in Parliament and BBC

July 2010 - some listeners to BBC radio have noticed - and complained about - the pro-GM campaign being pushed by the BBC; no doubt the same is happening on their TV channels.

How come the bosses of the BBC have a secret pro-GM agenda?

Maybe the same reason certain UK politicos share that agenda?  I.e - BIG MONEY.

Present Day

The BBC's theme, for a dwindling disbelieving audience is: `Life is best in the upper middle-class' - where blinkered and biased selfishness & greed are automatic, so no-one needs to think.

[ Maybe you've noticed how BBC bosses "need" to employ so many failed / defrocked (and corrupt? perhaps they share proclivities?) ex-politicians - making boring `propaganda' programs which nobody in their right senses would want to watch / listen to?  If you haven't - just tune in to Radio 4 ]

I.e - the BBC's message is that money and "poshness" are all that matters, that privilege and shopping makes up for life under a depressing & corrupt government, bureaucracy, law-system, police etc. - all `ruled' by greedy idiot front-men owned by the rich -

- in a dull, dirty and corruptly mis-managed country where the majority are oppressed by corrupt police & officials, kept in relative poverty by oppressive (mostly hidden) taxes & low-education - worst in Europe;
check ed4.html#mat and sadukconfirmed.txt

[BBC's stranglehold on `local-news' enables the cover-up of local government (including magistrates) and police corruption (Shopshire, Wiltshire & the Met being merely the most obvious): the biggest areas of crime and criminal profits in UK.  I.e. the BBC's policy is hand-in-glove with the fraudsters, bullies and pervs in local power.]

- and seeing and hearing only grotesquely biased and censored `news' - so that worthless politicos and usurers (bankers), bureaucrats & media (esp. BBC), can make themselves obscenely rich by stealing from poorer workers and tax-payers;
see creation.html#dork1 and mugs-of-europe.html - and latest update at uk-worst.txt - for details

therefore Parliament and the BBC, now only represent the interests of the stupid & greedy rich; as the politicos, senior civil servants and BBC bosses became rich (now awarding themselves millionaires' salary and pensions packages) , at our expense;

because now-rich politicos and BBC elite pay less than 1/10th of our tax-burden, and politicos have ZERO living/travel expenses - they couldn't care less about our tax-levels or cost-of-living.

PS - The corruption of media and the greed of politicos means that we over-taxed workers, more than 90% of UK's population, are totally unrepresented in parliament _and_ media.


Ray D

UPDATE - Nov 2010 - Review of UK's Waste & Injustice of Tax-Swindles and `Charges'

UPDATE - Sep 2011 - `UK Taxes are Unfair, Regressive, Totally Corrupt' - Delayed I.F.S Report

UPDATE - Nov 2011 - Reason for Political & Bureaucratic Corruption

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