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Authenticity     -     Knowing the Real

This website which was initially started to post one hard-science paper (physics) and one evolution paper (social science), then proceeded trying to find other truths suspected of being misrepresented, suppressed or hidden by modern mass media (MSM), at the behest of bent politicos, corrupt authorities and the massive concealed interests of global corporates.
However, there is also joy to be found when solving a puzzle - sensing the real.  And the more complex the puzzle the greater the pleasure.  That's amplified when you know that your solution - if/when published - will help people in general, not just the powerful.

A charming example of the (smaller) pleasure gotten from `knowing the real' is given below, quoted from one of Stephen Jay Gould's essays in Natural History's magazine:-

Spirit of St. LouisThe head of the National Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C., once hosted a group of blind vistors to discuss how exhibits might be made more accessible to their community.  In this museum the great airplanes of our history - including the Wright Brothers' bi-plane from Kitty Hawk and Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis - hang from the ceiling, entirely outside the perception of blind visitors.  The director apologized ... then asked his visitors whether a scale model of the Spirit of St. Louis, made available for touch, would be helpful.  The blind visitors caucused and returned with their wonderful answer:  Yes, they responded, we would apppreciate such a model, but it must be placed directly under the unperceptible original.  If the aesthetic and moral value of genuine objects can stir us so profoundly that we insist on their presence even when we can have no palpable evidence thereof, but only the assurance that we stand in the aura of reality, then factual authenticity cannot be gainsaid as a fundamental desideratum of the human soul.
from `No Science Without Fancy, No Art Without Facts'

A background, first as a troubleshooter, then as analyst of systems, including human systems, equipped me to spot and then investigate cases of corruption in UK (on my return from work overseas), impartially, unbiased by the constant MSM misinformation that UK's residents are subject to.
The first two trial runs - one into UK's University Examinations Board, the other into prevalent local authority and police corruption - were successful, and clearly alarmed some `at the top' of those hierarchies.
However, the pleasure of `knowing the real', and the promise of improving conditions for the majority of human-kind, compels continuing the analyses, investigations and publication of results.




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