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Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2014 18:38:32 -0000
Subject: "Chinese university bans Christmas

Well, well - I could maybe live with that.  After all, am inclined to agree with their verdict on western `Xmas' - "kitsch" is too right.

[BTW - the western "Xmas" celebration is nothing to do with `Christianity' - it was stolen from a much older tradition, along with`Easter'. - RD]
The Guardian, Thursday 25 December 2014 15.22 GMT
Chinese university bans Christmas
University in Xi'an forces students to watch propaganda films and to pay more attention to Chinese holidays instead

The Spring Festival or Chinese New Year. Christmas is not a traditional festival in officially atheist China but is growing in popularity. Photograph: Li Wenbao/Xinhua Press/Corbis

A university in north-western China has banned Christmas, calling it a "kitsch" foreign celebration unbefitting of the country's own traditions and making its students watch propaganda films instead, state media said on Thursday.

The state-run Beijing News said the Modern College of North-west University, located in Xi'an, had strung up banners around the campus reading "Strive to be outstanding sons and daughters of China, oppose kitsch western holidays" and "Resist the expansion of western culture".

A student told the newspaper that they would be punished if they did not attend a mandatory three-hour screening of propaganda films, which other students said included one about Confucius, with teachers standing guard to stop people leaving.

"There's nothing we can do about it, we can't escape," the student was quoted as saying.

An official microblog belonging to one of the university's Communist party committees posted comments calling for students not to "fawn on foreigners" and pay more attention to China's holidays, such as the Spring Festival.

"In recent years, more and more Chinese have started to attach importance to western festivals," it wrote.

"In their eyes, the west is more developed than China, and they think that their holidays are more elegant than ours, even that western festivals are very fashionable and China's traditional festivals are old fashioned."

Christmas is not a traditional festival in officially atheist China but is growing in popularity, especially in more metropolitan areas where young people go out to celebrate, give gifts and decorate their homes.

Western culture, particularly in the form of US pop culture, is wildly popular with young, educated Chinese, which occasionally causes discomfort for the generally quite conservative ruling Communist party.

Wenzhou, a city in the wealthy eastern province of Zhejiang, has banned all Christmas activities in schools and kindergartens, the official Xinhua news agency reported. Inspectors would make sure rules were enforced, it added.

The rules are meant to counteract an "obsession" with western holidays at the expense of Chinese ones, an official at the city's education bureau told Xinhua.

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2014 16:17:54 +0800
Subject: Re: "Religious Brits more likely to be overweight

Well Ray,
this seems to say there is yet one "unrevealed" revelation and I am not sure if they split the survey between males and females but in Malaysia indeed the Malays is besieged with obesity seconded by the Hindus which both are most religious and this will be much more poignant for their womenfolks that indeed the least obese is the Chinese, both Christians and of other faith like the Buddhist.

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2014 07:37:10 -0000
Subject: "Religious Brits more likely to be overweight

Ha!  Think, like the girl hints, it's mostly demographics (socio-ethnic traditions and conformist lifestyles) rather than religion pure and simple.

Choong, you'll have your own knowledge of the groups around you, while around here I tend to see independent-minded folk staying relatively lean.
Home / UK / Published time: December 23, 2014 15:48
Holy roast! Religious Brits more likely to be overweight than atheists

'Tis the season to be jolly, and taking after Father Christmas himself - who has evidently succumbed to the temptation of more than a few mince pies - Brits who believe in God are more likely to be overweight, according to the latest figures.

Research from the University of Coventry concluded that people of faith are more overweight than godless heathens, with Christians likely to be most overweight of all.

In research that for the first time examined the links between religion and health in the UK, Dr Deborah Lycett studied the Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 7,000 people and discovered that people belonging to a religious group were on average almost a point higher than atheists.

Similar studies have already been conducted in the US, where one found the more dedicatedly religious someone is, the greater their chances of being overweight. The study looked at those who rarely prayed and those who attended worship every week.

Lycett's study found that while Christians were the portliest, Sikh men came in at a close second, with "a significantly higher waist-to-hip ratio ... seen in Christian and Sikh men."

The least likely to be overweight were Buddhists, who are known for observing a strict lifestyle without succumbing to temptation.

Writing in the Journal of Religion and Health, Dr Lycett said: "The association between religion and obesity is unclear and unexplored in the general English population."

She added that while some of the results were influenced by lifestyle factors, the religious belief of the participants was still a factor.

"Some of this was explained demographically, but it was not accounted for by smoking status, alcohol consumption or physical activity level."

"Religious communities may need greater healthy weight promotion or benefit from tailored interventions built on their beliefs," she added.

The study gathered information from 7,414 adults over the age of 16 who took part in the 2012 Health Survey for England, and found that on average those who describe themselves as religious had a BMI 0.91kg per square meter higher than non-believers.

