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22 June 2004
Mail from Jonah House - here's all their news

07 JUne '04
Mike, our friend in Phoenix has an urgent concern@MetaMAIL

20 May '04 - provoking inquiry from Graham in NZ re: UEF presentation or book?

Subject: DU Article Date: Sat, 1 May 2004 14:03:42 -0500 From: "Mike Driver" gizmo@***.net
Depleted Uranium deaths could surpass worst-case predictions
by Amy Worthington

No American kid should sign on the military's dotted line before reading a new book by Dennis Kyne, former Army air medic in the 18th Airborne Corps during Gulf War I. This easy-read book, despite a few expletives, should be a basic primer in all American high schools.

Kyne comes from a family with a proud military heritage, but his experiences in Gulf War I revealed that the military structure as it exists today is not what it claims to be.

He confirms the military's despicable treatment of vets when they return to the United States decimated from disease, battlefield toxins, vaccines and radiation.

Kyne's most shocking revelation is that 75 percent of U.S. Desert Storm casualties in 1991 were caused by friendly fire, a fact he says is confirmed by an MIT study.

Kyne, who like hundreds of thousands of Gulf War I vets, suffers from Gulf War Syndrome, describes the horrendous depleted uranium exposure endured by U.S. troops during and after the three-day ground war of Desert Storm.

Kyne's excellent web site is It contains graphic pictures of radiation-melted Iraqi bodies, demonstrating the horrific effects of U.S. nuclear weaponry now used routinely and illegally in foreign nations for the aggrandizement of the amoral U.S. defense industry.

Write Denis Kyne at PO Box 720254, San Jose, CA 95172

Subject: a couple of animations worth seeing Date: Sat, 1 May 2004 13:38:30 -0400 From: "Jonah House"

Dear Friends.
Here is a link to a short slide show on depleted uranium. It reminded me why Phil, Liz Walz, Steve Kelly and I had to hammer on the A-10 Warthogs back in Dec. of '99.

At the site are other animations, many well worth watching.

This animation is humorous. (Don't forget to turn your sound on.)

Subject: PEPIS #57 - Bilderberg Milan, Italy June 3-6 2004 Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 14:47:00 -0400 From: ""

PEPIS #57 - Bilderberg Milan, Italy June 3-6 2004

American Free Press are announcing today, Friday 30th April, that Bilderberg 2004 is definately to be held in Italy this year.

Bilderberg Conference date and venue
Venue: Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees - Stresa
Date: Thursday June 3rd to Sunday June 6th 2004

Hotel des Iles Borromees - Corso Umberto I, 67 - 28838 Stresa - ITALY
tel. +39 0323 938 938 / fax. +39 0323 324 05

e-mail: - flashy flash site

Press venue
Please book in at the following hotel - or somewhere cheap nearby - if you wish to attend as a conference observer

Hotel Milan Speranza Au Lac - p.zza Marconi, 6/9 - 28838 Stresa (VB) ITALY
tel. 0323 31178 / 31190 fax 0323 32729

Subject: Petros & Others v. Chaudhari & Berry Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 12:16:16 +0100 From: "Injunctions (Weightman Vizards Solicitors)" <injunctions at> To: editor at
Dear Sirs,
Please find enclosed a letter to "" together with a copy of the permanent injunction against the Defendants, Mrs Chaudhari and Neelu Berry.

If you would like us to send you a sealed copy of the injunction, please provide us with the name of your company director or company secretary together with the address to which the documents should be sent.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,

Tel: 020 7067 4506
Fax: 020 7067 4501

`Perceptions' Reply - Date: Fri, 16 Apr 2004 14:08:54 +0100

Dear Sirs,
Thank you for your message and enclosure containing extracts from Court Order dated 06 April 2004 applying to Neelu Berry & Sadhana Chaudhari and to web page

Neelu Berry & Sadhana Chaudhari have already given `Perceptions' a copy of the order and I quote response dated Tue, 13 Apr 2004.

If you have any comments or objections please send them to this address.

yours faithfully
Ray Dickenson

Subject: Hung Jury in Trial of St. Patrick's 4 in Ithaca NY Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 21:41:01 -0400 From: "Jonah House" <>

St. Patrick 4 Trial, Ithaca, NY - ended with the 12 person jury stating they were deadlocked after 20 hours of deliberation and the judge declaring a mistrial. The defendants - Daniel Burns, Peter De Mott, Clare Grady and Teresa Grady - felt it was critical to draw attention to the tragedy unfolding in Iraq at the time of their action (March 17, 2003)

The St. Patrick 4 were charged with felony criminal mischief for pouring their own blood in the Marine/Army Recruitment Office in Ithaca on March 17, 2003.

Judge Sherman denied the defendants' request for expert witnesses, including respected author and professor Howard Zinn and Ramsey Clark, former US Attorney General. They were prepared to testify regarding the legality of the defendants actions under International Law.

The defendants were also denied testimony from Damacio Lopez of the International Depleted Uranium Study Team, who has testified at the World Court in The Hague, the UN in Geneva and New York, and at the UN Development Program in Iraq. Lopez was to testify about the hazards health effects of depleted uranium (DU) on U.S. soldiers and U.S. citizens who live near the DU test site in New Mexico.

The jury deliberated for 20 hours. At one point a few hours before their final declaration of deadlock, the jury sent a question to the judge. It said, since the jury is supposed to consider what the defendants knew prior to their action, does their knowledge include their religious, political and moral beliefs? The judge stated yes, all the above DOES constitute their knowledge.

Four hours later, the jury stated there was no possible way for them to have a unanimous verdict.

The DA's office today indicated they were planning to re-try the case.

Subject: re:`Perceptions' page Formal Notification of Court Order Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 12:26:24 +0100 From: Ray Dickenson To: newsguy sunaina <>

Dear Neelu Berry & Sadhana Chaudhari
Thank you for notifying me of the Court Order 6th April 2004, referring to page, for confirming that email and for permission to reproduce the court order.

I have complied with the order by removing all "allegations" referred to in the order from, replaced by a brief explanation referring to the court order.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help you comply with the order.

best regards

Subject: re `Perceptions' page Formal Notification of Court Order Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 23:35:06 +0100 From: "newsguy sunaina" <>

Formal Notification of Court Order (see xiii. schedule 1 below)

Six British doctors of the Great Ormond Street Hospital took legal action against us for petitioning for a public inquiry into the death of Baby Sunaina Chaudhari, in the streets and on internet websites, under Protection from Harassment Act 1997.

