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Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 To:

Hello, T&F directors,

Thanks for the rating

Our world readers' interests might not be equally served by joint operations with commercial organizations.  These are therefore declined

However, `Perceptions' data are published freely att link01 and hopefully they'll remain available world-wide

Thanks again for giving `Perceptions' your efficiency rating.  Season's greetings to you and best wishes for your healthy future


Ed's note

Face it, commercial orgs have to serve interests of the rich (& powerful)

`Perceptions' serves all folks, using logic which can't be bent to suit elites

[As you've maybe seen - the A.S. principle says that logic forecasts self extinction for elites, past, present and future link02]

That's why `Perceptions' is not-for-profit - and may be the only real link03 'charity' link04 in Britain

Reply-To: <> To: <editor>
Subject: seeking cooperation Date: Mon Dec 24 19:00:45 2001

T&F Information Exchange (T&F)
Room 210, Building 2, Chegongzhuang Street No. 6, Xicheng
District, Beijing, China
Post Code: 100044

Dear Sirs,

The excellent reputation you enjoy here caused my desire to contact with you, and if possible, to build a cooperative relationship with you.

T&F is a senior investigative corporation in China.  We are seeking international cooperation with abroad investigative companies.  That is, if you need data from China, you can consign the mission to us, for we are authority in this field in China.  At the same time, we can also consign investigative missions to you when we need data from your country.  Thus we can be each other's agencies on investigative business.


If you are interested in the cooperation mentioned above, please contact us.  We'll be waiting for your message all the time.  We are sorry if we've brought inconvenience to you.

Wish you a merry Christmas.



Subject: "Grateful" for your approval Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 07:46:34 +0000 To:Daniela <dani***@***.com>

Hello Daniela,

Great analogy there - different colored / patterned curtains

It was very easy for rulers to keep [us] confused about people in other countries.  They used their power - over media and propaganda - to make us 'hate' different people at different times ref-01 & ref-02 & ref-03

But rulers were [and are] really motivated by greed and lust for power ref-04 not for any benefit to people around the world ref-05

It's hard to see clearly, especially when rulers use a curtain of War ref-06 to disguise their motives.  But with communication (at this time) a bit easier, it's often possible to see through the rulers' dance of seven veils and the result is never pretty

'Rulers' want to stop people communicating ref-08 we can see those anti freedom maneuvers all the time

So thanks for your approval - that's what it's all about.

Have a Merry Xmas


Our thanks (& tribute) to Daniela - if we weren't ringing true to Daniela - and others who've seen thru a curtain - we wouldn't be doing our job - Right ?
Input from wider readership (yup - many thoughtful military and other explorers take `Perceptions' pages), keep us truthful - hopefully.

Subject: grateful to find your webpage Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 23:54:14 +0000 (GMT)From:dani****@***.com

Hi there!

I'm a young woman from Slovakia currently living in London and I love your webpage.

I think it's great and it's so important here because the longer I'm living here the more I'm finding out that actual differences in governments and ruling classes in our countries are minimal, they're only hidden behind differently coloured and patterned curtains.

Best wishes


Subject: "A.S. and stuff " Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2001 22:18:52 +0000

Hello Floyd

Yup, think you're partly / mostly right - as we'd already partly acknowledged in text and footnote to the A.S

Pseudo-scientists, ignorant or simply hi-jacking respectability, pass off selfishness as 'Darwinism' - see "The Selfish Gene"

They are aped by those with ulterior political or financial motives who pretend that corporate or State organized greed - 'Spencerism' - is "Social Darwinism"

However the academics close their eyes to something known to all real people: a social species' outcomes result from more than simple 'survival to reproduction' -see evol& equal

So, as we explained to an earlier objectivist - we're apparently stuck with all that false terminology.  Unless you can convince people of your truth.

NB Please don't think `Perceptions' has any political leaning.  If you read all of the Altruist Survivor you could see we view politicians as predatory abusers of, and outcasts from, our social species

Best wishes, good luck with your message


reasons for our 'non-political' ethos ?

