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Date: 3 Oct 2006 23:35:04 -0700

Hello Ray

The tragedy in Darfur has reached a critical moment. Each day, the 2.5 million people who were chased from their homes in this region of Sudan face the threat of starvation, disease, and assault. And the few who remain in their homes risk displacement, torture, and murder. But there is hope.

Help put an end to the genocide in Darfur by supporting the UN peacekeeping force!

The Darfur people must rely solely on international aid for food, medicine, and shelter. But due to escalating violence, much of that aid can no longer reach those who need it most.

The UN Security Council has already authorised a peacekeeping force, but help might not make it to Darfur if the Sudanese government doesn't allow the peacekeepers in. That's why it's so important that Prime Minister Tony Blair ramp up international pressure and demand that the peacekeepers be admitted!

To save the innocent people of Darfur, please join us in telling Prime Minister Blair to do the following:

- Push for the immediate deployment of the already-authorised UN peacekeeping force.

- Strengthen the understaffed African Union force already in Darfur until the UN force can be deployed.

- Implement a fair and lasting Peace Agreement.

- Increase humanitarian aid and ensure access for delivery.

Please take action at:

Thank you for helping to end the genocide in Darfur.

Robyn E.
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 12:15:05 +0100

Dear Ray
Could I ask you to update my new URL in my story on the Harold Holt murder, which is in Meta Mail under Diver as I have been forced to obtain a New Domain Name because I was unable to have it transferred to another server due to the fact I had added a persons name to my Domain Name registration who refused to relinquish the site back to me --- so the easiest and quickest way for me to change servers was for me to obtain a new domain name ---

My new URL is

The reason I ask you is because the old Harold Holt site is now offline and your story in the Meta Mail will have the old URL which is now a dead link.

I thank you very much for your time and support.

Gary D Simmons

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

(Tue. pm)
Hello Gary,
Fine - done that.  Think I'd noticed the dead link - it's corrected now. Aim to feature your update message on ordinary mail page (so you'll get double coverage).


Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2006 01:44:33 +0100

Nice site, totally agreed with your view, the english are robbing b******s, and Oswestry should be in Wales, the town is more Welsh than a lot of towns over the border.

Neil Sanderson
(address supplied)

(Sat. pm)
Neil's right.  Here's what they do - and here's maybe why they do it.

Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 17:07:43 +0100

A most interesting site; easy to follow,and providing simple direction.

however, it does not help me to identify the Particular legal Authority, I need. You may be able to help me. I am an innocent victim, as a result of a STATUTORY UNDERTAKER wrongly exercising their overwhelming powers, so as to bludgeon me into submission.

thanks for making me find this stuff -
Powers of `Statutory Undertakers'
General Redress Routes
Redress against `Statutory Undertakers'
Best wishes

Date: Mon, 4 Sep 2006 16:01:59 +0100

I am Norman Scarth, mentioned in this website.

Proud to be British until the age of 70, proud to have 'done my bit' in the fight against Hitler, I believed, as we were constantly told, that British Judges were 'the finest in the world'.

From 1995, all my lifelong beliefs were shattered as I learned (by chance) that there were many rotten apples among them.

In memory of my brave young shipmates who died around me in World War 2 (& what we were fighting for), I could not turn my back, & made it my mission in life to expose corrupt judges.  I was beginning to be successful, but had made powerful enemies.

Two potentially lethal terror attacks failed, so I was stitched up for a non-existant - repeat NON-EXISTANT 'crime'. Given a TEN YEAR SENTENCE, the intention was that I would die in prison, silenced for ever.

Against all the odds, I survived, & was due to walk out of prison on 25th April 2005.  Instead, I was UNLAWFULLY abducted, now UNLAWFULLY held captive (NOT a patient), in Lynfield Mount Lunatic Asylum, Bradford.  Nobel Laureate Alekzandr Solzhenitsyn said "To put a sane person in a madhouse (his word) is worse than the gas chambers, it is more cruel, death takes longer".

So it was for completely sane whistle-blower Arnold (Andy) McCardle, who suffered fiendish torture before he was brutally murdered on 26th December 2004 in Carstairs State 'Hospital', near Glasgow.