As evidence of our compliance with the Permanent Restraining and Mandatory Order (dated 6th April 2004 and sealed by the Court on 07 April 2004), until such time as we appeal against it, each one of us is required,
1) to serve third parties, internet service providers and search engines responsible for websites detailed in Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 of the Order, in as far as
Any other person who knows of this order and does anything which helps or permits any defendant to breach the terms of this order may also be held to be in contempt of court and may be imprisoned, fined or have their assets seized."
2) to produce the copy of our notification to third parties to the court and
3) to file any response from you to the court

The Order applies to: "Any other person who knows of this order and does anything which helps or permits any defendant to breach the terms of this order".

Neelu Berry
Sadhana Chaudhari

05 April '04 - beautiful piece of work from E.Y.

Subject: Just a note [Gulf War - ed.] Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 12:53:56 -0600 From: "Mike Driver" <>

Dear Ray,
It has been awhile since we corresponded. I hope you are well. Vina Colley has the web site up and running. You will find a lot of information there, letters, documents and articles.
If we can be of assistance, please write.

Charles M. Driver
10455 Old Lovelaceville Rd.
Paducah KY 42001

Subject: Two sisters await judgment on 09/03/2004 Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 20:13:33 -0000 From: "NHS Mass Murders UK - Baby Sunaina" <>
"Freemason Judges vs British Justice"

Judgment to be given by Mr Justice Holland on 09 March 2004 at 10.30am RCJ, London

UK doctors put two sisters on trial on 04/03/2004, Trial No TLQ 174/04, to stop the sisters' website campaign on against mass murders for organs

06/03/2004: UK Doctors take two sisters to court - Doctors claim harassment, family of Baby Sunaina claim murder - you decide

28/02/2004: Two sisters on trial for accusing British doctors of murder for organs

03/01/2004: Uk Department Of Health Face Concerns Over Baby's Death - unlawfully removed organs may offer criminal evidence in the death of Sunaina Chaudhari.

30/12/03: MP Called Upon To Combat Injustice Following The Death Of Sunaina Chaudhari - Complaint made involving The UK Department Of Health, The Home Office and The Lord Chancellors Department.

15/11/03: NHS death family face jail for Public Inquiry Campaign - UK court grants doctors license to kill.

05/05/03: Re-opening of police investigation into the death of Baby Sunaina The family believe the infant's alleged murder was motivated by research and a shortage of organs.

11/04/03: No Police investigation despite overwhelming evidence at inquest

PRWEB.COM: Cover-ups of National Health Service Murders by the United Kingdom Government, Home Office, Police & Coroners Courts for organs, research, budgets and savings.

PRESSBOX.CO.UK : Cover-ups of National Health Service Murders by the United Kingdom Government, Home Office, Police & Coroners Courts for organs, research, budgets and savings

Neelu Berry & Sadhana Chaudhari
3 Peel Drive, Ilford Essex, IG5 0JR
Tel/fax 0208 550 8312
10 April '04 - check ENGLISH JUDGES' "ORDER" to sisters Neelu & Sadhana

Subject: Gary's new address and web site Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 07:19:23 -0500 From: "Jonah House" <>

Two things, friends
Gary Ashbeck, along with Mike Walli, Joe Mulligan, S.J., and Eric, have been moved to Harris County Jail, P.O. Box 286, Hamilton GA 31811. It appears that they will do their time there. Gary seems happier - it is less chaotic and noisy.

The Jonah House web site is up and running; Susan is adding to it daily. We'd love you to check it out: (
Thanks and love from us all.

25 Feb. '04 - interesting sci-mail re: "Controversy re: Discovery"

Subject: publications Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 20:09:53 +0000

Dear Arar Hassène,
Thanks for your interest. `Perceptions' is free web-service (download / save / print). Structure [and finance] prevents giving copy-services.

1 - Structure - `Perceptions' is mainly open working-documents, in collaboration with readers.
2 - Finance - no backing _but_ continuing threats of closure (by corrupt bureaucrats and oliticians). [So no mailing-list]

Hope `Perceptions' useful and enjoyable.
best wishes

Subject: publications Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 17:34:46 +0100 (CET) From: Economie Internationale <>

Dear Sir
I would like to receive regularly your publications " working papers , reports;...." in hard copy. I see that issues are on your Website. would be it possible to obtain hard copy version and to be added to your mailing list for future issues.

I am student in post graduate studies in economics.

ARAR Hassène


Subject: Regarding the Babine Treaty Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 20:49:00 +0000 To: Diana <gardengrow***>

Hello Diana Thanks for the very interesting mail. Are there any web-site sources or leads you can recommend?

I ask because a reader - "falec" - initially sent this query - and added more info afterwards (up the page). I'm sure "falec" would be grateful for any further info or clues you could provide.

As a Welshman I'm not too trusting about "good" motives of overlords / rulers (you'll probably agree) so have real sympathy with both of your stories.

I'd be interested in the outcomes of both your personal quests, and would really like for you to let me know of any developments (and readers are keen to see what comes from questions).

[BTW What was your ancestors' association with Montague? That sounds interesting.]
best regards

Subject: "Hello Ed information regarding the Babine Treaty Date: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 14:48:20 -0500 From: <gardengrow***>

My maiden name is Babine. My ancestors were brought to Canada by Montague. My ancestor Michelle Aucoin was in Acadia in 1640. The Roman Catholic Church was heavily involved in carting people over to Canada. This is a quite a story in and of itself. To this day, the RC Church still has its `hooks' into Babine people. I think our people were originally Jewish who were forced to convert to Catholicism, however, I have only just started this research.

Many of my ancestral group refused to swear allegiance to the British throne and therefore cam under the suspicion of the Crown. Many were massacred. Of those that weren't massacred some managed to escape through the forest and make their way to what is now the USA. My grandmother and grandfather settled in Bath, Maine and had a very large family. Others settled mainly in the NE.

To this day Canada hasn't repaid what was taken from my ancestors: homes, property (there wasn't time to take valuables) and lands were all confiscated without compensation.
There was a law suit filed, but I haven't checked on its status recently.

Feel free to email me.

Subject: ET Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 05:46:50 -0800 (PST) From: Eklavya yadav <eklavyayadav2002***>

hello Ray
Short of time here. I do keep lookin at the various sections of Perceptions. One question. Haven't you ever recieved any offers from any agency or establishment? You have rather quite a lot to offer to the organisations, particularly SETI.

