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arrogant racism

Return from "Arabia"

The setting: author's completed a contract in Arabia, returned to the UK.

Had a reasonable time there.  The task was demanding but satisfying, the academic standards high and the people - Palestinian & Arab colleagues and students - as decent and honorable folk as any others met around the world.

During the year he voluntarily performed extra-curricular checks in desert country, rugged terrain not pleasing to your average European.

The harsh environment made a change from lush tropics or European mild greenness. note1


Back in Britain, he was working.  The background radio - tuned to a BBC channel - started emitting a 'comedy' which was London-based and a bit forced.

It didn't seem very good and he was about to switch it off or turn to a music channel when the bad thing happened.

A comedian who needed canned 'laughter' set up a joke about 'foreigners' by screeching a raucously vile imitation of an imam calling the faithful of Islam to prayer.

The braying of canned 'laughter' was turned up to a frenzied level.


This author has no religious biases.

After all he's lived and worked among Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus Muslims, and various types of Jews, Christians and Animists.

And, although `rulers' of any group can be and often are unjust or evil note1, he'd found all grass-roots people share common note2 ethics.  Why, once he'd lived with a Voodoo believer note3 who was a great person.

So ignorant mocking of someone else's religion seemed disgusting.

The 'comedy' came across as stupid racial/religious malice.

A note to the BBC

He stopped work and quickly wrote the BBC telling them of the error.

Why ?

Islamic worshippers use the Arabic language in same way as some Christian churches use(d) Latin.

Selective mockery seems to say - "We'll ridicule a brown man worshipping in Arabic but pretend to respect a white man sermonizing in Latin"

[In addition, many followers of Islam, children of harsh desert environments, view facile laughter as madness - or malice.]

In friendly terms he recommended that the BBC cut any planned repeat of the program and warned them not to broadcast the item on the BBC's World Service.

I.e. - it was bad enough for the BBC to broadcast an insult throughout multi-ethnic Britain; to give gratuitous offence to one-third of the world would be stupid.

Arrogant & dismissive reply from BBC

Some days later an offensive and dismissive letter arrived from the BBC

[ Author is now in Wales but that BBC letter - preserved - is addressed to "Little Ness, Shrops" ]

The BBC stated at length there was "nothing wrong" with the program or its choice of victims.

The BBC clearly felt that such matters should be left to BBC 'experts'.

He would later come to recognize the BBC reflex of automatic denial.

Elite's racism

He found that arrogance and complacency in the BBC and other English institutions covers a snobbish racism that is endemic in English elites note6 - maybe in elites everywhere.

Malicious elitism is intolerant of others and wreaks its damage by creating resentment - & further intolerance - between religious and ethnic groups.

LATER - 2002 - BBC's malice confirmed?

LATER UPDATE - Dec. 2002 - More BBC misinformation

A British (Bahamas) registered `cheap oil-tanker' sinks and dumps thousands of gallons of polluting crude onto European shores but BBC makes no mention of its `nationality'.
However if it'd had any connection with a European country: that `fact' would have been endlessly and misleadingly repeated by the BBC on every newscast.
[A bit like the mis-naming of the bad tree disease imported from USA]

So the BBC is continuing to both lie and censor for corrupt political reasons, generating hatred between groups,

[ Google ]

can we

take off the blindfolds?

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