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Date: Fri, 5 May 2017 07:34:51 +0100
Subject: 77 million Americans in 2015 had unsafe drinking water

77 million Americans in 2015 had unsafe drinking water

Sadly think `bad water' problems are common in US _and_ UK.   I.e. - in UK many houses over 50 years old - that's whole towns and villages in many areas - are still connected to the water main by a lead pipe!

So that first cup of tea or coffee is likely laced with invisible lead content - leached from the lead pipe by water sitting there overnight.

Ray D
US faces `nationwide drinking water crisis,' 77mn exposed to unsafe water in 2015 - study
Published time: 4 May, 2017 11:51 | Edited time: 4 May, 2017 12:23

11 Up to 77 million Americans were serviced in 2015 by unsafe drinking water systems, with 18 million people exposed to excessive levels of lead and copper, a new study found, adding that penalties for violations are `virtually nonexistent.'

`The actual number of violations and systems breaking the law is likely substantially higher because of probable widespread underreporting,' the authors of the study by the environmental advocacy group Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) say.

According to the research, entitled `Threats on Tap: Widespread Violations Highlight Need for Investment in Water Infrastructure and Protections,' violations were reported in all 50 states in 2015, including the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and other territories covered by the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA).

The top five states with SDWA violations by population proved to be Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Georgia.
Texas saw the lion's share of health-based violations, affecting more than 4.9 million people. Puerto Rico came in second, with more than 2.4 million, followed by Ohio, Maryland, and Kentucky. When ranked by `percentage of total population served, Puerto Rico had `the highest percentage of any state or territory, with 69.4 percent of its population served by community water systems with health-based SDWA violations,' according to the study.

Rural Americans `at greatest risk'
Meanwhile, very small systems, found in rural or sparsely-populated areas, account for more than half of all health-based violations, researchers said.

`Systems serving less than 500 people accounted for nearly 70 percent of all violations and a little over half of all health-based violations. This means that rural Americans could be at greatest risk from some drinking water contaminants,' the report warned.

`America is facing a nationwide drinking water crisis that goes well beyond lead contamination,' Health Program Director at NRDC and report co-author Erik Olson said in a statement.

`The problem is twofold: there's no cop on the beat enforcing our drinking water laws, and we're living on borrowed time with our ancient, deteriorating water infrastructure. We take it for granted that when we turn on our kitchen tap, the water will be safe and healthy, but we have a long way to go before that is reality across our country,' he added.

Researchers cited data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), according to which approximately 19.5 million Americans fall ill every year from pathogens as a result of contaminated drinking water from public water systems.

The young, the elderly and immunocompromised individuals are particularly vulnerable, the report noted, adding that `No comprehensive estimates have been published of the number of cancers, reproductive and neurological diseases, or other serious chronic health problems caused by contaminated tap water.'

Meanwhile, repercussions for violations are `virtually nonexistent,; the study said. According to the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Safe Drinking Water Information System (SDWIS) data, of over 80,000 reported violations that occurred in 2015, the agency and states took formal enforcement action against a mere 13.1 percent.

Agencies took formal enforcement actions against 21.2 percent of health-based violations. Furthermore, penalties (either criminal punishment or civil fines) were sought or assessed for only a tiny fraction (6.7 percent) of violations,' the report revealed.

According to NRDC's report, even at its current level of funding, `the EPA and states are doing an inadequate job of monitoring, testing, and enforcing safe drinking water laws.'

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump allegedly proposed slashing the agency's funding by 31 percent, including cuts to scientific programs, the Washington Post reported in March, citing a leaked memo.

Reductions in research funds will roll back programs on climate change, water quality, and chemical safety, as well `safe and sustainable water resources,' the document said, as cited by the newspaper.

Michigan has been at the center of a public health crisis since 2015, when tests found high amounts of lead in blood samples taken from children in Flint. In late April 2014, after at least a year of deliberation and negotiation, Flint officials and its state-mandated emergency manager switched the city's drinking water supply to the Flint River. Residents soon complained of the water's odd tastes, smells and coloring while officials repeatedly told them the water was safe to ingest. The situation became a full-blown crisis when, during the summer of 2015, rising levels of lead were being detected in children's blood.

It was later determined that the Flint River water was not being treated properly, and that lead from aging water pipes was bleeding into the water supply.

Date: Wed, 3 May 2017 11:30:07 +0100
Subject: Adult drinking habits in Great Britain: 2005 to 2016

Adult drinking habits in Great Britain: 2005 to 2016

Well, looking at the last paragraph I'd say that Brit males aren't very likely to lie about their drinking habits since there's an accepted and respectable `pub culture' in UK, although we can expect them to understate their consumption by maybe 25% or so (guesstimate).

However can also see that females are likely to be understating consumption significantly more - due to associated stigma.

And regarding increasing numbers of ethnics claiming to be teetotal; Muslims and Hindus are most likely to claim to be teetotalers even though a sizable proportion of them are actually prone to extreme binge drinking.

[ I worked in Saudi and observed some `party behaviour' - and we see large numbers of `hooch' alcohol poisoning cases in India / Pakistan ]

Ray D
Adult drinking habits in Great Britain: 2005 to 2016
Teetotalism, drinking in the week before interview, frequent drinking and units drunk, including changes in drinking patterns in recent years.

1. Main points
In Great Britain, 56.9% of Opinions and Lifestyle Survey respondents aged 16 years and over in 2016 drank alcohol, which equates to 29 million people in the population.
7.8 million people `binged' on alcohol on their heaviest drinking day.
Young people aged 16 to 24 years in Great Britain are less likely to drink than any other age group; when they do drink, consumption on their heaviest drinking day tends to be higher than other ages.
The highest earners, those earning £40,000 and above annually, are more likely to be frequent drinkers and `binge' on their heaviest drinking day when compared with the lowest earners.
In 2016, similar patterns of drinking were observed in England, Scotland and Wales; of the English regions, binge drinking was more common in the north.
Among men who `binged', normal strength beer was the most popular choice of alcohol, for females wine was the most popular choice.

2. Things you need to know about this release
Our Adult Drinking Habits series describes alcohol consumption data for adults aged 16 years and above in Great Britain from the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (OPN). The OPN is a face-to-face interview; the data on alcohol concern self-reported consumption on the heaviest drinking day prior to interview. In 2016, the findings are based on the responses of around 7,700 people in Great Britain.

The commentary in this bulletin is based on conclusions drawn from `weighted' population counts. When conducting social surveys it is not possible to interview everyone in the population, as this would be too expensive. The `weighting' makes the sample more representative of the population.

In this bulletin, our definition of binge drinking is based on that detailed in the government's Alcohol Strategy. Specifically, this concerns males who exceeded 8 units on their heaviest drinking day (around 4 pints of normal strength beer or three-quarters of a bottle of wine) and females who exceeded 6 units on their heaviest drinking day (around 3 pints of normal strength beer or 2 large glasses of wine). The latest government guidelines recommend individuals drink no more than 14 units of alcohol per week and that these units should be spread over 3 or more days. Given that the data on alcohol from the OPN measure drinking on just one day, we do not address the latest guidelines in this bulletin.

It is likely that the data reported here underestimate drinking levels to some extent. Social surveys consistently produce estimates of alcohol consumption that are lower than the levels indicated by alcohol sales data. This is likely to be because people either consciously or unconsciously underestimate their alcohol consumption. However, it gives an insight into peoples' perceptions of their drinking habits.

3. Adult drinking habits in Great Britain, 2005 to 2016
The proportion of adults who said they drink alcohol is at its lowest level since 2005

In 2016, among adults aged 16 years and above, 56.9% of respondents drank alcohol in the week before being interviewed for the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey, the lowest level seen since our time series began in 2005 (64.2%) (Figure 1). This equates to around 29 million people in the population of Great Britain. Across time, there has been a similar reduction in the number of those who drank on 5 days or more in the week prior to interview. In 2016, in Great Britain 9.6% of adults (around 4.9 million people in the population) drank alcohol on 5 or more days.

Since 2005, there has been around a 2 percentage points increase in the number of people stating that they do not drink alcohol at all (that is, teetotallers). In 2016, of all people 20.9% (around 10.6 million people in the population) said that they did not drink alcohol.

The drinking behaviour described here is likely to be impacted by characteristics of local populations such as culture and ethnicity; please see the commentary on drinking behaviour by region for further information.
(more at page ...)

Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2017 18:54:06 +0100
Subject: Israelis claim UK "anti-semitic"

Israelis claim UK "anti-semitic"

Ha!  Whoever wrote that claim is seriously illiterate or utterly corrupt.  Why?
Well - Semites are *all* of the Arabs, and only *some* of the Jews.

So the country whose soldiers kill most Arabs is, by definition, the most anti-semitic.
Ray D
PS - here's a clue - that Arab-killing country is ... Israel
UK has one of highest anti-Semitic offense rates in world - Israeli watchdog
Published time: 24 Apr, 2017 10:33 | Edited time: 25 Apr, 2017 07:56

The UK has one of the highest rates of anti-Semitic offenses in the world, a new report by an Israeli-based watchdog has revealed.

Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2017 14:01:04 +0100
Subject: Erdogan censors the Web - to keep Turkey ignorant

Erdogan censors the Web - to keep Turkey ignorant

WIKI (as available in UK)
"As the president of the newly formed Turkish Republic, Atatürk initiated a rigorous program of political, economic, and cultural reforms with the ultimate aim of building a modern and secular nation-state.  He made primary education free and compulsory, opening thousands of new schools all over the country.  Turkish women received equal civil and political rights during Atatürk's presidency ahead of many Western countries."

Here's an early opinion (July 2016), a later one Dec 2016, and another in 2017;  so you can maybe see why Erdogan - a devious Islamist agitator exploiting the ignorant and the gullible - doesn't want his population to read the words:  "Atatürk initiated a rigorous program of political, economic, and cultural reforms with the ultimate aim of building a modern and secular (non-religious) nation-state."
Ray D

"Turkey blocks Wikipedia under law designed to protect national security"

Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2017 18:20:57 +0100
Subject: R.A.W and Logic (+ Magick)

R.A.W. and Logic (+ Magick)

Recently got a Robert Anton Wilson book: `Email to the Universe' (collection of essays etc 2005) which is crammed with RAW's nuggets.

He had the knack of making you re-read a sentence, or paragraph, or chapter - either for the fun of it or, just as likely, to search out their multiple meanings.

One gem starts `Scientific philosophers generally describe such statements (about things beyond confirmation or refutation) as "meaningless" ...' and expands that into a deep and amusing piece.  I read that a few times and thought `Of course, that's right'.  E.g. - any statement about the purely supernatural is necessarily meaningless.  Including that one?

I miss his wit, although luckily he got to make quite a few presentations which are preserved on Youtube.

Ray D

Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2017 23:17:58 +0100
Subject: "Police Pursuits"

"Police Pursuits"

If you want to see exercises in futility then go "Police Pursuits" in Google Video search.  These folk - mostly youngsters - continue to doom themselves to a future non-life as criminal-record holders and jail-time mental sufferers.

Apart from psychos - of which there are more than a few - most pursuees are stupid young guys who think they have something to prove.

Some are undereducated red-neck white guys, but most are almost totally non-educated young `urban-ghetto' black guys.

Once they've "proved themselves" by a pointless stolen-car pursuit and subsequent jail sentence (with all _that_ entails), their future life is severely curtailed; they live surrounded by other petty criminals, drug dealers, pimps etc.

And once down there, there's almost no way back up.

Ray D

PS - most pursuits I've seen were LA and surrounding counties, thing might be different elsewhere

PS2 - have to confess I've gotten away from police cars once or twice (didn't want to be delayed), late at night, but only in countries where the police, although armed, had crappy cars which couldn't keep up with me

Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2017 18:24:59 +0100
Subject: "Turkish referendum: 2.5 million votes could have been manipulated"

"Turkish referendum: 2.5 million votes could have been manipulated"

Wouldn't be surprised at all.  Erdogan has betrayed the principles laid down by Kemal Atatürk - founder of modern Turkey and believer in secular government and politics.

No betrayals are too despicable for Erdogan however, so long as he can keep the uneducated and religious fanatics in his grasp.

Ray D
PS - here's an Oriental view of Turkey
Turkish referendum: Up to 2.5 million votes could have been manipulated, says foreign observer
Council of Europe's Alev Korun questions result as Recep Tayyip Erdogan wins mandate to enforce greater presidential powers

Shadia Nasralla, Andrea Shalal 8 hours ago

Up to 2.5 million votes could have been manipulated in Sunday's Turkish referendum that ended in a close `yes' vote for greater presidential powers, an Austrian member of the Council of Europe observer mission said on Tuesday.

However Turkish authorities are not cooperating with efforts to investigate claims of possible election fraud, according to a senior official in the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), which conducted a separate monitoring mission.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has dismissed criticisms of the vote, saying foreign observers should `know their place'. The foreign ministry said foreign monitors lacked objectivity and impartiality.

The mission of observers from the 47-member Council of Europe, the continent's leading human rights body, had already pronounced the referendum to be an uneven contest. Support for `Yes' dominated campaign coverage, and the arrests of journalists and closure of media outlets silenced other views, according to Council of Europe and OSCE monitors.

Alev Korun, an Austrian member of the Council's observer team, said there were questions about the actual voting as well.

"This is about the fact that actually the law only allows official voting envelopes. The highest election authority decided however - as it were, against the law - that envelopes without official stamp should be admitted," she told ORF radio.

"There is a suspicion that up to 2.5 million votes could have been manipulated," added Korun, a Greens member of the Austrian parliament. That number of votes would be almost double the margin of Erdogan's victory.

Michael Georg Link, who headed the OSCE observer mission, said Turkey was not helping an investigation into possible irregularities, and Ankara's questioning of OSCE neutrality was `clearly politically motivated'.

He declined comment on a possible change in the result of the referendum after any recount, but said the election commission's decision to allow incorrectly or non-stamped envelopes was a definite violation of Turkish law.

"Unfortunately we cannot talk about any cooperation," Link told the RND German newspaper chain. "Erdogan's decision to extend the state of emergency for 90 days and comments in which the election commission has already rejected claims of manipulation send a clear message."

Election authorities said preliminary results showed 51.4 percent of voters had backed sweeping new powers for Erdogan, something he says is needed to prevent instability.

Turkey's main opposition began a battle on Tuesday to annul the referendum.

Korun said police in the majority Kurdish town of Diyarbakir hindered two of her colleagues from entering voting locations. She also pointed to social media videos that seem to show people voting more than once, although this still had to be proven.

"These complaints are to be taken very seriously and they are, in any case, of such an extent that they would turn around the outcome of the vote," Korun said.

The pro-Kurdish opposition Peoples' Democratic Party said it presented complaints about unstamped ballots affecting 3 million voters, more than twice the margin of Erdogan's victory.

Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2017 16:17:19 +0100
Subject: "History of Iran Covert Action Deferred"

"History of Iran Covert Action Deferred"

Ha!   Once again this decision is aimed only at fooling the US public.

After all, the CIA knew what they were doing installing a fake "Shah" and organizing a torturing & murdering `Secret Police' to keep the population oppressed, and the Persian population (Iranians) many who suffered and often died as a result, also knew.

Secrecy is always about fooling your own population!

Ray D Secrecy News
History of Iran Covert Action Deferred Indefinitely
Posted on Apr.18, 2017 in Declassification, History, Iran by Steven Aftergood

A declassified U.S. Government documentary history of the momentous 1953 coup in Iran, in which Central Intelligence Agency personnel participated, had been the object of widespread demand from historians and others for decades. In recent years, it finally seemed to be on the verge of publication.

But now its release has been postponed indefinitely.

Last year, `the Department of State did not permit publication of the long-delayed Iran Retrospective volume because it judged the political environment too sensitive,' according to a new annual report from the State Department Historical Advisory Committee (HAC). `The HAC was severely disappointed.'

"The HAC was unsuccessful in its efforts to meet with [then-]Secretary Kerry to discuss the volume, and now there is no timetable for its release" the new report stated.

The controversy originally arose in 1989 when the State Department published its official history of US foreign relations with Iran that somehow made no mention of the 1953 CIA covert action against the Mossadeq government, triggering protests and ridicule.

That lapse led to enactment of a 1992 statute requiring the Foreign Relations of the United States series to present a `thorough, accurate, and reliable' documentary history of US foreign policy. The State Department also agreed to prepare a supplemental retrospective volume on Iran to correct the record. The retrospective volume is what now appears to be out of reach.

In truth, a fair amount of documentation related to the events of 1953 in Iran has been declassified and released. It is unclear how much more of significance remains to be disclosed. (Those who have read the missing volume say there is at least some new substance to it.)

But the position taken by the Obama State Department that 60 year old policy documents are too politically sensitive to be released is disheartening in any case.

Instead of disrupting relations with Iran, which are already fraught, an honest official U.S. account of events in 1953 might actually have elicited a constructive response. But that argument, advanced by the Historical Advisory Committee and its Chairman, Prof. Richard H. Immerman, did not get the serious consideration it deserved.

More broadly, the new annual report of the HAC did identify a few bright spots. One volume of the Foreign Relations series that was released last year met the statutory deadline for publication within 30 years of the events it describes. That hasn't happened for two decades.