My view on SETI - if we 'want' to make contact, we have to first unlearn our 'language' not the verbal, but the mental. Yes!!! What we think in our minds!!

I am so sure that no Nintendo loving, camouflage wearing men and women in search of thrill will have (and deserve) such an opportunity. Why? Because I know their minds, had one like them once upon a time!!!!

Placed here 'cos it's a social problem.
SETI has heavily invested in conventional technology (which cannot detect advanced communications). SETI therefore has no incentive to find / try revolutionary methods - (offend the science elite?).

Subject: "Nazi" health service brings Auschwitz to British hospitals Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 22:52:47 -0000 From: "NHS Mass Murders UK - Baby Sunaina" <>

Public Inquiry Call: "Nazi" health service brings Auschwitz to British hospitals 31 Jan 2004

Bristol Royal Infirmary, [baby] deaths during heart operations considered unnecessary, followed by organ removal;
Alder Hey organ scandal, hundreds of thousands of body parts found in jars over the country, including heads and whole bodies;
Dr Harold Shipman's mass murders of elderly patients continued to be deemed `natural causes' without Police or Coroner's intervention 25 years;
Isaacs inquiry found thousands of brains of patients with a history of mental illness retained for research without knowledge or consent of relatives.

`Expert' opinion of just one single doctor, Professor Sir Roy Meadows, sent over 250 parents to prison and over 5,000 children into care, on the strength of a condition he invented, "Münchhausen's syndrome by proxy"

Massive criminal evidence of deliberate drug poisoning and lethal overdoses by doctors, is neither investigated by pathologists during post-mortems, nor by Coroners (many of whom are doctors) during inquests, as in the case of Baby Sunaina Chaudhari, see , the inquest verdict is deemed a nullity and one is left wondering whether Police's failure to conduct criminal investigations into doctors, independently of Coroners, is due to the Home Office (Coroners) and its subdivision, the Attorney General (Police). , ,, , lethal poisoning?,

followed by unlawful organ removal, including eyeballs and tongue, see photograph and photographs from video and , remain to be investigated after over 3 years of campaigning, despite two post-mortems, an inquest, a Police report (instructed under the Coroner) and two toxicology reports.

Incriminating reports see Date Taken: 26/10/2000 and Date of PM:30/10/2000.

Neelu Berry, a pharmacist, believes the British public are encouraging an earlier death by signing organ donor cards.

Subject: help us Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 16:15:18 -0800 (PST) From: George helwani <> CC:

Name: George Halwani
Age : 23
City :Syria, Damascus, Jaramana
I need about $150 (a hundred and thirty Dollars )
I'll do to my mother an operation because she was broken her leg.
I hope to help me.

Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004
Message featured. `Perceptions' is a (real) charitable info resource and has no funds (like its editor), so you know it can only support worthwhile causes with publicity.

So - readers - it's up to you.

Subject: ideas Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 20:49:51 +0000 To: Michael Core <>

Hello Michael,
your objective in this book - is it because you think it would appeal to the largest number of people? If so then it might well be "successful" in some sales areas.

Life possibilities seem to be
1) simple wealth (which in a finite world means depriving others)
2) raw power (which, unless you're a saint, means abuse of others)
3) ambition (same limits as wealth & power)
4) personal or public `good' (improvement - progress)

Altho' wouldn't want to advise you, if you check "Altruist Survivor" (Google) you might want to re-consider `real' priorities.
best regards

Subject: ideas Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 09:01:24 -0800 From: "Michael Core" <>

Hello, I would need your little favor. It might also match your current interests - you are interested in business, correct?... I live in Russia, St. Petersburg. My businesses are in the USA. I am writing a book. Very possible that your experience can also help.

Will you please review its beginning below .. Do you find the topic and these thoughts of any interest? Does the text raise questions when you read it? Do you believe this book could be helpful for many people? Thank you.
501 thoughts on how to become wealthy:
[large list]
etc. (501 thoughts overall for now)

I will greatly appreciate your opinion. Thank you so much in advance!
Michael Core

Subject: Burns Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2004 15:01:55 EST From: To:,,,,, ed at

email on COVER-UP RE: MASS-KILLING (Dunblane)

Subject: "Kate Berrigan one of five arrested at TransAmerica Center in LA Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2004 19:47:51 -0500 From: "Jonah House" <>

Kate Berrigan was one of five who hung the banner. They went to a 32 storey building and gained access to the roof. 2 of them remained on the roof, 3 of them (including Kate) rappelled down the side of the building and deployed the banner (40' by 60') at about 2:30 eastern standard time today (11:30 Pacific Time).
The LAAPD arrived soon after but, it seemed took their time going to the roof. By 5:30 eastern time (2:30 L.A. time) they were on the ground and in custody en route to the police station. At that time charges were trespass but that could change readily.
If you look carefully at the photo you can see two people, one to the left and the other on the far side, we think that that person is Kate.
We will let you know when we know more.

Subject: Re "Castles ..." and hope Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 21:30:34 +0000 From: Gwyneth Jones <gwyneth.jones***>

Hi, and here's some more News From Nowhere-
The Midnight Lamp website is at last complete, with many additional features. If you'd like to check it out, here's the address:

Also, for those who can't get hold of the books,

Best, G

24 Dec. - interesting meta-mail re: "Real Planetary Effects"

Subject: Enola Gay display protested Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 14:50:42 -0500 From: "Jonah House" <>

December 15, - opening of the Smithsonian Institute's new Air and Space Museum ... including the Enola Gay.
The display around the Enola Gay is enough to make anyone with a conscience sick - devoid of any information about the bomb and it's effects which were beyond tragic, devoid of any recognition of the deaths in one day of 140,000 Japanese caused by the airplane's mission, it is shown as if it is something to be proud of, to coo and whistle over without incurring any remorse or repentance from the American public, without even basic information about the wreckage and ruin this plane brought to Japan in 1945.

So yesterday a hundred or more people went to the museum to show their shame and disgust at the lack of proper education and the prideful display of the Enola Gay. Joining in protest were 10 Japanese Hibakusha, along with Dorothy Day Catholic Worker, Jonah House, and many of the peace and justice communities and organizations in the D.C. area.