'Left' in absolute power:- media/broadcasters lied and covered-up on behalf of a selfish and corrupt elite.
[Back in the USSR - with hidden tax rates of ~70% / 80% for ordinary folk but ZERO tax really being paid by the elite]

'Right' in absolute power:- media/BBC presently lying and covering up on behalf of a selfish and corrupt elite link01
[From 1980's in UK - with hidden tax rates of ~70% / 80% for ordinary folk link02 but ZERO tax really paid by the elite]

Subject: "Altruist Survivor" Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 11:04:54 -0500 From: Floyd farchy@***.edu

Dear Sir;

I am writing in regards to your article titled "Altruist Survivor"

I appreciate and agree with many of the social and political sentiments you express in this and other articles, but I fear that you may have received misinformation concerning modern evolutionary theory.  The term "fittest" in the evolutionary sciences refers only to one's propensity to reproduce viable offspring.  As such, it is a measue of reproduction, rather than of violence or a propensity towards violence.  In addition, because it is measured in terms of reproductive success, it is impossible to compare relative fitness _between_ populations, only _within_ them.

The fact that large, viscious animals can eat smaller, more timid creatures is not directly relevant to fitness (unless the animals are eaten before they reproduce).  A mouse that has 100 offspring who, in turn, go on to reproduce is very fit indeed, even if she is later devoured by a house cat.

So-called "social Darwinism" (which should be called "Spencerism" because it pre-existed Darwin's work and is, in many ways, the antithesis of it) is an immoral and corrupt social philosophy and should be resisted wherever it is encountered.  However, it has nothing to do with Darwin's theory of biological evolution (which is more accurately summarised as "survival of the sexiest" in my opinion) and it is fallacious to conflate the two.  The tragic historical fact that Spencerists misused Darwin's name in an attempt to steal for their corrupt philosophy an aura of scientific respectability is not Darwin's fault, and Darwin should not be held responsible for it.

I would like to urge you, in the future, to refer to Spencerism by its true name, and not sully the good name of a kind, egalitarian, and decent man, Charles Darwin, by association with that false, elitist philosophy.  Please feel free to contact me by e-mail with questions concerning the major differences between Spencerism (which you rightly condemn) and Darwinian evolutionary theory (which many have wrongly associated with Spencer).

Tragically, many people have made this false analogy between Darwin and Spencer.  The Spencerists do nothing to correct this mistake for two reasons.  First, the false association lends Spencerism an appearance of scientific respectability that it can not support on its own.  And second, the Spencerists really don't understand Darwin or the modern synthetic theory of evolution that grew from his work.  Unfortunately, scientists have not done enough to dispell this illusion among the general public.  This is an oversight that I am attempting to do some small part to correct.  When properly understood, Darwinian evolutionary theory implies nearly the diametric opposite of what Spencerism implies.  Darwinian theory has powerful anti-racialist, anti-classist, and pro-collectivist/mutualist/altruist implications.  It is in the best interest of those of us promoting social reforms to understand that science is our ally, not our enemy.

Once again, I appreciate many of your positions concerning social issues, and from my reading of Darwin's published work and my knowledge of his life, I suspect that he would as well.  Please contact me by e-mail if you have any comments or suggestions concerning this issue.
Thank you.
E. Floyd Aranyosi
University of Washington
Seattle, WA
United States

Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2001 19:59:15 +0100 To: karen xxxxxxx <>

Hello again Karen

You're obviously brave, more than we might be, and you sound capable and determined

So here's the results - 1) hard facts, 2) today's "official" line, 3) tentative suggestions (please try the links for extra info)

HARD FACTS - There is past and present evidence of abusers within local gov't, police, church and all 'authorities' - Power seems to attract abusers (try the links on this page). So please be careful

"OFFICIAL" LINE - a woman with a complaint or evidence to report should be able to:-

i) walk [ or phone them ] into a police station & ask to speak to a police-woman in private without any man asking her any questions;

ii) the police should then follow-up any suspicions, fears or complaints - no matter how old;

iii) the police-woman should then recommend a trustworthy & impartial advice or counseling service to help with any problems.

[If you go this route please consider letting us know how you think this "official advice" works in real life]

TENTATIVE SUGGESTIONS [if you go the "Official Route"] again - please be careful

i) It seems like a good idea to take along a notepad and two pens/pencils and note the names and 'home stations' of all &any PCs who ask you questions or share your evidence - (you have the right to ask for that information anytime).  [And if a man initially insists on questioning you, looks like he's either ignorant of the rules or prurient (dirty minded) or worse]

ii) It seems advisable not to talk to anyone other than the WPC who finally takes your evidence.  There are indications that abuser rings still have influence, even in the police and media.

iii) We're told it's best not to sign anything until you've had plenty of time to read it - to make sure it's exactly what you want to say - and to make sure there are no long 'ambiguous' words in there - (lawyers love that sort of get out).

iiii) Let friends / family know where you're going in advance of any "interviews" That's not paranoia - just common sense in view of some reports.