Only a Nation State WORSE than Hitler's Germany could inflict 'WORSE THAN THE GAS CHAMBERS' on its victims.  So it is in Britain, currently ruled by War Criminal Blair's Regime, but the so-called 'Opposition' would be no better.

Write to me at Ilkley Ward, Lynfield Mount Gulag 'Hospital', BRADFORD BD9 6DP, England, or telephone (01274) 22 82 69.

It is no disgrace to be in prison, 'ordinary' or this 'Hospital'. I am proud that fate has directed my tiny feet to follow in the giant footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi, The Suffragettes, Deitrich Bonhoeffer, Pastor Martin Neimuller, Solzhenitsyn, Sakharov, Brodsky, Bukovsky, Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Ken Sara Wiwa, Martin Luther King, Mohammed Ali, Fred Hill, the Bobby Sands Martyrs, the Birmngham Six, the McGuire & Conlon families. Some survived, many did not.

Readers might ask why we don't hear about these people via mainstream media?  Or the BBC?  Or even Amnesty International?
Maybe check LaworJustice or Nitwigs and Devices and links.

Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 11:48:55 +0100 +0100

I and many others I know in the voluntary sector suffer from vexaious litigations from some individuals who try to takeover small committees or groups.

They are just playing power games but cause a lot of trouble.  We are trying to find a way of stopping them.  Any suggestions?

This is a perennial problem - wider than the voluntary sector.  Any group seeking to improve things will eventually be targeted.

My instinct is to publish all details of any shady or vexatious litigation - but the problem is that many magistrates (who're often councillors and officials) and judges are themselves corrupt and actually welcome vexatious litigation, both as an ego-trip and often as cover for their own activities - e.g. 1, - e.g. 2,- e.g. 3, - e.g. 4.

Let's see if any readers come up with specific advice.
Best wishes

Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2006 17:04:43 +0100

Hi Ray,
Is the Church Of England the only tax exempt Church in the UK? As far as I know in the U.S.A they all are.

Thanks for your site. Good luck,
Ed  (Wales)

Hello Edward,
Thanks, maybe a reader knows - hope to check when have time.

Date: 23 Aug 2006 07:02:24 -0700 Subject: Does President Bush Believe He's Above the Constitution? From: "Michael L., Care2 Human Rights Alerts" <>

Hi Ray,
President Bush has used "signing statements" to ignore laws passed by the Congress that ban torture. In fact throughout his presidency Bush has claimed the power to ignore over 800 laws passed by Congress.

Remind President Bush that all Americans must abide by the Constitution -

A signing statement is a written proclamation issued by the President that accompanies the signing of a law passed by Congress. President Bush has used these statements to indicate which pieces of the new law he intends to obey, and which he does not.

As a result the President has given himself unchecked power to decide which parts of the law will be followed based on his interpretation of their constitutionality.

This clearly violates the very checks and balances set out by the Constitution's signers.

Already this administration has used over 800 signing statements as a means to nullify Congressionally passed legal restrictions on his actions. Among the laws Bush has challenged are a torture ban, oversight provisions in the USA Patriot Act, restrictions against using US soldiers to fight Colombian rebels, whistleblower protections for executive branch employees, and safeguards against political interference in federally funded scientific research.

Let's use this Constitution Day, September 17th, to remind President Bush that all Americans must abide by the Constitution -

With appreciation,
Michael Lawley,
Care2 and ThePetitionSite team

Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 21:05:46 +0100

Can I be a part of this group?
Send me info at **************@*******.com
Jennifer K*****,
Sign Leo, July 31, 1972

Looks like you're a member already, at least as much as anyone -
thanks for reading and feel free to send any thoughts.
Best wishes

Nice (sharp) reader thinks I'm a `league' - or maybe the candid camera team.  Heck, all my best intentions misunderstood! - ed.

Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2006 Afternoon

Hello Linda, sorry for your problems - court-corruption is normal in UK.

I know that perjury is commited daily in UK courts / tribunals and goes unpunished - because the criminals are men-in-suits, bent council officials, bent police, bent lawyers etc.