(Snips) filing into the new building as tourists ... around the offensive exhibit at 11:00 in the morning, at which time banners and posters appeared in everyone's hands, with messages in English and Japanese about Hiroshima and the devastation wrought by the bomb, pictures of children and other citizens suffering horribly from the effects, pictures of the flattened city, and cries of "Never Again."
When Art Laffin began reading a prepared statement about the Enola Gay, police quickly came to take him away from the crowd and tear banners and pictures out of people's hands. In the midst of the commotion, between the media and the staged die in with singing and chanting and kneeling down around the bodies, a glass bottle of red paint was thrown from above. The bottle hit the plane, fell to the floor and shattered, splattering its blood-like contents all over the ground.
We learned later that Tom Siemer was the actor of this theatrical addition. He was arrested and taken by the police to Fairfax County Jail.
As Tom emerged from the police car at the station, he suffered a massive heart attack. He was taken immediately to Fairfax Hospital where he underwent surgery. He will face charges after he heals; police believe it will be federal destruction of property
(They allege that he did $8,000 worth of damage to the plane.)
Thank you, Tom! We ask everyone to keep him in your thoughts and prayers. After about 20 minutes of speaking, chanting, and dying-in, the police warned us that we had to leave... outside to the front of the building, the whole group gathered in a circle ... holding banners and wearing "No More Hiroshima's" signs on our jackets, to listen to the Hibakusha speak.
Their words and stories were tragic, hopeful, and much appreciated.
We ask everyone to remember Hiroshima, and re-commit every moment to the end the horror and destruction experienced there, never to be forgotten.
Thanks for your interest. Liz, Sarah Rose, Susan et al at Jonah House

Date: Tues, 09 Dec 2003
Embarrassing question in Sci Mail

Subject: Very Interesting Website Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2003 02:07:20 -0800 From: "Lance Winslow" <>

Hope all is well with this morning.
Just saying hi from the United States.
Had a great time going through your website.
Lance Winslow ( )

Subject: Cheerful morning to you too! Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 09:22:25 +0000 To: Lance Winslow <>

Hello Lance,
Glad your morning was bright and shiny. S'pect a busy entrepreneur needs something different in way of web pages - am happy `Perceptions' did it for you.

Subject: ISAAC Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 08:45:59 -0800 (PST) From: Isaac Mutumba (now edited)

Dear sir/madam, please am a Man age 28 from Uganda East africa. please i need your help, some about me, am a sports man, who have been doing my bussness here in Uganda and out side Uganda, but few month ago i was from our airport Entebe to kampala i was in my car with my family 2 chirldren and me, we got an acident and my wife died (now edited)
my Names are ISAAC MUTUMBA.
hopeto hear from you soon,

Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2003 13:14:49 +0000
Hello Mister Mutumba
Your message has been featured [here]. `Perceptions' is a (real charitable) information resource and has no funds (like its editor), so you will understand why it must support worthwhile causes with publicity.
So - readers geographically or financially placed to check - it's up to you.

Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2008 13:44:32 GMT

Please thanks very much for your help. Iam Isaac Mutumba from Uganda I contacted you buy the time when I was with problms but now am okey please put me off to the list of those who need help.
yours Isaac Mutumba

Great to hear that Isaac

Interesting meta-mail re: "Sphinx and Pyramids"

Subject: church list Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 15:57:16 -0800 From: "Ruth Frederick" <******>

I'm looking for a list of the churches that are members of the wcc. Can you help?
Ruth Frederick

only sure knowledge we have of the WCC is that they read `Perceptions'

Best info'd comment? - John Turner's contribution to Soil Assoc. debate
(hardens-up conclusion at Blind Science and Altruist Survivor)

Subject: Example for you about the PCC and the Sunday Times Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 08:08:28 +0000 From: "George Baxter" <>

I have been campaigning for about four years about GM foods. The public are not yet aware of how they have been mislead by the supermarkets and the press.
I have concrete evidence of how the press are misleading the public. The full details are in my site This has evidence of how the Sunday Times published a misleading article, subsequently they replied with misleading information, finally with how the PCC have failed to investigate even though it complied with their own published guidelines.
Please feel free to include case on your web site.
Best regards

Subject: GWS Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 17:31:29 +0100 To: Mike Driver <>

Hello Mike,
1 You're wise to check `agendas' - here's lowdown.
`Perceptions' website started as a simple way to post `hard science' pages to individuals - Clarke / Sagan (sadly gone) - around the world, those pages became UEF Index [some now being used by mainstream unis]

Then a `soft science' paper provoked collecting social data (much of which was surprising), and started the "Altruist Survivor" - which brought in mail from folk seeing similar things in _their_ lives. `Perceptions' sort-of grew from that.

2 Got more sympathy with your probs than you might know (ex-mil and some trubs as result). Hope any worth-while cause will continue to get space (probably in "Mail" pages) - yet have to force a `cold-blooded' long-term view to keep `scientific' perspective of human problems world-wide.

3 Would be happy provide links to your stuff. Time / space (& money) shortages here, so if you could put the evidence on-line yourself that would be fine.

Please keep us informed - best wishes

Subject: Gulf War Syndrome Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 00:24:36 -0500 From: "Mike Driver" <>

Dear Editor,
On reviewing your site, I see you are having the same problems we are in the U.S.A. with the News Media being controlled by the mega-corporations. I wish someone could expose these "controllers / manipulators" of the media.

We enjoy the show, MI-5, and tonight the episode was about a British Army Major demanding higher pay and explanations from the British Government. He took hostages and threatened to blow up an oil storage facility with a high-jacked nuclear device sitting close by. A British army sniper shot the Major through the heart.

I do not approve of the Major's behavior, but during the course of discussion, he stated that 500 British Troops returned from Desert Storm with Gulf War Syndrome. Actually, about 1500 British Troops have suffered and/or died from the GWS. More than 10,000 American Troops have also suffered and/or died from related GWS illnesses.

The basic symptoms of GWS are the same that American Troops are currently returning from Iraq with, being scattered across the U.S.A. to keep them from knowing how many are sick with similar symptoms. They are being mis-diagnosed with a strange form of Pneumonia. Some have already died, not listed as casualties of the recent Iraqi war.

The basic symptoms are also the same that I have as a victim of Multiple Heavy Metals Poisoning. I am alive today because I received one ( three day ) Chelation Therapy Treatment before the doctor treating us ( several victims ) was forced to stop or lose his job. I will send his story to you on request.

Where did I get my near fatal dose of Multiple Elements Poisoning? I worked on the crew that packaged the Depleted Uranium powder and shipped it to Carolina Metals for processing into Uranium Ammunition used in the Gulf War, Bosnia, Afghanistan and now again in Iraq.