Current NHS guidelines state that any BMI between 18.5kg and 25kg per square meter is healthy, with those over 30kg considered obese.

Obesity is a stubborn problem in the UK, and not just in religious communities. The NHS spends 9 billion a year on diabetes treatment alone.

According to government statistics, almost a quarter of men are now obese, rising from 13.2 to 24.4 percent in the last 20 years.

Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2014 15:28:29 -0000
Subject: Mandy Rice-Davies R.I.P

Sad to hear of the death of Mandy Rice-Davies in this morning's paper.  She, and her friend Christine, were both badly-used and indeed framed-up by a corrupt establishment.

Only much later did we find out that Mandy (and Christine, mostly) had told the truth, both in interviews and in court, while the `great and good' - the MPs, Lords, police, lawyers and especially all the judges concerned with the evidence and the trial - had all lied and lied again.

The MPs and police lied because they were _actually_ deeply involved in the vice-game (which Mandy and Christine were NOT), because most MPs (and senior police?) are so ugly (or gauche) that normal relationships are beyond their reach (or comprehension?/ability?), while the lawyers / judges lied because most of them (then and maybe now) were part of the elite pedophile homosexual network, which had to be protected and hidden at all costs (i.e. by killing Jill Dando much later).

All this is known by our `brave' UK media but not discussed (although it's even been tacitly admitted by Norman Tebbit - perhaps the least bad of all the hypocrites and criminal perverts in power.


Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2014 10:54:25 -0000
Subject: FWD - "Law enforcement is most obese profession - study

Think my generation only saw `obese' folk as a rare few with glandular problems (discounting the `beer-bellies' which seemed fairly common among middle-aged men [in UK] at that time).  Later, in the military, the quite rare too-heavy guys had usually been doing weight training or similar and then stopped because of a desk job - which often then piled on the pounds.
Home / USA / Published time: December 19, 2014 04:11

Law enforcement is most obese profession - study
A study on the prevalence of obesity by occupation found nearly half the cops, firefighters and security guards in the United States are obese. Economists, scientists and psychologists scored the lowest rates of obesity.

Law enforcement personnel scored 40.7 percent on the American Journal of Preventive Medicine's report for highest obesity rates in professions. Other jobs with high obesity rates were social workers, home health aides, truckers and garbage collectors ranging between 32 to 35 percent.

The study said the average American worker scored 27.7 percent. On the other side of the obesity scale, professions with low obesity rates are athletes, actors, reporters, economists and scientists.

The report comes as American companies have started to rethink policies and consider what they can do to help reduce obesity rates for one third of US adults that make up many of their employees.

For employers, encouraging employees to lose weight is a delicate proposition that requires tact in approach, but the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University says doing so would save them nine percent of money spent on healthcare and lost in productivity due to sick time.

About 71 percent of employers representing 600,000 workers said that overcoming stigma and embarrassment represented the biggest hurdle to an effective corporate weight-loss program, according to an October survey from the Northeast Business Group on Health cited by the Wall Street Journal.

To date, companies provide healthy snack vending machines and gym discounts, but they are increasingly looking towards mental-health counseling and fitness trackers. They're also considering covering weight-loss surgeries and drugs, and pilot nutrition and exercise programs.

An example of this type of innovation was carried out at the Bangor, Maine location of L.L. Bean Inc., where the company determined through biometric screenings that nearly 85 percent of employees at its call center were overweight or obese.

The company enrolled 24 employees in a yearlong pilot program of nutrition, exercise and mental health counseling, provided during work hours. After a year, participants lost 15 pounds, on average. The success of the program was then replicated at other locations.

Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2014 17:06:22 -0000
Subject: Long-term trends: Sea-levels were higher - glaciers were smaller (thousands of yrs ago

Long-term trends:  Sea-levels were higher - glaciers were smaller

"Judging by the erosional platforms recognized at heights of hundreds of feet above the sea, the tendency is for sea-level to fall, not to rise.  The world's lands seem, at the present time, to be standing unusually high."
p. 124

"Thorarinsson has concluded that the Icelandic glaciers were considerably less extensive from 900 (when the island was first colonized) up to about 1350 than they were in 1800.  Soon after 1700 began a general advance, which reached its maximum about 1750.

During the next half-century they were either stable or receding, but a re-advance started in the early 1800s and reached its maximum about 1850.  Stagnation or recession followed once more with a slight halt in the early 1880s, and a subsequent general retreat.

Scandinavian glaciers are thought to have behaved similarly.  Retreat from the lines reached in the late nineteenth century is confirmed from many parts of the world."
p. 138

`The Face of the Earth' by G H Dury (1959)

Reasons - i.e. history of cold spells and limited warm rebounds - are here

Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2014 15:53:16 -0000
Subject: FWD - "Men are officially more stupid than women

Have to admit I was no stranger to `accident & emergency' rooms at one time (life style was maybe a bit wild).
ROISIN O'CONNOR | Friday 12 December 2014

Men are officially more stupid than women

Almost 90 per cent of people who died in foolish ways this year were men

Nature has chosen, and it turns out women are definitely smarter than men (at least when it comes to staying alive).