LAST - we lately heard a fine young woman, who now saves children in war zones, tell how she and her baby brother were brutally sexually assaulted by authority males while in State "children's' homes"

Her young brother killed himself.  She now lives an inspiring life (in memory of him) - and says there's a lot of satisfaction in helping others.

She's in the top league - but we'd say she's right

Hope you got some useful bits in all that.  We'd be privileged if you send updates, reports or notes on how things go for you - you decide whether you want them published

Best wishes


Update at nonfair [ "Police 'lose' evidence / one 'elite' abuser goes down - but the other walks" ]

& at laworjustice

David below would immediately ask if pervs & police were fellow 'masons'?

[ We say: "police, lawyers, judges or politicans who let child-abusers walk free should serve their sentences - all of them"]

NEW - try grillAlawyer

newUK-Citizens BENT LAW - A REMEDY?

Subject: Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 22:09:32 +0000 From: "karen XXXX" <>

Maybe you can help, Im 33 yrs old and was sexually abused when I was a child, all though in them days they liked to brush things like that under the carpet and out the way.  Well Im still having problems coming to terms with it all.  I have found out that my abuser has small grandchildren around him most of the time and felt it was up to me to tell them what he had done many years ago, but as you can imagine they don't beleive me.  I gave them dates and all the right information when he was done for indecent assault.  I have no one to stick up for me...when his family rang the police they said that they cant give out any information out to them; they seem to think I'm lying and there is nothing I can do about it.  How can I bring this all out in the open and proof that this man did sexually abuse me.



Subject: re: Abuse Date: Sat, 01 Sep 2001 15:42:18 +0100 To: "m.fitch1" <m.fitch1@***.com>

Hello Friend,

Thanks for the message, your account [at ] is very moving.

Here's a confession from member of ignorant mainstream.  Not until friends came to tell their own experiences did [we] have some inkling.  From what [we've] heard it's clear - although individual circumstances are wildly different - that abusers flourish undercover, as corruption will when permitted secrecy.

To anyone who's suffered: the mainstream needs you to tell them the truth.

Best wishes


Subject: The policy of attack the innocent to protect the guilty,injustices,corruption,child abuse.In Britain Date: Tue, 1 Jan 1980 02:42:13 -0000 From: "m.fitch1" <m.fitch1@***.com>

As you seem to be doing something on child abuse,and how it is covered up.I thought you might like to here part of my story and the evidence to go with it.I hope you can print my story or link my website with yours,because I wouldn't want any other child going through what I've been through,or my six year old daughter.

As a child I was kicked from my pushchair receiving massive head injuries,after this whilst playing in the back garden I was hit with half an house brick again causeing massive head injuries.eventually there was a family breakdown resulting in my brothers and sisters being taken into care,whilst I had to stay in a house with no electric,no heating and no food. The only clothes I had was a pair of shorts,I had no shoes or jumpers.I was forced to pick sweets up off the floor which other children had dropped,my alcholic father use to send me on the streets to pick up cig ends.In the winter I nearly died of exposure I can remember the snow blowing and my feet was stuck to the ice cold pavement,pulling my skin away from my feet.  How can a child in the middle of winter in just a pair of shorts dieing of exposure be missed in Britain?

Eventuall I was taken into care on my own away from my brothers and sisters,whilst in care I was bullied by another child this time receiving a broken collar bone,whislt laying on the floor,a care worker came in and shouting there's nothing wrong with you,she picked me up by the arm attached to my broken collar bone.For the fuul story of my 32 years of abuse and tortue please go to please read all the information on this site maybe we can stop children being abused,if groups work together.On this website you will find lots of cooruption,and the grammer is a lot better because the site was done by someone with a phd in languages.I hope no other person has to go through what me and my family have gone through because our society is corrupt.  Thank you

Subject: message - [Just saying "Hi" - Wed, 29 Aug 2001 22:40:00 +1000] Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001 18:25:58 +0100 To: justaminute@***.com

Hi, John

Well, just shows assumptions can be unreliable.