Overall, however, "the declassification environment is discouraging," the HAC report found.

Date: 8 Apr 2017 15:57:57 +0100
Subject: Incompetent BBC `TV License' Dept.

Incompetent BBC `TV License' Dept.

This morning got a _second_ demand, from the BBC, for me to pay for a `TV License'.

Yes, I know they sent me one a few weeks ago, and that they acknowledged my forceful reply: (which _should_ have been "I don't need a TV License because a) I don't have a TV, and b) I wouldn't watch the biased crap produced by the BBC anyway).

[ BTW have heard the BBC _do_ make `quality' costume dramas etc. but the thought of watching such stuff is nauseating (if _very_ bored, I'd rather watch good Russian, Chinese docus or dramas w/subtitles; like this eight-part `Sherlock Holmes' series - terrific!). ]

So have had to fill in _another_intrusive and lengthy on-line form because the BBC is too incompetent to keep track of its _own_ incoming forms / outgoing receipts.

Ray D

Subject: Re: Incompetent BBC `TV License' Dept.
Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2017 18:27:10 +0100

Hi George,
Well - Initially the `License Fee' (a TAX) was a charge for using a radio or TV anywhere in UK.  You can see that such a `flat charge' is necessarily regressive - taking a much larger slice of earnings from the poor than the rich.  That hasn't changed, although the popularity of TV made the `powers-that-be' make the charge for a TV only.

As for `enforcement' - they used to claim they could detect a working TV (presumably by detecting the demodulation frequencies generated within each TV set) from a moving van outside in the street.  I doubt that was ever true, although, over the years, the BBC made several short `docu' films pretending that it was.

[ I.e. - I've been a communications engineer and wouldn't believe claims of `accuracy of detection' of such extremely low level signals, at any range longer than a few inches. ]

Ray D
PS - Incidentally, every TAX in UK is regressive - taking much more from the workers and the poor than from the rich.

Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2017 12:46:41 -0500
Subject: Re: Re: Incompetent BBC `TV License' Dept.

I always wondered about that detection scam myself when I first saw mention of it in the 70s.  I recall a picture of a guy with some sort of antenna leaning out of a vehicle as it drove down the block.  I know my "smart" TV can connect to my computer network and transmit that way, but most TVs are simple receivers that don't send signals.

Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2017 20:07:15 +0100
Subject: Re: Re: Incompetent BBC `TV License' Dept.

Hello Mark and Choong
Yup, you're both right insofar as a TV `receiver' hasn't got an explicit transmission circuit inside itself - BUT if it is going to bring the incoming high-frequency TV signals down in frequency to usable screen and audio signals, then it has to generate `intermediate frequencies' which will mix with the higher freqs and result in lower, usable signal frequencies.

I have heard rumours of such "I.F." frequencies being detected in certain remote and isolated areas, BUT can't believe, even now, that that method could be usable in urban areas:  i.e. where every house in a street would be emitting identical "I.F." radiation, at very low-levels, from all sides.
Ray D

Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2017 12:43:39 +0800
Subject: Re: Re: Incompetent BBC `TV License' Dept.

Yes that's the point Ray., indeed there is an oscillator circuit in the tuner that might in turn producing a tuned emission but this is going be very small and might only work in less cluttered environment like in a sparsely populated village and talking about this maybe that is why some western government is so interested about "uplifting" the standard of living of their population by offering interesting schemes and encouragement for them to upgrade to digital TV platform as a way of data mining?


Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2017 22:07:05 +0100
Subject: "The Arab world needs to admit it's racist"

"The Arab world needs to admit it's racist"

Yup, had finally realized, a while ago, that despite a life-time of "non-racist" work, the repeated testimony of successive girlfriends - of each of the main "races" of the world - bore witness to the fact that _all_ people are racist, and "oppressed" folk (and maybe females) most of all.

Recalling my time as an instructor in Arabia, I remember that students from desert families were most abusive to the one or two who were clearly of black African ancestry - and in heated arguments they were most likely to call the black guys "slave", as an insult.

Ray D
The Arab world needs to admit it's racist | Thursday 6 April 2017 16:00 UTC

Long subjected to racism and imperial conquest, Arabs should defend the rights of other people as much as they defend their own
Racism is a problem in the Arab world, yet too many people in the region deny it. Last week, an Ethiopian domestic worker fell from the balcony of her employer's home in Kuwait. It was caught on camera, and though the woman survived, she later revealed that her employer was trying to kill her.

"The lady put me in the bathroom and was about to kill me in the bathroom without anybody finding out," the worker said.
"She would have thrown my body out like rubbish, so instead of staying there I went to save myself and then I fell."

This isn't an isolated incident. Many Arab countries have maintained the kafala - or sponsorship system - which ties the legal status of low-wage migrant workers directly to their employer, giving the latter power to take away workers' passports, withhold their salaries, and subject them to harrowing abuse.
(more at page ...)

Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2017 17:57:55 +0100
Subject: Tunisia sentences British DJ for Muslim prayer remix

Tunisia sentences British DJ for Muslim prayer remix

Heck!  The sheer unthinking stupidity of this guy is hard to believe.  He's going to do a gig in a Muslim country and decides to make a `dance-mix' of their daily religious prayer calls.
What could go wrong with that?

Last time I heard of something that crass was when I'd just arrived back in UK after some years in the Med and then in Arabia;
a bad London comedian (from the accent - like Bernie Winters' - maybe Yiddish) used the Muslim call-to prayer for a crappy joke (w/canned laughter) on BBC radio.
[The BBC secretariat should have my warning letter and a copy of their dismissive reply.]

Some things people should grasp before going to, or pontificatiing about, Muslim countries:

a) life is so hard in most Muslim countries that a person who smiles or laughs in public is suspected of being mad (or worse);
b) people in most Muslim countries are not well-educated and are therefore defensive and highly reactive to, and resentful of, Westerners' references to their religious practices.

Be careful!

Ray D
BTW - at least he had the sense to get out of the country - fast!
Tunisia sentences British DJ for Muslim prayer remix
7 April 2017

A Tunisian court has sentenced a British DJ to a year in jail after he played a dance remix of the Muslim call to prayer.
London-born Dax J, was charged with public indecency and offending public morality - but had already fled the country before the court case.
The music included a dance version of the call to prayer, the religious act that Muslims perform five times a day.

"We will not allow attacks against religious feelings and the sacred," the governor of Nabeul, Mnaouar Ouertani, said when the club was shut down.

Earlier in the week, the organisers of the Orbit Festival apologised in a post on the event's Facebook page, but said that they did not accept responsibility for the playing of any offensive music.

The DJ "did not realise it might offend an audience from a Muslim country like ours," they said in the post (in French).
Dax J has offered his "sincere apologies to anyone who may have been offended by music that I played at Orbit Festival in Tunisia on Friday".
"It was never my intention to upset or cause offence to anybody," he said.
(more at page ...)

Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2017 09:33:18 +0100
Subject: Stockholm attack - "Why Sweden?"

Stockholm attack - "Why Sweden?"

Just now - 08:38 am - hearing BBC Radio4 man asking Fredrik Reinfeldt - former Swedish Prime Minister - "Why Sweden?" in light of fact that Sweden hasn't put troops into the Middle-East, is not in NATO, and has been welcoming to refugees / migrants.

Wrong question!  He should have asked "Why do morons commit `blind hatred' terrorism?"
I.e. regardless of country of residence.

N.b. click on "inadequate low IQ males" link for updates on modern increase in morons.

Ray D
Stockholm attack: Sweden 'will not be undermined by hate'
7 April 2017 Last updated at 21:15 BST
Swedish values of democracy and freedom will not be "undermined by hatred", the country's prime minister has said.
Stefan Lofven said the whole country was in a state of shock after a lorry drove down a pedestrianised street in Stockholm, killing at least four people.

Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2017 11:10:50 +0100
Subject: Ken Livingstone: he's hated for telling the truth

Ken Livingstone: he's hated for telling the truth

Ha!   These politicos and priests are not only ignorant, they're _doubly_ ignorant.

First they try to deny historical fact: that Hitler's Germany and the Palestinian Zionists did indeed make a pact or "Transfer Agreement" to allow German Jews to transfer their assets to Palestine without danger.  So what Ken said is merely the truth.
[See evidence #1 below 1933-1939]

Second they don't know what a "Semite" is, so when they shout `anti-semitic' at Ken they are unwittingly branding themselves as morons (or as corrupt and lying deceivers).

I.e. all Arabs are semites, but not all Jews are.  The Ashkenazi were non-semites who "converted" to Jewishness fairly recently (apocryphally to make money by usury, which was a `sin' and so forbidden to any but Jews).
[See evidence #2 below `Genetic Roots of the Ashkenazi Jews'] .

Now I'm not a historian but even I knew that (actually my interest in the `People of Dana' (Tuatha Dé Danann) and their spread from Black Sea area across the Med and N Africa (the Tuaregs are a remnant, matriarchal and matrilinear population) and Europe as far as the Orkneys, (Ireland and Scotland) had alerted me to the fact that most ancient ethnic groups passed membership (and rulership) down through the female line - I.e. ancient Egypt, ancient Aegeans (pre-Greeks), all `Atlantean' Europeans, the `real' Jews etc.

In fact I believe that Ireland and Wales preserved the tradition until within the times of written history.

Ray D
Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone leaves Church House after hearing the result of a Labour Party disciplinary hearing.
Jeremy Corbyn is facing a mutiny over Labour's failure to expel Ken Livingstone from the party over his remarks about Hitler and Zionism.
The former mayor of London refused to apologise after a disciplinary panel found him guilty of bringing the party into disrepute - but failed to expel him, instead ruling he will be suspended from holding office for a year.
Jewish Labour members and MPs rounded on Mr Corbyn for failing to push for a stricter punishment.
He said: "Ken Livingstone should be kicked out for good. Years of supposed long service and closeness to the leadership do not entitle you to a free pass when it comes to anti-Semitism.
(more at page ...)

Evidence #1
Example of the certificate issued by Haavara to Jews emigrating to Palestine (1933-1939)
The Trust and Transfer Office "Haavara" Ltd. places at the disposal of the Banks in Palestine amounts in Reichmarks which have been put at its disposal by the Jewish immigrants from Germany. The Banks avail themselves of these amounts in Reichmarks in order to make payments on behalf of Palestinian merchants for goods imported by them from Germany. The merchants pay in the value of the goods to the Banks and the "Haavara" Ltd. pays the countervalue to the Jewish immigrants from Germany. To the same extent that local merchants will make use of this arrangement, the import of German goods will serve to withdraw Jewish capital from Germany.
The Trust and Transfer Office,
Evidence #2
The majority of Ashkenazi Jews are descended from prehistoric European women, according to study published today (October 8) in Nature Communications.  While the Jewish religion began in the Near East, and the Ashkenazi Jews were believed to have origins in the early indigenous tribes of this region, new evidence from mitochondrial DNA, which is passed on exclusively from mother to child, suggests that female ancestors of most modern Ashkenazi Jews converted to Judaism in the north Mediterranean around 2,000 years ago and later in west and central Europe.

The new findings contradict previous assertions that Ashkenazi mitochondrial lineages originated in the Near East, or from mass conversions to Judaism in the Khazar kingdom, an empire in the north Caucasus region between Europe and Asia lasting from the 7th century to the 11th century whose leaders adopted Judaism. `We found that most of the maternal lineages don't trace to the north Caucasus, which would be a proxy for the Khazarians, or to the Near East, but most of them emanate from Europe,' said coauthor Martin Richards, an archaeogeneticist at the University of Huddersfield in the U.K.

Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2017 17:33:42 +0100
Subject: China new restrictions - ban on long beards and veils

China new restrictions - ban on long beards and veils

While I can understand the Chinese state cracking down on conspicuous exhibition of religious / subversive signs like beards and veils, am a bit bemused about the ban on "refusing to watch state television".

After all, there might be many folk who don't even _have_ a TV, and lots more who like _some_ programmes but not others.  Will they be forced to watch _all_ the crap produced by China TV?

I have a vested interest here because I too don't have a TV, and am routinely punished for that "sin" by the BBC regularly posting me demands for payment of a "TV Licence" - and then refusing to believe I don't have a TV.

[ Got my first BBC demand for payment to watch a non-existent TV when I was deep in the jungles of central America - the BFPO (British Forces Post Office) took back my sarcastic reply. ]

Ray D

PS - the BBC's agenda here is anti-China.  In Iraq / Iran the BBC's agenda is anti-Caucasian - so they propagandize against the Kurds and against Iranians (Persians), because they are our cousins and the BBC hates that.
China Uighurs: Xinjiang ban on long beards and veils
1 April 2017 | China has introduced new restrictions in the far western region of Xinjiang in what it describes as a campaign against Islamist extremism.

The measures include prohibiting "abnormally" long beards, the wearing of veils in public places and refusing to watch state television.

Xinjiang is the homeland of the Uighurs, a traditionally Muslim group who say they face discrimination.

Recent years have seen bloody clashes in the region.

The Chinese government blames the violence on Islamist militants and separatists.

But rights groups say the unrest is more a reaction to repressive policies, and argue that the new measures may end up pushing some Uighurs into extremism.

Though similar restrictions have already been in place in Xinjiang, they become legally sanctioned as of this weekend. Reuters news agency reports that the new laws also ban:
Not allowing children to attend government schools
Not abiding by family planning policies
Deliberately damaging legal documents
Marrying using only religious procedures

The rules also state that workers in public spaces, such as stations and airports, are now required to "dissuade" those who fully cover their bodies, including veiling their faces, from entering, and to report them to the police.

Map of Xinjiang in China
The restrictions were approved by Xinjiang lawmakers and published on the region's official news website.
Chinese authorities had previously imposed other measures, including restrictions on granting passports to Uighurs.
(more at page ...)

Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2017 12:43:29 +0100
Subject: High level protection for a moron? (or thug?)

High level protection for a moron?

I'm a wee bit suspicious about this affair.  A city employee killed six people by knowingly driving heavy trucks while unfit due to blackouts.  The city has refused to prosecute him and the Crown Office has also protected him and the courts have refused to let relatives of his victims take out a private prosecution.

And now he's offended again, but is _still_ being shielded from punishment.

Why all that high level protection for a moron?

About those suspicions;  the guy looks like a thug - now, why would a thug be getting high-level protection from a city council, _and_ from senior bureaucrats _and_ from courts/ judiciary?

Yup - seems he might know where some bodies are buried!

And now am maybe more inclined to give credit to allegations of highly placed pedophiles in power in Scotland, sent to me some years ago - see dunbla33.txt (it's about a mass killing at Dunblane, Scotland, and the cover-up which followed).

Ray D Lorry Driver
Glasgow bin lorry death crash driver avoids jail for new incident
Harry Clarke, 60, banned from roads after admitting `culpable and reckless driving' nine months after deaths of six

Friday 31 March 2017 17.50 BST Last modified on Friday 31 March 2017 18.33 BST
The driver of a bin lorry which crashed in Glasgow, killing six people, has admitted endangering the public just nine months after the tragedy by driving despite having had his licence revoked for medical reasons.

Harry Clarke, 60, was branded `reprehensible' as he was banned from the roads for three years after admitting `culpably and recklessly' driving a car to the danger of the public on 20 September 2015
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Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2017 20:54:42 +0100


Just got reminded of some scary air-incidents, featured here:  answers031.html#raf


and can recall that one airfield (think it was in Borneo) had a road running thru, and one time (legend has it) one of our radio vehicles, the ones with a ladder up to a flat roof, didn't see the red light, carried on across the field and got banged by a Hawker Hunter trying to land, which left its tyre marks on the roof of the vehicle.

Ray D

Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2017 00:57:11 -0000
Subject: Scots Guard "scares off" disrespectful tourist

Scots Guard "scares off" disrespectful tourist

Ha!  Served with the Scots Guards in Belize and lived in their Sgts Mess from time to time.  They were a great bunch and never troubled themselves about the "polite way" to say something.

When the Company SgtMajors and the RSM occasionally made a group of five or six to go "on the town" visiting local bars they would invite me along (if I was in residence) - maybe because I'd been in that country a few times before, maybe because I might stay sober enough to help the RSM out of ditches on the way back to camp.

[ Yup, have a memory of hauling that RSM out of ditches on the way home a time or two - those ditches were _deep_, really monsoon ditch rather than drainage ditch. ]

Ray D
PS - think that RSM used to call me `Kojak', because, as I mostly lived away from Camp and civilization (in the jungly center of the country, towards Belmopan) when in Camp I would go to the nearby Boxers Camp (where local lads trained at boxing to make a break in the USA maybe) and got their barber to give me No 1, close headshaves.

PPS - also worked up in North-East Scotland for some years off and on: great warm hearted folk - with an even more distinctive accent. E.g. "Fit var div ye dee it?" means "How (which way) do you do it?"
This is the dramatic moment one of the Queen's Guards scared off a dancing tourist outside St James's Palace by shouting at him: 'Haw! Get yersel' away.'
The soldier, who is thought to be part of the Scots Guard regiment, yelled the command in broad Scottish slang leaving viewers baffled.

Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2017 13:32:44 -0000
Subject: "So-called judge" gives fine, NOT JAILTIME

"So-called judge" gives fine, NOT JAIL TIME

Ha!  At best this "so-called judge" is being ingenuous (stupid) - at worst this is just a continuation of a tradition of corrupt judges allowing fat-cat criminals to stay out of jail - at our expense!

Who pays these fines?  WE DO!  As tax-payers, or customers/consumers, or shareholders, it's always the hapless public who have to pay.

While the criminally negligent or downright fraudulent are laughing all the way to the bank!

Ray D
PS - I've been ranting on this subject for some years now, can't be more forceful without risking being jailed by a corrupt judge! Thames Water hit with record £20m fine for huge sewage leaks
Massive fine reflects change in sentencing as previously low penalties failed to deter water firms from polluting England's rivers and beaches
Sewage foam collects around boats at Bourne End Marina on the Thames path

Wednesday 22 March 2017 11.49 GMT Last modified on Wednesday 22 March 2017 12.24 GMT
Thames Water has been hit with a record fine of £20.3m after huge leaks of untreated sewage into the Thames and its tributaries and on to land, including the popular Thames path. The prolonged leaks led to serious impacts on residents, farmers and wildlife, killing birds and fish.

The fine imposed on Wednesday was for numerous offences in 2013 and 2014 at sewage treatment works at Aylesbury, Didcot, Henley and Little Marlow, and a large sewage pumping station at Littlemore.

The Environment Agency, which brought the prosecution, said the enormous volume of untreated sewage discharged was unprecedented - 1.4bn litres - as was the length of time over which the discharges occurred.

The sewage caused long-term pollution in the Thames and some tributaries, revolting riverside users and wiping out the season for a commercial cray fisherman. The Environment Agency said it was the biggest freshwater pollution case it had ever undertaken.
(more at page ...)

Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2017 18:10:44 -0000
Subject: " ... I have seen no evidence of ..."

" ... I have seen no evidence of ..."

Whenever I hear some politico or bureaucrat saying: "I have seen no evidence of ...." whatever criminal activity is being investigated (and I've heard that phrase many times in the past, denying involvement in tax-fraud, electoral fraud, pedophilia among politicos + security agents etc.), I can be fairly sure it means the speaker has taken great care to keep all such evidence well away from his desk, so that he can deny all knowledge.

PS - only recalled this today, on hearing similar `double-speak' from an FBI mouthpiece denying Trump Towers bugging.

Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2017 17:22:39 -0000
Subject: Re: Merkel's chickens

Hi George,

Right, there's complications with Turkey because the population now seems split between traditional secular (non-religious) politics and the new crazed "Islamist" politics being exploited by Erdogan.

When I worked with NATO in the Med, had a couple of older Turkish academic colleagues, who I got along with very well (both their wives were great cooks and enjoyed `forcing' me to have seconds, or even thirds).

One time I got taken some miles North to meet a senior Turkish security guy, attached to the embassy I believe.  He and his family gave us nice sweetmeats and coffee etc. while we talked about his approach to `security' and his appreciation of the realities of that time.

Like most Turks he didn't believe in turning the other cheek - from what he said I'm fairly sure he'd dished out some strong `punishments', possibly even executions or assassinations.

However he was a strong believer in the principles of Kemal Atatürk (a great soldier and a great thinker - look him up).  I.e. - that a modern country should be secular, not allowing religion to interfere in politics or international relations.

He would be sickened by the corruption of what Erdogan is doing now.  Maybe that's why Erdogan rigged that fake "coup" - so he could arrest +/or disappear all the straight / honest military-security guys of that type.

Ray D

Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2017 4:38 PM
Subject: Re: Merkel's chickens

Currently, Merkel does look like a huge target, because of her actions.
Turkey, for me is still a strange subject and may also be a target to take down like Merkel.


Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2017 15:35:42 -0000
Subject: Merkel's chickens

Merkel's chickens

Looks like Merkel's chickens are coming home to roost.

She obviously thought she could have her cakes and eat them, first over Greece (where she unfairly inflicted austerity and starvation-poverty on many ordinary Greek pensioners at the same time as allowing Greek politicians - who'd stolen & wasted all that money - to get away free);

and then over the "refugee crisis" (actually a disguised invasion which Merkel was too stupid - and too publicity shy - to recognize), where the invading countries seem to have mostly sent their scum (male thieves, murderers, rapists, pedophiles) both to get rid and to act as vanguard, wasting Europeans' resources and breaking their will;

and latterly with Poland, Hungary, and France.

Maybe she thought she could take all the kudos and suffer none of the pain - but now reality seems to be the other way round

Ray D
Merkel let in refugees `to avoid border clashes that would look bad on TV,' claims insider book
Merkel, Rutte agreed refugee quota in deal with Turkey, did not tell other EU leaders - report
Turkey accuses EU of `selective democracy & xenophobia' in rally row
EU faces crisis as IMF warns Greek debts are on `explosive' path ---

Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2017 12:13:58 -0000
Subject: The stupidities of Intelligent people

The stupidities of Intelligent people

Clearly Charlotte is a very intelligent young woman (check photo), which only confirms the famous maxim (can't recall whose): "when intelligent people are stupid, they are much more dangerous".
Ray D
Tuesday 14 March 2017 09.33 GMT Last modified on Tuesday 14 March 2017 11.54 GMT
Charlotte Hogg has resigned as deputy governor of the Bank of England, after MPs on the Treasury select committee questioned her suitability to hold the role she was only promoted into barely two weeks ago.

Her departure from the number two job in Threadneedle Street was announced 25 minutes after the committee published its highly critical report prompted by her failure to disclose that her brother works for Barclays - which is regulated by the Bank of England.
(more ...)

Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2017 19:55:30 -0000
Subject: "Mr Osborne will earn £650,000 a year as an adviser"

"Mr Osborne will earn £650,000 a year as an adviser"

Ha!  Check my angry post in 2011 (re: possible Greek / Italian / French `domino effect'), which also made the point that our corrupt politcos almost _always_ get massive post-dated bribes (highly paid fake "jobs"), because they've incurred huge amounts of `national debt' to those usurers: the big banks.

Debt which our children and grandchildren will still be repaying in fifty years or more.

Filth like Osborne belong in jail - almost as much as do pedo priests, Popes and BBC executives.

Ray D
What do banks and financiers get in return for paying George Osborne £50,000 for one hour of work?
What message does the example of him now being sprayed with cash by giant banks, financial trading companies, asset managers and hedge funds, all within months after leaving office, send to other politicians?

Mr Osborne will earn £650,000 a year as an adviser to Blackrock
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Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2017 18:55:28 -0000
Subject: "Pope Francis may be `backsliding' on paedophiles"

"Pope Francis may be `backsliding' on paedophiles"

What folk don't recall - when believing promises from popes, politicos and police - is that there are pedos in positions of power thoughout Europe and USA [and there's even a pedo/nazi ex-pope hiding away in the Vatican].

This evidence [titled "BBC BANNED JOHNNY ROTTEN IN 1978 FOR TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT JIMMY SAVILE"] shows that inside the BBC there remain dozens, perhaps hundreds, of hghly placed pedophiles and their accomplices.  They all belong in jail but are protected by our corrupt senior police and senior politicos.

Ray D
Pope Francis may be `backsliding' on paedophile priest crackdown, senior Catholic official warns
Francis Sullivan leads the Australian church's response to a four-year investigation into child abuse

A senior Australian Catholic official has warned that Pope Francis may be `backsliding' in his crackdown on paedophile priests in the face of an intransigent Vatican establishment.

Francis Sullivan, who is in charge of the Catholic Church's Truth, Justice and Healing Council, said he feared the Vatican's `bureaucrats and courtiers [were] doing all they can to either undermine the Pope or driving an agenda' of protecting the institution, according to Australian Associated Press (AAP).

In 2014 the Pope ordered a `zero-tolerance' stance on members of the clergy who abused children. Before that the church had been criticised by the UN for the frequency with which allegedly abusive priests were moved to different areas rather than turned over to police.

Mr Sullivan also pointed to the resignation from the Vatican's child protection commission of campaigner and abuse survivor Marie Collins, who had accused the institution of a `shameful lack of cooperation', as evidence of a culture of self-preservation, the AAP reported.
(more at page ...)

Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2017 18:01:16 -0000
Subject: "One More Reason Not To Be A Woman In Saudi Arabia"

"One More Reason Not To Be A Woman In Saudi Arabia"

Ha!  A further exposé of the hypocrites and pervs in charge of Saudi Arabia.  When I was there, ex-pats who drove cars in Saudi were advised to carry not only a photo-copy of passport and a company (Saudi) ID card but also a bundle of about two thousand dollars (can't recall exact sum but it was calculated as the amount which would keep you out of jail overnight, until your company's lawyers could get on the job).

I'm a fast driver anyway, and in Saudi (especially in Riyadh) I drove even speedier, because I wasn't going to hang about to get hit by the average lousy driving of the average lousy Saudi (male only) driver.

If I'd driven slowly I'd almost surely regularly been hit and arrested - here's what would happen in that case, exampled by typical quoted judge's dictat:  "Although the (Saudi) driver negligently drove into your vehicle, YOU are guilty in this case because if you weren't in this country the accident wouldn't have happened."    Said with a straight face apparently.

Ray D
By Shane Dixon Kavanaugh

Here's One More Reason Not To Be A Woman In Saudi Arabia
A Saudi woman secretly filmed her husband groping the family maid and posted it on social media. Now she faces a year in prison

A woman in Saudi Arabia may spend a year in prison after she filmed her husband allegedly groping, kissing and grabbing the family maid, according to reports.

In the newspaper Sada, Saudi lawyer Majid Qaroob declared that the wife had defamed her spouse and violated the kingdom's strict cybercrime laws when she used her cameraphone to capture her husband's groping, then publishing it on Facebook along with the caption: "The minimum punishment for this husband is to scandalize him." The video went viral and was shared thousands of times on YouTube before it was taken offline.

The Mirror newspaper in the United Kingdom is currently hosting the video on its website.

"This law includes stiff punishment for anyone using mobile phones with [a] camera or other equipment to photograph others and defame them," Qaroob said.

Earlier this year, a 32-year-old Saudi woman was convicted of defaming another of the kingdom's citizens using the WhatsApp private message service, according to news reports. She was sentenced to two months in prison and 70 lashes. She was also ordered to pay a $5,000 fine.

Saudi Arabia's interpretation of Sharia law in criminal proceedings often results in punishments considered brutal by Western standards. An analysis by Vocativ found that 16 `crimes' can result in a death sentence in the kingdom, including sorcery, drug dealing, and consensual gay sex with an adult. The country has also beheaded a record number of people in 2015.

Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2017 21:03:05 -0000
Subject: Joseph - new evidence re: 9/11 (inside job, w/Nazis)

Joseph - new evidence re: 9/11 (inside job, w/Nazis)

Thought I was past being surprised by Joseph's brilliant / unorthodox analyses - but this mass of new info (new to me anyway) on 9/11 is truly shocking!

[I'm only at about 30 mins here and the manure is already deep.]

Ray D
[Joseph's News and Views - 9 Mar 2017]

Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2017 07:59:09 -0000
Subject: "Britain won't have to pay a penny to Brussels"

"Britain won't have to pay a penny to Brussels"

Ha!  Recall we discussed that EU attempt at theft a month or so ago, and came to this conclusion:  "They forget that we can just walk away if we don't agree to be robbed."
Ray D
PS - still think the inventors of VAT are thieving morons or thieving perverts - RD
Britain won't have to pay a penny to Brussels after Brexit, Lords claim
BRITISH taxpayers cannot be forced to pay anything into EU Budget should Brexit talks break up without a deal, a parliamentary report said last night.

PUBLISHED: 00:01, Sat, Mar 4, 2017 | UPDATED: 05:41, Sat, Mar 4, 2017
A House of Lords inquiry into the legal position facing the UK found that international law will not oblige the country to continue contributing to Brussels coffers after leaving the EU.
(more at page ...)

Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2017 17:28:19 -0000
Subject: China's 'All-out offensive'

China's 'All-out offensive'

Hi Choong, this might interest you.  But don't forget that the BBC has a globalist agenda* which is presently pro-Islamic [* blood on the streets / collapse of nation state / impose NWO *].

Therefore they're pretending to be shocked by these strong Chinese actions.  I.e. the BBC would much prefer that China, like Europe, leaves it too late to disinfect.

This `refugees / immigrants / invaders' crisis truly seems a case of "give them an inch and they'll take a mile".

Ray D
'All-out offensive' in Xinjiang risks worsening grievances

China is in the midst of what it calls a "people's war on terror" in its far west. What sparked this latest campaign was a knife attack.  After five people were killed on 14 February in Xinjiang, home to China's Muslim Uighur minority, Beijing began an "all out offensive". It flew in thousands of armed troops to hold mass police rallies and deploy columns of armoured vehicles on city streets.

Xinjiang's Communist Party boss Chen Quanguo urged these forces to "bury the corpses of terrorists in the vast sea of a people's war".

Judging from the reaction on Chinese social media, at least some people approve.  "Terrorists will never be stamped out unless we weaken Muslim religious forces," urged one post on China's Twitter-like Weibo.  Then on Monday the so-called Islamic State released a video, which appeared directly to threaten China and which showed Uighur fighters training.

But the ethnic Uighur population of Xinjiang has no discernible voice. In the midst of an "all-out offensive" it is dangerous for them to speak up, unless to echo the government's message.  One contact in Kashgar told the BBC that the situation is "hypersensitive", with all business in the city closed down by night. He said members of his family are summoned to weekly meetings to demonstrate political allegiance.

Uighurs are ethnically Turkic Muslims
They make up about 45% of Xinjiang's population; 40% are Han Chinese
(more at page ...)

Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2017 11:19:55 -0000
Subject: Joseph disbelieving of Danish politicos' stupidity

Joseph disbelieving of Danish politicos' stupidity

Joseph didn't quite believe it at first - the stupidity of politically-correct Danish politicians allowing Saudi jihadis to take over the making of vaccines for Danish children, while knowing those same Saudis are dedicated to killing Westerners!

He quotes those Saudis' published prior statements: "We will conquer Europe, we will conquer USA ... We will introduce Sharia gradually at first ..."

Seems Danish politicos are as stupid as politicos everywhere!

Ray D

Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2017 22:33:43 -0000
Subject: "Horrors of working in Saudi Arabia"

"Horrors of working in Saudi Arabia"

Yup - After a contract there I've always advised anyone against working in Saudi Arabia.  Early on I became aware that the country was deeply corrupt and ruled by morons and/or perverts.

[ I.e. my military (Saudi National Guard) base was once visited by a Saudi "prince" who was supposed to `inspect' us.  He was wearing heavy make-up and lots of mascara. ]

Those perverts were somewhat limited by their lack of absolute power over European workers, but when I met some of the Filipino technicians who were helping in the communications projects I worked on, I realized that they were being abused in the worst possible ways - the Saudis (Arabs) being homosexual rapists whenever they had the power.

Ray D
Torture, abuse, & harassment: ex-housemaids describe horrors of working in Saudi Arabia to RT
Colin S. Cavell, author and political analyst, says the practice of sexual slavery has deep roots within Saudi Arabia's political system and can hardly be eliminated unless the regime changes.

"The practice of sexual slavery is able to continue in the kingdom because of the structure of the regime in Saudi Arabia. It is a corrupt regime run by a family dynasty that is unelected and rules with an iron fist," he told RT.

"In Saudi Arabia, especially immigrant laborers, who constitute over half of the national workforce, are subjected to continuous abuse, rape, beatings, and murder, they have their passports confiscated once they arrive in the country by their employers and are manipulated by the sponsorship system which amounts to modern-day slavery."

Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2017 14:20:33 -0000
Subject: Re: Ascendancies; & an idea shared with R.A.W

Re: Ascendancies; & an idea shared with R.A.W

Just now re-reading Robert Anton Wilson's `Cosmic Trigger Volume III' and found (p.p. 146 - 147) him reviewing a lot of evidence of problematic males (high testosterone) who become gang leaders and of whom the experts are now saying they `have the kind of personality that would become an explorer, entrepreneur or genius, in a better environment' (his emphasis), and we'll probably all agree.  I.e. have some very capable Army colleagues who are examples where luckily the magistrate or judge gave them a choice of jail or enlisting.

While it was interesting to see RAW look at the facts, his next point, apparently taken from the work of Buckminster Fuller and of Michael Hutcheson, was that the more adventurous types seem to have mostly moved westwards (RAW was writing in California).  Now I'd come to that conclusion - about humankind generally - some twenty years or so ago and am happy to share it with Robert.  Maybe see that presented here, assembled from late '90's onwards to the present.

As he quoted:  the Bronze Age began c. 5,000 yrs ago in China, Cambodia, Thailand region, and its effects (war and empires) gradually moved westward across Asia into Egypt and Greece and then the Roman Empire (at each migration the amount of "knowledge" or "information" was approximately doubling).