The aptly-named Darwin Awards recognises people who have improved the human gene pool by removing themselves from it in the most idiotic ways possible.

The annual review found that almost 90 per cent of people who died in foolish ways were men. Included in the poll were the two geniuses who dared each other to test their courage by lying down on a train track, both of whom died instantly when a train passed through the station at 130kmph.

Then there were the two guys in Kenya who took a selfie with a wild elephant, the man who tried to take a steel hawser from a lift shaft by unbolting it while he was standing in the lift, and the terrorist who posted a letterbomb: only to have it returned because he didn't use enough stamps.

Out of 332 nominations, 14 were ruled non-valid because they were shared by both genders. Of the 318 cases remaining, 89 per cent were awarded to men.

Men are considered more likely to be admitted to an emergency department after accidental injuries and sporting injuries. They are also more likely to be in a road traffic collision with a higher mortality rate.

It's known as the `idiotic' risk, which the study describes as "a senseless risk where the apparent payoff is negligible or non-existent, and the outcome is often extremely negative and often final".

The report concluded: "These findings are entirely consistent with male idiot theory (MIT) and support the hypothesis that men are idiots and idiots do stupid things."

Sorry guys, it's just science.

Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2014 10:51:33 -0000
Subject: FWD - "the man who attacked the Respect MP

Ha! These partisan folk (especially those who use `religion' as excuse for doing evil) are nearly always functionally illiterate:  I.e. - The groups called `semites' are mostly composed of Arabs.

What's more, Arabs are `more semitic' than many / most so-called `Jews':  I.e. - many of my Jewish friends and acquaintances (from work in the Med. and Middle East) had fair or brown hair and blue, gray or green eyes, often even with freckles - that is, they are mostly Euro-Germanic mixes plus Slav-Russian mixes.

George Galloway has revealed that he now feels too scared to go anywhere alone - as the man who attacked the Respect MP in a London street while calling him an anti-Semite was jailed for 16 months.

Drug addict Neil Masterson, 39, left the pro-Palestine MP for Bradford West with cuts and bruises to his head and ribs and requiring hospital treatment after the frenzied assault in Notting Hill in August.

Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2014 10:47:20 -0000
Subject: FWD - "Princess Michael of Kent on 'dreadful practice' of breastfeeding

As I wrote to a female columnist yesterday - "The UK (+maybe USA too) is in a time-warp about body perceptions; in Italy twenty or more years ago was dining, along with my American girlfriend, with a youngish English couple and the girl just naturally began breast feeding her baby - to no comment whatsoever."

Mind you, also admitted that my early years in the Far East had probably stopped me acquiring the Anglo-Saxon (UK + USA) apparent obsession with inflated mammary glands.

[In those days my Chinese and Malay girlfriends mostly had a meagre but healthy diet of veg and fruit and seafood, which didn't seem to encourage much in the way of breast development.]

Princess Michael of Kent on 'dreadful practice' of breastfeeding: 'My nanny said it was disgusting'

Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2014 09:47:49 -0000
Subject: `Dark web': GCHQ and National Crime Agency join forces

Ha!  No change there then.  I.e. the English `Secret Services' (MI-5, MI6 and Special Branch of the Met) have long been RUNNING pedophile networks for pervy politicos, the judiciary, senior churchmen, senior bureaucrats etc., and covering up any evidence by methods up to and including murder (Google "Jill Dando" and scroll to non-MSM sources).

The believability of David Cameron's `shock/horror' can be rated alongside the evidence.  That says that many of Cameron's (and Osborne's) friends, family and political allies are active (rich) criminal pedophiles (mostly boy-buggerers).

`Dark web': GCHQ and National Crime Agency join forces in hunt for child abuse

David Cameron will place Britain's GCHQ eavesdropping agency and the National Crime Agency (NCA) at the centre of a fight to eliminate "digital hiding places for child abusers".

A new joint NCA-GCHQ specialist unit is to be established to crack down on paedophiles who are using the so-called `dark web' to disguise their identities and to encrypt illegal images of children that they share with peers in what the prime minister describes as a "horrific crime". (more at page ...)

Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 09:30:07 -0000
Subject: FWD - So we don't need GMO _or_ Fertilizers?
TOM BAWDEN | ENVIRONMENT EDITOR | Wednesday 10 December 2014
Organic farming can feed the world if done right, scientists claim Major new study suggests chemical fertilizers are not so vital

Organic farming is much more productive than previously thought, according to a new analysis of agricultural studies that challenges the conventional `biased' view that pesticide-free agriculture cannot feed the world.

