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Dominant Abusers

Web sites now serve victims of professional abuse
Please treat all web sites with caution - but campaigning for reform is always a good thing - and maybe good therapy

Types - Professionals Risks of Authority Evidence Yourself
Generalization Risks of Legality Change ? -

Authority figures

Dominators - Oppressors

Independent statistics show that professions with most scope for authority attract some abusive personality types - 01

Policemen who display domineering or 'bossy' traits, may become anti-social physical abusers - especially of minority groups

Police thugs are a fairly common 02 phenomenon

Lawyers who abuse their position financially or physically, who may become systematic fraudsters 03

A citizen is more likely to be robbed by a lawyer than by anyone else


Doctors / psychiatrists who misuse their power, who may become systematic abusers 04

Mental and sexual abuse not unknown among doctors, common in 'psychiatry' - where there is more power over the helpless 05

Care-workers, nurses or attendants who become abusers - bullies, torturers, sexual abusers and pedophile abusers, even serial murderers

More common than we might think

These cases don't represent the professions discussed, but indicate that an unbalanced or abusive urge to power can often be found in volunteers for authority

We can say that typical anti-social abusers are motivated to -

a) achieve power in order to abuse it;

b) abuse power for gratification and to achieve yet more power.

It can be difficult or even pointless to differentiate between the two - those who directly seek to harm people / those who seek authority over people.

Harmful outcomes - even case details - can be identical.

Volunteers for Authority

Many males volunteer for authority for wrong reasons

Statistically more bullies, rapists, murderers and pedophiles are found in male dominated hierarchies - law, police, church, bureaucracy, psychiatry, politicians etc - than in the general population

These conclusions are drawn from sad facts :-

If a woman or child is under the physical, moral or legal authority of a male there is increased probability of oppression, molestation, rape or murder.  A statistical fact.

The further away the relationship from the "constant parent" of the child, or the 'constant mate' of the woman, the greater the probability of oppression, molestation, rape, or murder.  This is a fact, and can be seen in actuarial outcomes: i.e. counting dead bodies.

The greater the legal power given to a male by authority - the greater the risk.
Escalating through step-parent, foster parent, `guardian', `care manager', warder, police 05 and judges, senior bureaucrats and politicians. 06

Many more women and children are molested, raped or murdered by 'dominator' males in above categories than by strangers.

Statistics in public domain.  For hard information damaging to elite males you'll need access to police computers - where 'reported facts' / 'legal facts' are on same basis, without fear of legal repercussions.

For the males concerned are in authority; invariably more powerful than the women and children victims.

There are several web sites serving victims of professional abuse.
[search for - "professional abuse"]
Please treat all web sites with caution - but campaigning for reform is always "a good thing" - and it might even be good therapy.

There are still examples of elite groups abusing power - seen in recent international confrontations.

However that is no longer the behaviour of the majority of the human race.
Dominators or "Alien Rulers"

The unbalanced individuals mainly in the male population, can be regarded as `throwbacks'.
Covered-up : warning2

"Altruist Survivor" principle says that unbalanced types - politicians, criminals, elites, warlords etc, - are continually going extinct. Shown by increasing rarity in population, might once have been a majority but are now below 5%

"The 2% who make wars possible" : genes5.html#evil2 & mediauk.html

LATEST : unholy.html#last


A male can live his life ignorant of the facts outlined in this page

We're now told enough to convince us that abusive actions are constantly covered-up, especially by those in authority.


Be careful and be prepared.  Many UK judiciary, senior police and media organizations seem to be shielding organized abusers - some in high places.
See unholy review warning

Witnesses and journalists have been mysteriously eliminated.
See mediauk#believe


Now web sites serve victims of professional abuse.
Search for - "professional" - "abuse"
Please treat all web sites with caution - but campaigning for reform is always a good thing - and good therapy.

Caution:- It seems that any organization aiming to help people who've been abused will eventually be infiltrated and taken over by abusers. ref

SO - Please treat all web sites with caution - but campaigning for reform is always a good thing - and possibly good therapy.

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