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"'Nice" people
depriving the world
by selfishness

"Is there a punishment?

"rich is nice and clever - poor is nasty and stupid"
Motto of `BBC Radio Four'
aimed at the rich.

Intelligent listener would say

"R4 is shallow & deceiving, w/zero logic."

'Cos its program-makers and presenters, like its intended market,
self-adoring, hypocritical - and thick

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1 How "nice rich people" deprive ordinary people

by selfish ignorance

Saturday 13 March 1999. An afternoon working, listening with an ear to the radio

Jenni Murray's cultured tones were dictating "how to be 'nice' i.e. 'upper-class' - as usual, but we are used to that and can work through it.

Jenni sweetly says - "now there are few little girls' bedrooms without one". Really? - What?

Review of past flow quickly tells - the BBC apparently thinks that "there are few little girls without a bedroom containing a Barbie doll." Really?

We understand the dolls alone are quite expensive; there is maybe a sizable majority, of the people we've met around the world, that can't afford such a gift for a child, however much loved: it's an expense that would deprive the family of so much else - daily food, clothing, warmth.

Does that sound ridiculous - no, that is how things work - in real life.

These decisions - for the poor, even in the rich West - and for the majority in the rest of the world have to be made from day to day, sometimes from hour to hour

"Can we put a coin in a slot meter to give some warmth and light to a communal living room / bedroom? - can we buy two loaves of bread for tomorrow's really essential meals? - her shoes are nearly worn through already, have we got time to 'save up' for some 'new' second-hand / cheap trainers?

But in the safety, comfort and affluence of the establishment's favour, Jenni Murray can tell lies - indeed she must tell lies.


"real people are affluent, middle to upper class"

"real people share her blinkered, rosy view of the world"

- a world bought by the work of "non-real" people who are somehow sub-human and have to suffer and starve so that Jenny can be comfortably complacent; issuing arrogant BBC decrees defining the "real" world.

Don't blame Jenni, or the BBC. If they didn't tell those lies (and pretend to believe them) they would be quickly out of those well paid jobs, those positions of "power" and on their way to join the real world, the world they deny (and fear).

The real world, where the majority of little girls don't have good clothing, good shoes, warmth, decent food or decent education - and probably never have a bedroom of their own, with or without "a Barbie doll".

2 How "nice rich" people deprive ordinary people

selfish in Government

The money or currency of a nation is an approximation of the goods and services produced in that country within a period, say in one year

The easiest method of stealing from many people is to get be a government and then to inflate or devalue the currency

Simple example of stealing by inflation is a country with government of one person (who also runs the central bank) and two traders - a butcher and a baker

In one year :-

Butcher produces 50 cuts of beef @£1 each) = £50 altogether

Baker produces 100 loaves of bread @£0.50 each = £50 altogether

Butcher   Baker

/   \

50 x £1.00 eachmeat portion     Loaf of bread100 x £0.50 each

Total Produce = £100 in currency
which the Banker prints and circulates

But the banker wants to buy a lot of things, so he prints an extra £100, making £200 in circulation, and he gets to spend the extra £100 before anyone knows it exists

So the banker is twice as rich, 'cos he buys his goods at a pre-inflation price, but the same total materials in the country now amount to £200 worth, not £100 worth as before

The raw material costs of the butcher and baker therefore are automatically doubled so the butcher and the baker must increase their prices to maintain income

The banker (first in the chain) has become, in property terms, twice as rich, but does not return that money to the people

By corrupt subsidies, corrupt taxes, corrupt policing, and corrupt education policies, he gives that money to his own family and friends in the elite

[ see "The Great Wave" by David Hackett Fischer -Oxford University Press 1996 and this answer to a reader about intermittent waves of greed inflicted by the powerful ]


3 How "nice rich" people deprive ordinary people

by selfish monopoly

The next easiest way to steal from a lot of people is by monopoly or cartel. Any monopoly or cartel can and will steal from the unprotected working population.

The butcher and baker (second in the chain above) have doubled their prices.  They can do this, here, 'cos they're each a MONOPOLY.

The indicator of a financially corrupt country is inward smuggling.

In Britain most large industries are in fact thinly disguised monopoly or cartel.  [Late addition -see '00 reports from a) OFGEN , b) World Bank]

Egon Ronay recently and convincingly showed how "these monopolist tendencies are responsible for low quality" in Britain.

He was initially investigating motorwar / autoroute planning and services.
Ie. Britain's infamous "motorways" & their over-priced lousy service stations.