UK's most common crime is the defrauding of poorer citizens / tax-payers by `authority-figures' (using perjury).  And UK's police - `thugs for the rich' - are complicit in most of these frauds (watch these pages).

Best wishes

Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2006 08:45:25 +0100

I have been through the British justice system after taking my company Marks and Spencer through an employment tribunal for sex discrimination and unfair dismissal only to find that not only did the judge lie about what was said and completely covered up what the company had done but when I went to the police to report the witnesses for perjury and gave them substantial evidence including witness statements by the company itself which proved beyond a doubt they had been lying deliberately under oath. I asked the courts for the notes taken by the judge and was refused these. The police when I went to see them personally said they could get these from the court as they had powers to do so, they listened to what I had to say and told me I had given a very good account of what had happened I sent them further proof of what I was alleging and was told at the meeting they would come and see me personally at my home once the investigations took place on the four named perjurers. I have not heard anything from them and have written to the police complaints commission who have told me they are not lodging my letter as a complaint but did not give me any reason for this nor did they let me know what the Manchester Police said when they contacted them. I have also been in touch with Internal Affairs after I first sent in my letter and this was completely ignored. I was told that they didnt receive my documents which I resent and once again no response or acknowledgement until I wrote to the complaints commission which eventually prompted a response. Its has been 18 weeks since I went to see the police in Manchester Bootle Street where I met a DC Quinn and a female police officer who took notes at the meeting. This whole saga is beginning to stink of conspiracy not only by the courts but by the police themselves. I have just contacted the IPCC to inform them of the conduct of the police and their attempted cover up even though my evidence is substantial and yet the officer did not look once at this instead just repeated what the court had said. I have enclosed the letter I sent to the officer, what really upsets me is that the courts are supposed to be there to enforce laws and yet are the most corrupt and the government just allow this to go on and the police seem to be very reluctant to do anything even with conclusive proof

This is the copy of the letter I sent to the police officer
DI Mallen  10 Stone Edge Road
Bootle Street Police Station  Higherford
Bootle Street  Nelson
Manchester M2 5GU  Lancs

Re Perjuy letter dated 19 June

Dear Sir,

I have just read your letter dated 19th June regarding your "so called" investigation into my claim of perjury against my former company Marks and Spencer.

Firstly I would like to point out that at no time do you refer whatsoever to the statements or evidence I sent in relation to the charges against four of Marks and Spencer Personnel. You have simply quoted what was said at the hearing at which false evidence was given.

The allegation of perjury is against the four people named by myself and does not reflect whatsoever on the biased opinion of the court.

My husband who in the words of the Chairman seemed honest has given a signed statement of what happened at court and what the witnesses said.