The study says that organic yields were only 19.2 per cent lower, on average, than those from conventional crops and that this gap could be reduced to just eight per cent if the pesticide-free crops were rotated more frequently.

Furthermore, in some crops - especially leguminous plants such as beans, peas and lentils - there were no significant differences in yields, the researchers from the University of California, Berkeley found.

"In terms of comparing productivity among the two techniques, this paper sets the record straight on the comparison between organic and conventional agriculture," said Claire Kremen, professor of environmental science, policy and management at Berkeley.

The study comes amid rising concerns that intense farming practices are damaging the environment, with the widespread use of nerve agent pesticides frequently blamed for declining populations of bees and other pollinators. Meanwhile, fertilisers are producing smaller and smaller increases in yields because they are now so effective they are difficult to improve upon.

"With global food needs predicted to greatly increase in the next 50 years, it's critical to look more closely at organic farming because, aside from the environmental impacts of industrial agriculture, the ability of synthetic fertilizers to increase crop yields has been declining," said Prof Kremen.

The researchers based their findings on a meta-analysis of 115 studies - a dataset three times greater than any previous such paper - comparing organic and conventional agriculture.

In addition to finding a smaller - 19.2 per cent - productivity difference between the two than previously calculated, the researchers also found that optimising organic productivity through different techniques could further reduce the gap.

Multi-cropping, or growing several crops together on the same field, would cut the yield difference to nine per cent, with crop rotation reducing the gap to eight per cent.

The study, published in the journal Royal Society B, suggested that the gaps could be even smaller than they have calculated because existing studies were `often biased in favour of conventional agriculture'.

"Our study suggests that through appropriate investment in agroecological research to improve organic management and in breeding cultivars for organic farming systems, the yield gap could be reduced or even eliminated for some crops or regions," said the study's lead author, Lauren Ponisio, a graduate student in environmental science, policy and management.

The researchers suggest that organic farming can be a very competitive alternative to industrial agriculture when it comes to food production.

"It's important to remember that our current agricultural system produces far more food than is needed to provide for everyone on the planet," said Prof Kremen.

"Eradicating world hunger requires increasing the access to food, not simply the production. Also, increasing the proportion of agriculture that uses sustainable, organic methods of farming is not a choice, it's a necessity. We simply can't continue to produce food far into the future without taking care of our soils, water and biodiversity," she added.


Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2014 15:50:20 -0000
Subject: Re: Difficult Astrology for USA

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Colleen S******

> Had to jump in here, it is not just racism. It is about how law enforcement seems to be above the law. The problem in the US is people in power of any kind feel they are entitled. We have police that feel they are the law rather then enforcers of the law. What is really sad is there are those police who really are decent. But heck we also have a government that feels it is better then its people. They don't even have the same health insurance. They have a ridiculous pension even if they only serve one term. So out of touch, all of them. But people of all races are up in arms. Protests particularly in New York are all races. So not like the race riots of years ago. Besides in another five or so years, whites will be a minority. White people are not having children at the rate of the ethnic races.
> Colleen

Hi Colleen - you're so right.  Had joined the UK Army as a teenager (no jobs at that time) and spent much of my 22 years overseas, believing what the mainstream media tells us: I.e. that UK is a law abiding country run by decent, moral people.

Wrong!  When I finally returned, after further time in Saudi (on M.o.D contract), I took a look around the UK.

[BTW - my training and work is in information analysis, and much of my life has been spent in trouble shooting - first of military technical systems and later of larger human systems.  I.e - on occasions London would send me (on quick two week or one month visits) to overseas UK military stations to check, and if possible to fix, an ongoing problem with communications or reactions.  Always did it - without offending the complacent or incompetent senior officers who'd allowed the problems to arise.]

What I found in UK, without any in-depth investigation, was nation-wide corruption at local and national levels in almost all areas involving money (local / national taxes); power (policing / judiciary); and publicity (BBC, local and national mainstream media - MSM).

So when I first published a short account of a particular example of corruption (long-term embezzlement of county council road funds - which seems rife around the country), I was a little surprised to get a phone call from my local police HQ asking me for an interview.  Being a law abiding citizen I naturally agreed, thinking they were going to investigate the corruption - but I was wrong.

The interview - at Police HQ - was with a detective of low rank and a traffic officer of high rank.

[Think about it - for the long-term scam to succeed it was always necessary to have the chief of local traffic police in on the plot.  On one occasion, when I'd alerted the national Ministry to a traffic-count fraud, and the Ministry sent out a recount car: the local police immediately closed that main road - at seven o'clock in the morning and without any warning to to the public - they'd seen the `traffic-count' vehicle and panicked]

So now I was in an interview facing a very probably corrupt senior traffic officer and a maybe corrupt detective.  What did they want to talk about?  They only had one question - repeated many times in different words - and it was "Who told you about this?"

