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Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 12:01:47 +0000 Subject: Extension of FOI Act / cabinet minutes decision

Dear Friend,

The Campaign has added a couple of new items to its website.

1. Possible extension of the FOI Act
The Campaign has responded to a Ministry of Justice consultation about the possible extension of the FOI Act. The Campaign is calling for private contractors providing services to the public on behalf of public authorities to be made subject to the Freedom of Information Act in their own right.

The private bodies which should be brought under the Act include those providing treatment or diagnosis to NHS patients, private care home owners acting under contract to local authorities, contractors running schools for local education authorities or operating prisons or prisoner escort services. Private train, bus and tram operating companies and contractors responsible for the running of London underground lines should also be covered by the Act.

The Campaign is also calling for private bodies with public functions to be brought under the Act. These should include academy schools, housing associations, new deal communities partnerships and local strategic partnerships.

Other candidates should include BAA which runs Heathrow and other airports, NATS (the body responsible for air traffic control), Network Rail, port authorities, self regulatory bodies like the Press Complaints Commission, the Advertising Standards Association and the Solicitors Regulation Authority and standard setting bodies like the British Standards Institute.

The full response can be downloaded here -

2. Cabinet minutes decision
The Campaign has welcomed the decision by the Information Commissioner that cabinet minutes dealing with the war in Iraq should be disclosed under the FOI Act. The press release can be read here -

3. 'Thirty year rule' review
Finally, you may like to know that there's still time to submit your views to the review of the 30 year rule. The deadline for submissions has now been extended until 14 April 2008.

Details of how to respond can be found here -

Best wishes,

Katherine Gundersen
Research Officer

Campaign for Freedom of Information
Suite 102
16 Baldwins Gardens

Email:  admin at

Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 13:51:48 +0000

All UK Citizens in Progressive News & Views

The UK is one of only five European members that still allow animal snares to be used. Ireland, France, Spain and Belgium have far stricter snare rules compared to the UK. Almost 70 per cent of animals caught in snares are not the intended targets.

All snares are indiscriminate, inherently cruel and injure and kill a wide range of animals, including domestic pets, livestock and endangered species.

Specific problems with snares in Britain include the following:
- Illegal `self-locking' snares are still widely used in Britain, resulting in many animals, including badgers, being strangled to death.
- Legal `free running' snares are also inflicting severe suffering on badgers and other animals.
-Current legislation does not provide a legal definition of a self- locking snare, resulting in disagreement over the legality of a number of snares currently being manufactured and used in Britain.
- Snares are not always checked daily, as required by the legislation, causing extreme suffering to trapped animals.
-The use of snares is largely unregulated in Britain and voluntary codes of practice are not always adhered to.

The Scottish Government is currently deciding whether or not to ban snares and the strength of public opinion will play an important part in the decision process.

All Scottish residents to make your protest against Snares visit

Everyone, support the campaign to ban snares in Scotland at

Please tell all your friends and colleagues to do the same.

Everyone can help and you can make a difference.

Thank You

Mr. T. Gallett, London, England

Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 06:23:12 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Ray,

College students already have a lot of financial burden.  Now, skyrocketed prices for oral contraceptives are forcing some low-income women to turn to less expensive, less effective birth control methods.

As women can no longer afford expensive contraceptives, the rate of unintended pregnancy could rise >>

The out-of-control pricing at university health centers is an inadvertent effect of a congressional bill passed in 2005.

Many campus health care centers stocked up on contraceptives before the law went into effect to keep the prices low.  But now the stockpiles have run out, and the negative results are impacting the almost three million college women.*

Congress has introduced a bipartisan solution called the Prevention Through Affordable Access Act to restore access to affordable birth control >>

Thank you,

Robyn E.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

* According to a newspaper article in the Badger Herald.

Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 01:12:51 -0700 (PDT) Subject: I gave your name...

Please accept my invitation to the website that is connecting all the good people around us.

Be Good,

Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 16:02:15 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Ray,

American families are facing real hardships as they struggle to make ends meet in a slowing economy.

Now, according to the Associated Press (AP), crude oil surged to a record $109.72 a barrel today, and gas prices are already above the $4 mark at many stations.

What troubles you most about rising energy prices? Take the one-minute poll >>

The AP went on to say, "Many analysts expect prices to moderate, while others predict oil could keep rising to $120 a barrel, or higher."

Amidst this shocking news, big oil companies were reporting record profits for 2007!

With a slowing economy, rising prices for gas and home heating oil, what in your opinion is the most outrageous fact about the gas industry?

Take the poll and find out what other Care2 members had to say >>

Thank you for taking the Care2-partnered poll and learning more today.


Robyn E.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

P.S. Have you seen Election2008 - Care2's guide to the issues that matter? Learn about the candidates, join a discussion group, or take action on the top issues of this year's presidential election. Take a look! >>

Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 14:29:08 GMT

When man realises how stupid he is, then that is his first intelligent thought.

Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2008 14:29:55 GMT

To save our planet it only needs one species to become extinct ... Humans ...

Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 19:28:00 GMT

Interesting comments on the BBC.  Did you know that there are no black people working in Radio 1 apart from a token DJ?  There used to be some black people but they got transferred out I think.  This prevailing acceptance of racism in Radio 1 will get worse if, as tt appears to many, that the controller of Radio 1 is manouevering to get the top job when the current controller Jenny Abramsky leaves at the end of the year.

Maybe this is the comment?

Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 16:02:08 -0800 (PST) Subject: Thank you! How we've made a difference this month

Dear Ray,
THANK YOU! In the last month, we've made significant progress protecting citizens from several civil injustices:

No Medicare Cuts for Now!
91,300 members demanded a stop to Medicare doctor payment cuts. The payment cuts were delayed for the first six months of 2008 due, in part, to our passionate activists. We're hoping the cuts never go through at all! Check out the petition here:

Hollywood writers are off strike!
Writers are back at work after a six-month struggle. We asked our members to stand up for these workers through a writer's strike action for American Rights at Work. Over 18,000 people took action! Check out the petition here:

Safer Cars for Kids!
Lawmakers just passed legislation to make cars safer for kids--addressing backovers, dangerous power windows and gear locks. This is a huge victory, thanks in part to nearly 27,000 signatures from Care2 members. Check out the petition here:

Here's to making a difference!

- The Care2 Campaign Team -
Breeana, Emily, Hilary, Joe, Natasha, Ray, Rebecca, Robyn and Rosa

Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 20:24:08 GMT

On Indoctrination, Conditioning and Education

One is bred to know - to perceive and believe knowledge is truth - to perceive and believe human value is in knowing... forming an addiction to application of meaning to relationships - taken to the degree that one seeks to know everything... and apply meaning to things so as to present oneself as knowing a great deal more than one is capable - a presentation that goes well beyond what there is value in knowing - to include that which is unknown, that which cannot be known and that which has neither value nor relevance in knowing.

Such an addiction has the individual prepare a warehouse of reactions from which to function. A portfolio generated of knowing how to respond to nearly every circumstance that occurs in their life... to the degree their life experience is not dissimilar to that of machines from which their manifestation is a mechanical response to stimulus internal or external - with no realization or distinction that circumstances and conditions have changed - or, at the very least - and are not the same as those in which the reactions in their warehouse were formed.

How is it the great minds of science have not picked up on indoctrination, conditioning and education as a major source of the inability of humanity to adapt to an ever rapidly changing environment?

Chris George Klemos

Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 08:07:12 -0800 (PST)

Hello Ray,

Shocking new photographic evidence could be used in a legal bid to stop Japanese whaling in Antarctic waters.

Support Humane Society International's efforts to end Japan's annual whale hunt once and for all! Donate today >>

The photograph apparently shows a mother whale and her calf being dragged aboard a Japanese whaler after being harpooned. A gaping wound is visible on the minke whale calf's side as it is hauled up a blood-soaked slipway.

HSI hopes that this and other terrible images will help support legal action to stop the annual slaughter. Help HSI lead the opposition to Japan's brutal hunt.

Donate now >>

This new evidence of Japan's indiscriminate whale killing follows a recent HSI court victory. The Australian Federal Court ruled that a Japanese whaling company is in breach of Australian law by killing whales in Australian waters designated as a whale sanctuary. This historic ruling marks the first time that Japan has been taken to domestic court to account for its illegal whaling program.

Now that HSI has had success in a domestic court, help ensure that the Australian government builds on this foundation to bring a case to the international court.

Keep the momentum going! Make a contribution now to save whales and end whaling for good >>

Thank you,

Breeana L.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

Personal note:
Just met an elderly lady who's a friend from the local computer class (I did it free for the older folk), and she told me she's still in pain with a fractured arm-bone which hasn't been fixed for 18 months because, as she's old, she's bottom of a `priorititized waiting list' - Is this is modern Britain's NHS? - If so, it's inhumane, penny-pinching and corrupt.  And run by cruel perverts.

Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 01:10:12 -0800 (PST)

Hi Ray,

Canadian hunters are gearing up for another merciless seal hunt. This year, we at Care2 and ThePetitionSite are fighting harder than ever to make sure the annual commercial seal hunt ends once and for all!

Please take a moment to read a special message from Paul McCartney below, and then help us persuade the European Union to save millions of seals worldwide from a brutal death.

Robyn E. and ThePetitionSite Team

Dear Ray,

Like me, you've probably seen the horrifying images of helpless baby seals being beaten and shot for their fur. Wounded seals left to suffer in agony. Conscious pups sliced open. And the reason for their pain? So that someone can sell their fur.

For so many years, we've tried to stop this senseless brutality. Today, you and I have a chance to stop this cruelty forever > >

Twenty-five years ago, the European Union made history when it ended its trade in products from newborn harp seals. Commercial seal hunting in some countries came to a virtual standstill, and countless baby seals were saved. But the hunters began to kill the pups when they were slightly older -- and the products from those seals are legally traded in the EU. Today, some commercial seal hunts are twice as large as they were when the EU first took action.

But there is new hope for the seals. The EU is considering ending all seal product trade in the European Union, regardless of the age of the seals. This move would save millions of seals from brutal slaughter, and help put a final end to commercial seal hunting globally.