Why have doctors not detected this poisoning in our Troops? Most of the DU passes through the human body in about 36 hours, except for either chronic doses as I received, or acute doses that our Troops have received, where molecules link up with the fatty tissues in the body, usually in or near the neuro-systems and become "fixed". Thus, blood tests and urinalysis after the 36 hours do not show any traces of the toxic heavy elements.

Hair Elements Tests are accurate, if the hair is washed and rinsed properly. Pubic hair is best used because it is not subjected to other elements in the atmosphere that could affect the test. The News Media you criticize has recently attempted to discredit Hair Elements Analysis in the U.S.A., but the truth is that through Hair Elements Testing, followed by Chelation Therapy Treatments for Heavy Metals Poisoning, most of the British and American Troops we have lost could have been saved, not to mention the thousands of workers and innocent neighbors of radioactive processing facilities.

I don't know your agenda, nor how broad your interest is in these affairs, but you are right on target about the huge corporations keeping the people of our two great nations hostage, ignorant of the truths we all should know, about our government's activities and private agendas that have nothing to do with National Security.

If you would like to know more about this subject, I am an Independent Advocate, corresponding with others who are concerned and trying to expose the truth about victims of corruption surrounding radioactive materials and the toxic byproducts they produce.

I do not condone violence, but rather seek justice by circulating the truth about crimes and injustices to our nations' peoples.

You have my permission to copy, reprint or publish any document I send to you for the purpose of seeking health care for victims of Depleted Uranium products and exposing corruption in the News Media, and the corporations and politicians that control those Media.
God Bless You,
Charles M. Driver
Poisoned Disabled Victim/Worker
Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant
Paducah Kentucky U.S.A.

Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2003 10:14:36 EDT From: PHCDUFFY12***

Dear Editor
I ask you to give your support for Dr Pal ... [BIRMINGHAM COUNTY COURT Case No: BM312260]. It is Dr Pals contention that efforts have been made to both drive her out of employment and label her as mad by the GMC. These methods ... arise out of her whistle blowing efforts. Please give her your support.

A number of tactics are used to silence the whistleblower that may include threats, isolation, slander and increasingly the circulation of rumors as to their sanity. Please see Dr Brian Martin's work ... Some psychiatrists' undermining sane and competent people ... is finding a role in legal and corporate misuse.

In whistle blowing the person's life and health are ruined ... each industry ensures the claimant rarely gets a fair hearing. The only protection is publicity and solidarity ... please vist and help raise solidarity and support for her and others affected.
Yours sincerely
Patrick Cooper-Duffy

`Perceptions' note (Nov. '03). We see that Dr Bridget O'Connell, who reported `private pactice fraud' in NE Thames NHS, was immediately framed-up and suspended. The `private practice fraud' obviously penetrates highest levels since Bridget was kept out of NE Thames, under suspension, for c.eleven years before frame-up allegations were dropped (but only after she agreed to early-retirement). Therefore we conclude NHS remains corrupt - today c.200 staff are suspended - many whistle-blowers silenced and "punished" by corrupt management.

Subject: "gnaw at it in my den" Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 17:17:48 +0100 To: webmistress <webmistress***>

Hello WebMistress
Thanks for that - hope at least 1 or 2 pages satisfy you.
Re: `councils' - think any entrenched power breeds creepy-crawlies, in all hierarchies.
And from organized attempts at `official' suppression, most eventually traced to local / national bureaucrats, it seems `Perceptions' is scaring quite a few.
Pse keep us informed, best regards,

Subject: Your website Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2003 08:47:12 +0100 From: "webmistress" <webmistress***>

I came upon youir website when I typed in * * * into Google. I was absolutely amazed!
I have ticked your website as a favourite place so that I can gnaw at it in my den later looks too interesting. I shall pass the URL on to all my friends:-)

Subject: Ardeth's Address and other updates Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 06:45:58 -0400 From: "Jonah House" <>

Hello again-
So Ardeth finally was moved to FCI Danbury yesterday. Her address is:
Sister Ardeth Platte, OP, #10857-039, FCI Danbury, Route 37, Danbury, CT 06811

For convenience sake here are Carol and Jackie's addresses again.
Sister Carol Gilbert, OP, # 10856-039, R1 FPC Alderson, PO Box A, Alderson, WV 24910,
Sister Jacqueline Hudson, OP, #08808-039, FPC Victorville, PO Box 5100, Adelanto, CA 92301

Sister Carol wrote with these mail guidelines for Alderson.
Send only cards or letters- do not include stamps, money, envelopes or other items. Magazines and paperback books can be sent but less than five in one mailing and write "Authorized by BOP policy" on the outside. Hardcover books can only be sent from the publisher or bookstore. The rules on sending paperback books and magazines may be different elsewhere, especially for Ardeth since she is at a higher security prison.

Sister Jackie asked that commissary donations not be sent to her account directly. She is afraid if too much money is in her account the prison will start taking money out to pay her assessments. She asked that if people want to send a small donation it be sent to Sue Ablao, 3495 Dyes Inlet NW, Bremerton WA 98312, with a note on the memo line "for Jackie". While we have not heard directly from Carol and Ardeth on this matter we suggest that people check with us before sending them donations.
Here is a corrected address for Naed Smith, serving 30 days in Alexandria Jail for exposing the blood at the Pentagon. We spoke to Naed on Wednesday night and he seems to be doing well. He is due to be released around October 3rd.
Edward J Smith, 2001 Mill Road, Alexandria, VA 22314

The seven resisters in Maine sentenced to two days in jail have been released and we expect the other five will be released today.
Love from still only Laurel, Gary and Sojo, the little black cat

Subject: "Devil worship?" Date: Sat, 20 Sep 2003 18:52:24 +0100 To: "Cayton McDonald" <swrocker***>

Hello Cayton, sorry you were disturbed.

Relax, a re-read of `"Reptilian Rulers"' shows it doesn't address the existence of supernatural entities.
It's analyzing rulers' claimed `morality' then comparing their actions
(as Frank Herbert wrote "When mouth and action disagree, believe action").