My initial (and final) answer was that the facts were in the public domain and that any fool could work it out.  That initially seemed to stun them because they continued asking the same question, in different guises, until I told them they were wasting my time and left the Police HQ - slamming all the doors behind me.

I.e. - UK's `authorities' and police were so arrogantly sure they controlled public knowledge that they "knew" someone must have told me about the scam.  And they couldn't accept that any intelligent person can work it out from public domain news information.

Only later did I become aware that I might have been lucky to get away from that situation without immediate harm.  Maybe only the fact that it was too close to home (and they didn't know if I'd told anyone I was going to Police HQ) prevented an immediate and lethal reaction.

[For an example of what I believe was an "immediate and lethal reaction" by corrupt police (maybe `Special Branch'), just check "Jill Dando" case.]

So now you have it.  I knew already, from service overseas, that most senior police around the world are corrupt, sometimes rapist and murderous and almost always repressive.  Now I know that that [some senior] UK police are just the same - thugs for the rich and powerful.

Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2014 21:07:12 -0000
Subject: Re: Difficult Astrology for USA

> Wow Ray, it does seem that corruption of power is a very "Global" issue.  No one is immune!  The more powerful the country the greater the crimes.  So glad that you did not end up on the slab because all the powerfull seem to kill off those who might know or even promote the truth.  Good to get out of there!

> Colleen

Thanks Colleen, and think you're right, `power corrupts' universally.  Have lived in many countries, usually in "married" state with a local girlfriend (being often posted alone, a local girlfriend is a lifesaver), and have seen many cases of mild or harsh corruption.  It seems to be the present norm - but we can hope for better things in the future maybe?
Ray D

Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2014 08:02:35 -0000
Subject: - "British males drawn away from `macho' professions, don't `feel man enough'

Article theme seems a bit sad, but it's interesting to me for the comments re: Marines and suchlike.

Recall, between overseas jobs, stopping over at an Army Camp which was hosting a Brit Army RSMs' Conference, and being with camp's RSM when the Paras & Marines RSMs turned up; they got talking about `performance standards' and all agreed the political pressure to pass more recruits was damaging; one said their old pass rate was only about 5%/10%, and that ensured high standards.

[From personal memory my own recruit troop [at Catterick] started with about 125 or so, and about 30 of us passed].
British males drawn away from `macho' professions, don't "feel man enough" - study
Published time: December 03, 2014 17:39

British men are increasingly drawn away from certain career paths because they do not feel `man enough' to pursue them, according to a new study.

Published in the British Journal of Psychology on Tuesday, the study suggests career paths, including the military and construction work, are still characterized by a `macho stereotype,' drawing fewer men to their ranks.

In a study of 218 Royal Marine recruits and 117 male surgical students, researchers also found being a man was not enough to counter `macho stereotypes'. The attitudes prevalent in some career paths had a detrimental effect on women recruits.

"Women have made substantial inroads into some traditionally masculine occupations, but not into others," said University of Exeter professor Michelle Ryan.

"There is evidence that the latter group of occupations is characterized by the hyper-masculine macho stereotypes that are especially disadvantageous to women.

"We explored whether these macho occupational stereotypes that are associated with marine commandos and surgeons also discourage men who feel that they `are not man enough," she added.

Women are currently excluded from joining the Royal Marines, and make up only a quarter of surgical trainees.

The researchers also found there were men in the British Army who did not feel they were living up to the stereotypes of the elite forces, and as a result were prone to demotivation and even depression.

The study also showed men who did not feel they were `masculine enough' to be a surgeon were considering leaving the profession, causing some industries were finding it difficult to shake off public perceptions.

"We've shown that the men who enter into and remain within such occupations will be those who exemplify the occupation's macho stereotypes," said the report's co-author Dr Kim Peters, of the University of Queensland.

"Intriguingly, this suggests that increasing the appeal of these occupations to a more diverse range of men may be one way of increasing their appeal to women."

Earlier this year, official figures showed that male suicide rates were the highest since 1999 and that suicide was the most common cause of death for males aged between 20 and 49. According to the most recent figures, 4,590 British men committed suicide in 2012 alone.

Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2014 13:52:48 -0000
Subject: "State Sponsored Killers

Ha!   A very nervous approach to the subject by our bent BBC.

If you want to see what they've `accidentally' missed-out - try the research below article.
State Sponsored Killers
Terror Through Time

Governments don't just fight terrorists, sometimes they use them for their own ends. Fergal Keane discusses the extent of state involvement in terrorism through the 70s and 80s. He's joined by Professor Richard English of St Andrews University, Kay Schiller of Durham University and by former CIA agent, Milt Bearden.
A century of `false-flag' terrorism - by western governments

Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2014 02:32:13 -0000 Subject:--"The Men Who Killed Kennedy

Ruled by corrupt murderers?

Right, like with some of the witnesses, it could make you weep.  The last honest president was killed by a CIA / Mafia cartel with total collusion from local bent police and drug / prossy / mafia & politico chiefs.  How sad.