We'd recommend glancing over cults, unholy, morals, + maybe "Pauline `Heresy'" ( and even "Reptilian Rulers" [ ha ! Ed.] ) before pledging undying obedience / allegiance to any particular organization.



ADDITION - a link, with implications?



We won't normally publish any such stuff.  Hopefully `Perceptions' is a forum for logic, freedom of thought and assertion of verifiable truths.  So we've cut their links and removed all 'non-logic items' - but all original txt here



Subject: Just saying "Hi" Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001 22:40:00 +1000 From: "We-R-4-Jesus" <justaminute@***.com>

Greetings ... [ cut ] .... and Peace be with You!

Our group, which is made up of the Interdenominational Christian Writers Group, was searching through some Christian websites the other day and we found a link which led to your address

[ed / author / science = three messages Ed.]

so we assumed it was OK to drop you a line to say "Hi"

[ Rest is available here ]


Just a Minute Team for Inspirational e-mails and Evangelism

Subject: DR ADOKO'S HEARING OF 16 AUGUST 2001 Date:Thu, 23 Aug 2001 08:02:50 EDT From: KJONES671@***.com

Hi Ray

Have just recieved email from VOMIT part of which is pasted below for your interest:-

Subj: VOMIT 34 Date: 23/08/01 11:10:45 GMT Daylight Time

To: kjones671@***.com,

Dr Adoko and the Public Cheated Again

Dr Adoko states that he is pursuing this case against the Law Society and the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, both of which bodies acted against his interests because he reported the theft of public money by Michael Lygo, Chief Accountant of the Great Ormond Street Hospital.  See Dr Adoko's book "The Most Corrupt British Judges",

At an earlier hearing in chambers the room was tightly packed by members of the public causing the case to be adjourned for a hearing in court number 10, Royal Courts of Justice, on 16 August 2001.  The judge was Mr Justice Goldring.

There is a pattern for cases like Dr Adoko's or any case, which might expose the malaise in the legal establishment.  The pattern is in fact a non-pattern with all sorts of obstructions and dirty tricks played on the litigants by not only the legal authorities but also by the tinker, the tailor and the candlestick maker who have one thing in common.

Having arrived at the court Dr Adoko found that the case was listed for room E101 and not court 10.

In court 10 he was deprived of a microphone so that all the members of the public present could not hear him.

When he tried to present his case the judge would interrupt him and tell him that he, the judge, had read his arguments or required time to read them.

The arguments were designed to show why it was necessary to bring a suit and not apply for Judicial Review.

The judge decided that there was no cause for action and that Dr Adoko should have sought Judicial Review.

Dr Adoko informed Goldring that he would be appealing to the Court of Appeal.  His grounds are

1.  The judge denied him a public hearing.

2. The judge acted as Defendant, pleading issues of fact not pleaded by the Law Society.

3. The Law Society had no jurisdiction to punish him for reporting a crime.

4. Since his case was based on frauds by the Law Society, it could not, in law, be brought by Judicial Review but by claim with the judges of fact being members of a jury and not a single judge.

Comment: - We have stated repeatedly that charity scandals are always swept under the carpet lest the public get wise to the fact that charities are milch cows for rich parasitic layabouts.  The regulators of charities do not regulate when there is a scandal but join in the persecution of anyone who attempts to expose the scandal.

Bye for now


[emphasis & links are ours, for innocents outside UK - Ed. ]

From: KJONES671@***.com Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 23:38:17 EDT Subject: PUBLIC HEARING - NORMAN SCARTH - DR ADOKO

Hi Ray Remember what I said about Dr Adoko's hearing on 2nd August last being before a judge in chambers.  Then unless you know that the law on public access to such hearings has been changed thanks to Norman Scarth you probably wouldn't enter the room; see below :-

Original Message ----- From: Kartar Badsha Sent: Friday, August 03, 2001 10:54 AM Subject: Justice for Norman

`Justice for Norman' - Norman Scarth Prisoner GV5409, HM Prison Marshgate, Doncaster DN5 8UX

These days, all court cases - in particular those which used to be heard in private before a Judge in chambers - are open to the public.