You have not once referred to Ruth Wilkies statement were I quote what she has said this is an extract of her statement which the Chairman states she appeared honest.
1. "In relation to Mrs Gibbings' claim of discrimination on the grounds of extra hours allocation and the opportunity to work additional or full-time hours and the provision of cover, the staffing sheets the Company would need to respond to this element of the claim are only kept for 12 months and then destroyed. Therefore, it would not be possible to provide documentary evidence to respond to this element of the claim.
You also ignore the evidence given by my husband who was present throughout the whole weeks proceedings also that of my witnesses, or perhaps you think they too are lying or inconsistent. When I came to your Station I was told that the officers would ask the court for the notes taken at the time of the hearing from the court in order to ensure a true reflection of events, once again this was never done nor do you ever mention this in your letter.
The officers also stated that they would come to see me personally at home after the investigation and explain the outcome to me personally and at my convenience, they did not, yet you state that I am inconsistent. I also pointed out at my meeting with the officers that events, which had taken place in court, and also the opinion of the Judge in the Appeal Court (who incidentally would not look at my evidence and gave me 3 different reasons to reject my appeal and they say I am inconsistent) had nothing to do with the claims against the 4 individuals, as their judgement was based on a catalogue of lies given to the court by the witnesses. The officers agreed and stated the reason for approaching the Appeal court was to help me bring closure to the matter; I don't for one-minute believe they ever thought I was lying about what had been said they appeared to be very genuine and professional. They also stated they would be looking into the matter of reporting the Health and Safety Breaches to the Executive due to the fact the company had previously been warned which again is a criminal offence as they deliberately put my health and safety at risk, (again this is fully substantiated by documentation).
Once again after many letters to your office I never once received a response from anyone after that nor did they reply when I asked if they had received the notes from the court which I was told they were going to send for but perhaps they too have been gagged. Where I wonder are these notes, which never mentioned in your letter and why not? What could possibly be the reason for not mentioning these facts? I was told the police had the power to have them released which the officers were aware supported the perjury committed on the day of the hearing or is it a case of simply trying to cover up the lies told by an unscrupulous Chairman.
You have stated that I was an unreliable witness but had you been bothered to look at my evidence from my doctor, the personnel manager who done a thorough investigation into my training and stated "Linda's induction training was totally inadequate" (again this was sent to your office) yet the skeleton arguments state I had received training yet another lie unless of course you think Paula Travis Personnel Manager was unreliable too. There is also a witness statement from Janet Campbell, that states she too had been put on the guillotine without training, the company denied this when I stated I had been put on this very machine while on medication and without supervision, but you have not once referred to this, or the letter from her solicitor to the company when she was seriously injured after being left alone unsupervised. There are statements from Jobcentre Plus on the affects to my health, letters from solicitors, The Nursing and Midwifery Council regarding falsification of my medical records, doctors reports, my OHD letter from the works doctor, who all support what I said in the Tribunal and you have the audacity to say I am unreliable, are all these professional bodies in your eyes also not reliable and inconsistent or perhaps you are just biased. The witness Ruth Wilkie clearly states there were no records of events kept, by the company on the hours worked by staff yet the company has given specific details (none of which were ever shown in court). Therefore the statement given by their Counsel was based on false evidence, which was also supported by the company solicitor who also stated these do not exist in her reply e-mail (enclosed) when I asked for these documents in a disclosure order at court.

I wonder why the company has sacked 3 people namely Tom Coyne, Gary Ashworth, Krystian Kowalsczuk, and "retired" Liz Ramsbottom, before and after my tribunal, if they were not guilty but had you bothered to do your job and investigate my case this would have come to light.

The Chairman's comments about me have nothing whatsoever to do with the lies told by the company's witnesses and therefore has no bearing on my perjury case as he himself could not have possibly come to the decision he had as the evidence given simply did not exist there is also a list of documents used in the bundle which I have supplied which if you had bothered to investigate would show there are no documents regarding any hours worked by staff so how could the Chairman ever have arrived at his conclusion when there was no evidence, and you dare to state I am unreliable. I know what the judge is and that is perverse and has not one grain of integrity so please do not quote anything he says. Not only did the witnesses lie but the solicitor acting for them was also aware the evidence given was false making this a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice, which appears to be supported by your reluctance to investigate my claims which in itself speaks volumes. Perhaps if you looked at the evidence you would have seen that the Chairman actually contradicts himself. Also if you had bothered to look at my witnesses' statements and affidavits after the judgement you would have seen that the Chairman manipulated what had been said. I would also like to know what happened about the officer's stating they would interview my witnesses' and get the notes from the court? You never mention this.

You will also note the extract of an e mail, which I sent to you confirming what Ruth Wilkie had stated about the retention of documents after I requested a disclosure order to be made by the court, as you can see this completely supports my claims of perjury by the witnesses on the sex discrimination claims which I say the lied under oath. Or maybe I am imagining it or perhaps you are just biased in not mentioning these facts.


I am in receipt of a copy of the Employment Tribunal\'s letter to you dated 14 June 2004 together with a copy of the various emails you have sent to the Tribunal over the last week or so. I would like to take the opportunity to respond to the issues arising from those emails as follows:

Documents - I note that you intend to make an application to the Employment Tribunal for specific disclosure of documents, which you say have been requested by you on numerous occasions and which we have not provided. I have reviewed the list of requested documents which I received from you by email on 7 June 2004, together with an explanation as to why you think each of these documents is relevant to the issues to be determined by the Tribunal at the main hearing. I note that the list you forwarded to me by email earlier this week is the same list that you appended to your email of 18May2004.