Subject: "The Men Who Killed Kennedy
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2014 21:35:47 -0000

Well, well - it appears that the USA's top police and "security" are run by corrupt liars and murderers, just like the UK's.
[Only the UK's are crazed pedophiles (boy-buggerers) as well].
The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 1 The Coup d'Etat
The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 2 The Forces of Darkness
The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 3 The Cover-Up
The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 4 The Patsy
The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 5 The Witnesses
The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 6 The Truth Shall Set You Free
The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 7 Smoking Guns
The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 8 The Love Affair
The Men Who Killed Kennedy: Part 9 The Guilty Men

Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2014 20:52:01 -0000
Subject: FWD - "Iceland jails ex-Landsbanki boss for role in 2008 crisis

Yup!   And we know know that our bank bosses (UK's and USA's) did much worse.   So why aren't they in jail?

Clue: our politicos are bent.

19 November 2014 Last updated at 16:47

Iceland jails ex-Landsbanki boss for role in 2008 crisis

Landsbanki's Sigurjon Arnason is the third and final Icelandic bank boss sentenced to jail

Former Landsbanki boss Sigurjon Arnason has been sentenced to 12 months in prison.

An Icelandic court found him guilty of market manipulation in the lead up to the 2008 financial crisis.

"This sentence is a big surprise to me as I did not nothing wrong," Sigurjon Arnason told Reuters.

The former chief executives of Iceland's two other big banks, Glitnir and Kaupthing, have already received jail sentences.

The three banks imploded in 2008 after acquiring assets worth approximately 10 times the size of Iceland's economy.

A Reykjavik court said that nine months of Mr Arnason's sentence would be suspended.

Two of his colleagues - Ivar Gudjonsson, a former director of proprietary trading, and Julius Heidarsson, a banker - were also convicted and sentenced to nine months in prison, of which six months would be suspended.

Unlike other Western countries, Iceland has pursued prison sentences for the chief executives and others who were involved in the 2008 financial crisis.

Hreidar Mar Sigurdsson, the former chief executive of Kaupthing - formerly Iceland's largest bank - received a jail sentence of five and a half years - the heaviest sentence for financial fraud in Iceland's history.

The country's former prime minister, Geir Haarde, was also found guilty of negligence leading up to the crisis but was not given a jail term.

Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2014 16:20:46 -0000
Subject: FWD - `All in the Mind': Milgram Revisited

The only interesting bit (for me) was the so-called `questioning' of Milgram's experiment (where ordinary people were willing to give "lethal" electro-shocks to other folk [really actors] on the orders of `scientists' [men in white lab-coats]).

In reality both new studies found essentially the same as Milgram - the latest one actually specified that: - the more conscientious and law-abiding folk were most likely to go "all the way" - i.e. equivalent to the lethal shocks of Milgram.

So, it seems rebels might have more of a conscience.
Problem Gambling; Owls and Larks; Milgram Revisited; Depression and Gut Instinct
All in the Mind

Claudia Hammond talks to Henrietta Bowden-Jones who runs the only NHS clinic for problem gamblers. ... Also in the programme, Christian Jarrett joins Claudia to discuss why owls and larks could soon be joined by two new types of people based on how energetic they feel. Also, psychologist Stephen Reicher questions some of Stanley Milgram's conclusions about his infamous obedience experiments of the 1960s. And why if you're depressed you may find you lose your gut instinct.

Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 07:40:08 -0000
Subject: "Terrorists, criminals and unethical firms exploit `right to be forgotten' - minister"

Right - like I wrote (to Google in Sept. 2014), the `Right to be Forgotten' is not only cowardly and corrupt, it is anti-open-justice (which must be `on public record') and anti-democracy (which needs knowledge of candidates _and_ a fully-informed-electorate).
RT | 07:25 GMT, Nov 13, 2014 | Home / UK /

Terrorists, criminals and unethical firms exploit `right to be forgotten' - minister
Published time: November 12, 2014 13:12

Terrorists, criminals and unethical firms are manipulating and exploiting a European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) ruling to obscure online records about their past misdemeanors and bolster company profits, Britain's culture secretary has warned.

Sajid Javid, the serving Tory culture minister, fiercely responded to a group of Luxembourg judges who recently implemented the `right to be forgotten' ruling, stressing they are "unelected" and have ultimately overseen the introduction of "censorship through the back door."

Speaking at a Society of Editors gathering on Tuesday, the culture secretary warned evidence had surfaced that the controversial ruling was being utilized by criminals, and deployed for the purpose of corporate wrong-doing.

Javid said terrorists have demanded Google remove information relating to their trials, while the tech firm's "own lawyer" has expressed concern regarding companies abusing the law so that links to their competitors' sites remain hidden.

