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Advanced Civs

"Considering how far out from our parochial organic history any aliens that we find will be, leads inexorably to the conclusion that we will find them incomprehensible: not only as minds, but also as structures."

"...Differences in the biology of alien lineages ... will be irrelevant to our real meeting with real aliens if that event is too long delayed.  By then they ... will have left biology behind"

From "Evolving the Alien"
by Jack Cohen & Ian Stewart - UK 2002
ISBN 0-09-187927-2

A clue for what follows was the amusing / thoughtful `Diplomatic Act'
(SciFi) from Peter Jurasik & William H.Keith, Jr
ISBN 0-671-57823-5 Baen Publishing NY 1999

What attributes must belong to truly advanced (galactic?) civilizations?

Concept: Jurasik & Keith posited - "loss of covert fiction by an advanced interspecies civilization".

Yes! That's believable, for interspecies co-operation (and survival) would eventually dictate that the risks of misunderstanding will be too great to allow the `luxury' of covert fiction / impromptu story-telling.

Hey! About that future state of affairs.

You're in a civilization which now needs - and therefore prizes above all - accuracy and literal truth: to prevent lethal inter-species misunderstandings. 'ref'

What else must that imply?

NO politics! - NO lawyers/judges! - NO advertising!

Because all those trades use covert fiction.

I.e. They're professional liars!

While advanced ones must lose covert fiction, they are also forced to abandon deception.

That implies each individual citizen becoming responsible for her/his own spoken truth, perceived reality and personal security.

They couldn't tolerate political lies - about the need for State Security Forces f'rinstance - therefore citizens must ensure their own rights and liberties.

And all forms of `nationalism' / `racism' etc would also be extinct.

Challenges of the Future?

No 'white lies' - "... that dress/suit doesn't look good to me".

No POLICE (mostly thugs for the rich).

No POLITICIANS (mostly liars & thieves).

No PRIESTS or PROSELYTISERS (mostly fraudsters or pervs).

Maybe that's why our authorities downplay/suppress thoughts of ET contact.

A definition of `civilizations' rated by their capabilities has been constructed by Astronomer Nikolai Kardashev of the former Soviet Union.

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