I compared this list of documents with your earlier request for documents (received before the preliminary hearing in February) and note that with the exception of documents 9, 10, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32 that these documents were requested by you back in December 2003.
I responded to that request through your solicitors (see my letter of 26 January 2004). You will note from my response to your solicitors that items 4, 14, 15, 16, 18 and 20 are no longer in my client\'s possession as our client\'s policy on document retention requires that they be destroyed after a specified period. A copy of my client\'s policy on retention of documents was appended to Ruth Wilkie\'s statement for the preliminary hearing.

I also advised your solicitor that items 12 and 13 were not, and had never been, in my client\'s possession and therefore we could not provide you copies of these documents.

You also quote that one of my witnesses actually gave evidence in the respondents favour but once again had you been bothered to read her affidavit you would have seen the Chairman manipulated what she said in the respondents favour. I notice as you obviously didn't read her statement that she also said I was the most honest person she had ever met, I wonder why you didn't quote that paragraph.

You also quote the Chairman said my evidence was full of inconsistencies I totally disagree with this, I was simply a very inexperienced lay person trying my best to defend myself against a barrister and a solicitor who lied about their evidence I was under a lot of pressure in very difficult circumstances and having to deal with the death of my mother just before the hearing. I was also under the misapprehension that I was up against the company and not up against a corrupt, unscrupulous Chairman and even more sickening a police officer that appears to be covering up for the Chairman's obvious bias and unprofessional criminal behaviour.

I wonder why a company would offer me 30,000 if they were not guilty I know I would not pay anyone anything if I did nothing wrong I again enclose an extract of the offer made to me below, (I will also send you a copy of this in my letter) but I would not accept their bribe I wanted justice for the treatment I had endured in my final years with the company and thought I would get this in court. How very wrong I was about that.

DearGibbings, I note that you have not yet responded to my client\'s offer of settlement in the sum of 30,000, which expires today. Can I assume therefore that it is rejected?

Please confirm your position by return email.

Direct fax: 0207 894 6530
I intend to write to the IPCC regarding the conduct and treatment I have received after reporting the criminal offence of perjury because of the following reasons:
1. There was an attempted cover up by not investigating my evidence or interviewing any witnesses as promised.
2. My letters were ignored when I wrote to the office on 4 occasions and excuses given for the delay which were not true.
3. I have had my character defamed without any consideration of the evidence I had provided.
4. There was bias shown in not investigating my claim of perjury by not examining my evidence by many professional bodies and witnesses
5. The witnesses who committed perjury have never been questioned or the evidence looked at or the notes from the court ever sent for which would have supported these claims
6. The reasons given for rejecting my perjury claim had nothing to do with the company or the Tribunal Chairman's opinion of me but was supposed to be on evidence presented, this was never looked at.
7. I was not contacted whatsoever about my case even though I had written to the station on many occasion's, before writing to the Chief Superintendent and also the IPCC. I was promised I would be and told I was to be visited at my home to be told the outcome... This never took place. I was given excuse after excuse when it is obvious nothing was happening as the reasons given to me were based entirely on the very biased opinion of the Chairman who could not possibly have arrived at his decision, as the evidence for his rejection of my claims did not exist as stated by Ruth Wilkie and Afreen Jeffers.

I will also be writing to the Chief Superintendent enclosing a copy of this letter to him and also to Tony Blair, I am sending my evidence to Cherrie Blair for her opinion and will forward her findings onto the Prime Minister.

I cannot tell you how utterly disgusted I am by this whole matter and to have my character called into question when everything I have said has been supported by facts and hard evidence even from the company's witnesses and solicitor, but you have chosen to ignore this.
I don't know how people like you can sleep at night knowing what anguish you have caused I just hope someday you may gain the courage as I have and stand up for what is right.

Linda Gibbings

Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2006 18:47:21 +0100

I am Sampson Somah from Liberia 25 years of age ( west Afdrica ).

I am very poor I need your help in other to improve my life.  I eat less than a dollar a day.