Subject: Devil worship Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2003 13:29:39 -0500 From: "Cayton McDonald" <swrocker***>

I have recently viewed your website consulting "devil worshipping" and was disturbed. There are few who do worship Satan, but the true satanist doesnt even believe that satan exists, they are their own God, and satan is the "dark force" of the world. We as christians sometimes get frustrated when they do not agree so we tend to throw the bible in their face. This, is not the right way to go about things, they will never come if you always are saying "when you die you go straight to hell with the devil himself" if someone said that to you, would you befriend them? I didnt think so. Please reconsider your thoughts because "worship" is "the reverent love and devotion accorded a deity, an idol, or a sacred object." By what you are saying, we worship satan when we sin, and obviously, this is not true. It is true that we fall short of the Glory of God, but do not worship satan. Please reconcider your website for the future of christians reaching out to satanists.
Cayton McDonald

Subject: Dissertation on "Judges" Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003 17:35:19 +0100 To: "Dr Badsha@elc" <Drbadsha***>

Dear Dr Badsha,
Your research demands forensic investigation of individuals, maybe seeking / using `restricted' information.
In all disciplines `Perceptions' analyzes outcomes to determine causes, using only public domain data - so no archives.

However, as you imply, a bent judicial system forestalls evidence (of corrupt judges), by preventing prosecution (try Search for "CPS"), by `technical' stoppage of trials (try Search for "acquittal" & acquitted), or by avoiding custodial sentences (no records). Statistical analyses show the danger areas.

Best regards and good luck with the work

Subject: Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2003 10:59:29 +0100 From: "Dr Badsha@elc" <Drbadsha***>

Dear Sirs
I am currently writing my dissertation at the Human Rights Centre, University of Essex, UK on the above tropic. Abuse of power by judges is common in the UK as observed in the courts but there is very little written on it.
I greatly appreciate if you have any documentation and or guide me to where I can have access to such info or if you heard of Judge *** who stole one million pounds and ran away to USA and he was finally pensioned off on medical grounds or any other such episodes.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Kind regards
Kartar Badsha

Subject: county human services Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2003 14:31:01 +0100 To: Sue Mattson <semattson2000***>

Hello Sue - hoping to get some responses on that.
Yup, we see western civil jurisprudence breaking down. A self serving `priesthood' of bureaucrats, magistrates, elite-lawyers and judges all abuse legal process for their own corrupt advantage.

It's called "sykophancy" or "vexatious litigation" and is actually illegal - but the crooks rule the courts.
Watch this space.

Best wishes for your work, just now maybe the best bet is to catch one lying and make an example?

Wed, 27 Aug 2003 13:13:27 -0700 (PDT) Susan Mattson replied - "Thank you so much for your prompt response. ... I just wanted you to know that it is great to be heard by someone who doesn't automatically think I am nuts. Sue"

Subject: county human services Date: Sun, 24 Aug 2003 12:23:24 -0500 From: "Robert DuBois" *<robertlbd***>

Do you have any information on the abusive power of county case managers? I am Sue Mattson and have the honor of recieiving the 2001 national JFK Jr. Award of Excellence for advocacy in the field of service to those who have developmental disabilities, presented by the President's Committee on Developmental Disabilities in Washington. The bulk of my work centers on the phenomena of the unrestricted power the local county human services - mid management - has. The state Department of Human Services and often the courts, grant the agency "deference" because of their supposed expertise.
The local Human Services Board, comprised of the five county commissioners, knows of their abuse of the powers of their offices but claims to seemingly have no authority - in fact, the county human services director has let the board know that they are directed by the State agency ... and that the purpose of the Board is financial.
What happens is that as the agents make their adverse decisions to serve their own agendas, not the agendas of the client, clients and guardians are forced to enter the appellate process, goverened by the same agency that grants deference to the agents, and, by the time the appeal is forced to reach the level of the courts, the guardians have predictably tired out and their financial resources are drained. AND they have been taught a clear lesson by the county agency/and DHS to not cross their decisions again. And, so the system goes. Have you any resources you can point me to?
Sue Mattson

Subject: vipers Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2003 13:47:50 +0100 To: "G. Novak" <g433***>

Hello Gary
Like your web pages and presentations.

Can't answer your question addressed to priests / philosophers - although "when mouth and action disagree, believe action" *

Best wishes

* Frank Herbert - "The Godmakers"

Subject: vipers Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 00:41:10 -0500 From: "G. Novak" <g433***>

The first of the Christian frauds was the so-called apostle Paul. Fundamentalists use his theology to abolish everything Christ taught. And there is no other form of "Christianity" left.
Here's a correction of philosophical frauds. [replaced - ed@perc]

And there it is. As simple as that. Why does the human society use millions of so called philosophers to muddle around in that subject for at least five thousand years and never make any forward progress.
Gary Novak
analytical morality

Subject: Re: Babine Barricade Treaty 1906 with Canadian Government Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 09:44:33 +0100 To: falec <>

Hi Falec,
Oral record so - like in Shakespeare's English - spelling is not an issue.

So, amateur detective in Ottawa area could look for traces in Church and Media records of two Chiefs wiith names _like_ Chief Jock Williams from Fort Babine and Chief George from Old Fort coming to the city around 1900 to 1910, in company with a priest / missionary / doctor / teacher with a name _like_ Father Cocala (try Italian / French / Portugese versions) for meetings of _any_ sort.

[Maybe reported as from Lake Babine, more likely from "the Interior" or equivalent]

And detectives outside the city could check with relatives, family records, libraries, newspaper archives for the same sounding combo.

And we shouldn't forget that while _some_ over-zealous Gov't bureaucrats may be actively concealing important facts (even their copy of the treaty), some others might be sympathetic to inquiries. There may be a _few_ suits with integrity.

Good luck on the hunt.

Subject: RE: Babine Barricade Treaty 1906 with Canadian Government Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 08:48:10 -0700 From: "falec" <>

Hello Ray; Thank you for responding. I have tried all sorts of key words etc...

On our historical part we have verbal records whereas;
Chief Jock Williams from Fort Babine and Chief George from Old Fort were named to have made this trip from the Central Interior (Babine Lake) to Ottawa.

They were accompanied by a priest by the name of Father Cocala.
The trip was made on their own expense. In those days a man's word is his honor, a man's honor is his Nation.