For this the British people can thank Norman Scarth, who brought his own case in the European Court of Human Rights (Scarth v UK.33745/96) and won a landmark change in British Law.

Because of his single-handed efforts, in British Law now, Justice must not only be done, but must also be seen to be done.  Every day in British courts, people benefit from the changes Norman Scarth fought for.  We owe this man.

Norman Scarth is serving a term of six years imprisonment for a crime of which he says he is entirely innocent.  After his release, he must serve a further four years on license.  Only Norman Scarth is 75 years old; he will not live long enough to complete his sentence.  Unless we, the British people, demand his release pending an enquiry into his allegations, he will die in prison, a forgotten man serving a sentence imposed for a crime which he did not commit.

Please don't let this happen
Complain - to your MP - to the media - to the Prime Minister

Ed's 2003 note - here's LATEST we could find (keep clicking if it's slow).

Subject: Re: DR ADOKO CASE Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2001 22:38:37 EDT From: KJONES671@***.com

Keith's REPORT

Martin and I arrived late for the hearing.  Apparently, about 100 people turned up and I understand that Adoko's counsel demanded a bigger room, Dr Adoko was entitled to a public hearing.

The room that had been provided had a notice saying "judge in chambers" and it is strongly suspected that this was to trick people into not entering.


[For US citizens, that's 16 August '01 - ie. very shortly - ed@percs]

I confirm ichor email address :- Ichor website is :-


Keith F Jones

Latest: UPDATE e-mail from the ELC

Here's Keith's V.GOOD "Intro & How to-" to the High Court in London

NEW - trygrillAlawyer
newUK-Citizens BENT LAW - A REMEDY?

Subject: Re: flying squad Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 19:02:22 +0100 From: elisabeth <***@***.com>

Dear Ray,

Thank you very much for your response.  Believe me, I know all about the security stuff, my phones have been tapped for nine months now, but I'm not too worried about being monitored when it comes to this kind of thing because it is a matter of public record anyway.

Please keep my email address archived so if ever you do come across something perhaps you can forward it to me. Believe me, it will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again, Elisabeth

POSTED : 14:27 BST 04/Aug/'01

Subject: Re: flying squad Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2001 18:33:02 +0100 To: elisabeth <****.com>

Hi Elisabeth

you probably got obbadpol.html, an evidence page for LaworJustice.

We publish accredited news stories but don't have the time or peoplepower to trawl;

Best bets (while going on with websearches) seem to be -

a) access UK news archives ( some at searchpage) and do anydate searches using words like "Crime Squad" / "Flying Squad"

b) contact staff reporter(s) on UK national newspapers who have access to their own [massive] databases.  (you'll find some links to follow on that searchpage).

Bear in mind that most UK national media proprietors won't rock the boat unless they have a particular campaign running.

Can't think of anything else att, please keep us informed.  [Don't worry about "security" - if he's offended the bigboys your email and ours is already being 'monitored']



COINCIDENCE - Elisabeth sent her message 19:06:54 (-0700) PDT 02/Aug/01 & it was posted here at 19:06 BST 03/Aug/01 (slow 'cos Ed is single handed).

Coincidentally a POLICE computer,, for the first time accessed `Perceptions' text file inevidence.txt at 15:53 BST 03/Aug/01.

Several hours before Elisabeth's message was posted here.

What d'you think? Was it the Flying Squad checking on us as one of Elisabeth's e-mail destinations ?

Or - reading earlier correspondence, was it -

a) a bent politician? / b) a bent judge? / c) a bent 'mason'? / d) any other you suggest?

- who prompted a `search' & mouse-click by that POLICE computer operator?

Any suggestions will be considered - maybe not too seriously!

Subject: flying squad Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 19:06:54 -0700 (PDT) From: elisabeth <***@***.com> To: ed

hi there, i was just browsing through alta vista trying to find web pages dealing with flying squad corruption and i came across yours.  my fiance is involved in an extremely high profile criminal case which involves the flying squad and scotland yard.  his legal team is very interested in presenting the flying squad as a corrupt entity to the jury as part of the defense.  i was wondering if perhaps you might be able to direct me to any sites or publications where we could begin to seek out information which details any examples of corruption within the flying squad.  i would really appreciate a response to this email.  thanks for your time,

Subject: re: H.COURT TRIAL OF THE MOST CORRUPT BRITISH JUDGES BY E.L.C. Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001 22:13:39 +0100 To: CC:

[ NOTE - both below is joint answer/s to series from Keith]

Hi, thanks, might have missed that.

