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beat the
Bad Guy

time:  after midnight
place:  downtown bar district

What's happening

In a down-town bar, a bad guy - sharp-dressed, with a gun, is loudly beating up on some harmless person: old drunk / or tired hooker.  Bar-staff are terrified

The bad guy doesn't stop beating h/p when you step in, but makes it louder, got to prove himself

He's acutely aware of what You're doing

The bad guy stops beating up on the h/p and turns to you - he's a little antsy now and could flip either way

The bad guy moves up to the bar - saying "Man - these people" [or some such] and gives spiel, shows ID card (or suchlike), and eventually displays the gun

Bad guy is now trying to convince you his "world view" is right - gets confused - makes slips

Bad guy thinks he's at a dead-end and tired, wants out; says "Goodnight" - goes home

- You

Late night - You're walking alone.  You step into a bar - not wanting hassle :- a drink and maybe a smile

(This late, you're the only guy of your color in the downtown district)

You walk past - to the bar - order - bar-girl mute with fear - calm her - get drink on bar / then, you slowly turn

You say - in a clear voice - to the bad guy - "Why so downhearted, Man?" - while he's still beating up the h/p

You're cool / disinterested - a visiting professional - just an occasional nod

When the gun is waved / offered you take it, check it - pass it back - noncommittal

You 'don't notice' his slips - so - he gets angry with himself

Body-language says you're settling down for a quiet drink in the bar - you nod / dismissal

- Internal stuff

That bad guy's on some `purification' / `justification' jag - ie. he's really enjoying hurting people weaker than himself

He's getting into a frenzy - aiming for catharsis - someone could get killed here - when you step in

The bad guy thinks - "the stranger's cool, he doesn't care what's happening, doesn't seem to be be scared"

To keep face with the people in the bar he has to impress you - (or shoot you) - so thinks to brag, i.e. - credentials

So now he's into wanting your 'approval,' of his opinions / lifestyle / even of carrying the gun

The bad guy needs to give you spiel - names / bigshots / his opinions etc.

Hoping he's kept face - worried about slips - bad guy thinks he'd better go home - maybe impressed the stranger

Result - all at once, you're in a place full of friends
the scared girls behind the bar relax
give you that smile

Yep - real, genuine happening in a Central American bar some time after midnight
the bad guy was a mixed-up / drunk police detective
the gun was his issue .38 revolver

Might happen to you - anytime


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