Please if you need further infomation, I will send it. You can reach me by my e-mail [address provided]


Hello Sampson Somah
As you will see on reading all the mail pages - `Perceptions' has no money and is maintained hand-to-mouth, as you yourself seem to be doing.

However, have published your message ... and will see if there are any volunteers - perhaps somebody a little closer to you.

Best wishes

Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 10:43:44 +0100


The corrupt are those who's brains are so badly damaged by lies and deception that they cannot see how they have been caught. I am the founder and trustee of the ICHOR Trust. I am a; human being, an animal, a hunter gatherer and my beneficiaries and myself are reffered to as we and we are all the same. We track down and capture the corrupt exposing them for what they truly are. We gather them together and they volunteer by their acts and ommissions into becoming our slaves because they are forced to work and pay for everything leaving their descendants and followers, the dogs of dogma, with a massive debt to mankind and there is nothing they can do about it because bent minds can't think straight. Whatever they attempt to do to us is done to them by application of quantum technologies which they have agreed to by accepting by performance the ICHOR Trust Covenant and as according to the laws of man(mainly the hypocritical laws of the corrupt)they seal their own faite by saying one thing whilst doing another. Thus, they create duplicity loops in their brains which are now colliding, they hear one thing and turn it around in statements to the public. An example of this is that scientists have advised government that nuclear power would leave our children with a massive problem yet the PM t blair, claims not to go for nuclear power would leave our children with serious problems, or words to that effect.

In reality; the dogs of dogma are those barking their satanic ritual incantations at the gates of Heaven and quantum scientists have told us all energy radiates and is reflected by quantum reflectors back to its source. Thus, whatever we aim for others comes to us, whatever goes around comes around, do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Dr Zuhar Bandar of Manchester Metropolitan University has linked artificial intelligence to deception technology and I belive it is foolproof. However, the mad Masons and those afraid of this glorious technology may be inclined to tell you because their survival depends on fooling good people into thinking they do a lot of work for charity when in reality they are simply pretending to be doing good by returning a small percentage of what they have stolen by deception of authority.

Theft by deception of authority is what dogs of dogma do. No government department nor private nor business body has ever been able to show any authority for affecting anyone at their own expense. The at your own expense authority has only been shown to me in the Copyright Act 1920. It is impossible to be able to authorise any business or government department as being able to affect anyone at their own expense unless the Act has Royal assent and most importantly states exactly what one must suffer at one's own expense and both may be completely impossible. Royal Assent would be impossible if as Tony Robinson the famous acheologist has made public that the purported Royal Family is in reality illegitimate. Also, it is impossible to make an Act of Parliament to put into abeyance(make illegal)that which was not foreseen by parliament. The intentions of Parliament cannot be to exploit its Citizens because no Citizen would vote to be unneccessarily and avoidably exploited simply to line the pockets of others.

Rights are property and thus, possesions. To take away property and a right to charge a fee for doing or suffering anything one is not legally obliged to do or suffer at one's own expense is clearly impossible. So we contract in consideration (for) 900 thousand million million for simply going without our right to be shown the authority by those who rely on it (Metropolitan Asylum District v Hill 1889) according to our right to contract for an abuse of our rights rights being tradable property (Misa v Curry 1875) wherein it states some ... right... is tradable. Thus, the dogs are barking nonsense all afraid of what is staring them in the face whilst trying to convince us all that we all tell lies. Of course we all tell lies thats why the truth sets us free it is telling the truth when we realize we are wrong that makes us mentally evolve as it heals our damaged brains and then we learn how to see the whole truth and nothing but, the truth and what you might call God helps you share that knowledge with others who do likewise.

Martin Mitchell
Trustee of the ICHOR Trust

Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 10:52:24 +0100
I sent my last e-mail before reading your webb page. Just another gift from one of us who knows where we are going and why the corrupt are going down to receive what they aim for others just like us only we are happy and they will never be happy.

ICHOR Trust.

Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 14:09:44 +0100
Thanks Martin, that's appreciated, it's easy to get lost on [this] site.

Hope you find some agreement with the logic of the `Altruist Survivor' - most links to real ethics and real morality, of the surviving kind, come from those 12 pages.