It would be great if you, Martin, or Mr Kartar Badsha or even The Environmental Law Centre could include ed at in any emailing lists for this sort of material.

Reason? Take a look at struggle - very short of time / peoplepower here.

thanks again regards

NEW - try grillAlawyer
newUK-Citizens BENT LAW - A REMEDY?


Subject: thanks - re H.COURT Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2001 21:54:28 +0100

Thanks for your forbearance, apologies for guarded (& cliched) wordings - check Answers[this page top] and ansci.html, you'll see those `Perceptions' pages get people coming from all directions, not all bearing gifts.

And, for further excuse, the bent part (majority?) of media (BBC) is waiting for any verbal slip.

Probably not going to H Court - but would appreciate it if you could (for yourself as well) jot down all your impressions (don't limit them to the case) and maybe - as a big favor, put in an email (maybe along with libel disclaimer).  Yes ?

No - not read the book from Prof Griffith[s] ["Politics of the judiciary" by Prof J A G Griffith].  When was it first published? Most recent imprint ? And what's the drift ? It sounds like a step in the right direction.

In meantime thanks for everything - but what's your motivation?



[ NOTE - you've guessed, this is joint answer to series from Keith ]

[and 'libel disclaimer' - only necessary due to UK's corrupt courts & laws - says "it is your personal opinion" ie not a statement of fact.]

Keith's REPORT of what happened is below

LATEST UPDATE e-mail from the ELC

Here's Keith's V.GOOD "Intro & How to-" to the High Court in London

Subject: H.COURT TRIAL OF THE MOST CORRUPT BRITISH JUDGES BY E.L.C. Date:Wed, 25 Jul 2001 13:29:18 EDT From: To:editor CC:

[NOTE - as you can see, this is one of a series - so 'answer' below is for all]

Hi Ray


Below are extracts from an email to Martin ( from Mr Kartar Badsha of the Enviromental Law Centre as follows:-

The first, of the many public trials of the" Most Corrupt British Judges" a book by Dr. A Adoko, a barrister and a Papal Knight of St. Gregory the Great, will take place in the High Court on 02/08/2001.  It is case number HQ 0100743.

The book accuses 8 judges of perverting the course of justice.  The 8 judges are former Chief Justice Bingham, Justice Morrison, Mr Justice Wright, Mr Justice Kay, Judge Mitchell, Chairman Donnelly and Chairman Booth.  It also accuses the Law Society and the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal of the worst form of fraud.

Before instituting in the High Court, a number of cases based on the content of the book, Dr Adoko made a formal complaint to both the Lord Chancellor and the Commissioner of Metropolitan Police.  He demanded necessary investigation of his accusations.

Besides, he implored the authorities, in case any of his accusion atis found to be false, to prosecute him for contempt of court by publishing a book that scandalises the administration of justice. ....easy to prosecute him .......swore affidavit ...lodged in court.......stating his accusations true.

The case against the Law Society and the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal,which is to be, heard in the High Court on Thursday, 02/08/2001 is published in Chapters 2 to 7 and in Chapter 17 of the book

The Enviromental Law Centre which represented Dr Adoko in his complaint to the Lord Chancellor, invites all, in public interest, to attend the hearing...... .

This sounds to good to miss, I'll probably be going, what about you ?

What do you know about this case ?

If you want a copy of the E.L.C. email then I'll need a snail mail address or a fax number.

Best regards

Keith Jones


[NOTE - as you can see, this is of a series - so 'answer' below is for all - most links are our later additions - Ed.]

Keith's REPORT of what happened is below

LATEST! update e-mail from the ELC

Here's Keith's V.GOOD "Intro & How to-" to the High Court in London

NEW - try grillAlawyer
newUK-Citizens BENT LAW - A REMEDY?

Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 20:45:13 +0100 To: "R. Paseda" <passeeda@***.com>

Lo Rob

What's with this double name thing?

About your query - from personal experience it seems that mentioning corruption to the average English bobby is a great way to make him close his eyes and ears and walk away - fast.

