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Greedy rulers

Class & Race

Abusers in POWER
Acks to "PUNCH - or the LONDON CHARIVARI" - of 1890

"Punch" was a magazine for London quasi-intellectuals and sub-intellectuals, or bourgeoisie.
Content - the ruling group's political message.
Below :- hypocrisy, hiding cowardly racism

Altruist Survivor - "any moral derogation of a large group of people on ethnic grounds is necessarily a lie" link01

A Caution to Snakes

6 Dec 1890

Picture 1 - "Spirit of America", robed in the "Stars & Stripes" and wearing a holstered pistol, warns off rattlesnake

2 - Rattlesnake is wearing war-helmet of eagle feathers (ie Native American)

3 - Snake's body is labelled "Indian Rising" (riots?)

4 - SLOGAN - "...opinion...which gives to the rattlesnake the vindictive spirit of the North American Indian, and asserts that it adds a new joint to its rattle whenever it has slain a human being, thus bearing in its tail the fearful trophies of its prowess, just as the Indians wear the scalps of of slain foes" Wood's Natural History

English elite for political reasons maligning an ethnic group (Native Americans) for daring to protest against arrogant racism and unjust, indeed illegal practises used against them by perverts in 'authority'.

English elite remains racist today, but spends time & effort hiding that fact.
link02 & link03 & link04

However, you might feel Chief Seattle's reply link05 confounds propaganda.

The "Punch" picture below was printed when the "English Empire" had absolute military & commercial power over the Indian sub-continent. So the English ruling elite didn't worry about offending priestly castes which once held corrupt (and often pervert* below) local power.

[Altruist Survivor principle says: privileged elites degenerate into incompetence and perversion link06]

the Shield and the Shadow
18 Oct 1890

1 - "Spirit of (English) Empire" protects a young Indian girl.

2 - Threatening shadow (labelled "CASTE") is that of a native "priest" (pedophile priests - although a passing evil link07 - have long existed undercover in both West & East)

* British working-class soldiers and administrators link08 had prevented or halted many cases of pedophile abuse of low-caste or caste-less (working-class) children. This limitation of priestly 'privilege' link09 caused bitter resentment among the elite caste's perverts.

Politically, the English elite had to pretend to be 'fair' in Indian subcontinent - even though back in England they themselves were sexually abusing working-class children ! link010 & link11

It is now known they continue sexually abusing link12 children in Britain

[Altruist Survivor principle says intra-species violence is self defeating; within social species link13]

"fair facades to hide worst evils"
Notice the artist drew idealized heroic young females to portray English & USA 'establishments' ?

You and we know the uglier reality:-

establishments' hidden rulers
corrupt old men

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