Russian Anti-Grav and Inertia proposal

Date: Thu, 6 Jul 2006 20:57:34 +0100

Tony Blair,
Prime Minister,
10, Downing Street,
3rd July 2006

Dear Prime Minister,
Years ago you promised to tackle crime and the causes of crime.

Recently you have been promising to put the interests of victims before the interests of the criminals.

For over twenty years I have been striving for justice against a crook who successfully pursued his acts of fraud and deception through the civil courts and in so doing, caused me the loss of everything that I once had.

I enclose with this letter a flyer which I am circulating and which references my website, where the evidence in proof of my claims, beyond reasonable doubt, can be found.

As the Prime Minister of this country, and a barrister, I ask you if there is anything that you can do to correct this injustice.

Yours Sincerely,
(Colin Peters)

On the 19th March 1986, in the first ever letter from legal executive Nicholas P Luty of Lumb and Kenningham, solicitors, to my then solicitor Michael Ryan, regarding my case against the fraudster / bad debtor, Dennis Bottomley, Luty referred to two of his clients' claims.

1. He wrote, "Mr and Mrs Bottomley have in fact purchased a very considerable amount of materials themselves that were used in this job, our instructions are that no allowance has been given in this respect."

2. He wrote, "We shall contact you further on the question of the works that have not been properly carried out and from our observations we would advise you that there are a considerable number of items that require rectification."

He wrote, "We are in the process of applying for legal aid for our clients"

Further to this, in a report authored by an expert surveyor, Paul S Withey, the Bottomleys claimed that I had taken stone roof slates from the property, and, a little later, in a Defence and Counterclaim document based on this report and drawn up by their barrister, John Walford, it was again claimed that I had taken these slates, and they counterclaimed 2000 as being the supposed value of them.

The Bottomleys got their legal aid certificate and yet at the court hearing they conceded that they had supplied nothing towards the works, their counterclaim for allegedly defective works was rejected in its entirety, and the slates that had allegedly been taken and counterclaimed for, were now claimed to have been given, as an inducement to contract.

One pack of lies to gain a legal aid certificate and 32,000 of public monies; And a conflicting pack of lies to gain a favourable judgment which enabled them to evade a debt of just 6,173.

Years earlier, legal executive Nicholas P Luty was made aware that the Bottomleys first set of claims were a pack of lies. Why did he not report it to the legal aid board as was his duty?

Barrister John Walford was aware that Bottomley was making claims to the court which conflicted with the documented pleaded case which he had authored.
Why did he not stand down?

In my summing up speech I stressed to Judge Arthur Hutchinson that the claims which the Bottomleys had put to the court were different to, and conflicted with, the claims which they had been making in their paperwork for the previous five years.

Just as two wrongs don't make a right, two conflicting stories don't make one true one.

I wanted justice but despite my entreaties, Judge Hutchinson ruled in favour of the Bottomleys on all of their brand new claims. The criminals won and their victim lost.

Please view my website.

Colin Peters
7, Ladbroke Grove,
West Yorkshire.

Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 16:25:33 +0100

Re: The overwhelmingly corrupt, deceitful, lying, falsifying, fabricating Police, prosecutors, courts, judges, attorneys, jail and prison personnel and guards, parole and pardon boards, politicians, and the entire despicable cowardly news media that keeps it all covered-up.  Who are in truth and in fact, the underlying cesspool of this country.  That daily, since the beginning of time, have been robbing and depriving the people of their liberty and property for their own personal, monetary, and political gains.

And the same has been going on in this country since the days of the Salem Witch Trials, whereat, they murdered 20 innocent people, because they would not make a deal by falsely confessing to being witches:  And absolutely nothing has changed since that time.  It is simply secreted from the public behind great walls of injustice, in the courts, jails, and prisons, with the aid and assistance of the deplorable news media.