Due to connivance with corrupt government & civil service, British store goods prices are approximately

150% to 200% higher than European prices;

150% to 250% higher than USA prices;

Public transport ticket prices are up to 1000% (yes that's TEN times) more than the European equivalents - and probably even greater than US prices;

Real British tax costs are approximately 2 x European - 3 x USA's.
And real UK interest rates are about TWO TIMES, that is, 100% higher than Europe / USA's.


Paragraph above first published by `Perceptions' some years ago when the UK establishment - political parties, government ministers, manufacturers, retailers AND media - all denied our reported facts.

TODAY - there is some belated recognition.

You saw it reported here first - if you were reading "Perceptions.",3858,3903487,00.html
"Cruel & Unjust Taxes"
Later reference - compare.txt
LATER : An air-ticket from Britain to a European city will cost FOUR TIMES the same ticket for the same route bought in Europe. [R4 BBC 20 December 1999]
Even later reference - ripoff8.txt


Inward SMUGGLING indicates the establishment's artificially high prices and / or taxes.

Britain has:-

smuggled in from Europe: - SERVICES, FOOD, DRINK, TOBACCO, CARS, GOLD, FUEL etc., even some CLOTHING

UPDATE 2001 June - Any improvement? Check.

UPDATE 2001 July - Any improvement? Check again

Smuggled out to Europe - COCAINE, HEROIN, precursor DRUG CHEMICALS, synthetic DRUGS, and laundered DRUG MONEY.
These are among the real investments of the British ruling elite - the men in gray suits.

Those facts from C.I.A's page on Britain

[check their interesting mainpage ]

Also from elite habits & other elite habits & even more

Those with power in Britain who have stolen by illicit monopoly or cartel during the greedy 80's and 90's are :-

Government : senior bureaucrats (the "First Division" of the civil service), and MPs (congressmen) - - - - - - - - - who have taken - from our money, public funds - for themselves the gross incomes (and pensions) of multi-millionaires.

Senior barristers (elite lawyers)- - - - - - ditto -- - - - - - - - - -

Senior doctors and dentists - - - - - - - - ditto - - - - - - - - - - -

Senior "public" mediafolk (inc. BBC)- - - ditto - - - - - - - - - -

Privatised "utility" - Gas, Water bosses - - ditto - - - - - - - - - - -

4 How "nice rich" people deprive ordinary people

by selfish oppression

Finally, "nice" people can steal by charging us ordinary people for services and allowances that are secretly reserved for a privileged elite - who do not pay for them.

The working person - last in the chain, & ignored till now - initially had her cost of living doubled by the government but her income is on the way down - for the butcher and baker are forcing reductions in her wages - in order to increase their incomes to catch up with the banker.

In addition she is paying more and more in inefficient and corrupt taxes, even when she is out of work.

She is also abused or not-protected - by institutionally corrupt police who consider themselves to be working for the elite - while it's the poor who pay the real "Cruel & Unjust Taxes" for police wages.
[Therefore, when police-violence is used against the poor, those police are morally robbers-with-violence.]

She also suffers pollution and squalor due to corrupt and inefficient local government, for the same reason (see tax).

All avenues of complaint or redress are arranged to be expensive to silence her - especially if she is both poor and inarticulate due to an education system that educates the rich and ignores the poor.

In line with this policy the BBC makes taxpayers and licence-payers pay again to telephone their complaints, or phone-in's to the "quality channel" (Radio Four) which clearly doesn't want to know about the lives of poor people.

She is the last in the chain and cannot and would not pass on charges to her family or children, so she is made poorer, and the whole real world is made poorer by her predicament.

The elite - government, media & the 'professions' have all been stealing during the greedy '80's and 90's. They've been taking more and more from those already disadvantaged in the real world, where more and more little girls don't have good clothing, shoes, warmth or decent food - and less and less chance of a bedroom of their own, with or without "a Barbie doll".

[see "The Great Wave" by David Hackett Fischer -Oxford University Press 1996 and this answer to a reader on intermittent waves of greed inflicted by the powerful]


The punishment?

When "nice" (rich) people behave in these ways, those "nice" people have become less than human

next - the 'nice' (rich) people go extinct.

BBC balance

"Is the only challenge in the world to be greed and viciousness?
Is the only satisfying power the power of the ascent over men, the only dream, ambition?
And must the alternative to greed, evil, ambition - be only sluggishness?"

Tanith Lee
'Deliriums's Mistress'

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