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Alien Rulers?

Were we ruled by "Aliens" ?

In Dominators we examined hypothesis of our distant ancestors dividing, or being divided, into two groups:-
a) Dominators (becoming extinct à la Maya); b) sociable Humans (surviving).
A further speculative step / leap seems called for.
Here we go!


Did Neanderthal - larger-brained and stronger than humans - actually dominate and rule our ancestors ?


homo sap
1400cc brain

1600cc brain

1300cc brain?

From archeological data we now see Neanderthal as leading an acquisitive and greedy, cold & somewhat brutal life - and above all, unwilling to roam. 100link

A grasping, though unadventurous type. What there was - Neanderthal wanted.  And what he had - Neanderthal kept.

We humans came along much later.  And we were wild!  Slighter, quick-footed and nimble.  Even though we had smaller brains, we were livelier, friendlier and more sociable amongst ourselves.

That last bit's not speculation - it's all previously nomadic folks' history.

Readily egalitarian sharing continues among humans until nomads & pastoralists are forced - today by Gov't (Neanderthal?) coercion - to become employed workers.

Males then tend to become bullies, females become enslaved & employed groups grow sadly selfish.

See modern accounts of the !Kung & the Ju/'hoansi of the Kalahari Desert. 101link

We can now see that transition expressed in rock art which, around 30,000 years ago was beautiful paintings of animals.

But c 10,000 yrs ago, when we think farming and slavery began, images became mainly of daggers, swords & halberds (battle-axes), and of the slaughter accomplished by them.

Neanderthal was strong - (about 4 × human's muscle-power) - and brutal.  Unlike most of us humans, they seemed to opt for separate gender living.  Males lived together eating prime meat but left the females and young to scavenge.  Notice similarities with some martial groups in `human' history?  Also with dominator groups regarded as just now emerging from "Prehistory"?

Yes, that brutal `Spartan' 102link type was what we now see in the archeological traces of the Incas, the `southern Maya', the ancient rulers of Peru and of Egypt and many more.

It might be significant that all those elites treated their "subjects" as if they were a different species, maiming, torturing 103link, and slaughtering old and young in hundreds as "sacrifices".  See below.

native girl
LEFT- A young modern descendant of the Lacandón Indians who were enslaved by the `southern Maya' (part of family group photographed with anthropologist / archeologist J.Eric Thompson - 1946).  We see a normal modern human, with high forehead 104link denoting sociability and empathy.

`Perceptions' note:- The Lacandón Indians continue to be oppressed by dominator groups today 105link (as is the majority of humankind).

There's a summary of `Perceptions' view of erroneous history of Meso- and South America - at "Real Maya".

RIGHT-UPPER Skull of a member of the Mayan elite; supposedly they bound their childrens' heads to resemble the `Maize God' (but that doesn't explain their vastly increased cranial capacity).

Which ancient types (top) do these two rulers' skulls most resemble?

RIGHT-LOWER A ruler's head (King Tut's) with low frontage, 'long' skull-shape typical of a 'dominator group'.  The family it belonged to was the ancient Egyptian ruling-dynasty of Aken-aten. 106link
Maya ruling elite

Egyptian ruling elite

Did Neanderthal actually rule over humans in the distant past?

Perhaps using Pithecanthrope overseers?

If they did, maybe they never went exinct, maybe they just evolved into quasi-human (near human) forms and gradually went undercover.

They could still be here!

[Still arranging "human sacrifices" on huge scales?]

Somewhere near Us?

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