This writer, against all odds, caught them in their despicable, illegal, and horrifying acts and actions, wrote it all down as it happened, and then published it all.  And named each and everyone of them that were involved and participated in the sad and shameful horrendous framing him for a murder they all know he did not commit, and railroading him through two different trials.  And tried to keep him in prison for the rest of his life because he would not roll over and confess to a crime he was not guilty of.  But; after secretly catching the abominable parole board on a hidden tape recorder committing unimaginable acts of lying, deception, perjury, and blatant abuse of power, discretion, and conspiracy, he transposed the secret tape recording into a transcript, and filed same into the despicable district court, whereat it was all covered-up by devious immoral corrupt judges.

This caused him an additional eight years in prison of retaliation by the parole board.  Until one day he had learned enough about law after fifteen years imprisonment, to file a massive civil rights law suit in the corrupt federal court, naming all of them that had been involved in the continual conspiracy.  Including all of the despicable parole board members and hearing officers.  And only then did they decide to throw him out of prison, for they knew he would never give up or confess.  He then took his case through the despicable corrupt state and federal courts as required by law, all the way up to the highest most corrupt court of all, the US Supreme Court.  See his Writ Of Certiorari to the US Supreme Court at

This author, Franklin D. Vipperman, can be credited for taking down his first alleged defense attorney, the abominable Harry E. Claiborne, who had since his conviction became a federal judge.  Vipperman caused him to be convicted of committing crimes while setting on the federal bench, imprisoned, and impeached by the US Senate.  Thank you very much.  He further caused the despicable prosecutor that originally framed him for murder, Earl Gripentrog, to be convicted and imprisoned.  In addition, Vipperman caused his deplorable trial judge Carl J. Chirstensen, who railroaded Vipperman through two different trials to be thrown off the bench.  And recently, through his writings, caused his despicable alleged trial/appeal attorney Jeffrey D. Soble, to be thrown off the bench in recent elections after having become a district court judge.

Vipperman's series of four books are quite probably the most enlightening ever written.  The entire news media of Nevada have kept them covered-up and hidden from public view. He attacked the entire despicable legal and judicial systems of Nevada, which are the same everywhere in this country.  It being a cancer within this country that must be cured.  And what is as bad, if not worse, the entire news media in this country knows it all to true, yet keeps it all covered-up while acting in collusion and conspiracy with the power brokers of both the state and federal governments.  And every word wrote in Vipperman's books are true, and he has indisputably backed up everything he has written with court records, affidavits, trial and hearing transcripts, police reports, written statements, testimonies, scene of the crime and autopsy photographs, all incorporated right into the pages of his books.  He caught the abominable bums at each and every step of his horrific journey through the horrendous legal and judicial systems.  Only to find that the higher courts simply aid and abet the lower courts in keeping it all covered-up and out of the sight and minds of the brainwashed public of this country.

His four books, `The Deal Makers', `The Cesspool', `Hell Hole', and `BRAINWASHED', are all available for free previews and purchases at, through their Book Store.  And are further available through Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon, and almost all book stores and computer book sites everywhere through their ISBN (International Sales Book Number).

So please; for the sake of yourselves, family, and loved ones, read his books, learn from them, and post, forward, and spread this information everywhere possible.  For if we don't do something about this now, we will all end up in a prison, with only ourselves to blame.

Franklin D. Vipperman
Las Vegas, NV. 89121

Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2006 19:56:54 +0100

I found you web page very interesting and found it after scouring the web for organisations that expose the governments ridiculous taxation system.

I was disgusted to learn that Prince Charles earns as staggering 14 million a year and pays in the lower tax band.

These rules are utterly ridiculous and unjustified - anyone who protests falls on deaf ears.  It would be wonderful if people could set up a protest to stop all this!

Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2006 02:16:35 +0100

Good Job!  This is a good site.  A lot of information here.

I once found what I believe to have been a grave of somesort in southern Oregon.  It was in the area of the old Fort Klamath.  I told a Forest Service Archaeologist where it was. the next year I looked and the site had been destroyed. When I asked, I was told that it was none of my business, that it was out of place and didn't belong there.

It was a wall about eight feet tall with five crosses, I believe they are nordic or gothic. all the limbs tapered to the center and they stood out from the wall.  It was built out of carefully cut stone and older than old.  Now they deny that it ever existed.

Dave Clyburn
(address supplied)

Keep up the good work.  I was a logger.


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