Subject: report on three actions: 2 on streets, one in prison Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2003 09:55:37 -0400 From: "Jonah House" <>

A report from the August 6-9th Faith and Resistance Retreat and a Message from Bill Frankel Streit in the SHU at Ft. Dix FCI

On August 6th, remembering the bombing of Hiroshima, 41 people emerged from the subway right next to the Pentagon building. We walked to a nearby entrance, where Pentagon workers were rapidly going inside. 37 held banners, read statements, and sang. 4 of us got right in the middle of the stream of people going to work, Some lay down on the cement, others used sidewalk chalk to draw shadows, remembering the shadows that were all that was left of people in Hiroshima when the bomb exploded. We were surprised by Austin, a four year old, who wanted to join us: he lay down and we drew a shadow around him. One of the blockaders held a picture from Nagasaki, and knelt in prayer.
Arrested and charged with "Interference with the functions of an agency" (or "Interfering with the functioning of the Pentagon" were Art Laffin, Liz McAlister, Malinda Smail, and Susan Crane. Their court date is October 3 in the Alexandia Federal Court.
The 37 remained holding banners, even when threatened with arrest, and were able to stay an hour.

The next day, we caravaned to Bath, Maine. At Bath Iron Works, the USS Monson, an Arleigh Burke class Destroyer (holding 56 Tomahawk Cruise Missles) was to be christened on August 9th, at 11:00 in the morning. (the bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on the 9th at 11:02).
Maine Veterans for Peace had organized a rally in a nearby park, the blessing of a boat-The Philip Berrigan-and a couple of short addresses from Kathy Kelly, Bruce Gagnon, and Liz McAlister. Then, we all walked to Bath Iron Works. There were large peace doves, banners, and the boat along with many people: estimates ranged from the media's 150 to 400. At any rate, a good crowd.
When we arrived at BIW, some of us got into the line of people waiting to get in for the ceremony. Others stood across the street, holding signs, making statements, and singing. Those of us in line were told by the BIW security that we were not going to be allowed in, but we waited until we were in front of the gate, and then unfurled our long banner: "We remember Hiroshima, We remember Nagasaki, Never again". Thirteen of us were holding the banner across the gate.
We were all quickly arrested and the banner cut from our hands. Grace Ritter (New York), Jane Van Landingham (Mass.), Jim Harney (Maine), George Ostenson (Maine), Cath Robson and Sr. Susan Clarkson (Dorothy Day CW in D.C.), Mary Donnelly (Maine), Lisa Guido (New York), Tom Feagley (Mass), Kevin Wyer (Maine), Tom Lewis (Mass.), Susan Crane and Liz McAlister (Jonah House, Baltimore) were all charged with criminal trespass, and have a court date Sept. 16, at 1 pm.

Bill Frankel Streit, of the Little Flower Catholic Worker in Virgina, is serving a 6 month sentence (along with Steve Baggarly and Steve Woolford) for exposing the blood at the Pentagon during the December Feast of the Holy Innocents Faith and Resistance retreat. He is currently at a FCI in Ft. Dix, New Jersey. We received this statement from him.

By the time you receive this note, I will most likely be tucked away in the SHU (segregated housing unit). I follow Greg Boertje and Steve Kelly, SJ who, before me, continued to resist the powers by noncooperating with this filthy, rotten system. When I first arrived here at Ft. Dix FCI, the authorities here pleaded with me to "program". This request came in the aftermath of Steve Kelly's consistent noncooperation with this unjust racist system. The time has come for me to refuse to "program". I refuse to "recall" or be counted today. In solidarity and support of Sisters Carol, Ardeth, and Jackie. I join the day of resistance, July 26th, and refuse to continue to cooperate with this system that plans nuclear war and world domination and sustains a prison system blatantly racist and unjust. Our US military empire threatens the earth and space with weapons of mass destruction to reinforce a world order of domination and exploitation creating and maintaining the great disparity between rich and poor. This injustice extends into US prisons where a mass destruction of lives continues in huge sentences. The war on drugs is as steeped in lies and propaganda as the war on Iraq. Both are cloaked, disguised as altruistic while in reality signify a destruction and domination of entire peoples, namely, peoples of color. The powers of darkness are enormous. But I believe the truth is true, that the light shines in the darkness and darkness will never overcome it. I believe in the power of the cross, nonviolent resistance to the imperial state, the power of love. I believe even one person can make a difference. I believe, as Dorothy Day wrote, that God takes our little actions and increases them like the loaves and fishes. All we have to do is sow the seed; God will bring the harvest. I willingly put my trust and hope in the "foolishness" of resisting this system, I can only call evil. As Gandhi says, " Noncooperation with evil is as much a duty as cooperation with good."

Bill, Steve and Steve are scheduled for release on September 6th. Until then you can write Bill at
William Streit
Fort Dix FCI
PO Box 38
Fort Dix, NJ 08640

Lots of folks have been asking after Sisters Carol, Ardeth and Jackie. They are still in county jails in Colorado but expect to be moved soon. They will probably be in transit for a few weeks. We will let you know when they reach their (yet to be) designated federal prisons. At that point we will send out their addresses.

Thanks for all your support and your resistance,
Liz, Susan, Gary, Laurel and Kate

Subject: Babine Barricade Treaty 1906 with Canadian Government Date: Sat, 09 Aug 2003 10:25:40 +0100 To: falec <>

Hello Falec
Guess a few history-detectives will be trying to trace this now.

Can you suggest some key-words, like the names of the leaders / co-signatories? // names of locations / villages where talks took place? // maybe titles of local papers / press existing at that time?

[Note: descendants of any folk involved could have old dairy entries or even more substantial records]

Good luck with the work

Subject: Babine Barricade Treaty 1906 with Canadian Government Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2003 15:00:24 -0700 From: "falec" <>

Are you familiar with the Native Peoples residing in and around Babine Lake?

Are you aware of the fact that the Government of Canada signed a Treaty with the Babine People and did not uphold the Treaty elements to this day?

Hey that's news to you - and if you [ You - reader! (ed.) ] could pull together some info - that could be of good use to these people.

Apparently their vocal history does not have effect to their plight and their plight is that the Feds are saying they are not aware of such a Treaty. Yet resources a(re) taken, these people are displaced from one location to another within a 50 year period. The last displacement occurred in 1958.
Did you ever hear of this?

Subject: workplace bullying / ethics probs Date: Mon, 04 Aug 2003 23:15:53 +0100 To: Lindsay XXX****

Hello Lindsay,
1 - Congrats. You've just done the most valuable thing. You've decided on your identity & ethics and that you prize them.

2 - Maybe I didn't act as fast as you but a couple of times, on realizing I was being told to deceive the public / or deceive clients - I walked out, like you. Sadly there doesn't seem to be a country in the world where we can do that without suffering somewhat - establishments are easily corrupted at the top.