It should be possible to get your info out through the "Press" - but that doesn't seem very likely either, 'cos the English Press seems pretty tightly wrapped up by business interests who don't want any boats rocked.

So the golden rule would seem to be "Keep it simple - keep repeating it - loud and clear"
Keep the faith



PS political fallout doesn't bother me - don't have any politics

Subject:news Date:Wed, 18 Jul 2001 21:47:26 -0700 From: "R. Paseda" passeeda@***.com Organization: @Home Network To: editor

Hi how are you doing?

I wrote to you before asking how I can put something truthful to the Public about Police corruption - thefts of money and private goods and business papers - also I have details of Police arranging criminal activities with informers trying to make as many arrests as possible - purely for their own gain - trying to prove that they are not stupid and incompetent -

I know of people that have gone to jail and should not have done all because of false evidence given under oath - perjury to the working man like us - a mistake by the Police - Elite and Co..

drop me a line - I need to get some truth over to the working people - about all this corruption - Oh! the Deputy Prime Minister figures in some of this???

take care

Rob Brooks

That expression of Patrick's is very, very welcome.

But for once we had to think carefully if we should answer (apart from doing so here).  We don't want Patrick to feel we're forcing a correspondence or searching for compliments.  So we're stuck here.

Subject: (no subject) Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 04:48:25 EDT From: PHCDUFFY**@***.com To: editor

Thank you for your work.


Notwithstanding that criticism - we're happy to be able to say that our three greatest living heroes in the world of science and academia have been welcoming and responsive.

(And they proved to be warm and likable people.)

bar (black)

And we meant every word.  If all else fails we're getting ready to publish the whole sorry story of cowardice by academics and scientists, ignorant arrogance by bureaucrats and covert oppression by politicians behind the scenes in the UK (and some in Europe and the USA).

Glimpses - published - medical & greatest & previous & confir

bar (red)

but Cao Jungfeng seem really desperate and (not having a lot of English), again emailed a short inarticulate message asking for help - we replied on your behalf

bar (black)

07 Mar. '01 Once in a while our Science Q&A gets a general request or one with wider social implications.  A correspondent in China (who had previously sent an interesting physics query) has now asked a problem question.  Here's our reply:-

14 Feb. '01 We've had occasional requests for info on Buckle - shamefully we only knew his work.  But the latest urgent request - from Helena Mollo of Brazil - inspired some overdue research - latest results are here.

Subject: campaigns and secret societies Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 19:08:35+0000 To:David Turner

Hello David, thanks for that.

Think I understand where you're coming from and also why you might feel a bit aggrieved if didn't immediately help a particular campaign.

But from the point of view of the magazine - and without wanting to appear stand-offish - `Perceptions' needs to be impartial, and to be seen as impartial, on a wide range of subjects.

That's why had to add warning notes at authority2, Answers & uef/ansci.html.

But you might see the possible humor in a little quote at struggle.

Yes - once had an invite to join the "Scottish bunch" link01 but luckily a [wise] girlfriend advised ` be sensible - steer clear of secret societies'.  So No - I'm not one of your enemies.

It seems we're in the same business: maybe opening people's eyes.  Best of luck.


[later insert]
Ed's note: If, like us, you don't have direct knowledge of David's subject try "Freemasons" in Google.

MAIL on 'masons' is probably going to be filed here - you wouldn't want the whole Q&A column taken over by it.

Later - David's next reply (+ 1st from Maurice) is here

09 July '01 - Maurice's next - take a deep breath before reading - here

[We put in <CR>'s here and there to help you breath but it's unedited bar one 'sic']

16 July '01 - Maurice's latest - yup, breathe before reading - here

Aug '01 - David's next:- 1 - Controlled (BBC) Media; 2 - French 'masons'; 3 - English Courts / corruption / 'masons' / racism - here

Jan '02 - Allegation of secret renewal of 'masonry' in politics - (refers to here
(although e-address supplied, it's up to you whether this is unattrib info?)

Aug '02 - from James - here

NEW - try grillAlawyer
newUK-Citizens BENT LAW - A REMEDY?

Subject: perceptions Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 16:38:38 -0000 From:"David Turner" <david_turner_is@***.com>

I must congratulate you on your site, which correctly exposes the corrupt nature of the UK judiciary, police and legal profession.

Having searched your site you don't mention the root cause of this corruption, Freemasonry.