RAW then skipped to the European `enlightenment' of c. 1500 CE; i.e. he chose to forget the inheritors and translators of Greek/Roman knowledge: Al-Andalus or Moorish Iberia.  (Portugal and Spain were occupied by the Moors - Arabs & Persians - roughly for the time intervening between Rome and Europe - i.e. for about 600 or 700 years.)  So that's a temporal _and_ geographical step forward _and_ westward from the eastern Mediterranean.  And it's roughly in line with the average `time in the sun' that each "ascendancy" seems to get - as we discussed back in 2011.

And, as RAW did get right, after the Brits lost _their_ empire, the drive for knowledge (and power) moved westwards again, first to Boston & NY area, then to California, and now all that drive and energy is around the Pacific Rim - almost back where it started from.

So we've maybe advanced our own knowledge a step or two from our recent `ascendancy' chat and conclusions of only a few weeks ago.

Ray D

`Critical Path' by Buckminster Fuller - 1981
`The Anatomy of Sex and Power' by Michael Hutcheson - 1990

Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2017 20:21:14 -0000
Subject: C.E.R.N. - a sovereign entity?

C.E.R.N. - a sovereign entity?

So CERN is a sovereign entity and can't be prosecuted or even enquired into - Why?

Ray D
PS - maybe these secret (and kinky) shenanigans have something to do with it?

Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2017 14:17:01 -0000
Subject: `Mafia' hitmen killing Russian diplomats?

`Mafia' hitmen killing Russian diplomats?

Joseph hints at `Mafia' hitmen killing Russian diplomats - suggests we look out for their `retaliation'.

Ray D

Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2017 13:45:31 -0000
Subject: Donald Trump's surprising EU conclusions.

Donald Trump's surprising EU conclusions

Think the snooty elite media are foolishly misjudging Donald Trump; I.e. facts show that the media fail to do their homework, while Trump is quietly surprising.

Here's an example - US and UK media, arrogantly thinking they knew all about Europe and its politics, were dissing Trump (see below).

BUT look further and we find that Donald had already done deeper studies - back in January - and came to a conclusion that only a small number of experts knew about - see below article.

Wonder what other surprises Mr Trump has in store for us?
Ray D
Donald Trump says he is `totally in favour' of `wonderful' EU
US President performs apparent U-turn after criticising bloc in previous interviews
Mr Trump's about-turn follows previous criticisms levelled at the 28-member bloc for acting as a `vehicle for Germany'.
He has also predicted that other member states would leave the EU.
Mr Trump said during an interview in January: `You look at the European Union and it's Germany.  Basically a vehicle for Germany.  That's why I thought the UK was so smart in getting out.'
(more at page)

`The Third Way: The Nazi International, European Union, and Corporate Fascism' by Joseph P. Farrell
( want to see Joseph's `Weekly 10 minute News' on Youtube? )
Here's three earlier-linked clues to the real nature of the EU - from Joseph, and a reminder about Germany
`Blowback: The First Full Account of America's Recruitment of Nazis and Its Disastrous Effect on The cold war, Our Domestic and Foreign Policy' by Christopher Simpson

Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2017 18:32:30 -0000
Subject: New Met police commissioner

New Met police commissioner

Well, hope I don't seem cynical, when I opine that the PTB needed an even more willing liar and d*head than Bernard Hogan-Howe - who turned out to be not quite credible enough to cover-up 40 (or many more) years of protecting politico and VIP pedophiles - to the extent of massive thuggery and even murder (by secret policemen - see Jill Dando assassination details).

Cressida has already shown her mettle by having an innocent man - Jean Charles de Menezes - shot dead by her thugs (without warning or even checking his ID) and then lying about it for days - first she said Jean Charles was "running, wearing a backpack, leapt over the turnstiles, didn't stop when warned" - which gradually changed, over two days of witness evidence, to "no backpack, walking quietly, paid with oyster card, wasn't warned - police just followed him onto the train, punched him down and repeatedly shot him in the head".

I'll repeat that last bit:  Cressida organized an operation which didn't / or couldn't, identify an innocent man, then chased him down and murdered him - and then lied repeatedly, trying to blacken the name of the innocent man they'd murdered.  And they got away with it.

Now the politico & VIP pedophiles are sure they've got the right person to continue Metropolitan Police policy.

Ray D
Cressida Dick appointed first female Met police commissioner
Met's former head of counter-terrorism to take over from Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe as Britain's top police officer

Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2017 09:11:30 -0000
Subject: Disaster warning - from pets or livestock

Disaster warning - from pets or livestock

"With very few exceptions, the ability of animals to anticipate disasters has been ignored by Western scientists; the subject is taboo.  By contrast, since the 1970s, in earthquake prone areas of China, the authorities have encouraged people to report unusual animal behaviour, and Chinese scientists have an impressive track record in predicting earthquakes.  In several cases they have issued warnings that enabled cities to be evacuated hours before devastating earthquakes struck, saving tens of thousands of lives.

By paying attention to unusual animal behaviour, as the Chinese do, earthquake and tsunami warning systems might be feasible in parts of the world that are at risk from these disasters.  Millions of people could be asked to take part in the project through the media.  They could be told what kinds of behaviour their pets and other animals might show if a disaster were imminent - in general, signs of anxiety or fear.  If people noticed these signs, or any other unusual behaviour, they would immediately telephone a hotline
[or click on a web-page, or social-media app]"
p. 249 `The Science Delusion' by Rupert Sheldrake

Like he noted, in the 2004 tsunami, those villagers and tribespeople who took notice and followed their stampeding buffalos (or elephants in some cases) - all heading inland and uphill - mostly survived the inrushing giant wave.

Ray D

Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2017 13:40:34 -0000
Subject: "Jihad: Made in Germany"

"Jihad: Made in Germany"

Ha!  Coincidentally am reading `The Third Way' by Joseph P Farrell, [see Joseph's News on Youtube];  a masterly exposition of intensive research and analysis about the origins of the Nazi cults and their careful preservation after WW II, likely resulting in Nazi power still being exerted, in Europe, South America and even within the USA's banking and industrial centres.

Here's what he says about Germany's long association with, and encouragement of, radical Islam and `modern jihad', i.e. individual terror as opposed to traditional military action:

QUOTE (p. 80)
"Jihad: Made in Germany
Many people are surprised to learn that the modern concept of jihad was as much made in Germany as it was in the world of Islam."

...(then describes Kaiser Wilhelm II's efforts to inflame Arab and Persian religious hatreds of UK / USA, aided by the work of Max Freiheer von Oppenheim)
(p. 87) - "Von Oppenheim also advocated new techniques of jihad, for in the Ottoman fatwa of 1914, the concept was no longer restricted to field armies and conventional battles, but now also incorporated guerilla tactics of terror cells and isolated assassins and murders. Those ... modernised notions of jihad made its way into the thinking of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, and hence, is with us still."

Seems Angela Merkel might have more connections with the jihadists than we realized.

Ray D
Islamists, neo-Nazi terrorists `nationwide problems' in Germany - intel official
Published time: 9 Feb, 2017 13:35

Islamists, neo-Nazi terrorists `nationwide problems' in Germany - intel official
Radical Islamist cells are spreading all across eastern German states while terrorism-related tip-offs emerge on daily, says the head of Thuringia's domestic intelligence agency, adding that the right extremist underground is becoming `a nationwide problem.'

Islamist extremists were advancing `with impunity' in rural areas of eastern Germany even before the ongoing influx of refugees into the country, Stephan Kramer, head of Thuringia's regional Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) told Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, as cited by Die Welt.
Members of the Muslim Brotherhood `have long been active in Saxony, although they were stealthy,' Meyer-Plath told Germany's MDR broadcaster.
He warned, however, that `only now, when a [large] number of Muslims have come to Germany, do they see a chance to expand their network beyond some central structures and become interesting for the new Muslims in Saxony.'

Though the threat posed by the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany is `beyond jihad,' the security services would continue to monitor the Brotherhood's activities in Saxony. BfV figures show that about 1,000 members of the Muslim Brotherhood are active in Germany, as reported by MDR.

Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2017 21:39:18 -0000
Subject: Grotesque Glamour

Grotesque Glamour

Am somewhat jaded by online newspapers (and FB) pushing me to judge people by their photos.

So I will share a secret with those stupid Media:  Most folk who are `photogenic' (seen as attractive on film or photo), are, when seen in close-up, vastly different and usually a little weird or even grotesque in facial appearance.

That's only because the camera (film or foto) DOESN'T tell lies.  Our own eyes make allowances for distance and so `reduce' the apparent size of noses or jaws (or feet in those `buried' beach shots), but cameras can't do that and so some people look better on film than in life.

Personally, have met a few celebrities and even some `glamour girls' and, although we usually got along OK, I wouldn't recommend any of them for intellect OR attractiveness.

Ray D

Date: Thu, 2 Feb 2017 07:57:48 -0000
Subject: NWO + Deutsche Bank

NWO + Deutsche Bank

Yup, you might recall, for some years we've been observing the signs of massive corruption in EU banks, especially all those suspicious `suicides' and `sudden deaths' at Deutsche Bank or associates, summed up June of last year:

"Those bankers' deaths + Deutsche Bank"

Face it, once you allow `bankers / usurers' to usurp the power of the State and its laws, then "usury inevitably leads to oppression and corruption".

Which is what the NWO is all about!

Ray D
Deutsche Bank Beset by Grim Morale, Uncertain Profit Outlook
Executives and investors see a host of open questions

Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2017 19:06:57 -0000
Subject: "Brexit could cost Britain up to £50bn / £60bn"

"Brexit could cost Britain up to £50bn / £60bn"

Ha!  Sounds like thinly disguised theft-as-punishment by the fat corrupt Brussels politicos & bureaucrats.

They forget that we can just walk away if we don't agree to be robbed.  Then the fat politicos & bureaucrats would have to steal `honestly' - by invading us!

Bring it on!

Ray D
Brexit talks could end up in a `FIST-FIGHT' and cost Britain up to £50bn, warns former EU ambassador Sir Ivan Rogers, who didn't fancy the fight
Ex-mandarin says threats from Brussels of a £50bn 'exit bill' for UK are 'genuine'

Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2017 02:08:23 -0000
Subject: FWD - "Death of reporter with possible JFK ties"

"Death of reporter with possible JFK ties"

Regular readers probably know I've done a little research into "conspiracy theories" - as a concept, as possible red herrings, or just a `big lie' by authorities - and have collected some respectable published resources at paranoid.html.

However a less `respectable' book is one I truly admire: `Everything Is Under Control', by Robert Anton Wilson (RIP),  wherein you might find the amazing number of people associated with / or witnessing / or even knowing something about the JFK assassination, who then died violent deaths within a short time.

[ Most were deemed `suicide' even though the gun was in the wrong hand, or multiple (impossible) shots were fired, or (more macabre) death was inflicted by hacking / stabbing attacks, or multiple shotgun blasts. ]

I think Dorothy Kilgallen was one of those cases quoted by the indefatigable R.A.W.  (I just checked his book is in my shelves, but daren't open it because it's both compulsive and deathly reading.)

Ray D
Manhattan DA's office probing death of reporter with possible JFK ties
Published January 30, 2017 New York Post
The Manhattan District Attorney's office is looking into the mysterious death 51 years ago of newspaper writer and `What's My Line?' star Dorothy Kilgallen, who was investigating the JFK assassination, The Post has learned.
The stunning development comes after a new book, `The Reporter who Knew Too Much,' suggests Kilgallen was murdered to shut down her relentless pursuit of a Mafia don linked to JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald. ...
"I'm hopeful DA investigators will probe any records available and interview witnesses still alive today who can shed light on what happened to this remarkable woman," Shaw told The Post, which featured his findings last month.
"Victims have rights whether their name is Dorothy Kilgallen or Dorothy Doe, and Kilgallen was denied justice in 1965. That's why I'm fighting for her."
Shaw said he has received dozens of e-mails from readers demanding an official investigation. One "called her `a patriot' who should be revered for risking her life to solve the JFK assassination."

Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2017 17:44:09 -0000
Subject: Needed: Motivators

Needed: Motivators

Ha!  Think I was ahead of President Trump by about a month - see copy of my message below.
( or check the original at answers043.html#fool-p )

It's no good having "anti-terrorist policies" unless you supply the _motivators_ to back them up.

And we have the technology (DNA storage, fingerprinting, photo-recognition) to ensure that banned criminals stay banned - and an international database will help even poor countries protect themselves.

Ray D

Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2016 21:51:00 -0000
Subject: One `anti-jihadi' motivator - fool-proof

One `anti-jihadi' motivator - fool-proof

It's necessary to immediately deport - and ban for life - any immigrant who breaks Western laws by committing crimes; financial, sexual or terrorist.  And at the same time you need to deport all that person's `kith and kin' - i.e. all relatives out to third cousins or more, and all known immigrant friends, while also confiscating their assets - for aiding / concealing criminal actions.

And these `kith and kin' must also be banned for life from re-entering Western countries.

After a few months, when 10 or so jihadis (and some hundreds of kith and kin) have been detected and deported and banned for life - suddenly you will find that ALL immigrants are looking carefully at their relatives, strongly discouraging radicalism, and immediately reporting suspicious behaviour.

Because they don't want to be barred from an easy life and easy money (State benefits) in the West.

Ray D

Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2017 19:16:36 -0000
Subject: "Top cyber-spy in Britain quits suddenly ..." - Really?

"Top cyber-spy in Britain quits suddenly ..." - Really?

Let's say I'm a bit skeptical about "sudden resignations" (or deaths for that matter), among powerful elites.

In this case, seeing he's been in post about two years (about the time it takes to find out what's _really_ been happening behind the scenes), I'd reckon he now knows about past pedophile activities at highest levels secretly aided (and enforced, often lethally) by his agents - who are probably now asking for immunity and maybe threatening his own safety.

So maybe it's "get out quick time".

Ray D
Published time: 23 Jan, 2017 15:43 | Edited time: 24 Jan, 2017 13:06

Top cyber-spy in Britain quits suddenly after just two years as head of GCHQ

GCHQ director Robert Hannigan is stepping down after only two years as chief of the cyber spy agency for `personal reasons,' the intelligence service has announced.
Hannigan took over GCHQ in 2014, just a year after National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden exposed the vast extent of surveillance carried out by US and British intelligence services.

In a letter to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Hannigan said a 20-year career in public service roles had `demanded a great deal of my ever patient and understanding family.'

`Now is the time for a change in direction,' he added.
(more at page ...)

Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2017 17:35:52 -0000
Subject: Robert Anton Wilson on "State Schooling"

Robert Anton Wilson on "State Schooling"

Excellent!  Have set the time prompt to 19 mins and 01 sec, to save you waiting.  R.A.W. is absolutely right, as always:  State schooling is designed to stop children thinking!  Because thinking children (and adults) are very inconvenient!

I've had some personal experiences of this - first example:

as a five-year old kid, I was accused of lying (by a scared and aggressive male teacher) because I'd read a book about Evolution and how Giraffes got longer necks.  The book was high up in the shelves we could access for `free reading' periods, and, as I'd learned to read quite early and was bored with picture books, I'd pulled it down.  The woman teacher who first asked me what I'd read became visibly worried and called the male teacher over, he reacted as most scared males do by getting aggressive, first saying I was lying (a very stupid thing to say), and then, when it was evident I'd not only read the book but understood and absorbed its contents, he went off in a huff.

second example:

some five or so years later was entering a Geography classroom, where I saw, for the first time, a wall chart map of Earth, and exclaimed "They all fit together", and got shouted at severely by the geography teacher who, as I found out twenty or more years later, simply didn't know about the latest Theory of Plate Tectonics. So he just shouted at me to be quiet - I.e. stop thinking!
Robert Anton Wilson `THE "I" IN THE TRIANGLE'

Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2017 14:26:38 -0000
Subject: "Right-wing" Marine Le Pen is now leading among French voters

"Right-wing" Marine Le Pen is now leading among French voters

Heck!  This "left-wing vs right-wing" labelling used by our corrupt mainstream media is just not fit for purpose, and seems to be used to deceive us.

For instance, they have always called Le Pen's party "right-wing", which to me, as an occasional visitor passing through France, seems absurd.

Her party actually represents the interests (and commands the loyalties) of ordinary non-privileged French people.  They are NOT jack-booted, goose-stepping Nazis!

(In fact you're more likely to find perverts of that sort hidden within elites - who get careful `respect' from the MSM)

So "right-wing" slurs seem to be just that - deliberate mis-labellings designed to mislead the public.

With today's revelations - made via social media and blogs, and causing panic among our previously almighty media pundits - maybe we're maybe going to see a completely different picture emerging.

Perhaps it was there all the time?

Ray D
Published time: 19 Jan, 2017 15:13
Marine Le Pen is now leading among French voters - poll

French presidential candidate and leader of the right-wing National Front party Marine Le Pen is gaining more support, leading with 25 to 26 percent of the vote, according to the latest Ipsos Sopra Steria survey, carried out for Cevipof and Le Monde.
Francois Fillion comes in second, with 23 to 25 percent of the vote, and Emmanuel Macron - also gaining support - is third with 19 to 21 percent.

