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Do as We say - Not as We do!      

BBC presenter Campbell said on-air

"we have the best system of tax"

Campbell Lied

UPDATE - Nov 2010 - Review of UK's Waste & Injustice of Tax-Swindles and `Charges'

UPDATE - Sep 2011 - `UK Taxes are Unfair, Regressive, Totally Corrupt' - Delayed I.F.S Report

UPDATE - Nov 2011 - Reason for Political & Bureaucratic Corruption

However it's not just that presenter, you can include all MP's (Congress), Lords (Senate), senior civil servants, and many other professionals.  Such as - media-men.

They have joined the conspiracies around taxes, maybe because the alternative is demotion or disposal.

[Remember Louise Botting ? (A one-time UK media tax-adviser)]

Hold on, did you say "conspiracies"?  Plural ?

Yes - the first is conspiracy "A" , the one we find among media people, and also among accountants, lawyers, etc.

Their twofold lying message is:-


So - what's wrong with that message?

Well -

1 - if anyone or any group can 'take advantage' of, (ie. make money out of) the tax system, then some other socio-economic group(s) must be paying the final bill.

I.e.  Someone has to pay for a `free' lunch.

Actual workings of the system shows who's taking :-

a) corrupt tax free 'trust status' - only available to the very rich;

2b) corrupt 'business allowances' - only available to the rich;

c) corrupt 'tax-free savings and investment' - only available to the rich;

d) corrupt avoidance of National Insurance Tax - only possible for the rich.

and a check of tax-costs shows who is paying the final bill :-

a) direct taxes (PAYE & N.I [x2]) - which cost over 50% of real earnings and are only paid by middle and working-classes.  The rich, and politicos and BBC presenters _don't_ pay these taxes, see tax 1;

b) indirect taxes (VAT etc.) hits necessities in inverse proportion to income, see `Crime Kids';  So the richest pay least (less than 1%) - while poorer folk pay more and more (rising to about 60% of spending on necessities), see tax 2;

c) property tax ('council tax' in UK) which has a corrupt 'banding system' forcing poorest to pay much more (up to two months' income, see tax 4), than the rich, who pay least of all (some much less than 0.0001%), see tax 3.

Labour Party Conference update 26 Sept 2000.

If Tony Blair / Gordon Brown can say "Britain has the lowest tax-burden in Europe" -

why do real British people - middle and working classes - pay the highest taxes in Europe?

[ "Can Prime Ministers lie?"]

Yes!  Here's how..

Britain's 'tax-plot'

Proof: Campbell Lied

LATER Politician admits `Perceptions' was right.  So all those denials by the BBC were "mistaken." [Polite word for lies ]

see Proof: Campbell Lied

We have to remember -

1) Politicians and civil servants always lie to the public about taxes.  For example, they quote theoretical rates, not the actual cost to us ordinary folk (rates x 3 in most cases) - (see "Cruel & Unjust Taxes" & fuel tax.txt )

2) At least half of taxes ordinary folk pay is wasted in inefficiency and corruption - [see document tax2)

3) Those at the top of the socio-economic scale do not pay any net tax - they are 'takers' only - (see enghoo]

That's only around 2% of the population but they are so rich and powerful that the rest of us must pay much more than the national average - more than double [see document tax 3, & tax 4)

(Gov't) tax spend approx. 40% of nat. income, but so much is wasted that the average tax take would be around 50 - 60%, - IF the rich paid their share.

But they don't!


if you can step back from the wealth rat-race

there's only one thing to remember :-

The Earth is finite, with only so much food, clothing and accommodation - so taking more than a minimum means stealing from the starving and from the homeless.

(plain LOGIC & message of the Altruist Survivor)





Wait a bit.  You haven't said what the second conspiracy is

Right - conspiracy "B":-

This is composed entirely of the lawmakers - MP's - (Congress), Lords - (Senate), the senior civil servants (and lawyers) and their real 'owners' - the biggest personal landowners or wealth-holders in any country.

And it operates entirely by uncontrolled 'market forces'.  Those same forces which guarantee corruption, cartels, monopolies and inevitably tends towards slavery. (see beeb2)

How it works in a corrupt State (by uncontrolled market forces) : -

The lawmaker/civil servant is fixing a tax, he cannot make the richest pay (by uncontrolled 'market forces' they have absolute power) so he can only decide where the threshold is to be.

Ie. the most / least rich people he can force to pay the tax.

Market forces say he's not going to pay the tax himself - therefore the tax will start to bite at the income / wealth levels immediately below that of the lawmaker.

As all taxes tend to do - in Britain.

So it's not so strange that BBC presenters don't ever mention -

1) corrupt tax free 'trust status' - only available to the rich;

2) corrupt 'business allowances' - only available to the rich;

3) corrupt 'tax-free savings and investment'- only available to the rich;

4) corrupt avoidance of National Insurance Tax - only available to the rich.

Well, maybe that's not so strange, seeing that BBC presenters secretly benefit from these same corrupt perks - but fail to mention this fact to us -

so all the media's programs on tax are biased.

[but covertly - therefore corruptly]

So we never hear the whole truth about taxes.

(see Big Lie and Your Battles for more)

UPDATE - Nov 2010 - Review of UK's Waste & Injustice of Tax-Swindles and `Charges'

UPDATE - Sep 2011 - `UK Taxes are Unfair, Regressive, Totally Corrupt' - Delayed I.F.S Report

UPDATE - Nov 2011 - Reason for Political & Bureaucratic Corruption

One last thing - what is the Altruist Survivor's message?

Put most simply, and you can see this happening to the rich around us, especially in the long term:

the powerful and greedy become more incompetent, colder, uglier and more cruel - until they become extinct.

Altruist Survivor

We still need to remember :-

The Earth is finite, with only so much food, clothing and accommodation; therefore those who demand more than a basic minimum are stealing from the starving and the homeless.

such behaviour, says the Altruist Survivor, is oppression and murder.

Any aggrieved hypocrites, liars and thieves mentioned above can send queries, complaints, legal papers or thugs (bent police) to `Perceptions'.





Inequality is perceived mainly as the working of ethnic - class or race - bias.  However an analysis shows that the root cause is greed, in hierarchies of politics, law, finance and education.

The tax pages catalog UK's inequality problems in political finance (and `culture').
Laworjustice page does the same for policing and courts, where gender and age biases are subsets.  Schools pages similarly expose education biases.  Morals page examines the same problems - ever present, though covert in UK - in hierarchies of churches.

The banned `Perceptions' Tax Series









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