The ruling, introduced throughout the EU in May of this year, permits any individual to demand embarrassing or damaging data from search engines such as Google be removed, irrespective of whether such information is accurate.

Requests in their thousands are pouring in to search engines for the removal of data and links to online articles from individuals who "would prefer their pasts to be kept secret," the culture secretary said.

His comments offer the most significant indication thus far of disquiet within the coalition over the law, and coincide with ongoing friction between Europe and the government.

In recent days, tech giant Google confirmed it has been party to over 200,000 official requests for the removal of online links, and has complied with and upheld 42 percent of them. The firm said the vast majority of these requests came from Britain, France and Germany.

Commenting on the spreading of the ECHR ruling, Javid said "criminals are having their convictions airbrushed from history even if they have since committed other, similar crimes."

He acknowledged that articles were not being explicitly removed from online archives under the legislation, but added if people are unable to find them via search engines "they may as well not be there at all."

Hollow rhetoric?
Javid also suggested during his speech that the Conservative Party's proposed Bill of Rights would give greater freedoms and protection to British journalists if the party manages to retain power in the upcoming general election.

Echoing plans laid out by Prime Minister David Cameron last month, the culture secretary said a re-elected Tory government would scrap the Human Rights Act (HRA) and replace it with a British Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, which would make UK judges the "ultimate arbiters of British justice."

But Isabella Sankey, Policy Director for human rights group Liberty, directly contradicted his suggestion the bill would bolster journalists' ability to protect their sources and express themselves freely.

Sankey warned that Article 10 of the Human Rights Act has been crucial in protecting British journalists' sources - a right that would be significantly eroded if Conservative plans for human rights law reform come to fruition.

Multiple media outlets have expressed concern that the `right to be forgotten' ruling is an impediment to news reporting. Meanwhile, open source online encyclopedia Wikipedia warns that swathes of links to its webpages have been removed from Google.

The internet encyclopedia's founder, Jimmy Wales, previously said the ECHR ruling could severely impede citizens' fundamental right to freely express themselves.

The power to "censor history" should not be left in the hands of tech firms such as Google, he warned.

But criminals, terrorists and unscrupulous companies are not the only actors that have attempted to censor sensitive information.

In August, it was revealed that UK government officials had reportedly edited an array of Wikipedia articles relating to the high profile killings of Jean Charles de Menezes, Lee Rigby and Damilola Taylor.

The edits were all elicited from internet addresses, previously noted as being on an official state network called the Government Secure Intranet (GSI). This internal network provides a platform for government officials and select police officers to connect online.

Despite his avid criticism of the ECHR's `right to be forgotten ruling' on Tuesday, the culture secretary failed to propose any definitive action against it.

Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2014 17:15:04 -0000
Subject: FWD - "Largest international study into safety of GM food launched by Russian NGO

Think we know why it was left for the Russians to do this  [I.e. Monsanto is RICH and UK & US politicos are GREEDY.]
John Vidal |, Tuesday 11 November 2014 16.32 GMT

Largest international study into safety of GM food launched by Russian NGO
Thousands of rats will be fed Monsanto maize diets in a $23m, three-year `Factor GMO' study into long-term health effects of GM food and associated pesticides

A Russian group working with scientists is set to launch what they call the world's largest and most comprehensive long-term health study on a GM food.

The $25m three-year experiment will involve scientists testing thousands of rats which will be fed differing diets of a Monsanto GM maize and the world's most widely-used herbicide which it it is engineered to be grown with.

The organisers of the Factor GMO [genetically modified organism] study, announced in London on Tuesday and due to start fully next year, say it will investigate the long-term health effects of a diet of a GM maize developed by US seed and chemical company Monsanto.

"It will answer the question: is this GM food, and associated pesticide, safe for human health?" said Elena Sharoykina, a campaigner and co-founder of the Russian national association for genetic safety (Nags), the co-ordinator of the experiment.

According to the Nags, the experiment will try to establish whether the GM maize and its associated herbicide cause cancers, reduce fertility or cause birth defects. The scientists also want to know whether the mixture of chemicals present in Roundup (Monsanto's tradename for its glyphosate herbicide) are more or less toxic than its active ingredient glyphosate.

Farmers, governments, scientists and consumers around the world have been involved in an intense debate since GM foods were introduced in 1994. But while there have been many thousands of studies conducted, mostly by GM companies, which show that there is no health risk, government regulators have not required evidence of long-term safety and deep mistrust has built between different `sides'.

"We would clearly support well-conducted, hypothetically driven science. If the science is conducted according to OECD guidelines and shows that there are hazards with a particular event, then the public will understand that," said Huw Jones, senior research scientist at Rothamsted Institute, Britain's largest GM research centre.

Oxana Sinitsyna, deputy science director at the Sysin research institute of human ecology and environmental health which is part of the Russian ministry of health, one of the three scientists on the Factor GMO study's review board, said: "The scale and format of this research project will allow us to create a really objective and comprehensive data set on the mechanics of the impacts of a GM diet on the health of living organisms over the long term.