The fluctuation in the percentages depends on the eventual Socialist Party candidate, as yet unnamed. The party's candidate could be former Prime Minister Manuel Valls, former Minister of Industrial Renewal Arnaud Montebourg, or former Minister of Education Benoit Hamon.
(more at page)

Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2017 16:04:11 -0000
Subject: "The Essential T.C.L" and Evolution

"The Essential T.C.L" and Evolution

Just now reading `The Essential T.C. Lethbridge' (had seen an accidental reference and decided it looked interesting).  As you might see from his Wiki entry he was quite a character, an outspoken scientist and thinker who didn't need to obey conventions and above all could afford to speak out whenever he wanted to say something controversial.   [He was independently wealthy and I think his scientific work, including his University career and lecturing work was all unpaid; he worked hard for the fun of it!]

The book is a bit compressed (it's a posthumous collection of some representative writings), so now think I might look for some of his specialist books on history and archeology etc., as he writes interestingly and independently.

Incidentally, here's a quote from him which might explain why Wikipedia is so po-faced and priggish about him ---
(Wiki's editors seem scared stiff of letting anything truthful and/or controversial be written about the illogical MESS that is Darwinist (neo-darwinism) theory today.)

"... there is no geological evidence to show how mammals came from reptiles, if indeed they did, nor how birds turned their scales into feathers.  There were real flying reptiles, but there is nothing to show that they were closely related to early forms of bird.  As with the origins of all the great orders there is a complete blank in the record and each one appears to have sprung into being with no long evolution behind it. ...  We cannot see a winged lizard becoming a feathered bird with an entirely different wing structure and we cannot see a cold-blooded scaly lizard turning into a hairy mammal in however long period we give to the processes.  Thousands and thousands of little mutations, we are told, did it slowly over hundreds of millions of years.  Yet the fossils say nothing of this hypothesis."

I.e. evolution by random mutations doesn't fit any possible chronology, nor does it fit the fossil record - as an increasing number of brave scientists are saying and writing - here's a selection.

Ray D

Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2017 14:04:14 -0000
Subject: Dr Joseph Farrell rakes the MSM

Dr Joseph Farrell rakes the MSM

Yup, Dr Joseph Farrell has a knack of seeing through MSM deception, no matter how cunning it is.

Here, in his site update for 05 Jan 2017, he examines the demonization of Russia going on in USA's (and UK's) lickspittle `mainstream' media.  And his conclusions are a bit startling (especially about China) - but he's usually been right in the past.

Ray D

Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2017 13:51:25 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: Re: CAVEAT re: M.I.5 / M.I.6 agents

Thank you, Ray ...
We all are trying to gain knowledge and understanding.
On Friday, January 13, 2017 5:42 AM, Ray Dickenson wrote:

Hi George,
Right, like said then, didn't know anything about the scandals in the USA (college and State sports etc.) and only had a slight acquaintance with some of the facts about institutional abuse in the UK, although I soon got much more sent to me after I published facts which were still being ignored / covered up by the UK's MSM (including the BBC).

If you check my posts back in 2005 - at debate.html#link-k - you can see that some folk were still ignorant and in denial even at that late date.

Ray D

From: George ****
Sent: Friday, January 13, 2017 11:17 AM

I see, that you have finally gotten to these subjects.
When I shared my information on this subject, you had very little, if anything to comment.
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2017 10:10:44 -0000
Subject: CAVEAT re: M.I.5 / M.I.6 agents

CAVEAT re: M.I.5 / M.I.6 agents

Ordinary folk probably need a reminder about untrustworthiness of English (UK's) `security' (and police & media).

MI5 / MI6 have operated and continue to operate a long-term cover-up of pedophile networks (mostly homo-pedo) serving English elites: Foreign Office (ambassador level), senior Judiciary (High Court judges), senior civil servants (heading most Whitehall Depts), Bishops (RC & CoE) and of course politicos - parliamentarians of both Houses.

I.e. you can trust an MI5 / MI6 agent about as far as you can throw a truckload of dead children - which is a tiny part of what they've been guilty of.

Here's a recap of MI 5/6's pedophile complicity - laworjustice.html#distract, along with corrupt Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard - knowingly protecting highly placed pedophiles since the days of Jack the Ripper - promise.html#1889), and the BBC - which has been pimping schoolboys for its pedo-homo `celebrities' more than 50 years ago.

And, quite apart from their pedo-coverups, MI5/6 used `national interest' pretences in order to _operate_ homosexual pedophile networks, abusing helpless young boys in State schools - debate.html#link-k.

Ray D

BTW - don't believe those BBC protests of innocence - just mention `Gilbert Harding' if they keep denying complicity.

Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2017 22:55:21 -0000
Subject: Re: maybe not -- Ft Lauderdale killer subverted by "culture shock"?

Right Jim,
there's a mess of uncertainties in this case, most sensitively concerning the shooter's possible prior involvement with FBI/CIA agents.

As it is, we're looking for one or more `causes' of a total character flip from acceptable young male behaviour to what can only be described as wartime actions - committed by someone apparently believing he was attacking (or defending against) an enemy.

That the `enemy' would or could look like ordinary US citizens at Ft Lauderdale Airport is a further twist.

Ray D

Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2017 06:36:59 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: maybe not -- Ft Lauderdale killer subverted by "culture shock"?
BUSTED!!! Crisis Actor Playing 2 Roles in Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting HOAX
Date: Sat, 7 Jan 2017 19:56:01 -0000
Subject: Ft Lauderdale killer subverted by "culture shock"?

Ft Lauderdale killer subverted by "culture shock"?

Well, just heard a BBC R4 quote from a relative of the killer: "He wasn't the same after coming back from Iraq".

Which, coupled with that discharge for `unsatisfactory performance' seems to say the shooter had a character breakdown due to culture shock and the accompanying sense of inadequacy.

Yup, culture shock can be a killer, but most westerners never encounter it because we travel and holiday surrounded by a `bubble' of western guidance, security etc.  But, forced to confront an alien culture when alone, outnumbered by aliens, an ill-prepared westerner is vulnerable.

[ N.b.- was sometimes submerged by `alien' cultures as a very young soldier, in Borneo, Malaya, Thailand and Singapore - but maybe an ability to make friends helped me keep stable.
Whereas much later, after military service and during work in Saudi Arabia as an M.o.D. contractor, was under much stronger pressures and therefore probably reacted more.
I.e. - on final return to UK, a close girlfriend said that I'd "totally changed, become quieter, more thoughtful, watchful etc." ]

Ray D
Suspect Esteban Santiago, 26, an Iraq army veteran, was taken to Broward County Main Jail on Saturday
Flew into the Florida airport from Anchorage, Alaska, and had checked his gun for the flight, officials said
Loaded his gun in the bathroom and shot dead victims in baggage claim area, according to commissioner
He was discharged from the National Army Guard for unsatisfactory performance in August last year
By Clemence Michallon and Emily Crane and Ashley Collman and Liam Quinn For and Jose Lambiet In Ft. Lauderdale For
PUBLISHED: 14:11, 7 January 2017 | UPDATED: 17:57, 7 January 2017

Esteban Santiago, a 26-year-old Iraq war veteran, was taken into custody and was pictured in handcuffs Saturday as police led him to the Broward County Main Jail, where he is held on suspicion of murder. Police believe he flew out of Anchorage, Alaska on a 9:52 pm Delta flight and checked his gun during the flight. Santiago loaded his gun in the airport bathroom before silently and indiscriminately shooting victims in the baggage claim area in Terminal 2 on Friday about 1 pm, officials said.

The Army vet was getting psychological treatment, according to his brother, who said he didn't know precisely what the captured man was getting treated for. His family also said Santiago had been acting strangely after returning from Iraq. (more at page ...)

Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2017 10:20:11 -0000
Subject: "Muslim inbreeding is now a worldwide problem"?

"Muslim inbreeding is now a worldwide problem"?

Well, well - several people posted this article (on the world-wide problem of `Muslim Inbreeding') to my FB page yesterday [Tuesday 03 January 2017].
Common Sense Evaluation
Muslim inbreeding is now a worldwide problem.
(if down try inbreeding2.txt or maybe Google the title)

Regular readers might know we've examined / discussed the general question of `inbreeding' and its effects on group IQs, beginning April 2016 (see subindex.html#moron and its links), as follow-on from longer-running examinations of `ascendancies' throughout history.

So this morning was surprised to find that Prof Steve Jones (Nobel geneticist) had already drawn attention to the problem back in 2011.   Sadly it seems the effect I'd forecast (the "moron effect") was strong even then, because the Prof's purely scientific comments were wildly criticized, with demands for censorship, not on ANY scientific grounds, but for totally moronic `political correctness' and `pseudo-religious' claims.
'Bradford is very inbred': Muslim outrage as professor warns first-cousin marriages increase risk of birth defects
By Tom Kelly for the Daily Mail | UPDATED: 11:06, 30 May 2011

Ray D

Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2016 15:46:02 -0000
Subject: "Old Year's Night"

"Old Year's Night"

Well, the real traditions are lost in time, yet have had great Hogmanays when working in Aberdeenshre (Boddam, a fishing village near Peterhead).

And much further north have seen processions of blazing torches carried by the "Vikings" of Shetland, approximately on their New Year's Eve - called `Up Helly Aa' (Lerwick is said to have a grand formal ceremony).

One night I spotted a `blazing torch' procession in the distance, winding along the shore of a spectacularly isolated sea-loch in the far north, and had to get to the nearest inn (some miles away - on foot) to join their celebrations.
Ray D
Old Year's Night
Towards the end of every year, thousands of people head north of the border at a time when the days are bewilderingly short and the weather, at best, unpredictable. The reason? Hogmanay.

In this archive hour, James Naughtie investigates the history and traditions behind this peculiarly Scottish celebration.
Producer: Caroline Barbour

Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2016 21:51:00 -0000
Subject: One `anti-jihadi' motivator - fool-proof

One `anti-jihadi' motivator - fool-proof

It's necessary to immediately deport - and ban for life - any immigrant who breaks Western laws by committing crimes;  financial, sexual or terrorist.  And at the same time you need to deport all that person's `kith and kin' - i.e. all relatives out to third cousins or more, and all known immigrant friends, while also confiscating their assets - for aiding / concealing criminal actions.

And these `kith and kin' must also be banned for life from re-entering Western countries.

After a few months, when 10 or so jihadis (and some hundreds of kith and kin) have been detected and deported and banned for life - suddenly you will find that ALL immigrants are looking carefully at their relatives, strongly discouraging radicalism, and immediately reporting suspicious behaviour.

Because they don't want to be barred from an easy life and easy money (State benefits) in the West.

Ray D

Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2016 18:53:08 -0000
Subject: Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level?
Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level?
Do you have a PhD, a Masters, or a BA? Or did you leave school after GCSEs? Answer these questions and the quiz will try to guess your education level. Let's Play
Your Score: 98%
Congratulations - you got your PhD! It's clear that you've put in some solid postgrad years.
Retake the Quiz

Nope - these seem to be getting easier.  One tip, if not sure, is not to guess Right answer but eliminate the obviously Wrong or Implausible answers.

{Even so I got the `Elements' question wrong - never been confident of that period.)

Ray D

Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2016 08:00:41 +0000
Subject: Secrecy proposal for NHS safety investigations

secrecy stampsCampaign for Freedom of Information
21 December 2016

Campaign news

Proposal would lead to indiscriminate secrecy about NHS safety investigations

A new legal block on the disclosure of information about NHS safety investigations will fuel public suspicion of cover-ups and protect poor quality inquiries from scrutiny, says the Campaign.
The Department of Health has proposed new arrangements for investigating serious hospital safety incidents.  The aim is to encourage staff to speak frankly to investigators about mistakes they may have made without fear of being victimised.  As a result, only the investigation report will be published.  A new legal prohibition on disclosure would prevent the actual evidence obtained by investigators from being released under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act.  A hospital would not be able to release it voluntarily even if it wanted to and Parliament would not be able to obtain it either.

The proposals were contained in a Department of consultation 'Providing a 'safe space' in healthcare safety investigations' which closed on December 16 2016. Read the Campaign's full response.

Freedom of Information at 250 event
The Campaign took part in an event on 8th December 2016 to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the world's first ever freedom of information law, adopted in 1766 by Sweden and Finland which at the time were one country.  Audio recordings of the speeches are now available on the Campaign's website.  The Campaign's founder, Des Wilson, and its director, Maurice Frankel, took part in the first session.  The evening session provided the first opportunity for many people to hear from the new Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, on her priorities for Freedom of Information, which was followed by a lively discussion.

Our mailing address is:
Campaign for Freedom of Information
c/o ARTICLE 19, Free Word Centre
60 Farringdon Road
London, EC1R 3GA

Date: Wed, 21 Dec 2016 00:57:58 +0800
Subject: Re: "Night of terror" - same `Low IQ' reasons

You know Ray, most of western countries now awakened to the horror they created for themselves out of "political correctness".  American is still not so serious as Europe, but freedom forever needs vigilance.

Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2016 10:18:23 -0000
Subject: "Night of terror" - same `Low IQ' reasons

"Night of terror" - same `Low IQ' reasons

Sadly, believe it will be found that these atrocities were carried out by low-IQ male(s) who'd found themselves inadequate in a Western(ised) world and have reacted with fear and hatred.

Began an examination of the general subject earlier this year - April/June - and by August had some conclusions.

Sadly again, the statistics say things will very probably get worse before they get better (if ever).

Ray D
Night of terror: Berlin market attack: Police searching for Tunisian man after finding ID in truck - reports
Russian ambassador's assassin `guarded Recep Tayyip Erdogan'

Date: Sun, Wed, 14 Dec 2016 13:05:40 -0000
Subject: Met Police Chief: "moronic red-herrring"

Met Police Chief: "moronic red-herrring"

Why is the Met Chief acting like a moron?  Is he too stupid to know (as any competent lawyer or judge will tell him) that it is NOT the job of police to believe or disbelieve reports made to them.  Their duty is to BEHAVE AS IF THEY BELIEVE ALL, while investigating all, impartially.  Anything else - like what Hogan-Howe is slyly suggesting - is corrupt bias.

However, I supect that Hogan-Howe, who is still covering-up a very long-running scandal of Met Police collusion in elite pedophile networks for parliamentarians, diplomats and senior judiciary, is dragging a red-herring across his own tracks.

He's connived in the dumbing-down of the police-force, and I think he expects to do more covering-up in the near future.  Hence these moronic suggestions, to distract our equally moronic MSM (in BBC's case - read "complicit" instead of moronic).

Ray D
PS - that `dumbing down' - of police, magistrates etc. - has extended to UK education, and evolutionary science in particular
Met chief: police should not believe all sexual offence complainants

Britain's most senior police officer has again called for an end to the practice of automatically believing alleged victims of sexual crime, despite fears in the policing establishment that such a move would lead to rapists going unpunished.

The Metropolitan police commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, said the current advice about believing victims led to confusion of the kind that dogged Operation Midland, Scotland Yard's investigation into VIPs based on the account of a false accuser.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4's Today programme he said: "At the moment much of the advice that is given to the police by the inspectorate has been that we should believe, particularly in sexual offences, the complainant. I think to use the word belief confuses this, and there is some evidence in these cases it confused some of the investigations."
(more ..)

Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2016 15:00:18 -0000
Subject: "Fake News" didn't begin yesterday!

"Fake News" didn't begin yesterday!

Ha!  Like we've been discussing for some years, the MSM (inc. BBC and PSB) all serve the agendas of BigCorps, BigSci, BigMil & Big Gov't.

Usually that means keeping us ignorant of the facts about taxation & subsidies, policing & judiciary, nat'l & local Gov't corruption etc. - but in emergencies (like this election) the MSM goes into lying overdrive.

Ray D
PS - that agenda also means covering up `anomalous phenomena' because they might expose ignorance / weakness of BigSci, BigMil + BigGov't - RD
Washington Post admits article on `Russian propaganda' & `fake news' based on sham research
Published time: 8 Dec, 2016 10:49 | Edited time: 8 Dec, 2016 12:31

Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2016 22:45:56 +0800
Subject: Re: Is Turkey looking a bit flakey these days?

Hi Ray, not only is Turkey "flakey" but Islam is at a cross roads between reformation and the rise of orthodoxy, and insecurity is breeding more orthodoxy as a matter of "crowd control" where dictators is using religion to stay afloat.  Its going to be a rocky road ahead as far as Islamic nations is concerned here.

Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2016 14:24:39 -0000
Subject: Is Turkey looking a bit flakey these days?

Is Turkey looking a bit flakey these days?

Don't know about you, but since Erdogan (narrowly) took power and immediately broke the tradition established by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (that of keeping religion out of matters of state and politics - I.e. Atatürk's `a modern state is a secular state' policy), it seems like Turkey has become a hell of wild accusations, pogroms and witch-hunts - all ultimately based on ethnic & religious divides and all designed to benefit Erdogan.

So nowadays everything I hear from Turkey sounds like "false-flag".
Ray D
PS - UPDATE 15 Dec. "Truth is a lost game in Turkey" [text file]
Istanbul stadium attacks: Turkey points finger at PKK

Date: Sat, 3 Dec 2016 15:20:28 -0000 Subject: Re: 12-02-16 Child sex abuse allegations widen against British soccer clubs

Child sex abuse allegations widen against British soccer clubs

Hello George,
Not much - didn't have any hints in that area as I never got time to settle into any small-town routines in UK - maybe see cool-facade.html#jfk.