3 - Main thing - you can smile and enjoy now (no matter what - that's important for your morale) and in time you can look back without hatred or self-hurt, just contempt or even pity for the bullies.

4 - What I did was give some time to volunteer projects (before starting this) - that gives perspective. Actually, tho' I'm always broke I still do a few hours of free IT teaching for adults - can even be a laugh.

Thanks for the good wishes. Maybe the chance of jail is not very far away - the pages offend some [many?] powerful and vindictive people.
Here's some links but don't know if they'll fit your needs - Canada / UK - / USA
Hope to hear soon that you're into step 3 above - please let me know.
best regards, ed@percs

Subject: interesting Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2003 12:08:21 EDT From: *****

I came across this magazine / website whilst browsing. I have just walked out of job (leaving myself in a terrible financial mess in the process) because of the way staff including myself were treated.
However as the head of personnel is the principal's wife and he is head of the governing body as well as principal ... I did it for nothing except my self worth.

Do you know of any place / organisation / website where this could be brought to people's attention? They are getting away with terrible things and no one seems to be able to stop them.

Everyone thought i was a heroic figure standing up to them and walking out...but really it was self preservation.

I hope you are still free and not in jail...the way my finances are I may be joining you (hollow laugh here), good luck in your endeavours.

Subject: Nuns Sentenced Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 17:04:23 -0400 From: "Jonah House" <>

Dear Friends -
Today, Sisters Ardeth Platte, Carol Gilbert and Jackie Hudson were sentenced for breaking into a federal missile silo in Colorado, smearing it with their own blood and pounding on it with hammers. The Dominican nuns said the act symbolized that they would rather pour out their own blood than have U.S. weapons take the blood of another.

Sr. Jackie Hudson was sentenced to 30 months in prison Sr. Carol Gilbert was sentenced to 33 months in prison Sr. Ardeth Platte was sentenced to 41 months in prison.

We are grieved that the nuns will have to serve that kind of time for an action that was totally symbolic; but we are relieved that it is not the 8 - 10 years that the prosecution was demanding. The nuns were and are prepared to accept prison, however much they - and we - believe that they committed no crime, certainly no major crime. "We had no criminal intent at any level," said Sr. Ardeth Platte, a member, with Sr. Carol Gilbert, of Jonah House. "We accept the consequences of our actions joyfully...I know it will be a long journey, but we're not afraid." Platte said.
The sisters believe nuclear weapons are the "taproot" of social and economic injustice because the billions of dollars spent on them could go to programs for the poor and needy. Standing against militarism, they say, is a way to challenge skewed priorities that cause orphanages and soup kitchens to exist in the first place.
The Nuns' "crimes" revealed that we in the U.S. accept rule by our own "evil tyrants who threaten and use weapons of mass destruction and ignore international law." Even more shocking to the current "might makes right" school of "law," the Nuns showed that together we could nonviolently accomplish complete nuclear disarmament one weapon at a time starting with open declaration and inspection.

Sisters Carol, Jackie and I believe that we had a responsibility to inspect, expose, and symbolically disarm this weapon of mass destruction to avert a crime of our government and uphold the laws of the United States, not break them. Don't people claim today that the citizens of Germany should have blocked the trains carrying people to the crematoriums, dismantled the ovens, or done something to stop the mass murder of people by Hitler? How will future generations judge all of us?

How will we wage the struggle together to keep democracy alive, to bring our nation from its killing mode to a life-giving mode, to keep the tenets of the beatitudes, commandments and Sermon on the Mount practiced by the nation as well as by us as individuals? Tomorrow's direct action at the silos and bases to inspect, expose and demand disarmament is a bold and worthy beginning. We join you in spirit with deepest gratitude. Whatever sentence I receive today will be joyfully accepted as an offering for peace. With God's help it will not injure my spirits. In the sacred moments or years of imprisonment, I will remain with you in prayer and walk together with you for the good of all humanity and creation. My love and gratitude always.

Subject: Gary gets 30 days for opposing the war on iraq Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 16:05:44 -0400 From: "Jonah House" <>

Dear Friends,
Today in Washington DC Superior Court Jonah House community member Gary Ashbeck was sentenced to 30 days in jail for an act of civil resistance opposing the war on Iraq.

Gary was prepared and his spirit was strong but the road will no doubt be hard, please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Love from the women of Jonah House- Ardeth, Liz, Susan, Carol, Laurel and Kate.

Gary's Statement
I would like to make it clear that I respect the people that sit in this court as fellow people. However I cannot respect these courts. There is a gap between Law and Justice, and some courts I have seen do not follow either law or justice.
Today in Iraq 100% of the people rely on food rations as opposed to the prewar level of 60%. Over 1/3 of the American casualties from the undeclared war in Iraq have occurred after Bush declared the war over with hostilities mounting. All of our brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, fought a war specifically protecting oil infrastructure while homes, universities, museums and stores were looted and ransacked. Respected world leaders such as Nelson Mandela, whom Bush is refusing to meet with, have condemned the actions in Iraq by the US as illegal in accordance with international law.
Bush recently claimed God directly speaks to him when he causes war. This is his actual quote:
"God told me to strike at al-Qaida and I struck them, and then He instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East. If you help me, I will act, and if not, the elections will come and I will have to focus on them."
In this country over 2 million people are in jails or prisons, one of the highest percentages of incarcerated citizens in the world. Too much money is spent on putting nonviolent people in jail. Rehabilitation in prisons is unheard of. Occasionally a token corporate criminal goes down. All the money the US government attains from the people goes to perpetuate this system. Our states are going bankrupt and many people are without healthcare, welfare and jobs. People who come to our door for our food program and those I meet in the neighborhood would do anything for a job or money to help their family. Many end up in and out of venues like this.
I am here today because I was convicted of a peaceful protest and given a fine. I have chosen to live a life of voluntary poverty and simple living dedicated to community service using the college education I have attained. I have discussed it with my community and I cannot in good conscience give community money to that which I cannot pay, a fine, no matter how small, to perpetuate this system. I would rather our money go to the source and the roots. We would be willing to donate to the House of Ruth in Baltimore, a domestic abuse shelter, $50 as they are victims, or better yet survivors, of violent crime. I accept the penalties that come with my decision although I do not look forward to what that could mean. I plan to spend the time in prayer and fasting.
I cannot in good conscience, allow my communities money to perpetuate a morally bankrupt system.


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