Is this because you do not personally believe that this is the cause or that you wish to avoid the potential repercussions of anyone criticising their organisation?

David Turner

[ David could be referring to promise, unholy, laworjustice, Seema1 [the HTML source code], and maybe to any txt pages found in Index - Ed ]

Some details are in full answer above David's mail.

hey! here's a quote tells us why our own obsessions are a turn-off for others

"Enhver bær sin Fjende i egen Barm" (Danish proverb)

"everyone carries their enemy in their own breast"


Thinkers of all ages send welcome (&controversial) comments and suggestions.  Latest batch - addressed to our Science Q&A - is from a student in Nova Scotia who has some radical science ideas - "chadwickwhall@***.com"

We'll normally try to print all your stuff - BUT - WE HAVEN'T TIME FOR REWRITING so here's an extract from last chat with Chad:-

<"how about you write a SHORT, CLEAR letter to science at [you could treat this like a sort of TEST of concentration - Right?

and do a spell-check on it first OK? . . . single-handed for almost all things here . . . don't get the time to rewrite anything extensive.  [ SHORT means whatever you want, but more than 4 or 5 long paragraphs is likely to look unreadable and will be cut ]

Take it easy - keep thinking - Ray


Subject: Caution note added to `Perceptions' page Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2000 11:49:20 +0100 From: Editor - Perceptions

To: Feedback <>,, "Mike Ciaccio" <>, William Beaty <billb@***.com>


1) A caution note has been added to a `Perceptions' page and linked "Women-Warning" signs posted on others.

2) `Perceptions' does _not_ give medical advice but accumulating physics evidence has forced us to post a caution for women, who may have been misled (by the BBC amongst others).

3) We believe further evidence exists but has been 'overlooked' or even played down.

4) Some of you are on record as having links to `Perceptions'.  You may wish to review your links policy as a result of this addition.  The 'caution' note is at

best regards, keep the faith


See - timing & record


Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2000 09:49:54 +0000

From: Editor - \"Perceptions\"


Hello Sara

Thanks for your message.  I hope other pages from "" will be submitted (and reviewed) by your organization.

Perhaps you would like to look at `Perceptions' Front Cover - it's at

There are presently four main types of content

1) "Altruist Survivor" - Social science:- development of co-operation in human and animal society, implications for the future etc.[Many pages, cross referenced]

2) "Blinded by Science" - Detailed check of many unanswered science problems and mysteries - Leading on to "UEF index" - A possible 'grand unified theory' which reclassifies 'gravity', 'electromagnetic forces', 'nuclear forces' etc.  [Many pages, cross referenced]

Separately - "Westward Ho!" - a speculative look at prehistoric and historic migrations of languages and people - is there a physical (scientific) reason for a cultural phenomenon? [One page - several references]

3) "Alien communications" - a personal examination of some highly intelligent animals - are they able to communicate with us? [Few pages - 4 or 5 with some cross references]

Thanks again for your message



Subject: Your site has been included on OpenHere Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2000 01:56:45 -0500 From: To: editor at


Your site was recently submitted to

We have reviewed your site and decided to include it as follows:

Link: Title: Your Battles Description: An account - with wav files taken of domestic BBC censorship and political manipulation . . . .

OpenHere Category:

As you are listed as a contact person on the home page of this site, I am dropping you a quick note to let you know about your inclusion on OpenHere.

OpenHere is one of the 10 largest index and search sites on the Internet and is specifically focused on creating resources for the family.

You can dynamically modify your site's listing at any time, or include your site's listing in other categories on

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OpenHere is frequented by both children and families.  As a result, does not include links to material which is illegal to display to minors.

If you have a question, or need help in any way, please just send me a note.

Yes, I am a real person!


Your key to the Net!

our INVITATION to Professor J S Jones

of University College London - UCL, Gower Street, London UK

for him to answer our criticism -

Mon, 27 Dec 1999 18:37:16 +0000

From: [editor at] To:

(Hopefully constructive) criticism of your recent pronouncement - "Evolution has ceased" [13 December 1999 BBC R4] - is posted at genes2-jones.txtl and evol.html

`Perceptions' _always_ extends the right of reply - [for _UK Press_ see review.html] and your views are welcome.  They will (hopefully) be posted at [ current `Perceptions' ANSWER PAGE ]



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