However, some insights on that subject came much later, on return to UK after Army service (and then (military) contract work in Arabia).

I.e. my work has been in information analysis, so after reading the UK statistics I easily realized what was being hidden by pedophile judges and even some senior police (along with pedo politicos and churchmen of course).


Hey Ray,
What information can you add to this article on the British Soccer Clubs???
This issue would seem to be more connected to most or all sports clubs and possible other sports level teams.

Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2016 17:20:28 -0000
Subject: UK Hypocrisy - "UN ruling to free WikiLeaks' Assange"

UK Hypocrisy - "UN ruling to free WikiLeaks' Assange"

We're about to witness more English (+ Swedish) hypocrisy, as they grope around for some semi-plausible lies to allow them to keep obeying the USA in its illegal attempts to kidnap Assange (and Snowden) for illegal imprisonment (+ torture) in a shitty US jail (or CIA dungeon).
Ray D
PS - just released; proof that Sweden and UK have framed Assange - see Assange - UKCorrupt [text file]
PS2 - UPDATE Sat 10th - "FBI sent planeload of agents to frame Assange in Iceland, got snubbed by minister"
UN ruling to free WikiLeaks' Assange to stand after British appeal rejected
Published time: 30 Nov, 2016 19:10 | Edited time: 30 Nov, 2016 19:51

The United Nations has rejected a UK appeal against its previous ruling in favor of Julian Assange as "inadmissible," thus requiring both London and Stockholm to end the WikiLeaks founder's "arbitrary detention."

Earlier this year, a case was concluded at the UN, in which the body instructed the UK and Sweden to take immediate steps to ensure the WikiLeaks founder's liberty, protection and enjoyment of fundamental human rights.

The UK has appealed the ruling twice, with the UN rejecting its second appeal on Wednesday by pronouncing it "not admissible," Justice for Assange reported, adding that the decision marks the end to London's "attempt to overturn the ruling."

"Now that all appeals are exhausted, I expect that the UK and Sweden will comply with their international obligations and set me free," a statement by Assange read, with the fugitive whistleblower calling his detention "an obvious and grotesque injustice."

The recent development in the Assange case at the UN forces the UK and Sweden - which are parties to his case - "to immediately put an end to Mr. Assange's arbitrary detention and afford him monetary compensation," Justice for Assange stated, adding that a failure to do so would undermine the UN human rights' protection system.
(more at page ...)

Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2016 15:15:19 -0000
Subject: "Russian military ship first to help out Ukrainian vessel in distress

"Russian military ship first to help out Ukrainian vessel in distress (VIDEO)

Well, well!  We can see this item as a definite propaganda coup for the Russians, especially since the Ukrainian vessel had been adrift for two days.
Russian military ship first to help out Ukrainian vessel in distress (VIDEO - Youtube)
Published time: 25 Nov, 2016 15:28 | Edited time: 27 Nov, 2016 13:48

The Russian antisubmarine ship `Vice-Admiral Kulakov' was the first to help out a Ukrainian ship in distress in a part of the Mediterranean with "intensive naval traffic," the Russian Ministry of Defense has said. Ukrainian fishing vessel No. 097 had been drifting in the waters for two days, and help came from the Russians on Thursday.

"The military vessel of the Russian naval fleet was the first to respond to a distress call from the Ukrainian sailors who had been drifting for two days in an area of intensive naval traffic," the ministry told TASS, adding that "the crew of the Ukrainian vessel thanked the Russian officers for their help."

Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2016 14:32:54 -0000
Subject: "Man acquitted by Judge Robin Camp after 'keep your knees together' comment denied bail"

"Man acquitted by Judge Robin Camp after `keep your knees together' comment denied bail"

Ha!  Sounds very much to me as if Judge Robin Camp comes from the privately educated elite.

Why?  Because in UK the justice system, and especially the higher judiciary, is dominated by privately educated homosexual pedophiles who are mostly woman-haters.

Maybe check this example from UK courts, and another involving a cretin Royal - maybe Jack the Ripper.

Ray D (Photos at page ...)
Inquiry into Judge Robin Camp to hear from advocates for sex assault victims
Hearing panel says findings may have impact on conduct of future sexual assault trials
By Alison Crawford, CBC News Posted: Jul 27, 2016 1:14 PM ET Last Updated: Jul 27, 2016 1:14 PM ET

Judge who berated sex assault complainant will fight at hearing to stay in his job
Man acquitted by Judge Robin Camp after `keep your knees together' comment denied bail

The Canadian Judicial Council has granted an "exceptional" request to allow a number of feminist organizations and groups that help victims of sexual assault to make submissions at the upcoming inquiry into the conduct of Judge Robin Camp.

The Federal Court judge is facing the inquiry after making controversial comments at a sexual assault trial he presided over in 2014, when he was an Alberta provincial court judge.

This is the first time people have applied to act as intervenors at such hearings.

Robin Camp, Federal Court judge, faces inquiry after berating sex assault complainant
Federal Court justice will fight to keep his job at judicial council hearing in September
At the 2014 trial of Scott Wagar, who was accused of raping a 19-year-old woman over a sink, Camp repeatedly called the teenaged female complainant "the accused" and asked, "Why couldn't you just keep your knees together?" and, "Why didn't you just sink your bottom down into the basin so he couldn't penetrate you?"

The Canadian Judicial Council is reviewing the conduct of Judge Camp, who asked a complainant in a 2014 sexual assault trial, 'Why couldn't you just keep your knees together?' (Andrew Balfour/Federal Court of Canada)

The Alberta Court of Appeal overturned Camp's decision to acquit Wagar, writing that the judge's comments gave rise to doubts about his understanding of the law governing sexual assault.

In ruling on the application for intervenor status, members of the Canadian Judicial Council inquiry committee made it clear they are seeking to do more than decide whether Camp is fit to remain on the bench.

"The allegations against Justice Camp raise important legal and social implications," the committee wrote.

"But the inquiry committee's ultimate findings concerning the allegations may have a broader impact on the conduct of sexual assault trials and - whatever the outcome - they will contribute to society's discussion about gender equality and how the justice system responds to sexual assault complaints."

That discussion reached a fever pitch earlier this year when former CBC employee Jian Ghomeshi was found not guilty of choking and sexual assault. The ruling fuelled protests, marches and the online "I believe survivors" campaign.

Their interest is exceptional in light of the current legal and social context surrounding how the justice system responds to sexual assault complaints.
- CJC inquiry committee
Just last week an Alberta Court of Queen's Bench judge, Juliana Topolniski, overturned a decision by a provincial court judge who had acquitted a teenaged boy of sexual assault.

In her ruling, Topolniski tore a strip off of Judge Michael Savaryn for not understanding the law.

'Participation would enhance public confidence'

Even though there is no right to intervene before the Canadian Judicial Council, the inquiry committee decided to grant intervenors permission to make written submissions as long as they don't introduce new evidence or take a position on the merit of the allegations facing Camp.

"In our view, their interest is exceptional in light of the current legal and social context surrounding how the justice system responds to sexual assault complaints. Their participation would enhance public confidence in the inquiry process," wrote Justices Austin Cullen, Deborah Smith and Raymond Whalen and senior lawyers Karen Jensen and Cynthia Petersen.

Camp did not oppose the intervenors' applications to participate in the inquiry. He has apologized publicly for making inappropriate and insensitive comments at the 2014 trial.

Camp also has informed the inquiry that he voluntarily sought out training and counseling with a judge, psychologist and expert on the law of sexual assault.

Among the intervenors are the Schlifer clinic, which provides legal advice and counselling to victims of sexual assault, the Women Against Violence Against Women Rape Crisis Centre and a coalition that includes the Women's Legal Education and Action Fund, the Avalon Sexual Assault Centre and the Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women.

In their submissions, the groups explained how they wanted to provide context and perspective about the effect of Camp's comments on people who have been sexually assaulted as well as the general public.

The hearing into Camp's conduct is scheduled for September in Calgary.

Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2016 09:12:29 -0000
Subject: "Paul Nuttall says UK should ban burqa"

"Paul Nuttall says UK should ban burqa"

I think he's on a winner with this one - and I agree for several reasons:
i) personal experience in Saudi made me suspicious of burka-wearer(s);
ii) the point he made - that burqas defeat the point of surveillance;
and, more importantly (to me);
iii) have looked around Europe and noticed that where the burqa is worn `as a right' very soon has gangs of `Shariah-law' thugs bullying people in the streets, smashing up ordinary shops or shoppers (any which have, or are _thought_ to have Xmas cards, pork meat, alcohol etc. on display or inside), and generally acting illegally - but claiming "a right" to do so!

So for me : if you allow burqas, very soon you lose democratic law and order.

Ray D
NewsUKUK Politics
Ukip leader Paul Nuttall says UK should ban burqa
Face veils present `security issues', Ukip leader argues

Banning the burqa is among the first policies Paul Nuttall has suggested implementing since his election as Ukip leader

On his first day in the job, Paul Nuttall has argued face veils for Muslim women should be banned in Britain, due to `security issues'.

Speaking after the leadership election, which he won with 62.6 per cent of the votes cast by party members, Mr Nuttall questioned whether there was `any place' for women who wore burqas in the UK.

He told Channel 5 news: "We have to ask the question whether a woman living behind the veil has any place in 21st century Britain." Asked if she should not wear a veil even if it was her choice, he replied: "Even if it's her choice. You have to look at the other issues surrounding security, because whether we like it or not we are the most watched people in the world. There's more CCTV in Britain per head than anywhere else on the planet. And for CCTV to be effective you need to see people's faces."
(more ...)

Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2016 10:04:05 -0000
Subject: Re: Fidel Castro had special significance for many black Americans

Thanks George - I well remember watching groups of rich-looking flashily dressed `Spanish' Cuban "refugees" passing through Miami International (I'd gotten to recognize "Cuban refugees" by then), and one heavy-set woman loaded with jewellery was cursing a elderly black porter - calling him lots of bad names.  So when I later found out about the backstory of those `refugees' I readily realized they were the Mafia's collaborators back in the bad old days.
Ray D

Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2016 23:15:10 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: Fidel Castro had special significance for many black Americans

Part of this article connects with your comments of a "rich Cuban" and unfriendly words for that Black porter, at the airport.

Black America and the Passing of Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro immediately had a special significance for countless Black Americans.
By Bill Fletcher, Jr.
November 26, 2016

It is impossible to discuss Fidel Castro outside of an examination of the Cuban Revolution. And, while I hear that there are many Cuban Americans dancing with glee upon news of the death of President Castro, I know that the emotions within Black America are and will continue to be quite different.

For any Black American who knows anything about the history of the Western Hemisphere, both Cuba and Haiti have a special significance. Haiti, of course, for successfully ousting the French in 1803 and forming the second republic in the Americas; a Black republic. Cuba, in 1959, kicked out the USA, the Mafia, and a corrupt ruling class that had enforced racist oppression against most of the Cuban population. In the cases of Haiti and Cuba, their audacity in the face of a racist imperialism brought forth the wrath of their opponents. How dare the Cubans stand up to the USA? How could a country of all of these `brown' and `black' people insist that they should determine their own destinies?

Thus, Fidel Castro immediately had a special significance for countless Black Americans. When I was quite young I remember my father telling me how his brother-in-law, a professor at Johnson C. Smith University, had sat watching the television as pictures were shown of Cuban exiles entering the USA after the 1959 Revolution. His comment to my father was that all that he saw were white-looking Cubans stepping off the planes or boats. No brown and black Cubans. This told him something about the nature of the Cuban Revolution and its leader, Fidel Castro.

Castro further endeared himself to much of Black America when he visited the USA and took up residence in the Hotel Theresa in New York's Harlem. It was there that he met another icon, Malcolm X. It was situating himself in the Black community that shook much of the US establishment and told Black America that something very unusual was unfolding 90 miles off the coast of Florida.

In the weeks, months and years to come there will be exhaustive examinations of the work and life of Fidel Castro and his impact not only on Cuba but the world. If you have not read Castro's `spoken autobiography', Fidel Castro: My Life I strong recommend it. I will not try to offer anything approaching an analysis of the man and his times. What I can say, however, is that there are certainly criticisms to be offered, and differences of opinion of the dynamics of the Cuban Revolution. That is all fair game. At the same time, it has been a rare moment when a leader, particularly of a small country, has been willing to thumb his or her nose at the capitalist juggernaut and seek a different path. Added to this has been, particularly in a Western Hemispheric context, the challenge of taking on racist oppression and approaching it as the cancer that it is, a disease to be removed.

The one and only time that I met Fidel Castro was in January 1999 when I was on a TransAfrica delegation led by the organization's first president, Randall Robinson. At the last minute, the night before we were to leave Cuba, we were informed that we would have an opportunity to meet with President Castro.

It was close to midnight when we were informed that we needed to board the bus and head to his office. When we arrived we walked into a waiting room in anticipation of the meeting. Suddenly a door opened and out came an old man in an olive green uniform. Yes, it was Castro. I think, quite irrationally, I was expecting the young Castro of the 1960s. But here was someone about the same age as my father. He circulated around the room and was introduced to our delegation. We then retired to another room to begin our meeting.

It is hard to describe what happened next, and probably equally hard for anyone to believe it. We sat in the room with Castro until about 3:30am. He never lost a beat. He never seemed tired. In fact, as the minutes and hours went forward, he seemed to gain energy!

Castro spoke with us about the Cuban Revolution, race, and many other issues. Yes, he spoke a lot, but we were transfixed. And, when we asked him questions, he would consider the matter and always offer a thoughtful response, rather than retreating into rhetoric. It was particularly illuminating when he informed us that the Cuban Revolution had underestimated the power of racism. As he said at the time, when the 26th of July Movement (the revolutionary organization that led the anti-Batista struggle) took power they thought that it was enough to render racist discrimination illegal and that should settle the matter. The entrenched power of racism, even in a society that was attempting to root it out, was more substantial than they had anticipated.

Hearing this from Castro represented a special moment. There has frequently been a defensiveness among Cuban officials about matters of race in Cuba, despite the tremendous advances that they have made, advances probably of greater significance than any other country in the Western Hemisphere. Yet, manifestations of racism remain and, to our surprise, Castro was prepared to address them.

Fidel Castro's demise comes as no surprise. He had been facing health challenges for some time. Nevertheless, given the number of attempts on his life and the other challenges that he had faced, there has been a bit of magical thinking for many people, believing that he would, somehow, always be there.

For many of us in Black America, Castro represented the audacity that we have desired and sought in the face of imperial and racial arrogance. While it is unfortunate that some of us have withheld concerns and criticisms out of respect for Castro and the Cuban Revolution, it is completely understandable. After all, this was the country that deployed troops to Angola that helped to smash the South African apartheid army and their Angolan allies. This was the country that has deployed doctors in the face of countless emergencies, to countries that could never afford such assistance. This is the country that has studied and come to understand hurricanes in a way unlike most in the hurricane region, so much so that it offered assistance to the USA in the aftermath of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina, assistance that the then Bush administration turned down.

Let his soul rest easy. And, let the Cuban people continue on their way free of outside interference. Theirs path has been one upon which they have insisted. Fidel Castro was one important component in making that happen. And, if that was not enough, he and the Cuban Revolution shook the world of the 20th century.

Bill Fletcher, Jr. is a Senior Scholar with the Institute for Policy Studies, on the editorial board of, the immediate past president of TransAfrica Forum, and the author of "They're Bankrupting Us" - And Twenty Other Myths about Unions. Follow him at rights/black-america-and-passi ng-fidel-castro
Date: Mon, Sun, 27 Nov 2016 15:47:17 -0600
Subject: Re: Jeremy Corbyn hails Fidel Castro as a `champion of social justice'

I, too, bought the patriotic, anti-commie line when I was a kid.  Joined the Army and learned Russian to keep an ear on them.  Then got my bubble burst when I learned we were doing some rather imperial shit ourselves.  Other than the rich pervs and mafiosi, I think Castro would have been fine with Americans but for the commie stuff.

I've only dealt with one Cuban family during my life. I lived with Mario a couple years as housemates in New York. His pop was a dentist, but also a former Cuban Navy officer in the Brigada 2506. That's about as anti-Castro as you can get, so my judgement would be biased. ;)

Putin's worth keeping our eyes on.  He's stirring the pot in East Europe, eyeballing the Baltics.  He appears to have a firm grip on the wheel of his own country, but he's caught between the Chinese and Central Asians, long time bugaboos.  Now Trump's entrance should make for interesting times.   The poli-sci conservative guy inside me is loving this, but the social liberal dude is worried.

Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2016 01:50:29 +0800
Subject: Re: Jeremy Corbyn hails Fidel Castro as a `champion of social justice'

Same thing now with how they want to paint Putin as the new devil of this world replacing Hitler.

Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2016 14:50:51 -0000
Subject: Jeremy Corbyn hails Fidel Castro as a `champion of social justice'

Jeremy Corbyn hails Fidel Castro as a `champion of social justice'

Heck;   these people - from Left and Right - just don't seem able to find out what actually happened in the past, and what people actually did!