Right now, the EU is asking people around the world to submit their opinions on the historic proposal. Please take a few minutes today to tell the European Union you fully support a ban on seal product trade > >

I'm lucky: I was able to visit a harp seal nursery in Canada's Gulf of St. Lawrence before the hunters descended. The sight of mothers and their pups on the pristine ice is one I won't forget, and I've committed myself to working to preserve that wondrous spectacle for generations to come.

Commercial seal hunting doesn't simply cause unimaginable suffering to the seals; it is also dehumanizing and often dangerous work, contributing very little to the incomes of the hunters. A European Union ban on all seal product trade would force nations where seal hunting has taken place to invest in real alternatives -- jobs that will provide safe and sustainable futures.

Lets work together to make a better life for seals and people. Say no to the cruel trade in seal products in the European Union. It doesn't matter where you live - - your voice counts.

Please take action to save the seals today > >

The deadline for the European Union to hear your views is February 13.

Paul McCartney

Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2008 09:28:37 -0800 Subject: search for april rolling stone.

We have had 44 years of wars that killed millions, killer inflation, US joblessness, flight of manufacturing, we've been soaked, bled, kicked, NAFTA-ed & GATTED- GUTTED, maligned, we've all become wage slaves, clawing our way up a precipice, no hope of advancement unless you serve the oligarch system ... and the entire world spits on us ... all because of a BLOODY COUP in 1963 when JFK (a liberal with stones,) was murdered.

Then, they took out BOBBY and JFK JR.  This group has given us the barren life that we endure.

LEARN who they are and how they did it! As the truth JUST came out.
Get APRIL ISSUE of ROLLING STONE if Library still has it. Read:

Anita Sands

Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 02:12:43 -0800 (PST) Subject: Inhuman Suffering in Jail. Plz come forward to save his life.

To: "*** chatterjee" Subject: Re: hello
Dear Mr Chatterjee,

Thank you for your email. The latest position is available on the website. Plz visit whenever you have time.

By the way, Mr Sarki has been shifted to Zhob Jail - a far flung jail in Balochistan province.  Govt Doctor says his medical treatment is must otherwise, he would be completely blind and also disabled to walk.  But despite Court orders Mr Sarki is not being allowed medical treatment.  Further, he is under torture.  There are chances Govt may kill him on one pretext or the other.

Regards, AS

Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2007 23:54:34 -0800 (PST) Subject: A Happy Chinese New Year? Not For Sharks

Hello Ray,

Many shark species are in peril of extinction. Every year, tens of millions of sharks suffer painful deaths to supply the cruel and wasteful shark fin trade. The fins are used in dishes such as shark fin soup, which may be served by Chinese restaurants and during banquets, weddings and other events.

As the global shark fin trade approaches its annual peak during the Chinese New Year in February, Humane Society International needs YOUR help to end this cruel practice >>

Sharks' fins are often removed when the animals are still alive; the sharks are then thrown back into the water to endure a painful death from suffocation, blood loss, or predation by other species.

By keeping only the fins and throwing away the bodies, boat crews aren't hampered by space constraints. This means that massive numbers of sharks can be caught and finned to supply the unsustainable shark fin trade.

Take action by donating today >>

Despite alarming declines in shark populations, hundreds of tons of shark fins will be changing hands this Chinese New Year for astronomical prices, as restaurants and hotels stock up to meet anticipated demand for the upcoming celebrations.

Your donation will support Humane Society International's efforts to:

- discourage the consumption of shark products in all countries,
- pass international bans on shark finning, and
- strengthen the enforcement of existing regulations.

Become a monthly supporter now >>

Sharks aren't the vicious killing machines they've been made out to be. They are living beings who feel pain. They are essential to a healthy ocean ecosystem, but they're rapidly disappearing at an alarming rate because of humans!

On behalf of Humane Societies International, thank you for your support and we wish you and your family all the best for the New Year.

Truly, Breeana L.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 13:27:46 -0800 (PST)

Hi Ray,

What's your answer to "paper or plastic?" How about, "No thanks!"

If every American consumer brought their own reusable bags when shopping, we'll cut more than a billion pounds of CO2 this month - that's the equivalent of taking 1.3 million cars off the road!

Pledge to "Bring Your Own Bag" this month and make a big impact with a simple action!

When you bring you own reusable bag to the store, you:

Save wildlife: Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles, birds, whales, and other marine mammals die every year from eating plastic bags mistaken for food.

Save trees: It takes 14 million trees to make all of the paper bags the U.S. uses in one year.

Reduce waste: An estimated 4 billion plastic bags end up as litter each year globally - enough to circle the earth 63 times tied end to end!

Reduce our dependence on oil: About 12 million barrels of oil are required to make the 100 billion plastic shopping bags used in the U.S. each year.

Pledge today to "Bring Your Own Bag" and pass the word along. You could win a $5000 Live, Learn, and Experience Climate Change Prize from Brighter Planet, which includes a commuter bike and a trip for two to gorgeous (but rapidly melting) Glacier National Park, or one of 27 other great prizes.

Take the pledge here:

Thanks for making a difference today!

Rebecca Young,
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team


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