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Big Lie

Did you read the violence page?

OK - then you'll know -

1 - that some organisations are motivated to lie to us about some things;

2 - that Media, Police and Government have strong, almost compelling reasons to increase fear of violence and pretend that violence is increasing.

Very few organizations want to reveal that general violence in society is actually falling and has always fallen, throughout recorded history.

Check real STATS Gov't figures
(check - male on female murder - at bottom)

So the BBC must have made an 'error' (c. early '90s) when an 'Analysis' program called the "Violence File" featured most of this author's views and conclusions on 'reported' violence figures - (seen at violence);

though without acknowledgement - BBC plagiarism is concealed by the Corporation and its lawyers;

when later queried by the author, the BBC went so far as to deny any knowledge of the "Violence File" program. - See violence

Since then the BBC has returned to lying about violence. This keeps the Corporation on-track with government, police and other bent UK media.

BBC line on violence reverts to the traditional cover-up and deception: - illustrated by the BBC Radio Four's "You and Your's" program - broadcast 12 June 2000 :-

where Simon Tillotson repeats the phrase
"in view of the rising trend of violence in society as a whole" - which could simply be a "mistake."

However, the BBC has been repeatedly told of this "error". And the BBC has had the true facts for several years.

Note 1 - The BBC seems intent on hiding the facts. The actuarial death rates from violence - showing consistent downward trend over many generations - which were broadcast annually, are now suppressed: never mentioned by the BBC.

Note 2 - This BBC intention to deceive is confirmed by their continual omission of the all-important word <"reported"> when announcing annual `reported crime figures'.

So the BBC's broadcast statement is always false and misleading.

An "error" knowingly repeated is a lie.

Why is the BBC lying? Possible answers below "scales" at foot.

See police admission of today's inflated figures - July 2000

Update 2014 - late (and hypocritical) admission that police always lie about crime figures - violent crime in particular

UK media can occasionally lapse into truth.

9 June 2000 "The Times", an English broadsheet newspaper, published a small indicator of a larger truth - see kidsafer.txt (3Kb. text file) - accidental and calculated violence against children has been falling steadily for at least 12 years.

But even so "The Times" does not trouble to tell the whole truth :- it's only the tip of the ice-berg;

those figures reflect trends for all "violence in society" - from way, way back;

from as far back as real figures (as opposed to 'reports') have been collected;

to reveal that violence in society is actually falling and has always been falling - throughout recorded history.

Violence organized by Authority is a different matter

see war.html & authority.html

LATEST - lieagain.txt - start of a controversy.

BBC broadcasts a misleading statement by a policeman - BBC official given the job of deflecting our criticism lies repeatedly in a transparent cover-up.

ourstand.txt - our opinion of BBC lies.

[ The unwieldy list of addressees is `Perceptions' policy on LIBEL risks. Despite the risks from corrupt courts using corrupt English law, we inform all concerned, especially those with responsibilities in that field. See
libel.html ]

As promised - we stopped talking to that person at that point - although lies kept coming.

In fact, you can have a look at their last blustering attempt at self justification.

(Even if they hadn't lied previously - you wouldn't have wanted to reply to this sort of waffle.)


See a legitimate, coherent thought in there ?

For instance - any reason to broadcast anti-social lies as truth ?

Without correction ?

Thought not.

below we'll have other "biglies" in English media

[similar pages taxone & bureau concern incompetence or bias / corruption in UK bureaucracies viz. Lottery Commission etc.]

lies seem to be mainly on behalf of 'elites', and fall under headings:
(hiding elite criminals & perverts)

#4 1997 WARNING to `authority' & the BBC

1999 WARNING to `authority' & the BBC

But BBC's COVER-UP & JUSTIFICATION of elite perverts' crimes continues


#1 - 2006hrs Friday 15 Sept 2000 BBC Radio 4During "Straw Poll" program - Will Hutton said "Britain is a low-tax country"

He is misinformed - a member of a protected elite - or a calculating, manipulative liar.


Misinformation or lie, it was not corrected by the BBC.

from "Your Battles", Car/lorry cost and "Cruel & Unjust Taxes" - for the lowdown & also see OneTruth for our message to Will Hutton.
#2 BBC program for women gives 'lethal' advice - on flight trauma

Presenter & "expert" say "Air-travel is safe in pregnancy"

Our CAUTION note (Sept. 2000)

Is the BBC ruled by Big Business ?
#3 Sunday 08 April '01, on a BBC "Analysis"program 'economist' A. Dilnot says "Spending on BENEFIT is Gov't's biggest thing !"

WRONG ! We easily discovered it's a lie.

It's the sort of lie expected from oppressive totalitarian Gov'ts, from selfish elites; a form of `eugenicist' "let's kill-off poor people" racism

Reality check - Only 5% (1/20th) of "National Insurance" (paid mostly by working-poor) goes on unemployment - and much of that goes to affluent bureaucrats!

Why is the lie being propagated by the BBC?

#5 BBC presenters and other BBC stooges continue to assert
"no English pedophile network exists"


So why do we find
c.7,000 pedophile judges, police-chiefs, bishops, lawyers, head-teachers, councillors, magistrates, top civil-servants
belonging to the same
"clubs & secret societies"
that the media-men belong to?

And that UK police are _not_ prosecuting the UK pedophiles found by American police?

Do we think
the BBC protests too much?

Late update Nov '04 - Sudden about-turn!

BBC now claims it's "leading the investigation into pedophile networks in England"

Do we believe them?

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