Same as them I believed all the crap about Cuba, even to the point of regarding JFK's call as a reason to enlist in Brit Army (as a young teenager).

But years later, regularly passing through Miami International airport multiple times and seeing the behaviour of rich `Spanish' Cubans coming back into the USA (abusive, shouting insults at black porters and giving out bloodcurdling threats to all and sundry), I gave some time to looking up the recent history.

Surprise - seems that pre-Castro Cuba was more or less a Mafia-ruled prostitution (and gambling) preserve for rich North Americans (and maybe some pervy Europeans too).  Its most wretched inhabitants were liable - men, women and children - to be `sold' to the highest bidders, by armed mafiosi from the USA.

So when Castro led his revolution he immediately incurred the wrath of all mafiosi, and of the rich perverts from US elites, plus a fierce and jealous hatred from Cuban collaborators with the Mafia.
Ray D

Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2016 23:41:33 -0000
Subject: Hacker faces more prison time than rapists

Hacker faces more prison time than rapists

Ha!  Seems `free speech' and `open justice' aren't worth much, in USA (or in UK?).
Ray D
Hacker who helped expose Ohio rape case pleads guilty, faces more prison time than rapists
Published time: 25 Nov, 2016 19:25

A Kentucky man who, in 2012, hacked into an online account for followers of a Ohio high school's football team to expose a gang rape of a teenage girl has pleaded guilty to charges associated with the hack. He is facing a longer term than the rapists.

Earlier this week, Deric Lostutter, 29, known online as "KYAnonymous," pleaded guilty in federal court in Kentucky to one count of conspiracy and one count of making false statements to law enforcement agents for his hack of the Steubenville (Ohio) High School football fan website Roll Red Roll in December 2012.

Lostutter has said he hacked into the site to expose information about the gang rape of an unconscious teenage girl from West Virginia by members of the football team. Two of those team members, Trent Mays and Malik Richmond, were eventually sentenced to serve time - two years and one year, respectively - in a juvenile detention center for rape and kidnap.

The Roll Red Roll site was hacked with a video from "KYAnonymous" which showed evidence of the 2012 rape, including video taken and shared by the crime's perpetrators in which they joked about the assault. The hack also included threats to disclose details of the school faculty members and parents involved in covering up the rape if those who were responsible didn't come forward and apologize.

In a plea agreement, Lostutter said he conspired with another hacker, Noah McHugh, to access the fan site in December 2012, four months after arrests were made in the case. The pair intended "to bring attention to the August 2012 rape, to harass and intimidate people, and to gain notoriety and publicity for their online identities," according to Lostutter's plea agreement, Reuters reported.

Lostutter faces a maximum of up to five years in prison for each charge. He will be sentenced in March, Reuters reported. His defense did not comment on the plea agreement. In September, he pleaded not guilty to four felony counts of hacking.

McHugh pleaded guilty in September to illegally accessing a computer.

The rape case made national headlines following the arrest of the two Steubenville High School football team members in August 2012. The self-proclaimed "rape crew" dragged the unconscious victim from party to party and later shared videos and photographs of the assaults. The teenage girl said she drank from a red cup and became so intoxicated she couldn't stop the assault.

When the victim attempted to press charges, her character was attacked in the town, leaders of which have been accused of trying to cover up the crime. Following the conviction of Richmond and Mays, a grand jury indicted four school officials over the scandal, with half of the charges related to another rape of a 14-year-old girl in April 2012. In 2015, the school's technology director pled guilty to deleting files related to the football-related rape case.

Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2016 22:24:09 -0000
Subject: PROOF - Norway refuses no-extradition guarantees

PROOF - Norway refuses no-extradition guarantees

Well, this has established a fact (plus a probable near-certainty) among all the misdirection about Snowden and Assange.

I.e. it is now certain that Norway planned to extradite Snowden to the USA from the very beginning (plotted in cahoots with / or in obedience to USA);

and also it is a near certainty that the Julian Assange alleged "rape" was a Swedish set-up `honey-trap' arranged to get Assange prosecuted for ANY offence just to make him extraditeable (to USA).

Ray D Norway's highest court refuses to grant Snowden no-extradition guarantees
Published time: 26 Nov, 2016 04:31

Norway's Supreme Court has rejected Edward Snowden's request for guarantees that he will not be extradited to the US if he enters the country to receive the Ossietzky Prize for outstanding efforts in the field of freedom of expression.

This was the last chance for the 33-year-old whistleblower to appeal for entry to the Scandinavian country without the fear of being persecuted.

An extradition suit filed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden's lawyers against the Norwegian government in April has already been rejected by Oslo District court and an appeals court.

Norwegian law firm Schjoedt petitioned the Oslo court on behalf of Snowden back in April to get it "legally established that Norway has no right to extradite Snowden to the US."

The Supreme court on Friday could not be compelled to issue an advance decision on whether or not to extradite Snowden to the United States if he was to head to Norway, Reuters reported.

The American, who has been seeking refuge in Russia, wanted to travel to Norway to receive the Ossietzky Prize, from the local branch of writers' group PEN International, for "outstanding efforts for freedom of expression."

PEN was forced to postpone the award ceremony from November to next June after Norway rejected the original plea.

"We are very disappointed and really regret it," PEN president William Nygaard said following the court's decision, adding that Snowden is likely to receive the award in Russia.

PEN would continue to "do our utmost to highlight the role of whistleblowers," Nygaard added, as quoted by DW.

Previously US authorities indicated an intention to file an extradition request should the former NSA contractor, who exposed extensive US mass surveillance, head to Norway. At home. Snowden is expected to face espionage charges, which could land him up to 30 years in jail.

READ MORE: Fear of terrorism used as `legislative magic wand' for surveillance, says Snowden (VIDEO)

Snowden, a former NSA contractor became famous in 2013 for leaking classified information. His leaks ultimately led to significant revelations about global mass surveillance programs employed by various governments, particularly the US. Snowden has been living in Russia, where he was granted in 2013.

Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2016 17:10:23 -0000
Subject: "Investigatory Powers Bill: `Snoopers Charter 2'"

"Investigatory Powers Bill: `Snoopers Charter 2'"

Ha!  It's a bit ironic that parliamentarians have decided that we citizens should all be spied on, regardless of likely guilt or not, while at the same time ensuring that THEY (parliamentarians) should NOT be spied on - although they ARE WAY MORE likely to be criminally active (pedophile / fraud / sexual abuse) than the ordinary citizen.

Ray D
PM May Investigatory Powers Bill: `Snoopers Charter 2' to pass into law, giving Government sweeping spying powers
The bill will force internet companies to store their users' browsing data for a year, and will allow the government to force phone makers to hack into people's handsets
Despite criticism from almost every major technology and internet company - including usually reticent ones like Apple - and from senior parliamentary committees the legislation has received little opposition in parliament. Early on, the only amendment that the bill received from MPs was a measure that stopped themselves being spied on, and while Labour has raised objections to the sweeping spying powers it has not voted against the bill.
(more ...)

Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2016 20:06:17 -0000
Subject: Driver drags woman by neck in German town of Hamelin

Driver drags woman by neck in German town of Hamelin

Ha!  The BBC agenda is same as the EU agenda - their headlines try to hide the fact that moronic violence (and sexual violence) is mainly perpetrated by immigrants / refugees.

In many posts the BBC doesn't report that the offenders are migrants - and even withholds their names so we don't know they're Arabic, Indian or Islamic.

In this case the BBC (which has an anti-Kurdish agenda) eventually claims the couple were of `Kurdish origin' but I suspect that is BBC misrepresentation - I.e. that the couple were ordinary Arab Iraqis from the northern area.

Ray D
Driver drags woman by neck in German town of Hamelin
3 hours ago [21 Nov 2016]
A woman has suffered serious injuries after being dragged through the streets of a German town by a cord tied around her neck and attached to a car.
Police in Hamelin, in Lower Saxony, say the woman's ex-partner later handed himself in to authorities.
The 28-year-old woman, who has not been identified, was found lying on a pavement late on Sunday with serious injuries.
She underwent an emergency operation and was flown to a specialist clinic.
Police say she had been dragged by the neck through several streets.
The man now in custody is described as 38 and from nearby Bad Muender.
Both the victim and the suspect are German citizens of Kurdish origin, a police spokesman said.
A spokesman for Hannover prosecutors, Thomas Klinge, said the motive for the attack was not yet clear.
Police have secured the area where the woman was found and have called for witnesses to come forward.

Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2016 20:09:16 -0000
Subject: "Racist" - pro-EU lord?

"Racist" - pro-EU lord?

Looks like this pro-EU "Lord" is also a devious liar!  While it may be true that selected _European_ jobseekers are intelligent, the fact remains that most migrants, especially those from Indian subcontinent (Pakistan, Bangladesh, India) and certain in-bred north African, Middle Eastern countries, are severely mentally sub-normal in social / sexual / technical intelligence, when compared with native Brits or other Europeans.    [Some statistical evidence is here]

We can see this because those subnormal types are those most disposed to physical and sexual violence whenever their simple-minded (or pervert) aims are frustrated.  And, because their self-selected religious `leaders' (priests, imams etc.) are often certifiably mad (crazy, pervert +/or lunatic) types who actually _want_ murder and/or sexual perversion on the streets, any politically-correct social `acceptance' of them is only going to store up future catastrophes for victims of their crimes (usually women and children).

Face it - when any racist group is incoming to a new country, no matter how well populated, that racist group sees the country as "empty" and ready for take-over!

Ray D
UK needs migration `because native Britons are bloody stupid', says pro-EU lord
'We need an injection of intelligent people, young people from outside who come in and wake us up from time to time,' says Lord Kerr

A pro-EU peer has said the UK needs immigration because native Britons are `bloody stupid', provoking a backlash from Eurosceptics and the right-wing press.

Lord Kerr of Kinlochard, who co-wrote Article 50, said Britain needed "an injection of intelligent people from outside", and claimed the Leave campaign won the referendum only by `cleverly outsourcing xenophobia and racism'.
(more at page ...)

Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2016 09:02:18 -0000
Subject: US (+UK ) Millennials Lousy Edu Scores

US (+UK ) Millennials Lousy Edu Scores

Here's the EDUCATIONAL TESTING SERVICE web-page(s) with introductory facts:

You can see that, among advanced countries, the USA and UK score _very_ badly, for literacy, numeracy and problem solving.

Interestingly, in light of what we've discussed earlier (i.e. migrants dragging down IQ scores in Europe - first noted in Denmark); following my post on the future I.Q of the Human Race -
- that ETS Millennials Report also says that in most advanced countries, foreign-born migrants have lower edu-scores; here's their `foreign-born' page:

Ray D

PS - maybe check our updating UK EDU page.

Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2016 07:43:09 -0000
Subject: MSM - Still wrong

MSM - Still wrong

The Guardian (a UK `intellectual' paper) just opened its eyes - "The reasons for Trump were also the reasons for Brexit" - but still can't see clearly.

The MSM (inc. BBC) obviously think the average citizen is an office-worker or bureaucrat, directly or indirectly on Gov't payrolls (nat'l or local) and therefore in favor of high, oppressive and hugely wasteful taxes and more and more `rules'.

WRONG - my own friends and neighbours are farm workers, building workers, truckers, shopowners and small business operators, often self-employed or contractors;  we know we're over-taxed, over-regulated and not represented in the corridors of power, and we've finally lost patience with corrupt elites who've dominated public policy for decades.

But you can bet, behind the scenes, the lying politicos, greedy banksters, pervy lawyers, bent taxmen and incompetent bureaucrats are all plotting and scheming to steal back the reins of power.

Ray D

Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2016 08:28:24 -0000
Subject: Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night

Had my annual `firework display' last night - it being Bonfire Night, a late English adaptation of pagan seasonal (Samhain) bonfire-lighting, in memory of Guy Fawkes.

Got the impression there was less of the very noisy stuff around my area - and my own display was almost completely silent, after the `whoosh' of ignition, so I didn't traumatize any pet animals of my neighbours (if they have any pets).

Ray D

Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2016 22:33:28 -0000
Subject: "Sacked army whistleblower branded `security risk' over David Kelly inquest campaign"

"Sacked army whistleblower branded `security risk' over David Kelly inquest campaign"

Interesting.  Especially since the only logical reason he would be sacked - as he was, for asking for an inquiry in David Kelly's death - is because `authority' (i.e. the murderous gang around Tony Blair + Jack Straw) has to hide the real facts.

Background on Kelly's mysterious death is here, and details of Straw's corrupt past is here (scroll down).

Ray D
Sacked army whistleblower branded `security risk' over David Kelly inquest campaign
Published time: 4 Nov, 2016 12:43
A whistleblowing doctor sacked by the military was viewed as a security risk because of his quest to see a proper investigation into the mysterious death of Iraq WMD expert David Kelly.

The employment tribunal considering a suit Frost has brought against the UK military has already heard accusations that senior military officers libeled him because of his activism and used Stasi-like tactics to ruin his career.

Emails between senior medical officers have emerged that Frost, whose 20-year career as a civilian GP serving the military is reportedly blemishless, says amount to malicious libel.

Colonel John Burgess of the army's clinical department told the tribunal that his subordinate, Colonel Carson Black, had sent him the emails.

In one, Black said: "Having read widely at the weekend, it's clear to me Dr Frost has an axe to grind and it surprises me that he has chosen to work in the MoD environment when his views are so strong."

In a later statement, Black said Frost "might even pose a security risk."

Burgess replied: "You are amazing, thank you so much for doing this research."

The tribunal heard that the research was later forwarded to Frost's medical trust in Wales. He was subsequently sacked by text.

The research witheringly criticized Frost as a "leading light in the group of doctors who wish to reopen the case of Dr David Kelly, the government scientist whose suicide in 2003 resulted in the Hutton inquiry."

"He is vociferously critical of government in the press and on social media... a number of tweets refer to the `illegal war in Iraq,'!" Black added.

Frost's love of culture - particularly Russian culture - was also mentioned in a way that, it has been claimed, libeled him.

In one email exchange, it was mentioned that the doctor's Facebook page uses a Moscow scene as its header.

"I think his love of Russia is sparked by his interest in ballet and culture in general but ... we have seen this with well-meaning intellectuals and idealists in the past."

Frost had previously campaigned for an inquest into the death of weapons inspector David Kelly, who died in a forest near his home in 2003.

Rather than launching an independent inquest, his death was looked into by the Hutton inquiry - one of a series of inquiries into the Iraq War.

Acting for Frost, John Hendy QC accused Colonel Black of using tactics reminiscent of the Soviet era East German Stasi police force.

The tribunal continues.

Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2016 18:36:02 -0000
Subject: "Pope: Women will be banned from priesthood forever"

"Pope: Women will be banned from priesthood forever"

Ha!  Just goes to show: the great and the good can be as stupid (or even more stupid) as/than the rest of us!
Goddess Face it - D'you think you can foresee the future year _perfectly_?  No, of course you can't, nor can I.
Nor can Pope Francis - who has just shown himself to be very foolish indeed.

Ray D
Egyptian Goddess
Fact: Before Ancient Sumer and Egypt there was a women-led world religion which lasted for an estimated 7,000 to 9,000 years, maybe more.  Right - a Minoan image of the Goddess; Left - an ancient (at least 5,500 years old) Egyptian painted icon of the Goddess, virtually identical to that found on Indus Valley seals (maybe 8,000 years ago).
Pope: Women will be banned from priesthood forever
John Bacon , USA TODAY 1:52 p.m. EDT November 1, 2016

The Catholic Church's ban on women priests will stand forever, Pope Francis said Tuesday.

The pontiff made the declaration in response to a female reporter asking if he thought women would one day serve as Catholic priests and bishops, noting the head of the Lutheran Church whom Francis met on his trip to Sweden is a woman.

"St. Pope John Paul II had the last clear word on this and it stands," Francis said during a news conference aboard the papal plane on the flight back to Rome, according to Reuters.

The reporter then asked "Forever, forever? Never, never?"

"If we read carefully the declaration by St. John Paul II, it is going in that direction," the pope responded.

Pope John Paul II, in an Apostolic letter written in 1994, wrote that despite the church's long history of male-only priests, "in some places it is nonetheless considered open to debate." Not so, wrote the pope who died in 2005 and was canonized a saint in 2014.

"Wherefore, in order that all doubt may be removed regarding a matter of great importance, a matter which pertains to the Church's divine constitution itself, in virtue of my ministry of confirming the brethren, I declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church's faithful," John Paul II wrote.

Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2016 14:55:24 -0000
Subject:"Joint enterprise guilt for some - but not for all"

"Joint enterprise guilt for some - but not for all"
Appeal court upholds 'joint enterprise' guilty verdicts
Leading judges announce decision in first appeals brought since landmark ruling raised possibility of unsafe convictions
Owen Bowcott Legal affairs correspondent | Monday 31 October 2016 11.20 GMT

So, criminal gang-members (presumably working-class) will continue to be framed up for the most serious crime committed by any member of the gang - even murder.