"From a scientific point of view the `Factor GMO' project is highly ambitious, which makes it very interesting, for both the public and for the scientists involved."

Bruce Blumberg, another board member, who is a biology professor at the University of California, Irvine, said: "The cultivation of herbicide resistant crops is widespread in the US, and the use of the herbicides to which these crops are resistant has increased many-fold in the decades since they were introduced. There is a notable lack of published, peer-reviewed data on their safety, as well as data on the safety of the increased use of herbicides with which they are grown."

The planned study will have no input from the biotech industry or the anti-GM movement, said Sharoykina. "Comprehensive scientific safety studies on GMOs and their related pesticides are long overdue. All previous studies caused controversy for various reasons: choice of animal, insufficient statistics, duration of tests, research parameters, and researchers' connections to the anti-GMO movement or the biotech industry.

"This study is intended to remedy the situation. The project organisers have considered all of the points of disagreement and distrust surrounding this subject." She added that Nags would not have any involvement in the scientific process.

Most of the $25m has been raised, say the organisers, but the names of sponsors and funders will not be revealed until the experiment starts fully next year.

Fiorella Belpoggi, a cancer specialist with the Ramazzini insistute in Italy and a board member of the study said: "This is not at all an anti-GM study. We are being neutral. We don't know if it's good or bad. Maybe in the future I will be a cheerleader with Monsanto. But I want science to find out".

The experiment, which will be conducted in western Europe and Russia, was cautiously welcomed by both GM sceptics and proponents of the technology. However, Monsanto did not respond to invitations for an interview.

Karl Haro von Mogel, a public research geneticist in Madison, said on the Biofortified website: "If they conduct the study and publish it in the peer-reviewed literature, it can make a contribution to the existing literature. They frame the need for this study by saying that `there has never been a scientific study that is comprehensive enough to give them a clear answer regarding the safety for human health of any one GM food - until now'. The study has not been done yet, so this is putting the cart before the horse."

Doug Parr, chief scientist at Greenpeace UK, said: "There is still scientific uncertainty regarding what effects GM crops could have on the environment and the health of consumers, especially in the long term. If this is a well-designed, transparent and accountable study, then hopefully it can help to fill some of the major gaps in our knowledge of the impacts of GM glyphosate resistant maize and glyphosate on health."

Peter Melchett, policy director with the Soil Association, said: "I welcome this. It has been a scientific fraud that no scientific study like this has been done in the past."

Monsanto was contacted for a response but did not reply. In the past it has claimed that trillions of meals have been eaten by consumers without ill effects.

The announcement of the experiment came as British anti-GM campaigners delivered a letter to Downing street signed by US environment groups representing over 50m people, as well as celebrities including Susan Sarandon, Daryl Hannah and Robert Kennedy. The letter warns Britain that the intensive growing of GM crops has caused major environmental problems in the US.

"GM crops have never delivered on their promises to increase yields and profits or to decrease pesticide use. In fact, they have done the opposite with the cost of growing GM crops now greater than conventional crops in the US and pesticide use 24% higher amongst GM farmers than non-GM farmers planting the same crops", says the letter which was delivered by former Labour environment minister Michael Meacher and Tory MP Zac Goldsmith.

Separately on Tuesday, MEPs voted to allow national bans on GM food crops for environmental reasons.

Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2014 01:38:27 +0000
Subject: Join Simon Singh & the Libel Reform Campaign in Belfast

Dear Friends

Free speech isn't free in Northern Ireland.  Thanks to the unreformed law of libel, speaking out in the public interest can land you in court.  Join Simon Singh and the Libel Reform Campaign at the Crescent Arts Centre to hear first-hand ten discussions the people of Northern Ireland cannot hear due to the archaic state of the law of libel.  While the law in England & Wales was reformed in January this year, in Northern Ireland reform was blocked for reasons that remain unclear, even though the law had been severely criticised by the UN Human Rights Committee.

In Northern Ireland, under the old unreformed law, the chill on free speech continues.  From scientists sued for casting doubt on dubious treatments, to tennis players, oligarchs and quack vitamin pill salesmen who have sued, the Libel Reform Campaign will show you what you are not allowed to hear or read.  Science writer Simon Singh will introduce this high-energy event with speeches from writers, journalists, victims of the law and campaigners.

Date: Friday, 12th December 2014 from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.

Crescent Arts Centre
2-4 University Rd
BT7 1NH Belfast
United Kingdom

Book your place here.

This event is part of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Festival.

Best wishes
Síle Lane and Mike Harris
Libel Reform Campaign


`Perceptions' note:
We suspect there are deeper and darker reasons for that "unclear" decision to retain libel-censorship in Northern Ireland.  I.e. to shield UK's pedophile politicians.


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