BUT, at the same time knowing Bishops, and their pedophile priests AND corrupt police-chiefs and their thuggish `special squad' offenders will claim ignorance of facts and of the law etc. - and equally pervert judges and politicos will be happy to excuse them.  See recent plotted outcomes below:

Ray D
Government rules out Orgreave inquiry
Home secretary Amber Rudd says there will be no statutory inquiry or independent review of 1984 police clashes with miners
Monday 31 October 2016 14.23 GMT
MPs no longer to be automatically named if they are arrested
Scotland Yard launches review into 'VIP paedophile ring' probe
Bishops do not have to report child abuse, Vatican says
Emerging facts point to a ring of elite pedophile murderers at the highest level of UK politics, from 70's onwards (i.e. under Prime Ministers Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair & Gordon Brown, and now David Cameron.)

Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2016 15:31:15 +0100
Subject: Uber loses right to classify UK drivers as self-employed

Uber loses right to classify UK drivers as self-employed

We spoke about this before a few times - that Union guy is only telling the truth:  most `self-employment' arising in last twenty or so years has been fake.  For low-paid folk it's just an excuse to take away holiday pay and basic-pay rights, whereas for the privileged few (like at the BBC) it allows them to avoid paying N.I Tax and proper PAYE Tax.  Maybe see taxone.html#liar for details.
Ray D
Uber loses right to classify UK drivers as self-employed
Hilary Osborne | Friday 28 October 2016 15.03 BST

Drivers for Uber have won a landmark case after employment tribunal judges ruled that they were not self-employed and should be paid the national living wage.

The case, taken by two workers, could open up the tech firm to claims from all of its 40,000 drivers in the UK, and force other companies with tens of thousands of workers in the so-called gig economy to review the way they employ staff. Uber said it will appeal against the finding.

Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2016 19:58:27 +0100
Subject: "Contesting a Presidential Election, and More from CRS"

"Contesting a Presidential Election, and More from CRS"

Heck!  Seems the Congressional Research Service is actually investigating - and publishing - the feasibility of challenging the outcome of a presidential election.
Ray D
Secrecy News
Contesting a Presidential Election, and More from CRS
Posted on Oct.25, 2016 in CRS by Steven Aftergood
The feasibility of challenging the outcome of a presidential election is examined in a new report from the Congressional Research Service.

"If legitimate and verifiable allegations of voting fraud, or indications of misconduct by election officials on election day are presented, what legal recourses are available to complainants to litigate and potentially to remedy such wrongs and to contest the result of a presidential election?" the report inquires.

Although the presidential election is a national event, it is actually comprised of fifty separate state elections, plus the one in the District of Columbia.

Therefore, "it is an individual state that has the initial responsibility for resolving a challenge, recount, or contest to the results of a presidential election within that jurisdiction," wrote CRS Legislative Attorney Jack Maskell. See Legal Processes for Contesting the Results of a Presidential Election, October 24, 2016

Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2016 09:39:42 +0100
Subject: "Petition to get the phrase 'Essex Girls' BANNED"

"Petition to get the phrase 'Essex Girls' BANNED"

Ha!  This might not mean much to those living outside of south-east England - but maybe try "Valley girl" in USA / California?
Nope, I didn't know that either, but when three of us (2 apprentices and me) climbed Ben Nevis (for the WWF charity) we overtook three USA college girls from University College Dublin (Ireland) who were using their long-break.  Just then the weather closed in, driving snow, forceful winds and a heavy mist - so we stuck together to the peak, where we were eventually joined by a young guy from New Zealand.

About halfway down we came out into bright sunshine and warmth so the tall blonde California girl jumped onto a rock and did an impromptu undress - down to shorts and singlet? - while singing that raunchy tune "The Stripper".  Think she said something like "maybe I'm a Valley girl at heart".

[[ The black haired New Yorker (Erin?) had a more serious outlook, the cute brown-haired Mid-westerner was humorously detached and the tall blonde was happily schizophrenic, being intellectual and `dizzy-blonde' in turn.]]

We got along well together so we all agreed to meet up for a bite and drinks that night (I'd found a friendly pub [Paddy's Bar] in Fort William the previous night).

The evening was surprisingly warm-hearted, the bar-staff whipped up a great buffet with fresh rolls and meats / cakes etc occupying a long table half the length of the main room, and we all enjoyed lots of (juke-box) music, chat and song entertainment provided by the locals.

By goodbye time (well after midnight?) we were old-friends (Paddy the bar-owner told me he'd thought we were a family reunion) and it was hugs and kisses all round (unusual for me - am not a "huggy" type).

Ray D
Mothers launch a petition to get the phrase 'Essex Girls' BANNED because they say it demeans young women in the county
Two mothers are campaigning to ban the term 'Essex Girl' because they say it 'pigeonholes' women into an 'appalling stereotype'.
Natasha Sawkins, 34, and Juliet Thomas, 32, launched a petition after the derogatory term became officially recognised in the Oxford dictionary to describe 'unintelligent and materialistic' women.
Natasha Sawkins (left), 34, and Juliet Thomas (right), 32, launched a petition after 'Essex Girl' became officially recognised in the Oxford dictionary to describe 'unintelligent and materialistic' women
The petition says: 'We want more Boadicea and less of this invented "Essex girl". Because that girl you're referring to....she's just a girl.
'For us, the saddest part about the existence of these definitions is not the fact that a whole county of women are pigeon-holed into such an appalling stereotype.'
In the dictionary, the 'derogatory noun' describes the typical 'Essex Girl' as 'unintelligent, materialistic, sexually promiscuous and devoid of taste'.

Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2016 13:23:36 +0100
Subject: "Swedish non-religious majority gets faith symbol-free cemetery"

"Swedish non-religious majority gets faith symbol-free cemetery"

Haven't quite digested the import of this story, so will let you think about it - maybe let me know?
Swedish non-religious majority gets faith symbol-free cemetery
Published time: 20 Oct, 2016 13:43

The Borlänge locality in central Sweden has opened the country's first cemetery with no religious symbols allowed. Nearly eight Swedes out of 10 say they are not religious or are active atheists.

The idea that non-religious people should have a place for their final rest with no religious symbols on gravestones came to local teacher Josef Erdem, reported the Local.

"There's a place on this earth for everybody and we shouldn't be limited in how we choose to live or how we choose to be buried," he told the news website.

The cemetery would be cared for by the Church of Sweden, which runs the city's Stora Tuna church, located next to the land, but otherwise no religious institution would have any say on how people would be buried there.

Religious people are welcome to be buried at the cemetery, should they wish to, as long as they are fine with their graves not bearing any symbols of their faith.

Erdem, who grew up in Kurdistan, says he shared his idea with friends, some of whom are believers and some are not, and the response from both camps "has been overwhelmingly positive."

"I don't want a burial place with a stone that needs to be cared for. I also don't want a church burial because I'm not a believer so this suits me great," teacher Gunnar Lindgren told broadcaster SVT.

Sweden ranks among the least-religious nations in the world. In a 2014 Gallop poll, 76 percent of respondents in Sweden said they were non-religious or atheist. Of the 65 countries polled, the percentage was greater only in China and Japan.

Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2016 14:30:26 +0100
Subject: "Ascendancies"


Right, seems things go in cycles.  I.e. about a thousand years ago the Islamists were obeying their Book: to `seek knowledge as far as China' [i.e. to the ends of the Earth].  They looked for experiments and welcomed new insights.

At that time Xtianity, which had held power for centuries, was oppressing, torturing and murdering people who sought knowledge. The Popes only wanted to perpetuate ignorance and the status quo.

So now it seems the positions are almost opposite, but not quite;  the West is now reluctant to seek change / knowledge (their leaders are corrupt and complacent), and the Islamists are fearful of anything truthful [I was told not to mention "gravity" or the Moon while teaching Arab military].

Today China and Russia are much more pragmatic about science and knowledge.  So what does that tell us about the future?

Ray D

Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2016 12:49:04 +0100
Subject: "Saudi civil servants work 1 hour a day, we're headed for bankruptcy"

"Saudi civil servants work 1 hour a day, we're headed for bankruptcy"

Maybe you recall me posting a memory (few weeks ago) of walking up a main street in Riyadh with pear-shaped, unfit and over-paid Saudis all around?

Maybe I'll seem politically-incorrect or whatever, but I don't recall _any_ obese or under-worked folk in eastern Thailand, or the Gulf, or east Africa for that matter.

Ray D
`Saudi civil servants work 1 hour a day, we're headed for bankruptcy in 3-4 years' - ministers
Published time: 20 Oct, 2016 20:39

Top Saudi officials have hit out at shockingly low productivity in the country's bloated public sector, as the kingdom - reeling from low oil prices - tries to cut a budget deficit that ran to nearly $100 billion last year.

"The amount worked [among state employees] doesn't even exceed an hour - and that's based on studies," civil service minister Khaled Alaraj said during an official discussion of Saudi Arabia's economy broadcast at prime time on Wednesday night.

More than two-thirds of all Saudis in employment work for the government - compared to fewer than 20 percent for the US - and last year the kingdom spent about 45 percent of its budget, or $128 billion, to pay their wages.
(more at page ...)


Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2016 06:35:43 +0100
Subject: "Kensington Wade: children as young as one will be taught in Chinese"

Now that would be real language teaching!
At the moment our lying gov't has kept back language teaching till the age of eleven (when it's almost impossible to learn) while promising to move it foward to the age of seven (still too late!).

They've been promising that since 2007 at least - see main evidence page, and maybe scroll a bit to this surprise, and its follow-up.

Maybe we understand now - why successive gov't have lied and delayed:  they don't want logical thinkers!
Ray D
Europe's first ever bilingual Chinese-English school to open in London
Founders of new Kensington Wade prep school and nursery say learning Chinese 'prepares children for the new century'

Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world, and is seen as important for young people in the UK to master in order for the country to remain globally competitive in the future

The first school in Europe to teach all its students in both English and Chinese is to open in London next year.

Founders of Kensington Wade, a dual language independent prep school, say children as young as one will be taught in Chinese, and all those who attend the school will leave fluent.
(more at page ...)

Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2016 07:16:21 +0100
Subject: "In Pursuit of Happiness"

"In Pursuit of Happiness"

Ha!  Did some (enjoyable) survey work a while ago and found that "happiness" is different from "wealth" or "affluence".

In fact it's almost opposite - because I found that folk in "near poverty" situations were often most cheerful and busy with their own concerns and hobbies, like local history, or ecology etc..

Ray D
In Pursuit of Happiness

Claudia Hammond looks at the government's plan to measure the nation's happiness and asks whether happiness and a sense of wellbeing are skills that can be taught.

A growing body of evidence, from fields such as positive psychology, suggests that happier, more optimistic people live longer and are ultimately more successful than people with a more pessimistic nature.

But is optimism something that can be learnt, and can it be applied to an entire nation? The government's recent announcement that it will be measuring the nation's wellbeing, as an alternative indicator to the nation's progress and as opposed to more economic measures such as GDP, has caused some controversy.

Claudia looks at how you go about measuring something as subjective and personal as happiness, and can it really be done for an entire nation? She asks if how we feel as a population really matters, and whether a happier nation is really a more successful one.

Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2016 19:56:27 +0100
Subject: Linda Ronstadt - a favourite

Linda Ronstadt - a favourite
Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt - I've Had Enough
Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt - Hobo's Meditation

And if you've never had the chance to rate Linda as a singer, here she is in operetta:
Pirates of Penzance - Poor Wandering One

There's a story behind knowing that - in Saudi I was naturally accommodated in a walled villa with the "hard guys" (ex-mil and tough contractors, some ex-criminal) because we could make our own booze (the law-abiding academics who chose to live in `open' hotels obviously couldn't do that).

As I was also a fast driver and well able to avoid the daily smash-ups and snafus in Riyadh, they eventually asked me to get the fortnightly batch of videos from the distant shop (they also eventually asked me to pick up the nurses and secretaries [using our long limo] who came to our weekly or fortnightly parties - that's all "illegal" in Saudi but as said I was a fast driver and the girls trusted me).

So one time was in a hurry and dashed around the video shop just picking up stuff more or less at random and one was `Pirates of Penzance'.  When the guys back at base saw it there was growling and snarling, but - during the next two weeks I noticed many of them sneaking off to watch and re-watch the movie.  Seems they got attached to it.

Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2016 07:45:32 +0100
Subject: Seems I was righter than I knew back in February
15 October 2016
Child sex abuse inquiry: Dame Lowell Goddard must explain resignation, say MPs

Seems I was righter than I knew back in February:
Ray D

Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2016 10:39:47 -0000
Subject: The real cover-up starts now
Ha!  We see can the tactical retrenchment / camouflaged cover-up starting now.

After a few carefully engineered `scares' and `over-exposures' - most staged by BBC in collusion with the Met. (Scotland Yard - rotten for the last 125 years: see promise.html#brutal, answers032.html#pol-myth and answers035.html#evil) - the Met. and BBC and parliamentarians are preparing to suppress all real investigation of elite homo-pedo networks.

Synchronised moves by the Vatican and Parliament also aim to prevent public knowledge of their homo-pedo activities - as we can see by looking at The Independent's front page articles' headlines for this morning:
MPs no longer to be automatically named if they are arrested
Scotland Yard launches review into 'VIP paedophile ring' probe
Bishops do not have to report child abuse, Vatican says

(more ...)

Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2016 10:35:48 +0100
Right Choong, I hadn't thought about it in that way but you're surely right.  Thinking back it seems Arab +/or Pakistani males are really bowled-over by Western blondes.
(Maybe that's why I hadn't thought about it;  don't seem to go - so very much - for blondes myself.)
Ray D

Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2016 13:09:19 +0800
Subject: Re: "MoD pays out tens of thousands to victims of sexual abuse by Libyan cadets"

You know Ray, this "peculiarity" of Arabs obsession with white females seems like a biblical things as the story of Hagar and Sarah goes, its like some kind of "karmic" cultural contempt that it won't go away but that being said if it happen in Russia or China these cadets will end up in hospital, even in Malaysia we have seen how intolerant the Malays are towards Nigerians who have been caught molesting Malay girls.

Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2016 20:04:53 +0100
Subject: "MoD pays out tens of thousands to victims of sexual abuse by Libyan cadets"

"MoD pays out tens of thousands to victims of sexual abuse by Libyan cadets"

Ha!  The Powers-that-Be tried very hard to keep this out of the news altogether, and almost succeeded.

But folk still don't know this has all happened before!  Back when I was attending a satellite-comms course at RAF Locking (near Weston-super-Mare, on the south coast of the Bristol Channel), there were several groups of foreign (mostly Arab countries) Air Forces' students - on the base, and some of _those_ too were out-of-control, trying to rape almost any females they saw, some very young indeed.

The Powers-that-Be seemed to control the Press more easily back then.

Ray D
Saturday 15 October 2016 00.01 BST
MoD pays out tens of thousands to victims of sexual abuse by Libyan cadets
The Ministry of Defence has paid out tens of thousands of pounds in compensation to people sexually abused by Libyan military cadets brought to the UK for training with the British army.

More than 300 cadets came to Bassingbourn barracks, Cambridgeshire, for training in an attempt to help stabilise Libya after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi. The exercise in 2014 cost the UK £13.9m.

But many of the cadets left the barracks unescorted during their stay, and one weekend several went on the rampage in Cambridge city centre and committed a string of sexual attacks.

Two are serving 12 years in prison for raping a man. Three others received shorter custodial sentences after they sexually assaulted four teenage girls.

Lawyers representing the rape victim and one of the girls who was sexually assaulted argued their human rights had been breached.

On Saturday, it emerged the MoD had agreed to pay damages to the two victims in an out-of-court settlement. While the sum was not disclosed by lawyers Slater and Gordon, it is believed to be tens of thousands of pounds.

The first claimant was raped at night in Cambridge city centre by Moktar Ali Saad Mahmoud and Ibrahim Abugtila, who were jailed in May 2015. The defendants had denied attacking the man but were caught on CCTV leading him to a park.

They were convicted by a jury at Cambridge crown court, who heard they had "behaved like two hunting dogs who had seen a wounded animal".

Three others, Naji El Maarfi, Mohammed Abdalsalam and Khaled El Azibi, admitted sexual assaults on four women on the same night and were also jailed. They had stolen bicycles, pedalled from the barracks to Cambridge and assaulted the women.

The victims were all teenagers and the attacks included trying to kiss a woman without consent and then sexually assaulting her.

One of their victims said: "I was subjected to a degrading attack by these men that has traumatised me. I just hope that lessons are learned from what happened and nothing like this happens again."

Kim Harrison, a human rights lawyer from Slater and Gordon who represented both victims, said: "Our clients were subjected to terrifying and degrading attacks but they are determined to rebuild their lives. Hopefully, now the Ministry of Defence has settled this case, they will both be one step closer to getting some closure over these unimaginably traumatic events."

The arrests of the men coincided with other concerns over the conduct of the Libyan cadets at the base after a collapse of discipline.

The incidents prompted the MoD to send 300 soldiers back to their home country prematurely, ending an agreement to put 2,000 soldiers through basic infantry and junior command training in an attempt to help rebuild Libya.

The defence secretary, Michael Fallon, told parliament at the time there were "things we could have done better" and admitted regrets over the way the situation had been handled.

An MoD spokesman said: "Compensation payments have been made to two people treated appallingly by several Libyan cadets being trained in the UK. We have previously expressed regret that there were things we could have done better with this programme."


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